Wuxia Novelist Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 Night Talk

Yeah, this is really troublesome.

Originally, Lu Si came to this world not long ago and didn’t want to cause any trouble.

But now, it seems that he can’t but do otherwise.

“Can’t you be accommodating?”

Lu Si couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh.

Gang members laughed heartily.

“Boy, brother Zhang is asking you for money to save face; can’t tell good from bad?”

“Exactly, have you ever heard that my Black Tiger Gang has the word ‘accommodation’?”

He sneered and laughed

Seeing this, Lu Si sighed helplessly, knowing that this matter could not be done well, and the smile on his face faded away.

“But if I don’t give it, so what will you do?”

The sound is not loud, but it makes everything around me quiet!

“Boy, what did you say?”

Several people were taken aback for a moment, almost thinking that they had heard it wrong.

“I said, if I don’t give it, what can you do?”

Lu Si looked calm, as if he were speaking very ordinary words.

He didn’t want to cause trouble, but these people wanted to treat him as a soft persimmon, so how could Lu Si get what he wanted?

Besides, he is just afraid of trouble, but that doesn’t mean he allows trouble to bully him.

Gang members got angry. Black Tiger Gang can be described as an organization that no one dares provoke in Qing’an County.

Who isn’t respectful when meeting them? When will someone dare to talk to them like that?

Zhang San had a gloomy face. “Young Master Lu is really tough! It seems that he doesn’t take my Black Tiger Gang seriously.”

Lu Si sneered; he really cared more about the Black Tiger Gang, but do just these few stinky fish and rotten shrimps also want to show their prestige in front of him?

Seeing that Lu Si was silent, Zhang San’s face was as gloomy as water.

   “Good! Good! I really hope that Young Master Lu can be so tough in the future! Let’s go!”

Although he was angry, he didn’t really do anything all day long, but he had a way to deal with this kid afterwards.

Zhang San led a few people out with a gloomy face.

   “Slow down!”

Lu Si called a few people to stop.

Zhang San turned around and said with a sneer: “What? Could it be that Young Master Lu changed his mind?”

I thought this kid had given up.

As a result, Lu Si pointed to the food on the table, opened his mouth, and said lightly.

“You can leave if you want to, but pay for the meal first.”

“What’s the meaning?”

Zhang San’s complexion changed.

“It means that you must pay for meal!”

Lu Si looked cold and said lightly, “According to my Heavenly Saint Dynasty’s law, you have to pay for the meal. You guys want to leave now without paying. Do you want to be outlaws?”

Glancing at a few people, his expression was cold.

Originally, these people were shouting, but he didn’t care; after all, he didn’t want to provoke the Black Tiger Gang yet.

But now that his face has been torn apart, of course it is impossible for him to just let it go!

Zhang San was so angry that his complexion was ashen. Has he ever paid when eating outside?

“What a Young Master Lu! What an outlaw! This Zhang will remember you.”

Zhang San, with a gloomy face, reached out and took out the silver and handed it to the other party.

But halfway through stretching his hand, a fierce look suddenly appeared on his face, followed by a grin.

The next moment was a punch that went straight to Lu Si’s chest!

This time, the shot was quick and sudden, and no one expected it.

Zhang San was furious and planned to teach this kid a lesson—let him know that his Black Tiger Gang is not paper!

And this move is from ‘Evil Tiger Fist’.

This fist was taught to him by his cousin himself, and it was precisely with this hand that the latter was able to secure the position of the “Five Tigers on the Mountain”, known as the “Black Heart Tiger”.

Because of his very ruthless boxing, he got the name ‘Evil Tiger’.

However, he only learned a half-move for this fist method, but it is enough to deal with a trifling kid.

This move is astonishingly fast.

“Master, be careful!”

Beside Zhou Yu, who cried out in surprise and fright, his small face was already pale.

Lu Si looked cold, looking at the opponent’s fist. His eyes flashed suddenly.

In an instant, he grabbed the opponent’s fist, followed by a light twist!


next moment, a crisp ka-cha sounded.

Immediately afterwards, Zhang San scream echoed out.

Zhang San’s fist was bent and twisted directly, as if being strangled by a huge force!

Lu Si had used Spring Silkworm Palm Art .

This Spring Silkworm Palm Art was originally a palm technique for parrying and defending.

Zhang San thought that he was going after a scholar kid but he didn’t know that Lu Is isn’t no longer the original Lu Si.

   “big bro!”

This time, the followers of Zhang San were shocked.

In the blink of an eye, their big brother fell to the ground.

“Boy, you…you dare to hurt my big brother; aren’t you afraid of our Black Tiger Gang?”

The faces of the younger brothers were pale, and they couldn’t believe that Lu Si had dared to break Zhang San’s hand.

You must know that this Zhang San is the cousin of Black Heart Tiger Feng Kun, one of the five tigers in the Black Tiger Gang.

Black Tiger Gang?

Lu Si sneered, What about the Black Tiger Gang?

Since he has already made a move, how could he care about the Black Tiger Gang?

Several younger brothers took a look, both shocked and angry in their hearts, but they dared not let them go forward.

They are just ordinary disciples in the gang, and their skills are not as good as this Zhang San. Wouldn’t it be courting death to let them go up?

Lu Si looked at a few people, didn’t bother to pay any more attention, and coldly snorted.

“Get out of here!”

