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Chapter 9

“This is their location.”

Xiao Yu and Grom went into the bandit camp to probe the situation. Intelligence gathering played a vital role in the course of the war. Xiao Yu was very clear on this issue even though he was not a military expert.

They checked for the place where the bandits may have kept their treasures. His priority was gold as it was the most urgent need.

“I have more than 100 orc warriors. According to my knowledge, it won’t be a problem to kill four or five hundred bandits with them. But I can’t act recklessly and can use tricks to solve problem the easy way. I may use the old trick to lead them out, separate and kill in small groups.”

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he made his mind.

Blademaster sneaked into the camp once more. He stole few things and deliberately revealed himself. While at it Grom killed a bandit and ran out.

Xiao Yu nodded in approval at Grom’s performance. However, few black lines were raised on his forehead when he saw the item Grom had stolen.

“What the heck! … Is that a tea pot?”

Although it was not something of value Grom was able to catch the attention of bandits. They shouted loudly as they chased after Grom.

Grom used wind walk to quickly leave the camp. He didn’t use the stealth mode of the skill as he had to keep the bandits follow after him.

Xiao Yu also quickly went out.

There were about forty or fifty bandits following Grom. Grom would run for a while and stop for them to catch up.

“Who is the courageous son of a mother to steal from us?” A bandit cussed as he panted while he chased after Grom.

There was a triumphant look on Xiao Yu’s face as he went after the group of bandits. He knew that they wouldn’t be able to escape the death. However, Xiao Yu was able to see a figure running in front of the bandits. The man soon caught up with Blademaster.

Xiao Yu saw the tall man wearing a fine high-quality leather clothing. There was a determined look on his face as he pointed his sword towards Grom.

Grom also stopped when he detected this man.

“A Warrior?” Xiao Yu immediately understood who the man was. There were people who practiced battle energy and reached certain ranks. He was one of them.

Xiao Yu’s 4th sister-in-law Suesha was the first-rank warrior. However, this person was obviously much stronger than Suesha. He was at a higher stage.

Xiao Yu’s heart sank as he was worried that Grom wouldn’t be able to defeat the man.

He knew that Grom was a level 3 hero but Xiao Yu wasn’t aware of this person’s strength.

“Run! We will kill him by overpowering him!” Xiao Yu ordered.

Xiao Yu wasn’t going to fight against such a person fairly. If the man couldn’t be killed in one-on-one battle then he was going to use orc warriors to overpower the man and kill him.

He didn’t think that the man could keep his own against hundreds of orc warriors.

Grom was eager for a battle but it followed Xiao Yu’s order without a hesitation and escaped.

The man couldn’t see Grom’s face as it was covered with a mask.

Grom was escaping and the man was after him. The bandit saw that Grom’s speed was very fast. He slightly hesitated as he saw that the person next to Grom had said few words before they turned to leave.

Xiao Yu used stealth mode once again to disappear from sight and follow in the back. He tried to avoid the bandit with powerful aura as it was possible that the bandit could detect through Xiao Yu’s invisibility.

Xiao Yu’s fitness had been strengthened after the level up. Additionally, he had the Wind Walk, Critical Strike, and Omnislash skills. But he didn’t dare to fight against this special bandit.

“Hey! Are you trying to lead us somewhere?” The man stopped and shouted towards Grom.

Grom stopped and turned to look back at the man.

Xiao Yu quietly lurked around and came to stop by Grom’s side.

Xiao Yu’s was like a God at this moment as he knew that there were more than 100 orc warriors behind the woods by their side.

Those forty or fifty bandits reach the location and stopped beside the man. The tall bandit seemed to feel that there was an ambush if they moved a bit more.

“Hey, tall kid! Are you the leader of the bandits?” Xiao Yu revealed himself. He was using a gold-framed jade sword and pointing it towards the man.

The tall bandit’s eyes narrowed when he saw Xiao Yu appear. He hadn’t detected his presence up to now. It meant that Xiao Yu was an assassin.

Only Assassins knew how to use their battle energy to be one with the surrounding environment and stay invisible.

“My name is Houtong! I’m the second in command. Who are you?” Houtong asked. Initially, he was itching to fight against the swordsman. However, his instincts told him that he wouldn’t be able to cope with the swordsman if the assassin joined the battle.

“Hmpf! A second in command of bandit groups dare to ask my name! I will tell you! I’m Xiao Yu, head of the Xiao family and the lord of this territory! I’m giving you two options. First is to obediently surrender and become my troops. Of course, you will have to give all your gold to me. Second, is death!” Xiao Yu tilted his head upwards making himself look like an aloof Lord.

