WOWFRD – Ch 83

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Chapter 83

“Orc slaves? I thought that they are extinct… I didn’t think that the ones who had gone into hiding were found and captured.” Xiao Yu was surprised as he secretly whispered. At the same time he pulled Grom’s hand.

Grom understood that Xiao Yu didn’t want him to act on impulse. Grom and Tyrande had the intelligence of a human and could independently think for themselves and have feelings because of the level that they had reached.

It was to Xiao Yu’s advantage as they were no longer killing machines but had the temperament of a leader. The disadvantage to this situation was that they would be acting on their emotions when encountering some things which meant they could act on their own.

However, Xiao Yu’s orders were firmly implemented by them. It was the benefit of the loyalty they had for Xiao Yu. They would unconditionally execute Xiao Yu’s orders as long as the loyalty attribute didn’t reach minus 50. In addition, Grom’s loyalty was already positive 60.

“I have lots of orc bodyguards… I would love to see how these wild orcs compare to my own guards. I would be trouble Sir Irwin too. Siwen would love to see them too, don’t you?” Xiao Yu smiled as he looked at Siwen.

Siwen immediately nodded: “Yes, I would love to see the orcs too. We will be troubling Sir Irwin.”

Siwen was aware that the relationship between orcs and Xiao Yu was good. Moreover, Xiao Yu always boasted that he was chosen as the ruler of the orcs. She believed that he wouldn’t sit idle when a group of orcs were captured. How could he be called the ruler of the orcs when members of his tribe were captured?

Irwin said in a happy tone: “It’s not a problem. There was a fight for orcs arranged for today. The tickets are sold out but I will get a good location for us to watch the fight.”

Coldness flashed past Irwin’s eyes when he finished his talk. Xiao Yu noticed the look on his eyes.

As a result, they didn’t go to sightsee the city instead walked towards the colosseum. At the same time they could enjoy the unique historic architecture of the Bengal city.

Bengal city was massive. It took them half an hour to reach the colosseum. Xiao Yu looked up at the huge building. It looked similar to the colosseum’s from the ancient Roman era. However, they seemed much bigger and not so dilapidated as the roman ones he had seen on internet.

Along the way, Xiao Yu didn’t worry about anything. Actually, Irwin constantly tried to buy valuables to Siwen to make her happy. Xiao Yu wasn’t against it. He received everything and gave it to Grom as long as Irwin bought them. In addition, as a shameless man, Xiao Yu would point out the jewelry that Siwen lacked so that Irwin would pay for them.

Irwin couldn’t show his true nature as the beauties were around. So he clenched his teeth as he paid for the valuable. It wasn’t only for Siwen but Leah occasionally took interest to some valuable. As a gentleman Irwin rushed out to pay the bills.

Leah wasn’t as good natured as Siwen. She wouldn’t choose normal things but very expensive ones.

During half an hour walk Irwin spent almost 100,000 gold coins. He was shocked to know that he had spent so much.

Irwin took a long breath when they reached the colosseum. He secretly stared at Xiao Yu. He said some words to the staff of the colosseum and they were brought inside through a special passage.

Irwin spoke in an excited tone: “We are very lucky today. A noble that was supposed to come to watch the fight at the second level hasn’t come. We will be able to enjoy the fight of the 5 of the strongest orcs against 2 second-rank demonic beasts… It will be awesome!”

Xiao Yu cussed in his heart when he heard Irwin speak: “Damned bastard! A second-order beast is equal to at least three or four second-rank human warriors! How could 5 orcs fight against two second-rank demonic beasts? The orcs are strong but not as strong as those beasts. Its fortunate that the intelligence of the beasts isn’t as high as humans or else they would dominate the world! Moreover, if it was so then a single second-rank demonic beast would be able to kill seven or eight second-rank human warriors!”

They walked along the rotating staircase. There were magical lights hung on the walls which showed how luxurious the colosseum was.

After several turns and bends they reached the second floor of the colosseum and entered the box meant for them. The colosseum had five floors but the 2nd floor was the best location. The sight wasn’t affected by anything. At the same time you could experience the surging passion of the audience.

The box wasn’t completely closed but had railings and fences around it. Everything was designed so that you could enjoy every single moment.

Some of the tables and chairs were made out of stones and emitted rough atmosphere. There were simple food and red wine for guests to pass the time.

Xiao Yu bluntly took a sit and began to enjoy red wine as soon as they reached the place.

Irwin acted as a gentleman to let Siwen, Leah and Tyrande to sit. Antonidas’s skin was thicker than Xiao Yu’s. He also took a sit and began to eat snacks and drink red wine.

Leah was the most experience in playing around with Irwin. She did her best so that Irwin couldn’t focus on Siwen.

Xiao Yu had negotiated with Leah about this in advance. He had promised to give her a T1 armor set for assassin’s when they went back to the Lion town.

In fact, Xiao Yu was already planning to give her a set as she was working for him.

Irwin wasn’t an idiotic young master. His attention was on the baby dragon on Leah’s arms.

“Duke Xiao, do you have a contract with the baby dragon?” Irwin asked as he looked at the baby dragon.

Xiao Yu waved his hand: “It is like my adopted son. Why would I have a contract with it? If it wants to leave in the future I won’t stop it.”

Irwin superciliously looked at Xiao Yu when he told so. However, he thought that it would be very easy to handle if Xiao Yu hadn’t signed contract with the dragon.

The trumpets echoed and the announcement of the fight was made.

The audience cheered as they heard that five orcs would be fighting against two second-rank beasts.

Grom was standing by Xiao Yu’s side as a loyal guard.

The warm cheers echoed as large iron gates opened and green skinned orcs entered the arena.

The orcs were tall but were inferior to Xiao Yu’s grunts. Only one of them was as tall as Grom. They were wearing simply cloths made out of fur. They held onto all kinds of weapons such as huge axes, hammers and etc.

Grom’s body shook for a moment when he saw the orcs appear. He didn’t speak but his eyes turned sour.

Xiao Yu secretly nodded when he saw Grom’s action. He knew that Grom had grown up and wasn’t the impulsive beast from before. He was fit to be a leader of the tribe!

Tyrande also stood up. She knew that the state of orcs was much better in comparison to elves when they were captured. At least, orcs would act as gladiators and fight to death. But the fate of either male or female elves was to be sex slaves.

Tyrande thought about the female elf they saved from Marcus’s camp when she saw these orcs.

Antonidas also despised slavery even though he was a human. He stood on the same front as Grom and Tyrande in relation to this matter.

Leah didn’t care much as she hasn’t been in contact with orcs that much. Siwen had deep sympathy for the orcs as she knew that orc fighters had helped to save the Lion town.

“Few days ago these five orcs were able to kill a second-rank demonic beast – Earth Bear! Today, I will make them fight two second-rank beasts.. It’s going to be an exciting match!” Irwin’s eyes was full of excitement.

Xiao Yu and Grom were silent as the five orcs came to the center of the arena. Their actions were slow but firm. They had forgotten about life and focused on the glory!

Orcs were the greatest warriors in this continent. They would never tarnish their reputation as they would fight until the last drop of their blood.
This chapter was co-produced by Paulo Silva

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