WOWFRD – Ch 88

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Chapter 88

Irwin’s face didn’t change, instead he was smiling after Xiao Yu’s curses: “Duke Yu, you are wronging me. Last time we brought out the strong orcs. All the ordinary orcs are like these ones.”

Xiao Yu wanted to slap the heck out of Irwin.

Xiao Yu said: “I don’t want to gamble.”

Irwin’s wasn’t angry as he narrowed his eyes: “Duke Yu, we have made a promise about the gamble. I have informed all the nobles that have come to attend my father’s birthday. We can’t go back on our words now. If you want to give up then hand over the secret, your orc guards, elf guard, baby dragon and we will send you away.”

“It’s an extortion!” Xiao Yu said in furious tone.

Irwin smiled: “Duke Yu, you can only blame yourself. I didn’t force you but you were the one to come up with the bet!”

Xiao Yu continued in an angry tone: “See how I will kill all those Grim Reapers!”

“I’m looking forward to it!” Irwin said in a calm tone.

Xiao Yu turned towards the orcs: “Where are their weapons?”

Irwin smiled in a charming manner: “Duke Yu, you can’t expect us to provide weapons for you. The orcs are powerful so I believe they can manage with their hands.”

Xiao Yu cursed Irwin: “Too despicable!”

Irwin laughed: “You have the excellent bloodline! I believe that we don’t have to help you with those small things. Find a way to solve out your problems. I won’t bother you as you have to arrange tactics. As a noble I don’t like others to say that I relied on eavesdropping to learn the tactics of enemy and win a bet!”

“I finally saw someone who is more shameless than me! And I thought there is no one worse than me!” Xiao Yu looked at Irwin.

Irwin bowed in ceremony: “Thanks for the compliment. I will leave now.”

Irwin departed as soon as he finished talking.

Xiao Yu expression changed as soon as Irwin left: “I did expect such a situation so fortunately I am ready for this…”

Xiao Yu opened the gates to the cell and entered it.

More than 500 orcs looked with deep hated at the human who entered the cell. However, they were surprised when they saw orcs near Xiao Yu.

Grom looked at them.

“My fellow orcs! I have come to save you!” Grom’s body trembled.

There was no excitement but an orc said in a cold tone: “Who are you? Why do you walk like a dog by that human’s side?”

The orcs would never yield to anyone. They regarded Grom as a traitor when they saw him by a human’s side.

“I am Grom! Grom Hellscream! I am your leader. I and Thrall have returned to lead you to your freedom and prosperity!”

“Who the hell are you? How do you dare to pretend to be Grom? You must have surrendered to the humans and want to lure us!” The tall orc from the last time stood up and spoke in a cold tone.

Grom didn’t say anything but took out a banner from his spine and inserted it on ground.

“Totem! This is Grom’s war banner! How the hell does he have that? Is he really Grom?” Orcs stood up.

Grom’s banner was a totem for the orcs. His banner would give strong morale to the orcs and let them know that their leader was present.

At the summoning there was no banner on Grom’s spine. However, it appeared after Grom reached level 10.

Normally, he wouldn’t carry it with himself as he would wear a cloak. But during the battles he would put it on while he led the grunts to the war.

“It’s not fake! He is really Grom! Is our god really have returned?” The orcs looked at Grom in excitement.

Grom took out his sword and split the chain that was covering an orc’s hand.

“… Omnislash!… This was the skill used by the Grom! He has returned!”

The orcs were convinced after Grom used his skill. They laid down to worship Grom. The blademaster’s omnislash skill was unique to him. Moreover, Grom was using the banner which was the same as his statue that the orcs worshipped.

The orcs were crying as they had endured pain during millenias. Now, their God had finally returned to lead them again.

The orcs began to kneel in front of Grom and kiss his toes which was the highest ceremony for the orcs. As part of tradition Grom stroke their heads by giving them blessing. The ritual carried out for more than half an hour.

“I have come to save you! We will fight together and leave this damned place to our new home! We will meet other orcs and see the great Thrall!”

Grom pointed at Xiao Yu: “He is my master and the greatest king of this era. He was the one who summoned me and Thrall! He isn’t our enemy but our benefactor. We will reach glory under his leadership! Let’s fight with him to beat those hateful humans and get our freedom!”

The orcs didn’t disagree as they had accepted Grom. Moreover, they wouldn’t oppose their god even if they had doubts.

“They must have been drugged by Irwin! Give them healing potions to restore their strength and vitality!” Xiao Yu ordered.

