Wuxia Novelist Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain

“As I said last time, Hu Yidao and Miao Renfeng finally met at the inn. Miao Renfeng was known as the ‘Golden Face Buddha’ and was known as the invincible in the whole world. and broke his heart again. ”

Lu Si has a clear voice.

As soon as he opened his mouth, all around fell silent.

Bai Zhanfei has never seen this scene.

“The two of them had a good time talking, but in the end they couldn’t help but actually fight.”

Bai Zhanfei didn’t pay attention to it at first, but after listening to it, he was attracted by the stories in his book and gradually became fascinated.

Everyone was thrilled to hear it, and they didn’t know who would win.

Lu Si looked as usual, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, and his voice was cadenced.

What he said is exactly the wonderful part of this book. Both Miao Renfeng and Hu Yidao are heroes. If they hadn’t had a feud, they might have become close friends, but it’s a pity that they would inevitably die in the end.

“In the end, Miao Renfeng narrowly won a move, but Hu Yidao chose to kill himself with a knife, and the blood spattered on the spot. His wife also committed suicide afterward, and the two of them sat on the table together. Only Miao Renfeng was holding the baby in his arms with a silent expression.”

After Lu Si finished speaking, the huge inn was silent.

No one expected such a result in the end, and many people even expressed their dismay.

I didn’t expect that Hu Yidao would die just like that.

“It’s a pity that Hu Yidao died.”

After a long while, someone sighed and spoke just now.

“Yeah, if it weren’t for the fact that both of them are heroes and they cherish each other, it would be unbelievable to die like this.”

Everyone talked about it one after another, and they all felt great regret for it.

But there are also people who think that Hu Yidao’s death may have had hidden reasons, but they don’t know the specifics.

For a while, people couldn’t help but ask out of curiosity.

“Young Master Lu, did Hu Yidao really commit suicide?”

“Is there another secret?”

Hastily caught up and asked about the plot, wishing to know the ending immediately.

It’s a pity that at this time, Lu Si smiled slightly and said

“Either predict the future or listen to the next chapter to break it down.”

He naturally knew what everyone was thinking, but of course he now told everyone that Hu Yidao died of poisoning; otherwise, wouldn’t there be no suspense?

This made everyone very dissatisfied and shout.

“Aiya!  “Little Brother Lu, what do you mean, will I be able to sleep at night?”

“Yeah, I’m really scratching my head; it’s unbearable!”

Lu Si laughed but didn’t say a word. He let everyone speak but didn’t say a word. He just grabbed the water glass on the table and drank it down.

He just spoke in one breath for nearly half an hour, and his mouth was already parched.

Over there, Bai Zhanfei was also fascinated by what he was listening to, and suddenly he stopped talking, feeling a little itchy.

“Tsk tsk, when did this Fulai Inn got into storytelling? Not to mention it’s very interesting.”

Bai Zhanfei praised.

Bai Mengxi, her black brows slightly wrinkled, said calmly: “It’s just a story in the book, although it’s a little novel, but you can listen to it normally; don’t get addicted to it.”

She knows that her younger brother likes to play around the most. She is afraid that he wouldn’t practice martial arts diligently by wasting his time listening to books.

Bai Zhanfei agreed on the surface, but his eyes rolled around.

Bai Mengxi glanced at him, sighed slightly in her heart, and wondered if she was being too harsh on the younger brother.

But when she thought about the recent situation of the escort agency, she felt inexplicably anxious in her heart.

Bai Zhanfei didn’t care what the elder sister was thinking; looking at the delicious food on the table, his stomach couldn’t help but go “gu lu”.

Just now I was just listening to the book, but I didn’t realize that the meal had already been served.

“Sister, the meal is here; let’s eat it quickly.”

Bai Zhanfei said something and started to eat it with great interest.

“Delicious, delicious! This is very fragrant, sweet, and spicy. Could this be the Kung Pao Chicken? And this chicken, the taste is better than that of Hundred Incense Tower.”

After tasting it, Bai Zhanfei couldn’t help being surprised. He had never heard of these dishes, but they tasted extraordinarily delicious. He immediately understood why there were so many people in Fulai Inn.

Bai Mengxi watched the younger brother devour the food, couldn’t help but taste it, and suddenly showed surprise, as if he didn’t expect it to be so delicious.

She tasted the dishes one by one, and every time she tasted one, she was more and more surprised.

When did this Fulai Inn have such a cook, and where did they get the recipes?

Lu Si looked all around and waited for everyone’s voice to slow down a little, then said with a smile: “Don’t worry, everyone, I just wrote a book; if you are impatient, why don’t you buy it and return it to me?” It’s easy to read at home. The price is not expensive; only two silver taels are needed; who would like to buy it?”

His eyes swept over everyone, and all around him suddenly died down.

Let them listen to it for nothing; of course they are very willing; but no one was willing to spend two silver taels on a book.

That’s two silver taels! That’s cost of an ordinary family living for half a month!

Lu Si saw that no one answered and couldn’t help frowning: “What’s the matter? Could it be that my way of selling books is not good? What should I do?”

Lu Si was speechless.

“This book is good. Little brother, give me a copy.”

Just when Lu Si was disappointed, a voice suddenly sounded.

Lu Si was overjoyed. Looking for his prestige, he saw a middle-aged man with a folding fan in his hand and wearing a brocade robe.

“Okay, guest.”

Lu Si laughed heartily. His palm moved outward and a book was thrown over the table.

The thumb-thick novel landed lightly on the man’s table, and this hand immediately aroused applause from everyone.

The servant just now walked over swiftly and took the second silver tray handed over by the latter.

After the first person opened their mouths, some people bought the novel one after another, and they were going to go back and read it in detail so as to see it quickly.

Almost four or five copies have been distributed, and Lu Si is also in a good mood.

After waiting for a while, Lu Si packed up and prepared to go downstairs when no one asked to buy.

All around, eaters are a little regretful, knowing that if they want to listen again, they have to come back tomorrow.

At this moment, many people have finished eating and have been waiting for the storytelling. Now that they have finished listening, a group of people left.

Bai Zhanfei stopped when he ate his belly and looked at the dishes on the table with an unsatisfactory expression.

Bai Mengxi had something on his mind and didn’t want to stay here any longer. Seeing that the younger brother had almost eaten, the two went downstairs and left.

A movement here immediately attracted the attention of many people, and Lu Si was no exception.

Naturally, because of the cold and clear weather, the woman dressed like snow.

“What a beautiful woman!”

Lu Si praised her in his heart. He had never seen such a beautiful woman before.

His gaze followed the woman downstairs and then gradually disappeared outside the door. Then he withdrew his gaze and couldn’t help but wonder in his heart: “How can I say that I’ve also seen all kinds of actresses; how could I be attracted to this level by a woman? Because no makeup was applied?”

He shook his head and didn’t think much about it. The siblings just now must have extraordinary identities, at least not ordinary persons. Judging from their swords, they are most likely martial arts practitioners.

Who knows that not long after he went downstairs, the boy suddenly turned back just now, grabbed him, and said in a low voice: “Storyteller, is there any more of that book? Get me a copy.”

Looking back from time to time, he looked guilty.

Lu Si smiled as he read it, took out a novel from his pocket, and handed it to the other party: “Two silver taels.”

Bai Zhanfei hurriedly took the book, saw the words ‘Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain’ written on it, felt that it was right, immediately took out two silver teals and handed them to the other party, picked up the book, and left in a hurry.

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