WOWFRD – Ch 96

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Chapter 96

Xiao Yu reached the edge of Kahn country’s border in about dozen days.

    As he had expected he was safe within the Kahn country’s territories. Duke Simm wouldn’t touch him within the Kahn territory.

    Xiao Yu moved his forces towards Tito city which was about half a day distance away from the Kahn country. He ordered Tyrande to ride her white tiger in front of them and find if there were any forces that wanted to ambush them. The eyes of the elf was the most useful in finding such traps.

    Xiao Yu wasn’t afraid of anyone as long as he was able to reach Tito city and get the ballistas.

    50 ballistas would be able to solve many problems that Xiao Yu could face. He could even use them to get rid of an army. The path from Kahn country’s border to Tito city were plains. There was no terrain that could be used for ambushes so Xiao Yu was carefree.

    They arrived safely into Tito city. Xiao Yu directly went to the Warhammer company as soon as they entered the city. A huge uproar was caused in the city because of Xiao Yu’s orc guards. However, the guards of the city didn’t block their path as he was using Xiao family flag.

    The main representative of the Warhammer company personally greeted Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu didn’t want to waste time so he asked for 50 ballistas. He picked them up as everything was made according to his instructions. Xiao Yu bought enough spears (bolts) for the ballistas and put them on carriages. He was planning to stay the night in Tito city and head back to Lion town the next morning.

    Xiao Yu didn’t dare to take the night activities lightly. He ordered Tyrande to stay vigilant during the night and prevent the attacks of enemies. The eyes of the elves had night vision so they were much better guards at nights in comparison to others.

    Nothing major happened during the night. Only a few small-time thieves tried to steal their golds. Xiao Yu had brought a carriage of gold coins. Moreover, because of his luxurious carriage he had caught many eyes when he had entered the Tito city. Nevertheless, all the thieves were killed by Tyrande.

    In addition, Tyrande found out that there were scouts who had come to secretly investigate them. Leah helped out Xiao yu by seizing 4 assassins. She was definitely a top-notch assassin.

    Xiao Yu had issued an order that no one should wake him up unless an army tried to attack them. He was aware of the assassins the next morning. The first assassin was tough and didn’t say anything. As a result, Xiao Yu ordered Beast One to cut his head off and feed the dogs.

    The other assassins honestly spilled the beans after this occasion. They told them about the money they had received for the job and details of the mission. Xiao Yu guessed the number of enemy’s troops from his talks with the assassins.

   It seemed that the enemy had spent a lot of money to be able to keep up with him.

    Xiao Yu ordered grunts to kill the remaining three assassins. Their heads were put in front of the convoy to let other assassin don’t rashly act.

    Xiao Yu knew that he couldn’t act soft in this ruthless era.

    The convoy left the Tito city but it traveled slowly. In the afternoon, Xiao Yu had found a good terrain for the camp and began to train orcs to practice launching ballistas.

    The ballista was made out of a chassis and a giant crossbow was put on it. Otherwise the people couldn’t move the giant crossbow as they wished. However, Xiao Yu had arranged it so that the chassis and the giant crossbow of the ballistas could be separated. This way the orcs could move the giant crossbow and change the trajectory of the shots on will. It improved the mobility of the ballista.

    The orcs didn’t have a problem with picking up the crossbow. However, they were very slow in putting the spears because of their big hands and their aims were relatively poor.

    Xiao Yu trained them to shoot at a general direction. He believed that they don’t need to learn accurate aiming. He tried to teach them concept of direction by using clock method. However, he learned that the orcs couldn’t grasp the notion. He continuously taught them but they still couldn’t remember directions.

    Xiao Yu was planning to stay here for a while so he had nothing but teach orcs about general knowledge.

    Leah found it very strange when she saw that Xiao Yu wasn’t willing to move. There were enemies pursuing them so she thought that they should hurry back to Lion town as soon as possible.

    Xiao Yu snorted: “Now they are in shadows and we aren’t sure when or where they will ambush us. Instead we will be patient and drag them here! They will naturally come to us!”

    Xiao Yu believed that the enemy couldn’t drag time like he did. They would certainly take the initiative to attack if they saw that he didn’t come over.

    Xiao Yu ordered the orcs to cut off trees and make obstacles around the camp. It would prevent the others charge forward. Xiao Yu had purchase enough food for them to live for two months.

    Xiao Yu thought that if he had known that he would be facing such a battle then he should have brought Peons or Peasants to build watchtowers.

    Xiao Yu had wanted to put those watchtowers on top of the Lion town’s walls. However, he found that system didn’t allow construction such as that on top of walls. Nevertheless, he had built a lot of watchtowers in the vicinity of three bases as posts. It was a preventive method to any attack.

    Xiao Yu’s expectations weren’t wrong. The people who were trying to ambush him were anxious after not getting any information from Xiao Yu for several days.

    The enemies came up with lots of speculations! Did Xiao Yu choose to go with another route? Was he robbed by someone else?

    As a result, the enemies decided to send scouts. However, Tyrande was able kill all of them. No human was faster than her white tiger!

    The task of the enemies was to kill Xiao Yu and grab the orcs. However, Xiao Yu was missing with his entourage. In the end, the enemies gave up on the original ambush plan and went on to look for Xiao Yu. After a large-scale scouting mission they found Xiao Yu’s location. They even found out that Xiao Yu had made a camp and was planning to stay for some time.

    Their commander found that it was silly to expect Xiao Yu to follow common sense!

    The commander was under a great pressure before the ambush. This time the one who came out from this psychological war would be the winner.

    It was the same situation which happened when German’s attacked Soviet Union for Kursk. The Soviets made a good defense line but Germans didn’t attack. The Soviet commander decided to initiate attack if the Germans didn’t attack within three days. Fortunately for them the luck stood by the Soviet Union and the Germans attacked. As a result, the Soviet Union was victorious in the battle.

    This time Xiao Yu won the psychological battle too!

    Xiao Yu was the commander of his troops and he carried the responsibility for everything. However, the commander of the enemy had to report to a higher up which put a lot of pressure on him. He couldn’t lose the battle and couldn’t drag it down.

    In addition, they were in another territory and they couldn’t stay there for long time. The others would be interested in knowing why so many troops appeared in this territory!

    As a result, after they found Xiao Yu’s location they decided to launch an attack. They believed that they could win the battle if they launched attacks for several times.

    Of course, if they were aware that Xiao Yu had won two wars on being on defense in the Lion town then they wouldn’t make this rash decision!

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  1. wow he even make wall and watchtower, it remind of someone that build a fortress in just 1 night, it will become a solid defence ahahaha 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^

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