Wuxia Novelist Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Spring Silkworm Palm Art

At this time, Lu Si’s eyes fell on ‘Spring Silkworm Palm Art’.

This palm technique was actually obtained after he unlocked the novel when he first obtained the system.

Mentioning this Spring Silkworm Palm Art, Lu Si didn’t have the slightest impression. It wasn’t until he thought about it carefully that he realized it was a cultivation technique from The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain.

This also gave Lu Si a guess.

Will he get a reward immediately every time a novel is unlocked?

This made Lu Si very happy.

After all, it has been half a month, and he barely pushed the progress bar to nearly half. It is conceivable that it is not as easy as imagined to make the progress bar completely full.

While unlocking the novel, the novel ‘Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain’ also completely appeared in his mind.

Even now, he can recite the novel completely and word for word, as if it were deeply rooted in his soul.

This is obviously because of the system!

Although he had read this novel in his previous life, it was not so good that he could recite it forward and backward.

Not to mention that with the passage of time, he has already forgotten most of the content in the book and only remembers a rough outline of the novel.

If he hadn’t reread it, he wouldn’t even remember some of the episodes.

Therefore, Lu Si couldn’t help but feel agitated when he thought that he might learn martial arts such as “Shooting the Condor” and “Heavenly Dragon” in the future.

“If I want to speed up the progress bar, I’m afraid it’s not enough to rely on word of mouth and storytelling. I also need to use books to promote it.”

Lu Si thinks that this should be the major plan for the development of the novel. After all, since the progress of the system can be improved through storytelling, it should also be feasible to use books.

“It’s also fortunate that the literacy rate of this world is far higher than that of the original world in ancient times. Otherwise, the development plan of my novel may have been stranded before it even started.”

Don’t read Jin Yong’s novel, which is known to everyone, but it also depends on the improvement of education for later generations and the speed and convenience of information dissemination.

Otherwise, if it were really put in ancient times, the information would not be smooth and the literacy rate would be extremely low, which would be enough to put any novel in limbo.

The literacy rate in this world is much higher than in the ancient world of my previous life. Although not everyone is literate, it is most likely. This is good news for Lu Si.

“And this kind of ancient entertainment is scarce, and novels like this have almost never appeared, so we can make good use of it.”

The more Lu Si thought about it, the more he felt that this world was really a treasure.

Even if it is a bit magical, it is still the same as in ancient times.

Such a wuxia novel has a great deal of lethality for the people here, as can be seen from today’s situation.

And if it is spread in the form of books, it will definitely make more people familiar with it, and we will also be able to see if it is helpful for the growth of progress bar.

Therefore, his book sale today is only a preliminary test. After all, a two-silver taels is not something an ordinary person can afford, but the result seems to be pretty good.



Now the inn’s business is pretty good, but thinking of the miserable scene half a month ago, Lu Si can’t help but feel palpitations.

To say that this Fulai Inn has been rooted in Qing’an County for many years, no matter how bad it is, it will not be like this, but the predecessor still almost shut down the operation of this Inn, which shows that he was really incapable of doing business.

This half a month, Lu Si first rectified the inn and then moved out the dishes from the previous life; with the blessing of storytelling, the inn gradually improved.

Whether it is this world or the previous life, money is indispensable.

So the improved business of Inn is also a good thing for Lu Si.

As for why he knows these dishes

Lu Si said, Who can understand the pain of a unmarried man?

Seeing that the inn was empty, Lu Si handed it over to Zhou Yu to take care of it and came to the backyard alone.

The Fulai Inn is divided into three floors. The first and second floors are where diners eat, and the third floor has some rooms for visitors to live in.

The name ‘Fulai’ means that if you are blessed, you will come; but it is not known whether this is the case.

Behind the inn is a small courtyard, where Lu Si and Zhou Yu normally live.

He came to the courtyard and stood still. Lu Si began to practice Spring Silkworm Palm Art.

When it comes to the martial arts in Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain, the novel doens’t have many good practices. However, although this Spring Silkworm Palm Art is not well known, it is also the martial arts of the Hu Family Lineage, and speaking of which, it also has its merits.

This palm is exquisite, winding, wrapping, guarding, and quiet. Once it is used, it is like a spring silkworm spinning silk, uninterrupted.

Lu Si’s palms spread out. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Nevertheless, the moves continued intermittely. There was no jerkiness or suffocation of moves. The sense of harmony in movements could be easily felt.

As his palms became faster and faster, a gust of wind blew up all around, causing dead leaves to fall one after another.

As soon as it fell into the air, it was pulled by an inexplicable force, like invisible silk entangled in it, making it impossible to fall, and finally fell into Lu Si’s palm.

Then Lu Si shook his wrist, and all the leaves fell to the ground.

At this moment, if anyone from the Hu family saw this scene, they would be horrified.

This is clearly the Great Accomplishment Realm that brought this palm technique to the point of ‘unceasing silk’!

And you must know that it has only been less than half a month since Lu Si acquired this palm technique.

Success in half a month? That’s terrifying!

After practicing, Lu Si stopped to rest.

“After all, my body has been studying for many years, lacks exercise, and is still very weak. Although it has improved now, it cannot last.”

Lu Si shook his head.

“In fact, I have never practiced this palm technique hard. It is probably because of this system that I achieved such an achievement on the first day I obtained it.”

Lu Si knows that he is no heavenly blessed genius. It would be impossible to achive this level of perfection with the palm technique even if he was one. Naturally, the reason for this was the system!

“However, this Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain can be said to be at the bottom of the Jin Yong’s martial arts system. The internal strength  is almost nonexistent. Otherwise, if I can get an internal strength art, I would be doing much better.”

Lu Si sighs with regret.

As the shortest of Jin Yong’s many wuxia novels, Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain can be said to be very distinctive. Background of the story spanning a hundred years is extremely compact, and the stories in the text have ups and downs, making people addicted.

Especially the suspense of Hu Fei and Miao Renfeng’s last blade left at the end, it leaves people with an infinite reverie.

Unfortunately, although he also likes this novel, there are not many descriptions of martial arts.

Besides the Hu Family Blade Technique that I have heard about, I am afraid that there are no martial arts that can be called famous, let alone the Spring Silkworm Palm Art that only appeared once.

“Forget it; talking is better than nothing. When I unlock more novels in the future, I will naturally be able to get in touch with those peerless martial arts.”

Lu Si wasn’t not in a hurry either.

One mouthful can’t make you fat.

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