Hearing this, as if they had received an amnesty, they hurriedly took Zhang San and left here without even saying a word of cruelty.

Lu Si couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw this; these guys don’t know where the crazy capital came from.

“Master, are you okay?”

Zhou Yu hurried over and looked at the other party worriedly.

Lu Si smiled and said, “It’s just a bunch of rotten fish and shrimp; what can they do?”

Zhou Yu immediately relaxed when he saw that the young master was fine.

But then he was a little stunned, wondering when the young master had become so powerful.

He remembered that the young master used to be too tired to even carry water.

Looking at Zhou Yu’s appearance, Lu Si understood what was going through the book boy’s head but he couldn’t explain it, so he just smiled.

At this time, Zhou Yu seemed to remember something and spoke with a sad face.

“Master, now that we have offended the Black Tiger Gang, it would be terrible if the other party came to our door.”

I feel worried when I think of the Black Tiger Gang.

Lu Si saw his worry and smiled slightly.

“Don’t worry; no matter how insolent the Black Tiger Gang is, this is the county town after all, and the Black Tiger Gang doesn’t dare to do anything excessive.”


Zhou Yu was surprised.

Lu Si nodded with a smile, but his words were half true and half false.

Although in Qing’an County, the Black Tiger Gang really didn’t dare do anything excessive, if you want to deal with him, this Fulai Inn, there were still many ways.

But Lu Si didn’t want Zhou Yu to worry, so he didn’t say it.


   That night.

Far Prestige Escort

In the lobby, Escort Wang, Bai Mengxi, and the others who came back from escort job were sitting. A middle-aged man with thick palms and about fifty years old is sitting on the Imperial Tutor chair in the middle.

His temples are slightly white, but his eyes are piercing. He is Bai Luanxiong.

Sitting below were several bodyguards from the bodyguard agency. Bai Zhanfei sat in the last row, but he looked listless.

“Mengxi, tell me about the situation.”

At this moment, Bai Luanxiong spoke suddenly.

Bai Mengxi glanced at his father and spoke softly.

“Father, this time we transported the escort vehicle with Escort Wang, and it went smoothly, but we encountered some troubles when we came back.”

As she spoke, she told his father what happened during the journey.

The Far Prestige Escort in the vicinity has a good reputation. It has been operating here for decades and has formed friendships with the nearby green forest heroes. Everyone will give some face, so it has been very smooth for several years.

But this time, the escorts encountered difficulties when they went by Mad Demon Fort.

“Father, Far Prestige Escort and Mad Demon Fort had an unwritted understanding that everyone minds their own business. This time, Mad Demon Fort made a sudden move, leaving us completely unprepared. If Escort Wang hadn’t acted decisively, I’m afraid we would lose a lot of manpower this time.”

Bai Mengxi frowned when he said this.

Mad Demon Fort in the vicinity has a good reputation. Fort Master’s ‘Mad Demon Fist’ is amazing, but because he doesn’t want to offend Far Prestige Escort, both sides are restrained. This time, Mad Demon Fort is acting uncharacteristically. This made Bai Mengxi very worried.

Moreover, she also felt that this time the job wasn’t as smmoth as before which made her worry more.

“Mad Demon Fort?”

When the rest of the people heard this, their complexions were also slightly heavy.

Bai Luanxiong sighed.

“Nowadays, there are constant disputes in the court. The rivers and lakes are also in turmoil. In the past, I was able to restrain these people with my name as Far Prestige Escort, but now…”

Bai Luanxiong couldn’t help shaking his head.

“Escort chief, shouldn’t that be the case?”

Someone couldn’t help but speak, wondering if the escort chief was a little too worried.

But before Bai Luanxiong could speak, Escort Deng beside him said

“Sovereign is getting old and the new emperor has yet to be named. The undercurrents are worrisome. Once that person dies the world will get much ….”

Escort Deng didn’t say the following words, but everyone understood the meaning.

This Escort Deng is second only to the escort chief in the Escort Bureau, so when he said this, everyone believed it.

For a while, everyone was worried. If that was the case, the life as an escort would be difficult.

“Our Escort Bureau has always been in the business of licking blood off sabers. An accident may result in the death of the escort, so we must be more careful than others in everything. The heavens has yet to change but the chaos is already here. This can also be seen from the recent situation, and we can’t help but be careless.”

Bai Luanxiong sighed.

Everyone was silent, and they all knew that what the escort chief said was right.

Bai Zhanfei listened to everyone talk, feeling extremely bored.

He is still young, well-clothed, and well-fed, but he has not been sharpened; how can he understand the dangers involved?

Bai Luanxiong suddenly said. “I’ll personally go for the next job.”

As soon as the voice fell, everyone was startled.

   “escort chief!”


You must know that, Bai Luanxiong is getting older and it has been a long time since he had made a shot.

“I’m older but there is constant turmoil in the world. I think ‘Mad Demon Fort’ will give the old man some face if I make a move myself.”

“Furthermore, I have made up my mind on this matter, so you don’t need to persuade me anymore!”

Bai Luanxiong glanced at everyone, waved his hands, and said with a firm expression.

Seeing that the escort chief insisted so much, everyone felt helpless, but they could only agree.

Everyone discussed for a while then left for their jobs.

Bai Zhanfei was already drowsy because of all the discussions, so he rushed out as soon as it was over.

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