WOWFRD – Ch 86

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Chapter 86

Irwin came to the hotel for the dinner in the evening.

Xiao Yu, Grom and three beauties accompanied him for the dinner.

“Duke Yu, it’s a small gift that I have brought for the ladies.” Irwin took out some gifts to give it to the three beauties.

Xiao Yu acted like a gentleman: “Sir Irwin is being polite. You have been so hospitable during our stay. Hopefully, we will have fun tonight.”

“I would naturally enjoy the night as the Great Marshall Xiao Zhan Tian’s son and three beautiful women are accompanying me for the dinner.” Irwin didn’t lack words.

Xiao Yu had closed down the restaurant of the hotel. All the parts of the restaurant were lit by the candles. There was a romantic and mysterious atmosphere.

Xiao Yu and Irwin constantly chatted while Leah hoped in from time to him.

Leah didn’t lack means to join the chat. Xiao Yu wiped his mouth after eating: “Sir Irwin there was one thing which I wanted to talk about.”

Irwin narrowed his eyes: “Duke Yu is being polite. We are friends, aren’t we? Say whatever you want.”

Xiao Yu glanced at Grom: “You know that I have orc guards. They are brave. Today I saw those orcs defeat two second-rank beasts. The blood of my orcs are boiling too. They would love to show their skills in the colosseum. I’ll trouble you with that.”

Irwin laughed: “It’s such a small matter. I will certainly arrange for an occasion if Duke’s orcs what to show their skills. What kind of opponents would your orc guards willing to fight? Would they battle orcs from today?”

Xiao Yu shook his head: “They are also orcs so they won’t fight against their own race. I would love to see them fight against powerful beasts or strong human warriors.”

Irwin nodded his head: “Indeed, orcs are a united race. The orcs that we have captured would rather be beaten to death rather than fighting against their own kind… Look at human beings… We are fighting against each other in hopes of conquest… Alas… I will arrange this fight and the audience would have chance to see Duke Yu’s orc guards fight. They will highlight your own glory.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “May I learn where you captured those orcs?”

Irwin replied: “They were caught in the south at Olive mountains. This year the weather was bad so the orcs and elves migrated to the periphery of the Olive mountains and as a result were caught easily.”

“Oh, it is so….” Xiao Yu nodded as he took note of the name: “I would love to participate next time when you plan to go to Olive mountains to capture orcs and elves… I got all the orcs and elves in Ankagen Mountains under my command … I believe that ancient nobles were right. A true noble must have orc and elf guards. That was the reason why I went to Ankagen mountains for years to search for orcs, elves, dwarves and other species. I have a dream. I want to build an army which consists of orcs, elves and dwarves.”

Irwin’s eyes lit up: “Duke Yu’s idea is the dream of many. Who wouldn’t want such an army? Even the greatest emperors of the past couldn’t do that. At best, they had soldiers from foreign lands.”

“I know that it’s hard to accomplish but I’ll keep going after my dream.”

Irwin smiled: “I would be willing to cooperate with Duke Yu because of orcs and elves in the future when we go to Olive Mountains.”

Xiao Yu was satisfied: “How many orcs did you capture this time? Was there any elves?”

Irwin said in a proud manner: “We have captured total of 500 orcs. There are many female orcs too. However, there are about 200 orcs which belong to me. As for elves, we couldn’t find any.”

Xiao Yu was slightly surprised as he didn’t expect that they would have caught so many orcs. He sipped from the red wine: “I envy Duke Simm as I don’t have so many orcs. Would you be willing to offer me a price tag if I wanted to buy all those orc slaves?”

Irwin smiled: “Duke Yu is making a joke. How could we sell them? My father wants to train and make guards out of them. As Duke Yu said moments ago the orc guards demeanor nobility. Do you have any tips or tricks for us to help with making them loyal to us? I would be willing to give a high price for such a tip.”

Xiao Yu secretly said in his heart: “Dream on!”

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes: “There is a secret which was passed to me by my father. He searched for orcs for years but died early on. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to find orcs and elves to train them as my guards. I hope Sir Irwin will forgive as I can’t share the secret.”

A disappointed expression appeared on Irwin’s face: “I can’t press on the issue if there is a secret.”

