WOWFRD – Ch 97

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Chapter 97

Xiao Yu still leisurely drank from the red wine and played around with baby dragon while looking at the army assembled on the other side. It was as if he didn’t care about the upcoming war. The baby dragon had grown up a bit. It’s wings were harder and they could assist it while running at high speeds. Moreover, its spit of fire was more powerful than before. The baby dragon could burn down a person right now. Xiao Yu looked at baby dragon as he fantasized about being a Dragon Knight.

    Leah had told him that if Xiao Yu fed dragon with ordinary food like roasted chicken then the dragon would lose its wild side. That’s why Xiao Yu purchased a lot of raw meat of beasts when they were in the Tito city. At the beginning, the baby dragon wouldn’t want to eat the bloody meat but Xiao Yu would force it to feed on it. The baby dragon would bite a piece of raw meat and look up at Xiao Yu with teary eyes.

    Siwen would sometimes give snacks to baby dragon when Xiao Yu didn’t pay attention. Actually, he would occasionally see it but close his eyes to this small matter. He didn’t want to be too serious while educating the baby dragon.

    The orcs were informed about attack in advance. They were ready for the battle out of their hatred for the humanity. Xiao Yu felt that this hatred would be a hidden danger in the future. He had to slowly teach them that not all the humans were bad. Otherwise, the racial conflict would arise at some point in the future, as it was seen in the history of the Azeroth.

    But the present humanity looked at orcs not as equals but low-level beasts.

    Xiao Yu was planning to solve these contradictions in the future. He would popularize the concept of the racial equality after he went back to his territory. He wouldn’t allow provocations towards other races and slowly let different races to live together.

    The orcs weren’t skillful with the usage of ballistas. However, they could aim and launch without a problem.

    Tyrande would ride her tiger and observe the enemy and report back at the same time. Xiao Yu learned that the enemy had gathered 3000 soldiers through her reports. All of them were light cavalry!

    After all the heavy cavalry had poor endurance and were slow in speed in comparison to light cavalry. In comparison the mobile light cavalry were best for ambushes and raids.

    Nevertheless, Xiao Yu’s deployment of trenches had reduced the advantage that the light cavalry had. Xiao Yu had absolute confidence in winning the battle.

    The enemy was in the opposite side for more than hour but they didn’t attack. They had sent few cavalry men to act as scouts but found that it would be very hard to cross the obstacles made by Xiao Yu. If they were able to pass through the gaps then their speed would get reduced.

    Xiao Yu was following Rommel’s strategies in this battle. He had said that fortifications had to be built quickly if the troops went to a rest. Intense firepower and solid fortifications would always reduce casualties.

    Xiao Yu wasn’t a military strategist but he had common sense which told him that building fortifications would increase his strength by several degrees.

    As a result, he ordered orcs to cut trees, sharpen their heads and ties up in rows. Those logs would be inserted in the slopes below terrain.

    Xiao Yu was using the combat theory from the First World War. His strategy was based on making trenches to get the upper hand. The enemy wasn’t ready for such tactics and strategies.

    The cavalry lost half of their battle power with the implementation of the fortifications. Who would have thought that Xiao Yu would decide to stay in here?

    Originally, they were planning to prevent Xiao Yu from escaping so they had brought light cavalry. But now the situation had changed and the light cavalry was useless.

    Most people would try to quickly run back to their home turf to feel at ease if they were surrounded by enemies at all sides. But Xiao Yu had made a bold decision by daring to stay back instead of running towards his home. It was the reason that made their ambush fail!

    The commander of the enemy troops couldn’t come up with an appropriate attack plan as the fortifications and the terrain Xiao Yu had chosen made the cavalry impossible to charge. The light cavalry didn’t carry heavy weapons. Moreover, they didn’t have long-range weapons too!

    “500 people form the vanguard! Dismount and rush in to clear those obstacles!” The enemy commander shouted.

    The cavalry couldn’t move in because of the obstacles. The enemy commander would be a fool to send his troops with those fortifications at place.

    500 light cavalry dismounted from their horses. They hold onto their small shields and daggers and rushed in to clean the obstacles so that the other part of the troops could charge in.

    Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he looked from the carriage. He wasn’t in hurry.

    Xiao Yu issued an order when those 500 people were two hundred meters away from the obstacles: “Orcs get ready! Within ten seconds after they reach the obstacles throw all 10 hand axes! The ones who didn’t throw all the hand axes wouldn’t eat tonight! Don’t rush down the slope too! Otherwise punishment!”

    Xiao Yu continued to play with the baby dragon afterwards.

    Grom was standing on top of the slope and was the commander in charge for this battle. Xiao Yu wanted to nurture Grom as a capable leader not just a killing machine.

    The cavalrymen used their shields to protect themselves from possible arrows but they were surprised that no attacks were made. Moreover, they were shocked to see that they simply couldn’t move the obstacles. There were more than dozens of huge logs tied together on each place.

    Even the orcs couldn’t carry them in one go. They pulled the logs and tied together afterwards.

    Grom grinned as he stood on top of the slope. He wasn’t planning to issue attack command yet.

