WOWFRD – Ch 89

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Chapter 89

Irwin went away as Xiao Yu continued to demolish the wooden fences. Irwin didn’t notice anything as the orc slaves had just used the healing potions and their strength wasn’t fully recovered. In addition, Xiao Yu had ordered them to pretend to be feeble to confuse the enemy. Even the angry look on Xiao Yu’s face was well played act.

“Do you think you are the only one who can cheat? Kiddo, you aren’t despicable enough!”

After the demolition of the fences the orcs were armed with huge logs.

Xiao Yu remembered a very famous phrase written down by Jin Yong when he saw the orcs holding huge logs: “A blunt sword whose uttermost cunning was its simplicity.” (TL notes: 1)

Xiao Yu let them rest for some time after the demolishing of the fences. Afterwards, he ordered Grom and grunts to give them strength and agility potions before they entered the colosseum. He had to win at all costs.

It didn’t take long before Irwin sent someone to arrange their entrance to the arena.

Antonidas, Leah and Siwen went up to watch the battle while Xiao Yu, Tyrande, Grom and baby dragon led the orcs to the battle.

“Have you arranged everything?” Duke Simm slowly asked when he heard footsteps echo from behind. There was a smile on Irwin’s face as he thought about angry look on Xiao Yu’s face.

“Father, I have used a special medicine which reduces their strength by 70%. It would be too boring if those orcs couldn’t fight with our forces.” Irwin was proud about his arrangements.

“The most despicable thing that you can do is to make others feel that you are absolutely impartial while you have already cheated!” Grand Duke Simm was satisfied with his son’s word.

The narrator began to speak in a passionate voice as the magic loudspeakers echoed his speech all over the colosseum.

Everyone was looking forward to see the Grim Reaper troops, who were the most famous forces of the Kahn country, against orcs, who were the most powerful warriors on the continent!

Both sides began to enter the arena as the fight was about to begin.

Xiao Yu and orcs entered from a gate to the arena. The audience began to scream in madness. They had seen 5 orcs defeat two second-rank beasts few days ago. The discussion were about the blood and gore that they were going to witness.

It was said that the tickets to the fight were as expensive as 1000 gold coins.

Numerous nobles had come to attend 60th birthday of Duke Simm and observe the flower event. What did those aristocrats cared about the most? It was the ‘face’. (2) They wouldn’t be able to lift up their heads in front of other nobles if they didn’t witness such an unprecedented fight. As a result, it was not surprising to see such high prices for the tickets.

In addition to tickets there was massive and hot gambling going on. Most of the people who made bets put their money on Grim Reaper troops of the Kahn country. Everyone had heard about their infamy and they were aware that Grim Reapers were even invincible against enemy that was ten times their own. Everyone knew about the courage and bravery of the orcs. But shrewd aristocrats and gamblers knew that Grand Duke Simm would make sure that his troops win the battle.

It was because of this that the odds had reached a staggering rate of one to ten. There was no need to say which side had chance of 10 to 1 to win.

Xiao Yu was also aware that such a large occasion would have gamble so he had used all his worth to bet on himself. He didn’t just use the existing gold coins he had but put his luxury carriage and 8 pegasus horses on mortgage for 500,000 gold coins and Tears Of the Goddess for 100,000 gold coins. If he won then he was going to get a lot of money while if he lost he would go back as a beggar. At the end, Xiao Yu was able to scrape together 800,000 gold coins.

He was surprised with his own net worth. In the past he used to rob the bandits for the gold coins but kept all the other treasures. He didn’t think that they would be worth that much. In case he won, then he would be able to earn 8,000,000 gold coins.

“HaHaH… 8,000,000 gold coins. I would be a real rich young master who isn’t short of money if I win!” Xiao Yu was mesmerized by the odds.

The audience laughed when they saw orcs carry large logs. They were more confident about their bets. Was there a chance for the orcs to win when they didn’t even have weapons? The Grim Reaper troops were well equipped and were one of the best in the whole continent.

At the same time, the Grim Reaper troops began to slowly enter the arena from the opposite gate.

All of them were wearing matte black armor and holding heavy shields. They marched with the same pace. Every step would cause the ground to vibrate as if a large beast was moving.

The enthusiasm of the audience reached its peak at that moment and people began to cheer like madmen.

Xiao Yu found out that there were not just 500 infantrymen but light cavalry and infantry on both sides of the phalanx. They were around 200 people

“Wtf? Didn’t they say there would be 500 infantrymen? Why are there two hundred light cavalry and infantry?” Xiao Yu cussed.

A knight riding a horse from the opposite side looked at Xiao Yu: “Duke Yu, its a common sense that heavy infantry are protected from both sides by light cavalry and light infantry! Why do you make it sound as if Sir Irwin has cheated you?”

“Pass my message to Irwin… I’ll screw his mother!” Xiao Yu said in a cold tone as he rolled his eyes.

The knight replied: “Duke Yu, I didn’t think you would go so low to use those vulgar words as a noble! Anyway, I will use my Grip Reaper troops to teach you noble etiquette!”

“I’ll screw you mother too! Do you dare to teach me what?”

Xiao Yu didn’t back down when it came to curse the opponents.

