Wuxia Novelist Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Wuxia Novelist System

Pinching the silver tael in his hand, Lu Si was still in a daze.

It has been almost half a month since he came to this world, and he is still somehow not used to the money in this world.

That’s right; he wasn’t originally from this world.

He used to be a good young man on Earth; with the blessing of his parents, he had three most important things, a car, a house, and banknotes. His life was pretty chic.

He got drunk one night about half a month ago and afterwards transmigrated to this world without knowing how!

This is similar to the ancient world, but a completely different one.

“Young master, today we received another fifty taels.”

The boy just now found Lu Si excitedly. The youth’s slightly immature face was still happy after counting the money.

Zhou Yu, is the youth who is working in the inn.

“Don’t worry, we will get better and better in the future.”

Lu Si smiled slightly, took out a silver tray, and handed it to the other party.

“You keep this silver; it’s okay to buy something you want to use and eat.”

Zhou Yu looked at the silver in his hand with a look of astonishment and surprise and asked, “Master, is this for me?”

“Of course, you will have some silver every month in the future.” Lu Si said with a smile.

“But this is too much; I am just the young master’s book boy.”

Zhou Yu struggled.

“But you also helped the store, didn’t you? It’s your wage.” Lu Si said with a smile.

“Oh well.”

Zhou Yu hesitated for a while, but finally put it away and said happily, “Thank you, young master.”

Lu Si smiled slightly, looked at his happy face, and sighed in his heart. Is this considered child labor?

A child of Zhou Yu’s age may have been carefree in his previous life, but in this world he has already been sold to a wealthy family, signed a contract of sale, and served as a book boy.

With a lot of luck, you can still get out of slavery and become a free man. If you are unlucky, you can only be a slave for the rest of your life.

Without being in this world, one cannot feel the cruelty of this era.

Luckily for Lu Si, although the body he transmigrated to was not rich or powerful, it was not likely to sell itself to other people for food and clothing.

“However, the person in this body is quite pitiful. Mother died early, and father also died a while ago. Leaving this inn, which is about to close, if I didn’t transmigrate, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to escape the destiny of begging on the street..”

Lu Si couldn’t help shaking his head when he thought of his previous body.

The real name of this body is also called Lu Si. I heard that the ancestors even made a fortune, but later the family fell into decline, so the inn was left behind.

His father wanted him to apply for fame and fortune, hoping to bring glory to his family, but unfortunately, this guy is weak and sick, and his body has become more and more fragile after years of hard work. It can be regarded as saving the last inheritance of the ancestors.

This guy doesn’t know anything about business, and he doesn’t know how to cook. The inn was taken care of badly by him.

“Don’t worry; with me here, this inn has a future.”

Lu Si talked to himself.

He found a quiet place to sit down and said ‘system’ silently.

In the eye sockets, a virtual game box similar to the previous life appeared faintly.

Wuxia Novelist System.

Character: Lu Si

Unlock the Wuxia Novel: The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain

Unlock Martial Arts: Spring Silkworm Palm Art

  Progress: 45%

  Extracting rewards…..

“It seems that the reward extraction can only be drawn after the progress bar is full.”

Lu Si looked at the virtual page, feeling a little helpless.

Yes, this is the system often mentioned in some novels, and it is also the cheat of many protagonists.

As a true transmigrator, Lu Si is aware that there is no cheat that can help him slaughter all sides in the world. Moreover, he is lucky that he has a system otherwise taking into account the situation of the world at best he would tuck his tail between his legs and try to stay away from sight of many.

Even though it’s only been half a month, Lu Si has roughly figured out this world. The country that he is located in is called Heavenly Saint Dynasty. It has a vast territory with thirteen states under it, is surrounded by enemies, and is not as peaceful as it seems on the surface.

More importantly, this is also a martial arts world (wuxia world)!

  Martial arts are prosperou. There are various unpredictable martials arts like in the novels of the past world.

Lu Si once saw with his own eyes how a big man smashed an inch-thick bluestone brick with one punch. It was not a trick, and he was shocked.

As the saying goes, if a chivalrous man commits crimes with martial arts, of course some appalling tragedies due to occur.

So Lu Si also knows that if he wants to settle down in this world, he still needs the most basic means.

“So, it is not easy to be safe in this world.”

Lu Si thought in his heart.

Is there any man who has never fantasized about wielding a sword and roaming the world?

Lu Si once fantasized that he could become like those heroes in wuxia novels, punishing evil and promoting good, wielding a sword to eliminate demons!

It’s just that fantasies are fantasies after all, and everyone has to succumb to reality in the end, and those dreams can only gradually dissipate with time.

Through these days, Lu Si also clearly knew that he could not go back. The past lie is just good memories in his heart.

“Even if this body is extremely weak, even if I don’t know anything about this world, as long as I have a system, I will be able to gain a foothold in this world sooner or later.”

Lu Si firmly believes that he came here through transmigration, which made him carry the memories of two lives. Moreover, with the help of the system he will be able to realize his dream sooner or later.

“But for now, I should fill up the progress bar as soon as possible.”

Lu Si thought in his heart.

Speaking of which, he was also forced to speak at the inn.

The system he carries can be said to be heinously clean, and Lu Si barely figured out something after half a month of research.

It turns out that the novel needs to be promoted so that its progress can increase.

That’s why Lu Si thought of storytelling at the inn. First, it can improve the business of the inn, and second, it can also increase progress.

How much does the progress increase each time? How do you measure it?

Lu Si has not figured it out yet.

Apart from this, since this system can unlock this novel, it means it can also unlock other novels.

However, now Lu Si has not figured out how to unlock the rest of the novels.

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