WOWFRD – Ch 92

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Chapter 92

Xiao Yu didn’t attack after killing all the light cavalry and light infantry. Instead he ordered the orcs to take a break at the edge of the arena. They were tired holding the huge logs even though they were powerful orcs.

The eyes of the commander was red as he looked at Xiao Yu kill the light cavalry and light infantry. And now, Xiao Yu was taking a rest!

The commander knew that Xiao Yu had nothing to fear. The Grim Reapers as a heavy infantry weren’t threat to them. They would run if Grim Reapers wanted to chase them. At the end, the stamina of the Grim Reapers would deplete and the orcs would attack back.

The Grim Reapers were like piece of meat on a chopping block. It was just a matter of time when Xiao Yu would go on to slaughter them!

The commander of the Grim Reapers turned around and looked at the bloody mud around them. He looked up at the sky and stood silent for a long time.

The Grim Reapers haven’t failed since the formation of the group. They were the heroic warriors of the human race. They were invincible and proud! Real human warriors!

They couldn’t bear such a failure!

The commander glanced at his troops and saw the same feelings in their eyes.

He smiled as he spoke in a soft voice: “It is an honor to be able to fight with you all! It’s my responsibility that we failed in this duel! We are in a situation that has no chance of victory. Now, we have two options. First it to surrender and save our lives! The second option, is to forget about life, leave our shields and go to the war until the last drop of blood in our bodies. For the glory! I won’t blame anyone who wants to get out. This is my fault! The ones who wants to defend our glory and honor put down your shields and pick up your scythes! This will be our last battle! The pride, dignity and glory of the Grim Reapers wouldn’t be desecrated!”

There was a solemn look on commander’s face. He stood straight like a javelin. It seemed as if no force in this world could bring him down.

There was no sorry, no fear and no will to retreat in the eyes of the Grim Reapers. They could die but they couldn’t live without their glory and pride! If they lost their pride, honor and glory then it meant that they had lost everything!

“The honor of the Grim Reapers will not be desecrated!” All the members of the Grim Reaper troops shouted out loud. They dropped their heavy shields and raised their black scythes which was the symbol of their troop.

No one was going to leave. There was no cowardice or hesitation for them. They would die but never surrender. They couldn’t find the word destruction in their dictionaries! They were the Grim Reapers!

Everyone in the audience and even the orcs stood up when they saw the sight in front of them.

“Duke Xiao Yu, I admit that I lost to you as a commander! I feel inferior to you and I feel ashamed! However, as real warriors we won’t surrender. Now, I want to challenge you! We have already let go of our shields and will fight head on your orcs! Do you accept me challenge?”

The commander watched Xiao Yu as he rode his horse.

Xiao Yu’s heart was full of respect as he looked at the knight. He believed that the man was a real knight! It meant that this world wasn’t completely devoid of knights who honored the codex of the knighthood! Although they were his enemies but it didn’t mean that he shouldn’t respect them!

“I accept your challenge! May I know your name before the last battle?” Xiao Yu asked. He knew that the commander would be dead after the duel. The commander was ready to use his blood to wash out his failure.

“My name is Lancelot! I’m a Knight of Kahn country!” The commander replied in a serious tone. He was honoring himself and his family.

“Lancelot, I will not forget your name. You have my respect. It doesn’t matter whether it was orcs or Grim Reapers! You are all the heroes of today. At least, we would die by the hands of real warriors, rather than despicable scum! We will go all out!” Xiao Yu put his right hand on his chest then raised towards Lancelot. It was the highest level of paying tribute by a Duke.

Lancelot slightly bowed his head to show respect.

Orcs who stood behind Xiao Yu looked at Lancelot and the Grim Reapers with trace of respect in their eyes.

Orcs would always pay attention to glory, honor and bravery! The Grim Reapers won their hearts by the choice they made. In fact, Xiao Yu could use many ways to win this battle without choosing the choice that he made. But Xiao Yu’s choice was the path of a real warrior!

“Grim Reapers wield your scythes! You are heavy infantry who has never launched an attack! It will be your first and last attack! Prove your honor with your blood and scythes!” Lancelot held his sword high as he shouted.

“Orcs are the heroes who would forever be part of this continent! You are the most heroic warriors. The opponents are respectable warriors. This is a duel between real warriors, no matter who’s blood will be spilled over the earth! Charge on! For the orcs! For the Totem! For the Thrall! CHARGE! ” Xiao Yu waved his tang sword as he ordered the orcs to charge forward.

It was the start of the real duel!

Both sides had won the respect of each other. Xiao Yu was a clever commander and the orcs were brave. The Grim Reapers recognized them! At the same time, the Grim Reapers didn’t surrender because of honor and glory in exchange for life. They won the respect of the orcs!