“Sky Lion Dynasty’s vassal?” Houtong frowned. He was aware that the empire bestowed the land upon a lord. However, they didn’t care for that because this piece of land had no lord, to begin with. Moreover, the lord of the territory had never been able to issue orders that encompassed the land.

“Do you think that you can beat us all with you two?” Houtong looked at the bandits that had come and stood behind him.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Of course, I won’t get involved in such a petty fight. It will be them!”

He waved his hand and more than 100 green skinned orcs came out from behind the trees. Two meter high orcs looked grim. All of them were holding onto axes which were at least 1 meter long.

“Orcs.” Houtong was stupefied. Usually, he was a calm man but he could no longer stay normal. He was aware that orcs had long gone extinct. How could so many orc warriors appear at such a time?

“Get them!” Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to act polite. He issued the order because he wanted to take advantage of the stunned bandits.

Grom roared and dumped out the huge cloak from his body. He used his sword as he rushed out.

Xiao Yu wanted to change Grom’s sword. Although his family was declining but finding a good sword wasn’t a problem. But the system told him that the weapon of the hero can’t be changed or replaced. It could only be upgraded.

It had made Xiao Yu depressed.

Xiao Yu used the wind walk skill and used the stealth mode. He began to chase the bandits that were fleeing in fear.

Although Xiao Yu’s attributes weren’t good his speed was fast.

However, he wasn’t planning to face a bandit on a vis-a-vis fight.

If he was killed that would be an injustice! How could he die before enjoying his sisters-in-law?

That’s why he used the stealth mode to chase after the bandits. He used Omnislash to directly attack a bandit. The man got split into two halves the same moment.

Xiao Yu didn’t expect that the Omnislash would have such a power. Blood was spilled onto his face and body. He felt numb and strange.

It was his first time that he killed a man and it happened in a way that he would never imagine. Xiao Yu spent a long time lying on the ground. He puked for a while. Murder of another person using a cold weapon wasn’t something that a student from a modern world could handle at first.

Xiao Yu looked up to see that the rest of the bandits were annihilated. However, Grom was still fighting against Houtong.

Houtong had good swordsmanship skills. Xiao Yu speculated that Houtong would have killed an ordinary orc warrior after a few rounds of sparring.

However, Grom was a blademaster. His level was low but his swordsmanship was unparalleled. In addition, Grom had three skills that were used to fight against Houtong.

“What the hell are you looking at? Kill him!” Xiao Yu shouted towards the orc warriors that were standing idle and watching the fight between Grom and Houtong.

All of them issued roars and rushed up.

Houtong saw that the situation was getting worse. He wanted to escape but he couldn’t outrun Grom’s wind walk. Orc warriors surrounding him. Dozens of giant axes smashed down at him. Houtong was chopped off into pieces. In the end, he turned into a meat sauce.

“They are still thinking about the honor and dignity! This idiot! Kill the enemy! The only thing that matters is to get alive. Come over and help me!” Xiao Yu ordered.

“Damn it! I have seen those knights on TV who have heroic posture after the war… I can’t stand myself. Disappointed!” Xiao Yu cursed himself. He had become like this after killing a person.

Orc warriors helped Xiao Yu move and they once again came to the camp.

Xiao Yu speculated that there won’t be anyone strong left in the camp. There would be only ordinary bandits and they weren’t opponents of the orc warriors.

“Kill them!” Xiao Yu ordered the orc warriors to sweep through the camp.

The orcs roared up and rushed into the camp.

The orcs were fearless once the battle began. They didn’t get tired, didn’t know fear… They knew only to fight until death! It was the characteristics of the Orc race that made them invincible warriors.

The guard on patrol saw green skinned orc rush over. He panicked first. Then he wanted to scream but was killed by orcs before being able to issue a warning.

The orc warriors entered the camp without a warning and caught bandits off guard.

The morale of the bandits had collapsed and most of them turned to escape. However, their fate was death. Even ordinary soldiers were able to destroy a bandit camp so a powerful orc warriors were like the grim-reapers.

The battle was over in less than 10 minutes. Most of the bandits were killed and some were successful in their escape.

Xiao Yu rolled his eyes as he sat on top of a large stone. He was satisfied. The mob of bandits couldn’t resist against the elite orc warriors. Even if the bandits got the courage to face them, a single orc warrior was enough to topple three or four of them.

However, Xiao Yu began to ponder. The meritorious service and experience points didn’t go up by much. What was going on? They got lots of points after destroying the camp of Dragon Teeth bandit.

At the same time, an orc warrior came over to make a report. A team of bandits was coming to the camp.

Xiao Yu ordered the orc warriors to hide while he and Grom waited.

