WOWFRD – Ch 91

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Chapter 91

Grand Duke Simm’s face was pale while Irwin had the same expression as he stood next to Duke Simm.

Irwin remembered the words Xiao Yu had said in a proud manner “I have inherited the excellent blood line so I’m better than an average person when it comes to commanding armies…”

It sounded very silly when Xiao Yu had said it. But Irwin felt that he was outplayed by Xiao Yu. It was clear that Xiao Yu was crouching tiger.

Xiao Yu’s abilities were better than a normal commander. In reality he was like a super commander right now. He just acted like a silly hooligan.

Irwin was betting on the medicine to take effect and slow down the orcs. This way, the Grim Reapers would escape death. Afterwards, Duke Simm could come up with an excuse to announce that the result of the duel was draw.

He could slowly make sure that Xiao Yu is waste after the duel was over.

“Is there a problem with medicine?” Duke Simm asked in a faint voice.

Irwin smiled: “Father, rest assure. I have asked Master Raymond for the medicine and there is no problem with the quality.”

Duke Simm nodded. He could announce the result as long as they didn’t lose miserably.

The Grim Reapers couldn’t win the other side relying on light infantry and light cavalry even though the strength of orcs decreased by 70%.

The sole reason was that the other side had 500 orcs. In addition, Xiao Yu was present too. Duke Simm didn’t know what kind of trick Xiao Yu was going to use. Duke Simm knew that Xiao Yu wasn’t a simple person as he was able to make weapons out of fences!

But Duke Simm’s face changed when Xiao Yu ordered 100 orcs to come out.

“Are you sure the medicine works?” Duke Simm felt unwell without a reason.

Irwin also felt that he was played by Xiao Yu.

“What happened? I checked that the orcs had medicine mixed with their food. Their strength should have dropped by more than half! How could they come out for attack?” Irwin understood that Xiao Yu had seen his conspiracies. Moreover, Xiao Yu had moved in silence! He felt that Xiao Yu was a terrifying person to see through Irwin and act in response.

Xiao Yu led the orcs as they rushed to the side of the phalanx. They didn’t plan to attack Grim Reapers but the light infantry and light cavalry that guarded them!

Moreover, they wouldn’t be involved in head-on attack but instead would use the length of the logs to their advantage! Xiao Yu shouted: “Attack!”

The orcs raised five or six meter long logs and smashed past towards the light cavalry and light infantry.

Xiao Yu had made sure that orcs use only three strokes with those logs. First was to smash from top to down! The second strike was to hold up and wave sideways. The third stroke was to directly stab the logs.

The logs were too heavy even for the powerful orcs. As a result, the moves that they could come up with was limited. Xiao Yu was plagiarizing Jin Yong once more with these three strokes! He was relying on absolute strength to win the duel!

Right now, the orcs were using the first strike.

A five or six meter long log that fell down from height could smash a person to a meatball let alone if it was smashed down by an orc! The light cavalry and light infantry began to protect the Grip Reapers from the side and give them time to adjust their direction.

They wouldn’t be afraid of the orcs as long as Grim Reapers had time to adjust their formation. The heavy infantry could protect themselves with thick shields! The heavy infantry could even block the attack of cavalry let alone this logs!

Moreover, the Grim Reapers would begin to use crossbows once they began to advance. It was just matter of distance after the Grim Reapers re-organized their formation. As a result, they had to resist orcs for a while!

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

The muffled sounds echoed throughout the colosseum. Xiao Yu had taught them the three strokes. In addition, he had told them to neatly arrange their attacks. They had to raise the logs together and drop down at the same time. This way the enemy wouldn’t have a space to dodge!

“2… 1…2” Xiao Yu loudly shouted.

The orcs would raise the logs when xiao Yu shouted 1. They would drop it down when he shouted 2.

Puff~ Puff~

Firstly bangs echoed while puffs followed. Neither light cavalry nor the light infantry were unable to stop the attack of orcs. Moreover, they would turn into meat pastes if they were hit.

In addition, they didn’t have chance to attack the orcs. The logs were too long. This way orcs could hit them but light cavalry and light infantry couldn’t reach orcs. Additionally, in case they wanted to retreat back they would be blocked by the Grim Reapers!

The self-proclaimed elite warriors were killed like ants!

Few shadows jumped up towards the orcs. Xiao Yu didn’t have to look up to understand that they were warriors. Moreover, they had to at least reach second-rank warrior level to act so.

Xiao Yu knew that Irwin would mix few warriors into the rows of heavy infantry just in case.

“Grom, Tyrande!” Xiao Yu shouted out.

Grom roared as he rushed out. He was carrying the orc totem as he rushed into to kill the warriors. He made an Omnislash while a warrior was on air. The sword directly cut the warrior into half!s

Grom was furious as he had witnessed his race suffer. So his fighting was affected by his fury and rage. Tyrande’s arrows hit the warriors on air too who fell down.

