WOWFRD – Ch 85

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Chapter 85

Xiao Yu’s heart turned calm after the tall orc disappeared into the gates.

Grom who stood by Xiao Yu’s side had a serious expression on his face. There were no need for words to express his feelings.

The colosseum turned silent after the orcs left. The bursts of sounds echoed after a long time. Everyone talked about the incredible behavior of the orcs.

Irwin grunted as he spoke in a cold tone: “These dirty orcs! They are slaves but dare to act in a rebellious way! I’ll teach them a lesson after I go back.”

“They are slaves from your point of view but they don’t regard themselves as slaves. They think that they are warriors…” Leah whispered.

She was deeply impressed by the orcs after the battle. She believed that they were respectable warriors if the boundaries of the different races were put aside.

What about humans? There were noble knights once upon a time. But the spirit of the knighthood had disappeared because of wine and vanity.

“Sire Irwin, I was very excited because of the battle. Thanks for letting us appreciate such a wonderful battle. Siwen is tired so we will go back now. We will be staying in the Bengal city for a while so we will have chance to speak more.” Xiao Yu said with a smile on his face.

Irwin said with a smile: “Alright. That being said I would like to invite miss Siwen to a dinner together tonight. I would like to know if she has interest to accept my invitation?”

Xiao Yu nodded as he narrowed his eyes: “Today sir Irwin accompanied us to such a grand battle so we will return your favor. If you are free please have a meal with my, Siwen, Leah and Tyrande.”

Irwin was surprised as he smiled: “Thanks Duke Yu.”

Irwin quickly went to the family mansion in the city after Xiao Yu and crowd left.

He directly went into his father’s study room as he joined the mansion. Duke Sim was sitting beside a table while his fingers were tapping the table. His eyes were focused on the painting in front of him while he pondered about something.

A tragic battle scene was painted on the portrait. A warrior wearing an armor was holding a sword. His face was invisible as he was painted from the back. The orcs, elves, dwarves and many other races loyally stood by his side. Although soldiers died but there were many more who followed him on will.

“Father.” Irwin bowed in respect.

Duke Simm looked only 40 even though he was 60 years old this year. There was no trace of elderly age on his face. He had hooked nose and sharp eyes.

“What happened?” Simm asked.

Irwin spoke in a respectful manner: “I took advantage of the opportunity and took them to the battle in the colosseum. I believe his orc and elf guards are more powerful than ordinary orcs and elves. It is possible that they are legendary orc and elf leaders… I observed that little dragon too. It is not from pure lineage but its much better than any yalongs that I have seen. If we can dip this little dragon in the real noble dragon’s blood then we can train a proper real dragon…”

“It’s not our aim for now. I want to know the reason or ways how he gets the allegiance of the orcs and elves! We have caught so many orcs and have tried everything but there are no results…” Simm continued: “I want them to be my guards… loyal guards.. Xiao Yu can bring out there orcs as his guards. I’m sure there are more orcs in the Lion town. I have sent spies to inquire about news from there and they would be coming back soon. In this chaotic era, the one who gets the allegiance of the orcs and elves would have positive views from the public. Don’t get involved with anything but focus on dealing with Xiao Yu. Find his secrets so that we can get loyalty of orcs, elves, dwarves and other races… Hmpf! Another noble who wants to control orcs and elves to become the king of this era! Dream on! Xiao family is on decline and the only family that would rule in this epoch is our Raheem family!”

“Yes, father. I will win over Xiao Yu and get all his orcs and elves to be father’s guards.. We will dominate the world!”

Irwin had a proud expression on his face. He believed that in the future Raheem family will rule the continent. After his father the most likely candidate to rule the continent would be him. If his other two older siblings dare to fight for the seat then he would kill them first!

Simm nodded and waved Irwin to leave.

Xiao Yu directly went into his own room after they returned back to the hotel. He filled a cup with wine but didn’t drink. He walked around the room like a madman.

Leah, Tyrande, Siwen and Antonidas looked at Xiao Yu walk back and forth. They didn’t know what he was pondering about.