It didn’t take long for a group of people riding horses enter the camp. A burly man roared up when he saw the bloody scene: “Who has got so much courage to invade my camp?”

The man’s eyes swept through the camp and saw Xiao Yu smile and sit on top of the stone: “Who are you? Are you the one who has killed my underlings?”

Xiao Yu smiled: “Yes. It was me. So?”

“You are courting…death!” The man was furious.

Xiao Yu looked at a group of maximum 100 bandits behind the burly man: “I’m not sure who is courting death but I’m sure that I lack meritorious service points.”

Xiao Yu waved his hand and the orc warriors rushed out from the hiding.

The burly man was aware that there was an ambush. However, this place was his stronghold. He didn’t believe that everyone was killed. That was the main reason why he rushed in without hesitation.

However, he didn’t think that the force that attacked his camp was a group of orcs.

“Orcs …” The bandits were stupefied.

Even the burly man got caught by surprise. Xiao Yu didn’t give him chance to react and made Grom attack him.


Grom roared and used Omnislash with wind walk.

The burly man roared and took out his sword. He used it to block Grom’s attack. An ice blue energy burst out from his sword.

Xiao Yu understood that this person was much stronger than Houtong.

Blademaster was able to barely keep up with Houtong while they confronted each other. Xiao Yu was afraid that Grom would suffer if he faced the burly man.

Sure enough, after a while, Grom was wounded by the man. Although they were minor injuries it was a proof that Grom wasn’t the burly man’s opponent.

The man seemed to be a higher level warrior. The Warriors were the most powerful fighters in this world. Although Grom was sturdy he was only level 3 hero.

But Grom as a blademaster was meant for wars and battles. The more blood was shed the fiercer he got.

Xiao Yu immediately entered the stealth mode and waited for an opportunity to attack the opponent. After a while, he found that the burly man was too concentrated on the fight against Grom. So he got careless on few occasions. Xiao Yu sneaked towards the man’s back and stabbed the sword to his ass.

“Ah …” The man screamed and used his hand to cover his ass.

Xiao Yu decided to attack the man’s ass because the burly man may not react if he attacked to another place. But ass was a place which would make the burly man react subconsciously.

Grom took the opportunity and made consecutive slashes.

The person wanted to turn to chase Xiao Yu but Xiao Yu quickly ran away.

He waited for 5 seconds for the skill to cool off and sneaked once again. He used the same trick again.

The burly man shouted: “Be a man! Why are you using such a way to attack?”

Xiao Yu laughed from distance: “Come on! Why should I now use tricks? You are talking as if you are a priest or some holy person. Damn it! You are a thief, robber, and bandit! Acting mighty!”

Xiao Yu was able to control orc warriors to break up the bandits and kill them. He was getting used to controlling orc warriors much better as time passed. He ordered them to attack the burly man.

Although the burly man was strong he couldn’t withstand the attack of so many orc warriors together. Grom’s sword slashed through his head and he was killed on spot.

At the same time, a golden light wrapped Grom’s body and he rose to level 4. Xiao Yu also received 500 meritorious service points and reached level 3.

“Hahaha~ I have leveled up! Can I beat my 4th sister-in-law with my strength now?”


The battle finished this chapter so I’m publishing it now 😉

For the readers who wonder why he chose Orcs as the first race. Check the author’s nickname and you will know the answer!


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  1. I’m surprised mana wasn’t implemented and only cooldowns, auto cast spells will be OP as hell.

    Thank you for the chapters!

    1. there is this battle energy idea but we are still facing low level bandits who are mostly ordinary people.. so we will see in the future

      1. But it was mentioned that the leader of these bandits was a disgraced general. I can’t imagine Generals being weak.

  2. He just shat all over on orcs honor… No orc would fight for him if not for forced by game system… Honestly i would have liked there to be restrictions depending on species behaviors. Like he can’t use orcs in such despicable ways and have to work around the problem somehow…

  3. That was some attack I never heard of slashing someone’s ass.

    “It was his first time that he killed a man and it happened in a way that he would never imagine. Xiao Yu spent a long time lying on the ground. He puked for a while. Murder of another person using a cold weapon wasn’t something that a student from a modern world could handle at first”.
    – I think he know little well about the modern man innate sides. Its true that everyone living in accommodate peaceful daily life nowadays would not be able to venture such a scene that is known in history and movies of swords and killings. If I have to say its our primal instinct as a predator to keep that side of ours lock as values and moralities engulfed into our heads by the modern educational social system. Even in this modern era there are some whether a growing teen or an adult that conflicted of their feelings of what is truth and lies that lead to our hidden primal ancestry act of brutal, cold and strong will to kill and not affected by the bloody things that been done.

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