WOWFRD – Ch 87

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Chapter 87

“Is he willing to accept such a gamble?” Duke Simm’s face had a surprised expression.

Irwin spoke in a proud manner: “Yes. He wants to get those orc slaves through a battle. I and Hue have inquired about him and this Xiao Yu is a gamble. All he did back in Lion town was eat, drink and gamble. Actually he owed a lot of gambling debts. Moreover, on the way to the Wang territory he had gambled with the Housekeeper of the Wang family. He used 11 orcs to defeat 100 knights from the Wang family who used a chain scroll. That victory had inflated his pride so he thinks he will be able to beat us too!”

Duke Simm frowned slightly as he tapped his fingers on the table.

“We will go with it if he wants to bet that way. It is good for us no matter he plans he will come up with. It’s whimsical to think that a bunch of orc mob would be able to defeat my Grim Reaper troops. The orcs are good at individual combat but they are not the opponents of our troops. Our troops aren’t as shaky as those knights from the Wang family. But since it is a gamble then we must ensure our victory by any means. Make sure that you tie the hands and feet of those orcs before the battle… Let’s see how they will face our Grim Reaper troops!”

Duke Simm leaned against the chair.

The secret to his success was that to put every effort towards the victory. And not to begrudge the others if tricks were used.

Duke Simm knew that Xiao Yu had some plan but he didn’t care about the teenager! He didn’t put Xiao Zhan Tian in his eyes back in those days…It’s just he was afraid of those loyalits to the throne. If not for that group of damned stubborn loyalists the Sky Lion Dynasty would have disintegrated long time ago and Duke Simm would have began his domination of the world.

There was a serious express on Xiao Yu’s face back in the room. At the dinner he laughed and chatted with Irwin but in truth he knew that he had to come up with a good plan. He didn’t have Glaive Throwers in here so he had to come up with a good method to deal with heavy infantry.

Xiao Yu wanted to bring baby dragon and Tyrande into the battle as the strength of the wild orcs wouldn’t be enough to outplay the heavy infantry. Antonidas was a human so it wasn’t wise to bring him into the battle. In this case, everyone would know that it wasn’t a battle between orcs and humans but war between Xiao Yu and Duke Simm. Tyrande was an elf and the baby dragon was a creature. He was the gambler so it was normal for him to take command.

Baby dragon’s strength was low. But Xiao Yu had found out that it could roar. It’s roar wouldn’t harm the enemy but would deterr their morale.

“Tyrande, I hope you won’t blame me as I bet you on the gamble too.” Xiao Yu looked at Tyrande. Xiao Yu knew that it would be very difficult for a proud elf to accept to be bet as if she was a materialist thing.

Tyrande firmly replied: “You are my master. It’s my responsibility to fight if you order me to do so.”

Xiao Yu found it strange that Tyrande didn’t accuse him of such a despicable move. Moreover, he believed that her loyalty would fall but after a glance found out that it was increased by 5 points. Xiao Yu was puzzled as he couldn’t understand why she didn’t resent him for such an action. But he didn’t have time to consider this as he had to arrange for the battle.

“Leah, do you have a way to contact that old bastard?” Xiao Yu asked.

Leah was puzzled: “What?

Xiao Yu looked through the window: “Send him a message. Tell him to rush over or else we wouldn’t be able to get out of here even if we win. I want him to help me out this time.”

Xiao Yu knew that Duke Simm wouldn’t be so simple to follow the agreement even if they won the battle. He needed someone on Theodore’s level to keep Simm on line. He believed that Simm didn’t have such a force backing him. There maybe be several fifth-rank mages in Bengal city but they were not a sixth-rank magician’s opponents.

Leah didn’t reply but send out a message.

The battle was going to be day after tomorrow.

During two days Xiao Yu constantly pondered about tactics against the heavy infantry. He asked Irwin to see the orcs but Irwin used various pretexts to delay the meeting. He would say that some of the orcs were in other locations and were delivered. At the end, it was known that Xiao Yu could meet the orcs only few hours before the battle.

Xiao Yu knew that they were planning something. However, he had to carry down his promise to Grom at all costs.

On the day of the battle Xiao Yu went to the colosseum to meet the orcs. He had to prepare them for the battle in the afternoon.

Xiao Yu said to Leah on the carriage: “Leah, ask master Theodore to help my sister-in-law and others to get back to Lion town if I die today.”

“I will die if you die! How will I be able to give your message to him? Stay alive and tell yourself. I still don’t understand the reason why you are going to fight for the orcs.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “I don’t see them as orcs but as my friends and family. Would you be standing still if life of your friends was threatened?”

Leah slowly said: “Is this the secret of ruling orcs and elves?”

Xiao Yu nodded: “IT’s not. It’s just a simple truth. Are the racial boundaries so important to humans? I think that all the creatures with the intelligence and wisdom are equal beings. I doesn’t matter whether you are a human, orc, elf or a dwarf! I believe that humans shouldn’t wantonly slaughter the other creatures who don’t have wisdom. The beasts eat humans only to survive, to fill their bellies. But humans kill those beasts purely out of desires! My codex is to respect all life forms!”

Leah looked at Xiao Yu in shock. She thought that the hooligan had lots of shortcomings. But some ideas put forward by Xiao Yu were incredible.

“Does it mean that crooked old man’s prophecy is true? Should I follow him till the end of my life?”

Irwin was waiting them at the colosseum. He warmly greet Xiao Yu: “Duke Yu, I Believe we will observe a fantastic battle today!”

Xiao Yu laughed: “Sir Irwin, don’t go back on your words if you lose today. I’m confident in my orc guards and I believe that my commanding abilities are very good. Your Grim Reaper troops would lose to the orcs under my command! I know that they are strong but I’m a person who likes to challenge the strong ones!”

Irwin laughed: “Duke Yu is worthy of being Xiao Zhan Tian’s son! You are a real hero.”

“HaHaHa… I have inherited excellent bloodlines…HaHa…” Xiao Yu pretended to be proud.

Irwin’s eyes flashed but he didn’t speak. He took Xiao Yu to see the orc slaves.

The beasts and gladiators were kept at the back of the colosseum. The cells were very large as sometimes they would keep very powerful beasts.

The walls were made out of rocks while the fences were either made out of steel bars or thick pine wood. Moreover, there wasn’t one but normally three to six layers of fences to prevent the beasts and gladiators from escape.

They reached the cell where the orcs were imprison. The cell had a fence which was made out of five layers of pine wood.

Coldness flashed past Xiao Yu’s eyes when he saw the orcs. He cussed at Irwin: “You son of a mother! Are you so shameless to try to cheat me? What have you done to them? Why all of them are so sluggish?”
This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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  1. They make xiaoyu bad trip they core thing yue knew eat toe tsk dafak 😂 tnx for the chapter
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    1. For ever wuxia sect !! but please my brother dont write with the light out , because I think I undertand what you think but I am no sure XD

  2. Mc gives more shit about saving orcs because he just wants the fighting force. Still spouts bs about them being family with a straight face tho lol… If he is such a humanitarian why doesn’t he save human slaves on top of orcs? Does he not care about humans at all then? Lol sure… It’s obviously because human slaves have no value for him in a fight so he doesn’t give two shits about them… He can’t be bothered to waste time on weak human slaves…

    1. if you dont remeber he tried to put out the slaves humans in his territory and the sexual slave . But its years of that imposible to quit that (power politcs ). Apart kill the race isn’t the same , than put like a slave

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