Xiao Yu had long expected Irwin to use such a low trick to deal with the orcs. He had planned to use healing potions to solve the problem. The healing potions could treat all kinds of injuries including internal injuries and trauma.

“What about weapons?” Leah spoke out.

Xiao Yu’s eyebrows wrinkled as he looked at the cell: “We will make our own weapons since they don’t want to give us! Cut those fences! We will use them as weapons!”

The thick pine trees couldn’t be pushed by hands even by the strong orcs. However, a giant axe could cut through it easily.

There wouldn’t be a problem for the orcs to use them after their strength and vitality was restored. There were no other solutions for the weapons so Xiao Yu had chosen this way. Moreover, even if he went out to buy weapons he wouldn’t be able to as Xiao Yu believed that Irwin had solved out that too!

Grunts began to use their giant axes to cut the logs. Grom used his sword to slice them.

Irwin ran out when he heard the sounds. He was shocked by the sight in front of him: “Duke Yu, what are you doing? Are you planning to run? There are thousands of elite fighters and dozens of ballista… I’m afraid you will regret it if you make a stupid choice!”

Xiao Yu replied: “Why would I want to run? This young master has yet to kill the Grim Reapers! I’m just making my own weapons!”

Irwin was surprised to see orcs waving huge logs. It turned out that Xiao Yu was demolishing the cell to make weapons for them.

Irwin wasn’t angry as he had already drugged the orcs. He didn’t care if Xiao Yu used the logs as weapons.

“Alright! But make sure that other beasts don’t escape. Otherwise, don’t blame us if our ballistas injury you on accident.” Irwin threatened Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu replied in a faint tone: “As long as you don’t use ballistas in the arena…”

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  1. If he is calling for Theodore’s favor why does he need to go through this stupid gamble? If Theodore is coming he might as well just take the orcs by force and they could do nothing against him anyways… He has no reason to follow the rules with shameless people… If Theodore wasn’t coming to suppress them they would kill mc anyways. So he might as well use Theodore to kill them instead. He already used his favor so why not go guns blazing?

    1. Well sometime one needs reason to legitimately take thing since there is rule as noble. If not, even if Theodore helps him take away all the Orc, the other lords will treat that as thievery and use that as excuse later to invade him. Not to mention, while this isn’t mention much in CN novel compared to strength, respect and charisma are also needed for one that will become ruler (king, clan header, Warchief…) and you need to earn this yourself.

      1. Thing is that only seems to work for mc for some reason… The city lord seems to be planning to kill mc if he doesn’t get his way even if mc somehow wins the bet… So why can’t mc act the same if others can act so? Does the rules only work on mc? If the rules worked he wouldn’t need Theodore in the first place after winning the bet…

        1. Well it may be easier to think that charisma and respect are needed when one wants to found the kingdom or do something big . For example, King Arthur united people under the banner of chivalry and his incredible charisma, not strength alone. The city lord can do all he wants because he thinks that strength is all he needs to make other follow him. He is only third rate villain IMO which only inherits thing from his ancestor and thinks that he is some big shot. (for reference ,1st rate villain IMO is someone like Doflamingo in One Piece who is able to create the whole kingdom in his generation , a true charismatic devil).He will become just stepping stone for other later since the way he does thing just leaves too much “issue” for other to exploit..

          He also needs Theodore as the precaution in case the other side goes back on their word since they need to weight the pros and cons of needing to fight a 6 grade mage while also paying attention to other force that will attack them after they are weakened (whether they in or lose).If he only depends on Theodore, the other side may use justice as their banner to have a crusade against his territory and he wont have Theodore to save him this time. You also need to take into account that Theodore wont help someone uninteresting and weak that can only depend on him to solve thing. His card is much more limited than the city lord.

  2. I’m going to sleep now.. When I wake up irwins troops annihilated by xiaoyus troops wahahaha 😂 🏨 💤

  3. Don’t worry gang, another 5 chapters coming back to back… I uh… donated $100… Help me… I need help.

    1. Well to be honest while there is inconsistency in mc character and the villain is somewhat boring since it is more or less just rich mans suing their family authority, it is somewhat better than most of extreme CN novel. The mc is atleast not racist and understand some basic modern world common sense like: treating other as human not tool, no raping and didn’t use his troop as disposable pawn even though they are created from the system. If the guy in Long live summon was as decent as him, i wouldn’t drop that after 10 chapters.

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