    Grom had followed Xiao Yu for a long time and knew how Xiao Yu used tactics. IF the enemy couldn’t move the logs then why would they be anxious to attack?

    The enemies came in to the depth to cut off the ropes which tied the logs. They wanted to scatter the logs and move them afterwards.

    It was then that Grom shouted: “Attack!”

    The Orcs raised the hand axes and threw them out. The sky got covered by the axes as if a rain of hand axes happened.

    The enemy didn’t have time to react when second wave of hand axes were thrown.

    Pat~ Pat~ Puff~ Puff~

    Many soldiers were hit by the axes. Some of the raised their small shields to resist but the area that was protected by the small shield was small. Moreover, it was a light shield which couldn’t stop the flying axes!

    Only few clever soldiers rushed in under the obstacles to protect their lives. Most of the soldiers were killed by the 5th wave of the axes.

    Nevertheless, the orcs firmly follower Xiao Yu’s orders. They threw all 10 hand axes.

    The soldiers that were hiding under the collapses lost their morale each time the axes would fly down and pierce the corpses of their comrades or the ground. They had never seen such a dense attack.

    Rommel had said that the key to victory was intense firepower. Xiao Yu was implementing those famous words right now.

    The orcs stood motionless as they threw all ten axes.

    However, there was excitement in their eyes. Their blood was boiling. Xiao Yu’s tactics had brought them victory! As a result, their confidence in Xiao Yu had increased a lot. In the past they would be in disadvantage when they face humans. But now they believed that they would never face defeat if they followed Xiao Yu.

    Xiao Yu was very satisfied with the results. He believed that the troops had to had strict discipline. Otherwise, the orcs would just rush towards the battlefield and be killed by the human formations.

    Both sides stood silent for some time. Only the north wind whistled in their ears.

    Xiao Yu didn’t command orcs to attack. The cavalry stood on the other side like silly children. They didn’t know what to do.

    “Pick up your axes! If you see the enemy attack then withdraw the same instant. You can’t battle with them!” Xiao Yu commanded.

    The orcs rushed down to pick their hand axes. The soldiers that were hiding under the obstacles hadn’t dared to come out. As a result, they were killed by the orcs that came in to pick their axes.

    The battle had begun and both sides hadn’t contacted each other yet! But Xiao Yu was able to kill 500 enemy soldiers. This record was a very rare result which wasn’t seen anywhere!

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  1. Meh this is stupid… Even an avarage commander could solve this problem easily. Mc is dug in and can’t get out of his fortifications. So the solution is simple. While 2500 man keeps watch on the fortification, send 500 men to the town that mc bought the ballista and buy a few catapults together with lots of oil containers. Throw the oil containers at the bunched up logs that mc built as a fortification and finally LET IT BURN!!! If they stay inside they will choke to death or die of dehydration because of the heat since i’m imagining the fortification is a circle fort right? They will be inside a circle of fire with no way out… If they come out instead then the cavalry will be able to pick them out easily since they will also be disorientated because of the fire… See how easy that was? It doesn’t even need much money to make this plan a reality… At most it would cost 30k gold which is nothing for a force of 3000 cavalry…

    1. As far as we know, catapults in this world are stupid expensive, also, they were told to keep the orcs alive.

      1. How can they even keep the orcs alive? If they wanted to keep the orcs alive then they would bring a suppressive force that would leave the orcs with no choice but to surrender… How do you stop orcs with light cavalry while not killing them? That’s not even possible… They would need long range weapon superiority if they wanted the orcs to surrender but nope. They didn’t even bring a single crossbow let alone any long range weaponry… So you tell me how does it make sense to keep orcs alive when they don’t even have the means to? Besides orcs are not the kind to surrender and they will go all out against the cavalry…

        Anyways the strategy i thought up can be used to capture orcs albeit with some damages to them. One catapult with half a days bombardment of oil at the fortification would be enough… So i don’t see how it is so expensive? Surely they can afford a single catapult for a 3000 man force… Also they could place a sturdy log shield infront of the catapult so that the ballistas would be useless. After all catapults don’t need direct sight of the target to fire unlike ballistas. After that just leave a small opening without fire in the fortification so all the orcs will try to escape through that small gap where you will capture them alot easier. After all no creature would want to be burned alive or choke to death so given the choice orcs would have no other option to run towards that small opening even if it means to fight a losing battle… See how easy that was?

    2. Well your strategy is legit in real war but there is a few problems with that:
      1st: they are in other people territory and they need to fake themselves as bandit.Do you see any bandit bringing Catapult?. Buying is also not an option Other lords aren’t stupid and lacking in information warfare to the point that they will allow troop and catapult to pass their land
      2nd: mobility and stealth are what needed the most in pursuit battle like this one so catapult only slow down the chase.They even refrain from using heavy cavalry since it is slow and not fitted for a swift fight. Not to mention they also didn’t expect mc to make fortification.
      3rd: if yu read the 1st war, you can see that the technology in this world is quite behind the time even compared to WW3, not to mention WoW. They only have a crude catapult that can launch single rock with low accuracy or crossbow. I don’t think there is oil since if they do , they should have used in Lion town siege.

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