WOWFRD – Ch 84

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Chapter 84

The voices of the audience cheering echoed within the colosseum like a tsunami.

These nobles and aristocrats or even ordinary population wouldn’t shed their own blood but loved to see blood of others spray around. This kind of entertainment was used to release their anger and passion.Since ancient times every race, every nation worshiped those with the strength and power. It was a feeling that made people go crazy watching sides do a death battle.

The audience in the colosseum had gone crazy and wild.

The narrator’s voice which echoed through the colosseum with the help of magic was accompanied by frenzied crowds cheers. At the same time two beasts roared and two different gates opened up. A huge rhinoceros slowly came out from one of the gates. It was like a tank.

The people began to loudly shout when they saw the rhino’s huge body. It was as if they were cheering their beloved general.

Rhino’s footsteps would cause the earth vibrate. It’s eyes found the 5 orcs standing in the middle of the arena and it slowly began to go over step by step.

The beasts were usually arrogant unless they encountered powerful creatures. Normally, they would look at the weak creatures like ready food.

The orcs stood firm without a tremble when they saw the rhino. They were trapped in the arena so they were destined to go to fight. If there was a battle then the orcs wouldn’t step down. Their dignity and courage wouldn’t let them act so.

The rhino came out but the second beast wasn’t in the arena. The audience felt strange but Xiao Yu’s mind tightened. He had clearly heard howls of two beasts. How could only rhino came out from the gate? There was only one explanation and that was the other beast could turn invisible.

Xiao Yu turned towards Tyrande. She had Eagle Eye skill which played a critical role at this moment. She pointed towards a direction. There was a shadow on that part of the arena. It looked like there was nothing there but Xiao Yu could tell that a dangerous beast was lurking around. It was waiting for the right opportunity to attack.

Xiao Yu knew that the situation of five orcs wasn’t good as rhino was like a tank while the other beast was invisible.

The audience began to shout to urge the start of the battle.

Two orcs who were holding giant axes went to the flanks. One orc which had a big hammer came out to the middle. Xiao Yu found it strange as the one who was going to face the rhino with the big hammer wasn’t the tallest orc but a lame one. It had a leg injury. The tallest orc stood behind those three while another orc which was short and looked older than others stood at the end with a short axe and a shield in his hands. They were using formations! The orcs were using formations rather than blindly fighting by using brute strength! It seems that they have learned and made a lot of changes after going through milenias of defeats.

Rhino was still slowly coming forward step by step. It didn’t put the orcs as a threat in its eyes.


All five orcs issued roars. The roars of five orcs was heard even though hundreds of thousands of audience was shouting and cheering. There was a feeling of tragedy and desolateness in the roar. Afterwards, the tallest orc shouted something in the orc language. The other four orcs followed him.

Few people understood orc language in the continent.

Xiao Yu and Grom could also understood what they spoke.

They shouted: “The great god Thrall! The great god Grom! The blood of orcs would boil for eternity!”

Leah turned to look at Xiao and she was startled. She saw two drops of dears flow down his cheeks.

“Am I hallucinating? How could this hooligan have such an expression on his face?” The expression on Xiao Yu’s face was so similar to those orcs on the arena.

At this moment, Leah felt as if she was sitting next to an orc warrior not a human.

Grom’s body trembled for a moment. The determination in his eyes was much more stronger than Xiao Yu’s. There were no tears nor anger but fury.

Rhino roared as it was dissatisfied with the food that acted calm. According to the Rhino these creatures had to escape in panic. It had to go for a hunting game instead of a head on battle.

The creatures were standing calmly in front of it which mean rhino feel uneasy. The instincts of the beast told it that the food wouldn’t be so easy to swallow.


The white mist came out from rhino’s nose as it rushed out towards the five orcs.

Rhino looked huge but its speed was extremely fast. As a second-rank demonic beast it could smash through a half a meter hard wall if it sprinted at high speed. The orcs didn’t move when the rhino rushed out towards them.


The lame orc that was in front roared as it charged towards rhino when it was about 20 meters away from them. Xiao Yu understood their strategy. The lame orc was standing in front instead of the tall one because he was going to commit suicide. It was an attack which would give chance to its brethren to win.

The orc was injured but its speed was fast. Moreover, it had reached its limit as it was going for death. The moment orc and rhino smashed together was like as if two comets collided. Xiao Yu almost heard the sounds of bones and flesh crack. Both orc and rhino were running faster than a car. The power of impact was a lot because both sides had accelerated to their top speed. It was like a bird crashed against a plane. If the bird was fast enough it could case great harm to the airplane. Similarly, the rhino was fast. The damage it caused to the orc was great too.

The lame orc flied out like a broken kite over the head of other four orcs. However, four orcs didn’t even turn to take a glance. The momentum of the rhino was out of balance. Because of its huge size and inertia the rhino rushed to the front of four orcs. Moreover, it was a bit dizzy because of the first orcs suicide attack. It’s mind was unclear as it moved.

At the same time, two orcs on the sides waved their giant axes. They aimed at the joints of the rhino’s front limbs.

The second-rank rhino’s front limbs went soft because of the power of the impact and the creature rushed down to the ground. The skin of the rhino was hard so it was difficult for the axes to split it but the joints of the front limbs paralyzed for a brief time. The tallest arc that had a giant axe bluntly smashed down his axe upon rhino’s head.


