WOWFRD – Ch 94

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Chapter 94

Some nobles didn’t leave right after Duke Simm’s birthday but stayed to enjoy the flower event for another four or five days.

Xiao Yu also didn’t leave but went everywhere with three beauties. He had the money so why couldn’t he have fun? He felt filthy rich and generous after winning 8,000,000 gold coins. He bought everything that those beauties wanted. However, he didn’t like Leah who wanted all the precious things.

“You have to serve this master in this bed if I buy that to you!” Xiao Yu shook the bracelet on his wrist as he looked at Leah.

Leah snorted: “Who are you trying to terrorize? Aren’t you worried that thing will suddenly disappeared during the night? The door to my room aren’t locked so you can come over anytime!”

Xiao Yu looked at her and vowed to learn the usage of slave pendant. She was her slave but acting like a master!

In addition to the flower event the city was blooming in terms of merchants. People were aware that a lot of nobles were present in the city so many businesses had come over to sell products. Xiao Yu went towards the market where the weapons were sold after he bought everything for the three beauties. The weapon sales was an indispensable part of any territory.

Xiao Yu ordered Beast One and Beast Two to open way for him as he walked in an imposing manner. Xiao Yu’s reputation was spread wide in the Bengal city after the last battle. He had won all the orcs so everyone recognized him as soon as they saw the orc guards.

Although some nobles had heard that Lion town was on decline they couldn’t understand to what extent it had declined. Moreover, Xiao Yu had orc guards, luxury carriage and so on. If it is called a declined territory then it should be relative to the times of Xiao Zhan Tian!

Xiao Yu showed off because people would respect the strong one. They weren’t aware that Xiao Yu was putting a play. The Lion town was much smaller than most territories.

Xiao Yu walked around the weapon market for long time but couldn’t find the weapons that he was satisfied with.

He lost patience in the end and ordered Beast One to shout: “We want to buy weapons from the largest firm!”

Beast One’s voice echoed throughout the market.

Everyone looked at Xiao Yu in a strange manner. The nobles normally acted gentle and humble. However, this Grand Duke didn’t have those traits. Moreover, Xiao Yu’s acts weren’t surprising to them as he had dared to show his middle finger in the arena in the presence of so many people.

However, this method was surprisingly effective. A bearded man who looked like Fox came over: “Greetings Duke! We can slowly talk over your orders in a different place. I guarantee that we will meet the needs of Duke Xiao…”

Xiao Yu waved his hand: “Leah the way.”

Morris bowed his head and pointed towards a direction. Xiao Yu followed him into a secluded tea house.

They entered a private room. Xiao Yu sat down and ordered tea. Morris narrowed his eyes: “What kind of weapons and how many of them Duke wants?”

Xiao Yu drank from the tea: “Not so many. I want to arm my orc guards. However, I will buy a lot if you have good quality weapons. We have lots of bandit groups around the Lion town so we always need weapons!”

Morris’s eyes lit up: “Warhammer Company would love to provide you with quality weapons at fair prices! Moreover, because of your relationship with Duke Simm many won’t dare to sell weapons to you. But Warhammer company doesn’t care about that. We sell as long as our money is paid.”

“Oh?” Xiao Yu looked at Morris: “I like your style. Since you are so straightforward then I will cut the nonsense. I want axes for my orcs. What do you have? Those axes don’t have to be exactly like the ones with these orcs but they have to be big. I don’t care about their sharpness but their weight!”

Morris looked at the axe in Beast One’s hands: “We have Tomahawk. They are not so big but of same build. They should weigh about 100 kilograms. They are built from hard iron so they are strong. How many Duke Xiao Yu would like to purchase?”

Xiao Yu replied: “500.”

Morris pondered for a moment: “We could provide them on spot if its only 500.”

Xiao Yu nodded: “Do you have suitable armor for the orcs?”

Morris shook his head as he looked at Beast One: “The armor is made according to the give orders. The orcs are big so you have to wait for the armor to be specifically made for them.”

Xiao Yu added: “I don’t care about full armor. I’m fine as long as the key parts on their bodies are protected.”

Morris responded: “It’s not a problem if that’s the case. We can transform 500 sets.”

Xiao Yu nodded: “Get me axes and simple armor to the hotel and you will get your money. I won’t owe you even a gold coin!”

Morris grinned: “Duke Xiao Yu is a straightforward man. I’m happy to do business with you. I assure you that you will be very satisfied with our products?”

Xiao Yu pondered for a moment: “Do you have branches in all major cities?”

Morris believed that Xiao Yu wanted to do long-term business with them: “The closest branch to Lion Town is in Hue city, the capital of Wei principality. Duke Xiao Yu can contact us there.”

Xiao Yu shook his head: “I’m not asking for that. Do you have branches in any city that is close to Kahn country? Preferable in the west…”

Morris faintly guessed Xiao Yu’s intention: “You will pass through Tito city if you go to the west of Kahn country. We have a branch there.”

Xiao Yu nodded: “That’s good. Do you have ballistas?”

Morris understood Xiao Yu’s purpose: “Yes, we have several models. Let’s go and Duke Xiao Yu could pick the one which you like.”

Xiao Yu replied: “I want to buy 50 of them but given to me in the Tito city. I want this information kept secret so tell others that I just bought weapons for the orcs.”

Morris replied: “Duke Xiao Yu, rest assured our Warhammer company’s business deals are confidential. It’s the most basic code of our business line.”

Xiao Yu frowned: “Do you have any small axes?”

“We have hand axes. They are inserted into waist like a dagger. They can be used instead of a long knife, sword or other weapons.” Morris responded.

Xiao Yu nodded: “Alright, I will get 2500 of them. Let’s go, I will check those axes and tell you the size.”

Morris nodded: “Please.”

Both of them went to warehouse of the Warhammer company to check the samples. Xiao Yu nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the ballista models. He chose the smallest ballistas and ordered 50 of them. Morris couldn’t help but frown when he saw that Xiao Yu ordered the smallest ballista. Generally, small territories bought such ballistas. How could a grand duke buy those?

However, he understood Xiao Yu’s intentions when he listened to Xiao Yu’s requirements about modifications to those ballistas. They weren’t mean to be pushed around but carried by orcs!

Morris felt cold sweat flow down his spine when he saw orcs carrying ballistas that could be launched at any moment.

The problems between Xiao Yu and Simm were known to many. Morris knew that purpose of Xiao Yu’s purchases. Morris wasn’t optimistic about Xiao Yu’s situation. Duke Simm could find someone to kill Xiao Yu even if Xiao Yu was able to go out of Kahn country.

However, Morris felt that Duke Simm would not be able to realize his plans after Morris saw the modifications to the ballistas.
This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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