The audience was affected by the shouts of both sides! No one clapped or made noise! They stood silent as they watched the Grim Reapers wielding black scythes give up their shields to protect their honor.

The earth was bound to be colored red with the blood of the warriors. Xiao Yu could finish the battle with small casualties but he had chosen to fight as a real warrior.

Xiao Yu would normally act as a hooligan. But victory that relied on strategies and tactics would not produce best troops. They had to be baptized by the blood! He didn’t want ordinary soldiers but real warriors!

Both sides violently collided as if two comets had hit each other. The Grim Reapers weren’t protected by their solid thick shields. They flied out or smash down by the hit of the huge logs.

The orcs used their hands to confront the Grim Reapers who used scythes to attack. The orcs had obvious advantage when the Grim Reapers were away from them. As the other side couldn’t hit them. But the Grim Reapers were more advantageous once they got closer. The orcs didn’t have weapons and had to rely on their hands.

Grim Reapers knew that their heavy armor couldn’t withstand the impact of huge logs. They just held onto their scythes as they charged forward without fear or remorse.

A tragic battle!

Blood splashed around, flesh was smashed down. Someone fell down every moment. There were casualties from the Grim Reapers and orcs.

The combat turned into melee battle. Grim Reapers had 500 soldiers while there were more than 500 orcs. The orcs were known as the best warriors on the continent while the Grim Reapers were famed as the heavy infantry that hadn’t lost.

There was no lack of courage from both sides. It was a brutal battle but an epic one.

Grim Reapers knew that they weren’t opponents of orcs once they let go of their formation and shields. But they still choose to charge forward.

The Grim Reapers couldn’t overcome the orcs. The orcs used logs to restrain the weapons of the Grim Reapers. Orcs would smash down or swipe sideways the logs. As a result, the Grim Reapers were doomed with a tragic end since the start of the battle. However, they didn’t think about death but honor. Only their blood would prove that they didn’t lost their honor. It was the only solution to wash away the fact that they lost.

There were less than 50 Grim Reapers left. However, they still waved their scythes. They would fight as long as a person was left.

There were a lot of casualties from orcs too. However, they still respected their opponents and gave them a fair chance. Lancelot had died by one of the orcs. Now, only few Grim Reapers were left. The orcs would wave the giant logs or pick the scythes from ground to fight on. There were no groans but roars!

Last few Grim Reapers fall one after another. The last warrior who was hit by a giant log fell down. His eyes were looking at the sky while a smile emerged on his face.

Xiao Yu knew that the warrior was happy. He was happy because he was able to defend his honor by giving away his life.

The tragic battle had finished but Xiao Yu wasn’t happy. There was a sense of loss.
This chapter was co-produced by Tyler Fulton

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  1. i always feel disgusted by things like this. There is no honor or glory in death, none. You die and thats it. Once you are dead, its all over. The dead cant care about honor, and others living while you die is just foolishness. Your life is more important. Honor, pride, glory, all those things can be recovered. In life anything is possible , in life there is a chance to regain nearly anything you have lost. In death, you have nothing, die with nothing and all hope is forever lost. There are no chances for anything when you die

    1. Maybe but the thing is that sometime living is even much harsher than death. Living while abandoning your beloved and forever lives in nightmare, living while throwing away all the value you once upholded. Isn’t that just another much more painful way of killing yourself? Sometime you can run away but forever running away to save yourself will only lead never ending nightmare.Not to mention, sometime you may have to sacrifice your life to ensure victory of your nation.

      For example in this situation, if you surrender to save your life after 200 troop sacrificed their life t protect you, it will leave you in nightmare forever if you are true soldier. It also leaves a seed of fear and shame that may make you unable to go to battlefield ever again. You may see in movie and stuff that people heal their scar return to the battlefield but that is only the minority. Most people live in shame forever, never stepping foot on the battlefield ever again after that. Dignity is even more emphasized in the era of knight like this one since defected/ surrendered people will be treated as trash and never be able to live a decent life ever again.

      The only thing i feel irked is that why are they saying nice things like honor and dignity now when they proudly join a rigged fight. If you are a true warrior, you will say thing like :”Sorry, this fight is the shame of my life, but as soldier, i have no way to go against our lord command.” not ” We have armor and 200 more troop, your orc is drugged and have no weapon, we will slaughter your soldier, take your thing and disgrace you”.If you intend to stay like thrid rate villain, stay as one until the end please. Dont try to become some heroic soldier that will fight to death since it is just plainly disgusting.

      1. . About honor I don undestand that for me only use a wepon if my family is in danger , I belive in reincarnate but I dont want be dead XD The drugs I think was father and son , not Lancelot , the same way for me its a irracional act if you know going to dead going to fight (honor or not inst important here) . If Lancelot was or not a villain I dont care because the same way going to end like meat XD But yes I understand bother the chance the character

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