WOWFRD – Ch 95

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Chapter 95

Morris’s men brought armor and axes the next day early in the morning. Xiao Yu was very satisfied with the quality of the weapons. Although they weren’t as good as the weapons and armor produced by the blacksmith shops he had but they were strong and durable. Morris wasn’t bragging! The Warhammer company was good at their business.

The weapons didn’t cost too much money as they were light and produced in huge quantities. However, the ballistas were expensive.

The ballistas weren’t mass produced. The company needed good craftsmen to produce such weaponry. On the other hand some parts of the ballistas had to be specially made so the prices were lifted up too. In addition, Xiao Yu had changes which were added to the fees. At the end, price of a single small ballista reached 5000 gold coins.

It was just a small ballista. If he wanted to buy large ballistas for siege that could shoot for hundreds of steps then he had to pay tens of thousands of gold coins.

The ballistas and catapults used by Carrie to siege the Lion town did costs so. If Xiao Yu couldn’t suppress them by using Demolishers then they would have created huge damage to Lion town.

Moreover, there were some ballistas that had wind magic arrays engraved on them for better accuracy, longer range and faster launch. Even some rich territories couldn’t buy them.

These weren’t weapons but high level magic items. This magic items were like small missiles.

A high-level ballista engraved with magic array and magic spear could break apart a wall or gate of a city in one go.

However, such weapons had to be produced by powerful magicians and alchemists. The prices were very high and not everyone could afford it.

Fifty ballistas costed him 250,000 gold coins. Xiao Yu had lots of gold coins so he didn’t care about the costs. According with the contract he paid half of the money as deposit and the remaining half would be paid in Tito city when he got the goods.

Xiao Yu was satisfied with the hand axes. He had bought 2500 of them which meant about 10 axe for a single orc. (he excludes female orcs in here)

He wasn’t planning to let the orcs use hand axes in close combat but to throw them at enemies. The best weapon of orcs in close combat was their fists.

“Yes… That way… Spin it out for it to be more lethal. Do you get it? Why are you trying to save them? I bought so much so that you guys can use it as you want! Ok, make groups of ten people and select a captain. Captain would be in the center while others shoot!” Xiao Yu was teaching orcs.

The orcs were strong, tough but they weren’t fast thinkers. Xiao Yu couldn’t help but sigh at this. Xiao Yu found out that orcs weren’t good at learning. It took them long time to get something. At one point he wanted to kick their feet in anger but knew that at best it would itch!

At the end, he decided to slowly make them learn. God was fair to all his creations. The orcs were powerful but their brains were a bit lagging.

A human soldier would be familiar with throwing an ax after several times of practice. However, a human couldn’t produce such a destructive force with the hand axes. An orc could throw the ax and it could pierce through a 10 cm thick door!

It meant that the hand ax could pierce through an armor! They would do a great harm against human warrior who cultivated battle energy! Xiao Yu believed that a strong warrior would be sent to deal with him. The orcs were brave but they couldn’t deal with a warrior with flexible body and superb martial arts. However, a warrior couldn’t hide from so many hand axes!

In addition, Xiao Yu didn’t have elf archers by his side so he had to solve out long-range attack problem and he had decided to make up for this with hand axes.

Of course, ballistas weren’t included into the equation yet. The strength of ballistas would be amazing if 50 of them were used at the same time.

But he was aware that he had to train orcs to fill, aim and launch the ballistas.

The flower even finished after two more days. Many nobles left and Xiao Yu decided to move out too. Duke Simm had come to send off Xiao Yu personally. He even gave Xiao Yu precious gifts. Xiao Yu thanked the old fox with a smile on his face.

Xiao Yu asked Wang Tian Hu to let Siwen’s mother to go back to Lion town with them too. Wang Tian Hu hesitated at start but eventually agreed to the proposal. He didn’t want mess with Xiao Yu. In addition, Wang Tian Hu believed that Xiao Yu’s future was limitless if he was able to return to Lion town in one piece.

Xiao Yu went out form the Bengal city with several carriage and bunch of orc guards. Irwin was there in person to send off Xiao Yu too. Xiao Yu saw the naughtiness in his eyes. He believed that Irwin had planned a lot of ambushes for him.

Xiao Yu choose a normal speed for their convoy. He believed that other side would come to find him sooner or later. So there was no point in moving fast. This way he would be just depleting stamina of orcs.

Siwen was the most happiest out of all. She was able to take back her mother back to Lion town. Moreover, her sisters-in-law were waiting for her too. She knew that her fate would be not so good if she married to an aristocrat like Irwin. She would be having infighting with other wives while she would have a carefree life in Lion town. In addition, there was a man who would defend her freedom with his own blood and honor!

In the past, Siwen was very disgusted with Xiao Yu’s behavior. But she found out that Xiao Yu wasn’t that bad of a man after this period of time.

Although Xiao Yu used dirty words, was a bit lustful but he had a kind character and wasn’t a hypocrite like Irwin.

Xiao Yu wasn’t overdoing things too. He would occasionally peep her bath or change clothes. She knew that if it was another family then a lord like Xiao Yu would have forced himself upon her long time ago.

Moreover, Xiao Yu had outstanding abilities and had charisma too. He had saved orcs from slavery.

She wouldn’t mind when Xiao Yu peeked at her. Actually, she would secretly feel happy.

Xiao Yu ate, drank and observed scenery along the way. They stopped in a town to live for a few days.

The rest of the time he would teach orcs to use the hand axes. Sometimes he would arrange ten orcs to throw at once while at other times 100 or 500 orcs would practice together. The whistles of the axes would echo everywhere when 500 orcs threw hand axes together.

Leah couldn’t help but look at the practices organized by Xiao Yu.

She was clear that Xiao Yu was planning to use this method to deal with the warriors. Even a third-rank warrior couldn’t avoid such an attack. She knew that she would be dead if so many axes wer thrown down on her.

She found out that on surface Xiao Yu acted like a prodigal son, a hooligan. He cursed, drank and peeped but there was this different temperament of a leader and a hero hidden in the marrows of his bones.

Xiao yu was showing excellent talent in military whether it was the time when he defeated Grim reaper troops or trained the orcs.

Moreover, this alien race of orcs looked at him as a part of their family. He was using a very simple method to win over them. But it was a method that very few people could do.

It was all about sincerity.
This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu
Ok, done for now as I have translated everything that I had to translate! Enjoy the chaps

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