A loud sound echoed out as the giant axe smashed down the creatures head. Because of the impact a bit of blood flew out of the tall orcs mouth. The orc raised his giant axe once more to make a fierce blow. The second-rank rhino was a tough creature but not an invincible one. It’s skin was hard but the giant axes were damaging it too. The lame orc that had collided with the rhino at the start had already made it dizzy. Now, the others were continuously hitting its head without a stop.

Everything seemed to go smoothly as orcs continued to attack rhino without giving it a chance to stand up.

But there wasn’t just 1 beast in the arena but two. The three orcs were attacking rhino when a mouth opened up as it bit towards the orc at the end.

The old orc seemed to have been prepared for the attack since long ago. He didn’t turn around instead raised his shield to block. But a second-rank beast wasn’t so easy to deal with. It used its fierce claws to break through the wooden shield. Moreover, its other claw was able to leave long traces of wounds on this old orcs arm.

The audience cheered loudly. The beast’s body was revealed after the attack. It was a shadow panther.

The orc’s arm was scratched but its eyes were firm. He raised the short axe in his hand and smashed at shadow panther. It was hard for an orc to keep up with an agile shadow panther. Grom would easily kill this monster but it was a hard feat for an ordinary orc. Moreover, this orc was an old one.


Shadow panther’s mouth bit the orcs arm. The orc roared loudly as he attacked with the axe. Shadow panther’s skin wasn’t as thick as rhino’s but it wasn’t so thin to be cut with a short ax. The attack from the orc didn’t cause much damage to the shadow panther.

Instead, shadow panther forced back and tore out the orc’s arm.

The orc’s eyes were still firm even though he had lost an arm moments ago. He used his other arm to attack the shadow panther with the axe.

Apparently, this orcs purpose wasn’t to kill shadow panther. Actually, it would be impossible for him to kill this shadow panther on his own. His purpose was to use his own life so that he could get time for the other orcs to kill the rhino!

They have known about the presence of the shadow panther since the start of the battle. This orc had stood at the rear end so that to attract the shadow panther while the other orc dealt with the rhino.

The axes of the three orcs were cutting rhino’s body. They didn’t give the creature an opportunity to fight back as they completely suppressed it. They saw that their comrade was fighting with a shadow panther but they didn’t move to rescue him. They tried to kill the rhino first before getting involved with the shadow panther.

Rhino was a tenacious beast but because of the continuous attacks from the three orcs its body was covered in wounds.

At the same time, the shadow panther bit down the old orc into many pieces. It didn’t stop to eat it but rushed towards the three orcs. The shadow panther was fast.

The orc which shadow panther moved towards didn’t run away but smashed his giant axe towards the shadow panther’s mouth. The shadow panther swayed its head and bit the orc’s arm. The orc took the opportunity and used his other arm to grab from the shadow panther’s neck. He didn’t let go of it. The other two orcs left the rhino as it almost died and moved to help this orc.

Shadow panther tried to escape but its speed was slowed down too much as a strong orc was grabbed from its neck as if it was an iron hoop.

Orcs had lived in the mountains for a long time and had dealt with this kind of beasts a lot. They knew that they couldn’t reach if the shadow panther ran away. So to kill the beast an orc would use its arm to lure the shadow panther to bite it. At the same time orc would use his other arm to cling to the neck of the shadow panther. The other orcs would kill it while one orc held the shadow panther down.

Shadow panther understood that it was in a dire situation. It desperately tried to get rid of this orc but couldn’t as the orc was putting all his strength to keep the shadow panther.

Shadow panther saw that it couldn’t get rid of the orc so it turned around and began to roll. Orc’s hand loosened at the same time.

Shadow panther stood up to ran away but the same moment felt that its claw was grabbed by the orc and its body pulled back.

Shadow panther got angry and turned around to bit the orc’s head. Because of the delay other orcs were able to rush in. One of them threw the giant axe at the shadow panther and rushed in to grab the beast’s head.

The shadow panther was furious as it constantly bit the orc. At the same time, the tallest orc came over and used his giant axe to hit the shadow panther’s head.

The beast tried to turn over to escape but it’s head was grasped tightly by the orc.

The tall orc continued to smash down the giant axe. The beast’s skin wasn’t as thick as rhino’s so its neck was cut after a few smashes.

Shadow panther bit the orc’s arm in a last ditch. Nevertheless, the tall orc was able to kill it at the last second.

The battle was over.

The tall orc lifted the orc that was bitten by the shadow panther and went back to check the rhino. He used his giant axe to hit the beast few more times.

The battle finished and orc won. Five orcs were able to kill two second-rank beasts. However, three orcs died while one was disabled. Only the tall orc was left normal.

Audience was silent after the tragic battle. No one cheered or shouted. The outcome was a surprise to all of them. Some in the crowd expected the orcs to kill both beasts but they didn’t expect the scene to turn out this way.

The tall orc picked up his companion’s body and slowly walked towards the iron gates. He turned back and looked back at the arena once more before going through the gates. There was no anger or fear in his eyes. Just a touch of deepness…

The orc’s blood was still boiling…

This chapter was co-produced by Paulo Silva

P.S: I enjoyed this chapter… Few more chapters in few hours:)

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  1. … You are making a mess out of this novel, I mean you are using races and species as if they were proper names and it is turning the chapters messy…. is there no proofreader or editor?

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