But Irwin thought in his mind: “There is a special method! Otherwise, why would those orcs and elves who hate humans would be willing to become guards for a human? This Xiao Yu won’t leave Bengal city! He will spill all his secrets and father will be able to dominate the world.”

Xiao Yu looked at Irwin while pondered: “This guy doesn’t seem to be an easy opponent. Wang Tian Hu had affection for Xiao Zhan Tian and also was afraid of master Theodore. But Raheem family is much strong that Wang family and they would dare to take that risk…”

Xiao Yu smiled: “In fact, I can give you an opportunity to learn the secret if you give me an opportunity to get those five hundred orc slaves.”

Irwin raised his eyebrows: “Oh, is that so? What Duke Yu means?”

Xiao Yu smiled: “Most probably Sir Irwin have heard about it. I am a person who loves gambling. I think a real man must have balls to gamble! Therefore I would like to propose a bet. If I win then the orcs would belong to me. If I lose all my orcs will follow you while I will tell you the secret. What about it?”

Irwin stayed silent for a while then he spoke: “Duke Yu, what kind of gamble do you have in mind?”

Xiao Yu spoke in an embarrassed manner: “Originally, I intended for my orcs to fight against beasts or human gladiators… But now the bet is bigger so I feel that it was a bit hasty decision…”

Irwin secretly pondered: “Of course it is a hasty decision. If you orc guards wind against my gladiator then I will lost 500 orc slaves. Orcs could kill two second-rank beasts… Although I’m not aware of the strength of your orcs but they seem to be in good condition. Where can I find a gladiator that could beat your orcs? If I send a strong warrior then you won’t agree to the battle.”

Irwin responded in a gentle manner: “Those orcs are very important for my father. I can’t afford such a bet…”

Xiao Yu nodded as he scratched his hair: “Yes… But I want those orc slaves. Alright, I have heard that Kahn country has a specially trained heavy infantry which is called Grim Reaper infantry. They are elites selected from all of the place and trained with secret combat arts. Some of them have even reached second-rank warrior level. I have heard that Kahn country defeated Camel Country’s 5000 troops by using only 500 infantrymen from the Grim Reapers.”

Irwin replied in a prideful manner: “It is tru. The Camel Country didn’t respect the emperor and didn’t want to pay tribute to Sky Lion Dynasty. We had to make a crusade or would anyone respect the law in the Sky Lion Dynasty? We have only 1000 infantry men in Grip Reaper troop but only 500 of them were used for the battle.”

Xiao Yu continued: “If you are so confident in Grim Reaper troop then let them fight against my, my orcs, and those 500 orc slaves. If I win then the orc slaves will belong to me. If the Grim Reaper troop wins then I will tell you the secret. What do you think?”

Irwin’s heart jumped up. He knew that it didn’t matter both orcs and Grim Reaper troops will have losses after the battle. But he had absolute confidence in Grim Reaper troops. They would not have problems if they went against a mob of orcs. The orcs may kill powerful beasts but they would lose to trained heavy infantry.

“I can’t to stand in account in front of my father if infantrymen from the Grim Reaper troops are killed. There is always a method to slowly make those orc slaves to obey us… I don’t know…” Irwin narrowed his eyes as he didn’t give a clear answer. He knew that they wouldn’t be able to make the orcs obey them. IT would be a cheap bet if he went for it. But at the end of the day, he couldn’t make a decision on his own.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Sir Irwin, is it my bet is not enough? I will bet this baby dragon too.”

Xiao Yu raised the baby dragon.

Baby dragon moved its fists in protest. Irwin knew that Xiao Yu was desperate. He didn’t answer but turned to glance at Tyrande.

Xiao Yu smiled: “It seems Sir Irwin has taken fancy to my elf guard. I will bet her too. However, there is a condition if I add the dragon and elf into the bet!”

Irwin asked: “What condition?”

Xiao Yu replied: “I will fight while baby dragon and elf will also join the battle.”

“Duke Yu wants to participate.” Irwin took another glance at Tyrande.

Xiao Yu asked: “That’s natural. So what do you say? Do you agree?

“I agree.” Irwin replied.
This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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