Grom came back after a while but he wasn’t alone. He had brought the grunts with him.

Xiao Yu didn’t stop Grom or grunts but looked at them for a moment.

“They are the real warriors. Although I don’t expect those orcs to fight for me but I have to save them.” Xiao Yu said in his heart: “How could I be worthy of Thrall and Grom if I let others bully my people?”

Xiao Yu had never seen Grom and grunts with such an expression on their faces. Most of the time the grunts laughed and jokes and acted like street hooligans.

“Master.” Grom spoke in a heavy voice.

“Yes?” Xiao Yu frowned.

Grom looked at Xiao Yu: “Master, we don’t want to violate your orders so we want you to allow us to do one thing.”

Xiao Yu guessed what Grom wanted to do but he still asked: “What do you want to do?”

Grom’s body trembled for a moment: “Grom has been with master for a while. We are like family. Grom will be loyal to the master until the end. But today I saw members of our tribe shout my and Thrall’s name for salvation. I have to go to save them. We can’t risk your well being so I want to go with my brother. We have to save them even if we die. I hope master will forgive us.”

Xiao Yu looked at Grom and the grunts behind him. Those were the first to follow him into the battle against the bandits.

Xiao Yu stood silent for some time.

After a long time, Xiao Yu breathed and began to cuss: “You idiot! Would you go to death regardless this young master agrees or not? I want to save them more than you! IF you want to save them then you have to use brains! Blind death is your choice it seems. Is it useful? Will it be useful? I have taught you many times not to act on impulse but think about everything. Thrall is much better than you… Look at you! All you know is slash and kill! Is this how a leader acts?”

Xiao Yu scolded as he looked at Grom’s face. He spat on Grom’s face all along. Grom didn’t move as he listened to Xiao Yo.

Xiao Yu’s mouth turned dry from a long speech. He took a sip from the wine and faintly said: “I promise you! I will rescue all of them! Otherwise, I won’t exit Bengal city alive!”
There are two awesome arcs coming up! We have one lame arc afterwards 😉

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  1. Hahaha saving new brothers in fight from is just excited as xiaoyu tsk this brat courts death
    Tnx for the chapter… Join my newly establish sect in fb realms WUXIA READERS SECT

    1. that’s how orcs are while they might not give a damn about other races they love their own people more than father loves his own son

  2. Honestly this is getting stupid… It started with Siwen and turned into a world tour instead… Mc acts like he owns the world while he doesn’t have the power to support his behaviour and when his ass gets cornered he throws around Theodore’s name to save his bum… It was already stupid enough that he left his territory for months just for Siwen to see her mother when his territory is in a critical condition and he is needed there! Even the author knew it was stupid for mc to be gone from his territory for so long while he needed to develop his army and rebuild his territory, so author threw a dragon, assassin and ties with theodore to mc’s lap… Just so author can prove that this trip wasn’t a total waste of time… Bet he will throw even more at mc in this so called ‘Bengal’ city…. Oh look they mentioned dragon blood so i bet mc will be getting that dragon blood for his dragon halfling to bathe in huh? What a fking brilliant coincidence HUH!? Fk sake author…….

    1. Of course , we are reading a Chinese novel, were every MC has an awesome plot armor, and if they somehow die, they will come back to life one way or another!

      What did you expect, A song of Ice and Fire equivalent?

    2. The author could make hundreds of better excuse for him to leave his territory. It’s ridiculous a lord go to enemy land just to comfort the feelings of a girl he just fancy because her looks and is not even in a romantic relationship with him. If she wants to ruin her life just to see her mother one more time this is her choice. If not for the thick plot armor the only fate of this guy would be die a miserable death.

  3. Lmaooo really wrote a paragraph about that? All novels Involve a little bit of ns luck. At least it isn’t like Shuras Wrath where he gets everything and is so OP lol M/C here is a young naive kid with a good heart. He didnt want to lose Siwen so he went, and he didnt think Carrie would attack in the two months so yeah

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