WOWFRD – Ch 93

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Chapter 93

Xiao Yu brought all the orcs back to the hotel after the battle. The manager tried to block the beasts but Xiao Yu ordered them to use the scythes. The manager quietly retreated.

The manager was aware of the bloody battle. Moreover, Xiao Yu’s behavior wasn’t the best. He had to back down or he didn’t know what Xiao Yu would do.

All the members of the Grim Reaper troops had died. About 50 orcs had died in the battle and more than two hundred of them were wounded. But Xiao Yu could use the healing potions to save them as long as they were alive. The orcs weren’t so disgusted at Xiao Yu after the battle.

Xiao Yu had led them to a victory and got their freedom. Moreover, he was a man of honor, bravery and glory that Orcs appreciated the most. They gradually began to believe in Grom’s words that Xiao Yu would be able to restore their race to their glory.

Xiao Yu ordered them to cremate the corpses of the orcs. He was planning to put their ashes into the altar after they went back.

Xiao Yu ordered everyone to stay alert and not to go out from the hotel until he recieved news from Master Theodore.

He wasn’t planning to leave the Bengal city until then. Since Irwin had resorted to use so many despicable tricks then Xiao Yu was sure that they would use more shenanigans after he won the battle.

Xiao Yu was aware that even if he had orcs he wouldn’t be able to win against them in their home turf.

It was Grand Duke Simm’s birthday feast the next day. Xiao Yu knew that most of the nobles would leave after the birthday feast. In addition, most of the Bengal city was aware that Xiao Yu was the duke that rode the luxury carriage with 8 pegasus horses and numerous orcs guarding him.

There wasn’t a single person who wasn’t aware of Xiao Yu after the duel. As a result, Duke Simm didn’t dare to move on against Xiao Yu right now.

Moreover, assassination of the Grand Duke of an Empire was a big crime. The neighboring territories could use this as an excuse to attack Duke Simm. Such a thing could be done only in private.

Xiao Yu had won 8,000,000 gold coins because of the bet. He brought them back to the backyard of the hotel and left bunch of orcs to protect it. He believed that no one would dare to snatch even a gold coin because of the orcs.

Wang Tian Hu visited Xiao Yu once. He came over to establish relationship with Xiao Yu on positive side.

Wang Tian Hu deliberately avoided Xiao Yu since they reached Bengal city. He wanted to see the way Xiao Yu would deal with Irwin. Since he couldn’t force Siwen to marry Irwin then he didn’t even bother with the problem. At the end, he didn’t have much to do with the winner or loser so he decided to stay out.

However, the final outcome was unexpect.

Wang Tian Hu didn’t have contempt for Xiao Yu after seeing Xiao Yu’s performance in the arena. He didn’t know how xiao Yu was planning to escape from Bengal city and go back to Lion town. But he believed that Xiao Yu would certainly come up with a method.

Xiao Yu’s actions were more unpredictable as time passed. As a result, Wang Tian Hu had decided to stay away from doing any evil towards Xiao Yu.

All the aristocrats were present at Duke Simm’s birthday party. Xiao Yu had prepared a gift and personally came over to present it.

Duke Simm congratulated Xiao Yu as he left other important guests to talk to him: “A tiger wouldn’t have a dog as a son! It really is so!”

Xiao Yu smiled when he saw the old fox to be so courteous: “Congratulations Duke Simm. I wish you long life and thousands of generations of prosperity.”

Xiao Yu used this two words from his old life. Both of those were used towards the people who didn’t have a good end. In reality, Xiao Yu was cursing Duke Simm.

“Duke Yu is way too polite. I’m very happy to have you as my guest. ha ha …”

Both Simm and Xiao Yu constantly praised each other in a hypocritical manner. Both of knew the inner workings of each other’s mind.

Simm didn’t mention about Xiao Yu’s victory over Grim Reapers but constantly flattered Xiao Yu while Xiao Yu avoided this matter by boasting Duke Simm.

Simm went over to greet other guests and left Irwin to entertain Xiao Yu. There was a pleasant smile on Irwin’s face. However, Xiao Yu knew that bastard was waiting to peel him alive.

Duke Simm went back to his study room after the feast. He drank a cup of tea because of hangover. However, he was horrified when he looked at his desk.

He didn’t know when but a letter had appeared on top of it. There were few lines on the letter but the message was very clear. The letter began to burn and even the ashes weren’t left after he read it. Duke Simm’s face turned gloomy.

At the same time, Xiao Yu returned back to his hotel room. He received a letter too. It was from crooked old man Theo!

“This miserable old man didn’t come himself but sent a letter!” Xiao Yu watched the letter burn up.

But the letter meant that Duke Simm had received one too! It would make sure that Duke Simm didn’t make a move on him in public.

Moreover, Duke Simm wouldn’t dare to attack him in Kahn territory. If he decided to send someone after Xiao Yu then he would send other people. These people would certainly hide their identities. If Theodore found out about their identities or relations to Kahn country then he would certainly go to find Simm for trouble.

Xiao Yu decided that Duke Simm would use third-party forces such as mercenaries or someone else to attack him.

“Since he wouldn’t be able to do anything to me then I can plan my return back to the Lion town!”

Xiao Yu paced back and forth in the hotel room as he pondered about his troubles.
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