Xiao Yu shouted when he saw the opportunity: “Smash them!”

Orcs raised the big logs and smashed at the warriors who had fallen down. The warriors were agile. They quickly stood up to avoid the logs. However, Xiao Yu had arrange the orcs to act in a unison. They were like a group of chicken who tired to peck rice! The warriors couldn’t get close to orcs to attack them as Tyrande would block them with her arrows.

Several warriors were smashed into meat pastes. They were powerful but not invincible. Grom was wearing a T1 armor. An ordinary second-rank warrior wasn’t his opponent. Actually, he could fight and kill two or three warriors at the same time.

Xiao Yu saw that the Grim Reapers were almost re-organizing the formation and would attack them in moments: “Brothers! Withdraw!”

Some of the orcs hesitated for a moment. But they followed Xiao Yu when they heard Grom’s roar. Xiao Yu run away as he led them. There was no one for the Grim Reapers to fight!

The light cavalry and light infantry felt that they were in a nightmare. They couldn’t protect themselves from huge logs. Martial arts and skills were useless against those huge logs!

There were clever members of the light infantry who tried to go in through the flanks. However, orcs used their hands to capture and kill them on spot.

The commander almost vomited blood when he saw the orcs ran away and the formation to re-organize.

They didn’t face the enemy if orcs ran away. The heavy infantry couldn’t catch up with orcs while light infantry and light cavalry didn’t dare to chase them!

Xiao Yu circled around the phalanx to find another flank and attack it. He would smash the light infantry and light cavalry for 30 seconds or so and run away once more. This way he would see the loopholes of the formation and kill as many light cavalry and light infantry as possible.

It didn’t take long for Xiao Yu to kill two hundred light infantry and light cavalry as he was able to change the attack direction on will.

At the start the audience scolded Xiao Yu as they shouted that he was weak and ran around in circles. But even a blind and an idiot could see that the balance of the battle inclined towards Xiao Yu.

Duke Simm’s face was gloomy as he stood in his box and watched the duel.

“Xiao Zhan Tian, you have a capable son! It seems that I underestimated you back then!”

He stood up from his seat and left the box. Duke Simm didn’t have to stay to see the end of the duel. They had lost to a wise commander!
This chapter was co-produced by Tyler Fulton

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  1. How big is this colosseum? Even if you take the roman colosseum as a pretext it would only be 190meters in diameter which would give 95 meters to the walls from the army which is standing at the middle. Crossbows can fire up to 400 meters… Sure it won’t be acurate to fire past 100 meters but that is what a crossbows range is. Even blindly firing rows of crossbows would be better in this situation at the big orcs. It’s hard to not hit anything with 500 orcs bunched up as a huge target… So why are they not firing? Is the colosseum so massive that it spans on over a km in diameter or something? People won’t even be able to see anything in such a huge colosseum so it’s extremely unlikely that anyone would build such a huge colosseum let alone the construction price and time it would be needed for such a colosseum… Even with todays standards such a huge stadium would take over a decade to build let alone with the ancient building techniques…. So yeah i don’t know about you author but the science behind this fight isn’t believable to me… There is literally not reason for them not to fire their crossbows at the orcs which are huge targets…

    1. decades? why does that matter? its already built. Its not like they are just building it now or recently. Also i fail to see how you aren’t able to realize that the EXISTENCE OF MAGIC might have helped with that. Also, as for the orcs being giants targets, isn’t that why he had them drink AGILITY POTIONS instead of strength potions? No matter what the range is, if the arrows don’t hit then they’re useless. Either the orcs are too fast to be hit or they can dodge them, and if the knights know that then they wont even bother to use the bows since they would know its just a wasted effort. Although i agree that this is kinda ridiculous even still

      1. I mean yeah but just saying they should have been able to force the orcs into a frontal fight or a war of attrition. See who gives in first. Will they run out of arrows first or will the mc can’t stand the casualties and attack? I mean as long as they fire in rows, some of the arrows are bound to hit and injure or even kill the orcs with no armor. I just don’t get the mentality behind not using a weapon you have in such a desperate situation even if you know it won’t be too effective. Even killing a few orcs would be better than doing nothing tho…

        1. Undestand you , from the stard I think the author dont know how to show well the fight (yet,know about history) . I think he must say when run the ors for the colosseum , the other part use crossbows or javalins but was not acure to any part vital because the agile orcs run for to all plase. If you want to show you a good fights for me the better novel are “I am monarch” , other goods are the amber sword , the king avatar or cage devil . Well that is what I think , can be
          when you see it don ike it XD

    2. The archers are probably in the middle of the formation, which means that they’re being protected by soldiers in the front and back. However, it also means that they’re being blocked by their own allies… Especially if there are cavalry in the way too. I honestly have no clue about the arena though. Like, the moment they started running around the arena, I had no clue what was happening rofl.

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