WOWFRD – Ch 99

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Chapter 99

“How did they do that? Aren’t there just 500 orcs? Where did they got so many ballistas? How come there is such an intensive fire?” The commander thought in his heart.

Moments ago he had witnessed the fierce fire of the giant crossbows. He estimated that Xiao Yu had at least hundreds of ballistas to be able to form such intense fire. But, Xiao Yu had only 500 orcs. How could he continuous shoot spears?

Originally, commander thought that he would be able to kill all the orcs by relying on ten man formation. However, he didn’t expect to be defeated and repelled in such a manner.

The networking wasn’t so developed that they could have known Xiao Yu had bought ballistas in the Tito city. Moreover, the purchased ballistas were covered with cloth so the most people couldn’t even know what they were. In addition, the scouts, spies and assassins were all caught and killed by Tyrande and Leah. As a result, they didn’t have any information regarding the new war machines bought by Xiao Yu.

Even if they learnt that Xiao Yu bought ballistas from Warhammer company they would think that he was planning to take them back to Lion town. They didn’t think that Xiao Yu would be able to brilliantly use them against the enemies. In this era, only very powerful magic items would be able to play a dominant rule in such a warfare. The ballistas would be useless in hands of other people. They wouldn’t be able to use it like Xiao Yu. First of all, the mentality of intensive firing was brought forward by Xiao Yu. Secondly, orcs were powerful enough to use the giant crossbows as if normal mobile weapons.

In addition, an average ballista had maximum 3 slots to shoot at the same moment. It was meant for better accuracy. However, Xiao Yu had ordered the ballistas to be made with 5 slots. It was not meant for precision but covering a better perimeter. These ideas were already colliding with the military strategies of humans of this continent.

Imagine the time when the machine guns were invented by Maxim and Gatling. Maxim didn’t receive orders until WWI. However, it became the biggest killer in the war. Because of the machine guns tens of millions of people died which was never seen before in any war in history.

Even the people of that time were unaware of the importance of the machine guns that would bring to the warfare. How could people of this era understand the 5 slot ballistas?

Xiao Yu ordered orcs to rush in and grab the spears. Although they had enough to be used with the ballistas but he wanted to grab the ones that were used. The enemies didn’t send anyone to attack when the orcs rushed in to pick the spears. They were frightened by another trick by Xiao Yu.

They were trapped first time when they thought that hand axes were finished. They didn’t want to make the same mistake once again. The battle was dragged down once more.

Xiao Yu ordered several orcs to stay as patrols while the rest to rest and sleep. Otherwise, it was meaningless to stand still as they would be tired.

The command almost vomited blood when he found out that even the patrolling orcs were laughing and chatting! It was an insult!

However, he couldn’t do anything in the face of this insult. He didn’t dare to charge or he would be facing the same results.

They weren’t in the Kahn country so they couldn’t freely mobilize army. They were in someone else’s territory which was already a great risk. Once they were found out then a conflict between two principalities would arise. Although they didn’t have flags and banners and were disguised as bandits, but it didn’t mean that others were fools! Couldn’t they see that all of them were elite cavalry units? Have you ever seen elite bandits?

Moreover, people would find anyway if there was a large-scale mobilization of an army.

Retreat? It wasn’t an option too. Duke Simm was always strict on his army. If they returned back then even their families would be killed. They could only die in the battlefield but couldn’t go back in failure. It was Duke Simm’s character.

Drag the battle? How could they drag the battle as they were in territory of someone else? Moreover, they had to go back to Tito city for food after few days… Xiao Yu could blatantly stay in here as he was a noble crossing a territory. He could just make a camp and take time to rest as long as he wanted. But once their troops were found then they would be attacked.

Commander was in a paradox. At the time when he had received the task he felt that he would have a chance to show his commanding abilities and courage! He planned to use the heads of orcs as a decoration on the walls of his family to bring glory and fame to it.

But as elite soldiers they didn’t have chance to display their strength. Xiao Yu’s plans had made them disabled. They weren’t fighting in a plane plain so they didn’t have opportunity to strike.

This is called tactics and strategy!

The commander realized Lancelot’s mood who was the commander of the Grim Reaper troops.

“Duke of the Lion territory is a real deal! I looked down at him…” The commander whispered. His heart calmed down too because he knew that he wouldn’t be able to go back alive. Since the outcome was death then what was there to fear?

The Grim Reapers had gone through the same thing too. The commander was convinced that he had lost.

“Wait until the depth of the night! We will launch our last attack then! The Grim Reaper troops’ death wasn’t for nothing. We will prove our honor and glory tonight as the elite cavalrymen!” Commander said.

The cavalrymen who listened knew that they didn’t have an escape route. There was only one chance and that is to was the shame of defeat with their own blood.

Xiao Yu immediately knew their thoughts when he saw that the enemy wasn’t going to attack. He told all the orcs to sleep while few were left to patrol during the night.

Leah and Tyrande were patrolling with several orcs. Tyrande’s Eagle Eye skill played a huge role during nighttime because she had both night vision and could see very far. The enemy couldn’t escape her eyes. Xiao Yu invited Siwen to his compartment for a game of chess. In the past, Siwen certainly would avoid Xiao Yu as much as possible. However, after the last experiences her attitude towards Xiao Yu had changed a lot. Siwen was very smart but had low self-esteem because the way she was brought up.

Now, Siwen wasn’t thinking about any problems. Xiao Yu played chess while peeked at her thighs once in a while. As a result, he lost continuously.

The enemy didn’t attack at early hours of night which indicated that they were waiting for something. Xiao Yu speculated that they were waiting for the darkest hour to attack. Most probably, the enemy would attack few hours before the dawn. Xiao Yu believed that the commander of the enemy troops wasn’t a fool. However, Xiao Yu couldn’t be fooled with this kind of psychological tactics.

There were few hours before the dawn. It seemed as if the whole world was covered in a large black cloth. Siwen had fallen asleep in the carriage while Xiao Yu was sitting aside.

Tyrande came to the carriage and looked at Xiao Yu: “They are coming.”

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  1. so i wanted to ask , if archmage antonidas gets stronger can he build dalaran ?! 😀 or rebuild if it is destroyed which i think it is ?

    1. i think the answer is positive but I haven’t read that ahead in the raws (only 1.5 arcs ahead from current translation) so we will see 😉

  2. Lol victory or death? Even their families will be killed if they lose? What is this Duke Simm a 3rd rate villain? No one can lead armies with such pressure and stupidity that leaves no chance for strategy to be used… If retreat isn’t even an option commanders will just keep wasting Duke Simm’s man in situations like this where they couldn’t predict the enemies force and he will have no man left as time goes by… Rather people wouldn’t fight for such a lord in the first place… Why would anyone fight for someone who even threatens their families? They are not even deserting it’s just retreat… Author depics Duke Simm as an old fox but that old fox is somehow the biggest moronic 3rd rate villain in the history? I guess characters turn into morons when author needs morons throwing themselves at mc like meat dolls huh…. If it suits authors need anyone will turn into the biggest moron in the history in the next moment…

    1. its because Simm’s troops have yet to meet someone as ‘capable’ as Xiao Yu. Author has given enough details about Xiao Yu’s usage of tactics from WWI and WWII…

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