Wuxia Novelist Chapter 6

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Not much ahead…

Lu Si suddenly saw a person squatting in a corner, hugging a small table, lying on it, and writing a book, with several people all around.

Lu Si was curious, stepped forward to have a look, and couldn’t help laughing.

But I saw the man holding the pen tip in his hand, writing the ‘Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain’ that he talked about today, and there were copies of ‘Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain’ beside him.

This made him a little speechless; he didn’t expect that there would be a pirated version of the book in this world so soon.

It is true that where there is demand, there is supply.

Lu Si felt emotional.

  Looking at the man writing furiously, he asked.

“Dude, how much this ‘Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain’ sells for?”

The man said without raising his head: “Forty wen a book, absolutely authentic and authentic; pay first and then get the book.”

That’s pretty slick.

Lu Si smiled, dropped forty wen, took a copy, and opened it to check.

I saw that there was quite a lot of content above, but most of it was patchwork. It seems that this man didn’t listen to everything, and even if he had, he might not be able to remember it, so he could only fill it out randomly.

Apart from this, there are many typos and traces of scribbles in it, which made Lu Si shake his head; no wonder it only sold for 40 wen.

But it’s not bad to think that this can be considered; after all, it is enough for most people to see it.

It’s just that, when the books in the bookstore come out, the business here may also drop in one fall. Lu Si looked at this man and couldn’t help showing a trace of sympathy.

After putting down the book, Lu Si didn’t continue shopping but walked towards the inn.

As soon as he returned to the inn, Lu Si found that something was wrong with the atmosphere.

There were a few more men in black clothes with a black tiger emblem embroidered on it. At this time, they were sitting in the inn eating and shouting as if there were no others around.

“Tsk tsk, didn’t expect this Fulai Inn could do it.”

“No, this dish is really not bad.”

“Hehe, the more prosperous this Fulai Inn is, the better it will be for us, right?”

   “Of course! It all depends on Brother Zhang’s good management; otherwise, how can this Fulai Inn be where it is today?”

As they spoke, a few of them suddenly complimented one of the men with a swollen face.

Hearing this, the man laughed heartily and was visibly pleased with it.

This person’s name is Zhang San, and he is from the Black Tiger Gang.

The Black Tiger Gang is the number one gang in Qing’an County. Its leader, Lord Peng Feihu, is famous and powerful. It is said that he is as good as Bai Luanxiong from Far Prestige Escort.

There are also five experts in the gang, known as the “Five Tigers on the Mountain”, and their strength is also extraordinary, so it can be said that no one dares provoke them in Qing’an County.

Besides them, Zhou Yu stood angrily there but didn’t dare to speak out.

“what happened?”

Seeing these people, Lu Si’s brows were slightly wrinkled.

“Master, you are back.”

When Zhou Yu saw Lu Si, his face relaxed, and he ran over quickly, whispering.

“Master, they are members of the Black Tiger Gang, and they are here to ask for a salary.”

Black Tiger Gang?

want salary?

As soon as Lu Si heard it, he immediately understood what was going on.

After traveling for half a month, how could he not know the name of this Black Tiger Gang?

As for the so-called salary, it is the monthly fee that the Black Tiger Gang collects from various companies in the name of salary subsidy.

It is actually just a protection fee.

But even so, no one dared not hand it in for fear of causing unnecessary trouble.

Although in this part of Qing’an County, the Black Tiger Gang would not dare do anything excessive even if they had the courage, there are a hundred ways behind the scenes to make the life difficult for you.

Besides, the money is not too much; everyone should buy peace.

Therefore, even the government is turning a blind eye, not wanting to cause any trouble.

Now that it is almost winter, it is time to pay the salary.

Lu Si understood what was going on, and he slightly nodded.

“Leave this matter to me.”

Going forward, Lu Si said with a smile: “It turned out to be friends from the Black Tiger Gang. I don’t know what wind blows you over.”

Lu Si’s attitude is quite polite; after all, he has just transmigrated here not long ago, and he doesn’t want to cause trouble.

Furthermore, Inn is just getting better now; once he offends the Black Tiger Gang, it won’t do him any good.

Moreover, he can still afford few silver taels.

“I heard that Young Master Lu’s name is not small recently; it’s really impressive.”

Zhang San glanced at Lu Si and smiled.

“It’s all about your care.”

Lu Si faintly smiled.

Zhang San turned his head to look around and chuckled.

“Young Master Lu’s business is so good recently, I’m afraid he made a fortune.”

Lu Si’s eyes flickered slightly, and he laughed out loud: “Zhou Yu, go get thirty silver taels!”

   “Okay, master.”

Zhou Yu hurriedly nodded and immediately took out thirty silver taels from behind the counter and handed them to Lu Si.

Lu Si took it and handed the silver tray to the other party: “Brothers should take this as a form of respect.”

This surprised Zhang San and gave Lu Si a meaningful look.

“We didn’t expect not to see each other for a long time. Young Master Lu also learned to be so polite.”

Lu Si gave a faint smile, knowing exactly what the other party meant.

Before transmigration, his predecessor was very stubborn. He consciously read the sage book, so how could he give the other party a salary?

But after another severe beating, he became more honest and obediently paid his salary.

But since then, Inn’s business dropped a thousand meters in one fall, and it’s probably because of the Black Tiger Gang’s manipulation.

Although Lu Si knew it well, he didn’t intend to avenge his predecessor.

“It seems that Young Master Lu is thinking about it, which makes this Zhang look at him with admiration.”

Seeing that Lu Si was silent, Zhang San smiled playfully.

“However, by this little money it’s as if Young Master Lu is seeing off a beggar!”

Zhang San shook the silver in his hand, and suddenly the complexion changed.


Put the silver upside down on the table and look at Lu Si with a grin.

The rest of the people were also sneering.

“What do you guys mean?”

Lu Si frowned.

In the past, the salary subsidy was no more than 20 silver taels, but now that I have given a full 30 silver taels, which has already given the other party enough face, do these people still think it is too little?

“What’s the meaning?”

One of them sneered and said, “Trifling 30 silver taels. Do you really think we are beggars?”

“I heard that your inn has made a lot of money recently. If there is no help from Brother Zhang, do you think you can make so much? Of course you have to give more.”

Another younger brother spoke shamelessly.

Lu Si was amused when he heard that. What does his inn business have to do with this Black Tiger Gang?

But at this moment, he also understood that these people dared to feel that they had little money.

“Oh, how many do you want?”

Lu Si asked, his expression unchanged.

Before Zhang San could speak, the younger brother at the side was the first to speak.

“Look, your business has been doing well recently; 50 taels this time!”

  Fifty taels?

As soon as the words came out, Lu Si’s face remained unchanged, but his heart became cold.

He is making only few dozen taels a day. Do they think the inn is made out of gold?

At the same time, I was also puzzled, wondering why this Black Tiger Gang dared to act like a lion with a big mouth.

Although the Black Tiger Gang had asked for salary subsidies in the past, they had never demanded them in this way.


Beside Zhou Yu, his face was flushed with anger, and he glared at them.

Lu Si waved his hand to stop Zhou Yu’s words, indifferently said

“I’m afraid you are joking. Fifty silver taels is not a small amount. I am afraid that my small shop can’t get it out.”

“Does Young Master Lu know the fate of rejecting my Black Tiger Gang?”

Zhang San’s face turned cold, revealing a ferocious look.

Lu Si couldn’t help but sigh slightly when he saw the other party like this.

   “This is really troublesome…”

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