The knight’s face was pale when he saw the hooligan look on Xiao Yu’s face. As a wise man, he turned his horse to go back to his troops. He knew that it was useless to wrestle words with Xiao Yu and he had to teach him in a practical fight!

Xiao Yu spat out the moment knight turned around. His spit hit the knight’s beck. Xiao Yu made a ‘V’ (victory) gesture and turned to run towards the orcs.

The knight was furious when he touched to find the sticky thing on his neck. He was furious as he wanted to duel Xiao Yu one-on-one.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Honored guests of Bengal city! All of you are here to participate in flower event and in birthday of our lord, Grand Duke Raheem Simm! This event is specially crafted for this occasion! Clear your eyes and get ready to witness this one time event!”

The narrator spoke in a passionate voice to inspire the audience.

The people in the audience stoop up to loudly cheer! Even the ladies from noble families loudly cheerer!

Bang~ Bang~

Grim Reaper troops deliberately began to march in sync with the cheers of the audience. They had thick shields in their hands and their footsteps were like the music that echoed.

The audience went crazy as they witnessed the momentum of the Grim Reaper troops.

On the other sides orcs were acting abnormal. They didn’t even roar but listlessly stood as they hold onto large logs.

Grand Duke Simm nodded in satisfaction when he saw the scene.

It seemed as if the powerful momentum of the Grim Reaper troops have shocked the orcs. As if the wild orcs have been tamed!

The commander of the troops gestured to stop when the Grim Reaper troops reached the center of the arena.

The Grim Reapers looked like row of steel walls that could withstand any powerful attack!

The narrator signaled for the audience to turn silent. He asked both sides if they were ready to start the battle. Normally, they wouldn’t go through this etiquette as the battles happened between beasts or gladiators.

However, one side in this battle was Grim Reaper troops. It wasn’t just a gladiator match but a duel!

The soldiers roared up and their sounds reverberated in the colosseum for a long time when the narrator asked them the question. All the girls and ladies were mesmerized by their answer.

Xiao Yu raised his palm and showed his middle finger the moment narrator asked to orcs.

“Wasn’t he educated about public behavior? Is he a real noble? Is he really a duke? How could he act so?” People began to discuss Xiao Yu’s impolite behavior in loud voices.

However, Xiao Yu was unmoved. It was as if he had done a great job as a smile hang on his mouth.

The faces of the Grim Reaper troops were full of anger. They were anxious to use their scythes and spears to tear apart Xiao Yu and orcs.

“Since both sides are ready for the battle then I declare that the duel starts now!” The narrator loudly announced the start of the duel.


The commander of the Grim Reapers gestured for them to move towards the orcs.

“Crush them! Tear them to pieces!”

“You are heroes of the humanity! Beat those dirty orcs!”

“O brave warriors! Use your scythes and spears and shower them in blood of orcs! Show us glory!”


Grim Reaper troops moved step by step towards their enemies. Everyone was looking towards the collision that was going to happen in minutes. They imagined the blood and flesh of orcs splashed all over the area.

The orcs stood in place without moving. It seemed as if they have lost their will and courage to fight. The people in the audience were worried that they won’t even be able to see a decent counterattack! They hoped to see orcs act heroic like the last time. Otherwise, it would be very boring to see Grim Reaper troops to massacre them blindly.

Xiao Yu looked at Grim Reaper troops and raised his head to laugh. He turned around and shouted at orcs: “Listen to my orders! Arrange in four columns! We will be running in 1-2-1,1-2-1 rhythm! Do you care about others looking down at us? I don’t.. Screw them! No need to run fast as we will deplete our stamina in that case. Just follow me! Running is good for health! 1-2-1… One two one…”

Audience was imagining all kinds of gore like blood spilling on the armor of the Grim Reapers. However their chins almost fell down when they saw Xiao Yu’s actions.

The orcs began to run at a slow place around the edge of the arena as Xiao Yu led them.

It was as if ordinary soldiers were doing physical training arranged in neat columns.

The orcs run around as if the Grim Reapers weren’t in arena. It was like they didn’t come here to fight but exercise their bodies!

“One-two-one, 1-2-1 …” Xiao Yu shouted out. He was like a teacher for the PE class who led the students run around the arena.

Who cares about the idiots in the center of the arena? I’m here run suckers!

The colosseum became quiet when they saw this scene. It was beyond the expectations of everyone! They expected bloody battle but they were watching physical training!

Grand Duke Simm jumped out of his seat when he saw this. The glass with wine that he held was crushed because of the force that he pressed it with. His face turned pale as he looked at Xiao Yu. He stood silent for a long time.

Wang Tian Hu also stood up and looked at the arena: “He is Xiao Zhan Tian’s son! A father how is a tiger won’t have a dog as his son! Fortunately, I haven’t completely broken the relationship with him. There is a room for further talks…”
This chapter was co-produced by Tyler Fulton

This chapter is double a normal chapter so counted as two chaps 🙂 Hopefully, a lot to come in the next 8-9 hours

1- the saying comes from Condor Heroes
2- face… damn it 😉 To lose face is like ‘trampled over his/her pride and dignity.’ I can give a lot of example from real life if you join our discord channel:)

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  1. The offical saying wang was getting at is “Tiger father won’t beget a dog son” which is the Chinese or Japanese I can’t remember which example of like father like son

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