WOWFRD – Ch 82

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Chapter 82

Irwin presided over the banquet as time passed. Everyone felt that the hospitality shown from the Kahn country was at the highest level.

It was undeniable that Simm’s third son was an outstanding noble.

Xiao Yu, Siwen, Leah, Tyrande, Antonidas and Grom were sitting in a separate table and enjoy the food while they listened to Irwin’s speech.

Baby dragon was enjoying the food as it jumped on the table and began to eat from a plate.

Some noble ladies who saw the dragon eat were mesmerized by the cute creature. They came over to feed it. One of them exclaimed in shock: “Oh my God! Isn’t it a dragon?”

“Yes, it is really a dragon.” Another one replied.

The baby dragon nodded its head as it listened to the ladies chat. It indicated that it was a dragon.

“Oh my god! It can understand human language! IS it a real noble dragon? I have been to a dinner with a real dragon!”

Their voices attracted the attention of others. Irwin’s speech was interrupted when the ladies began to move towards Xiao Yu’s table in excitement.

“Baby dragon, will you spit fire for us? It is said that dragon clan can spit fire.” A lady who had just fed the baby dragon with food said.

Baby dragon wanted to show off so it opened its mouth and spit fire towards an empty table close to them. The table got on fire the same instant.

“Why are you acting like a hooligan? Didn’t I teach you the etiquette? You have to be noble and elegant as a dragon! Look how you act by casually spitting fire and putting the tables in flames! Do you know what this kind of behavior called? It’s called hooliganism! Get to the wall and stay there for two hours!” Xiao Yu reprimanded the baby dragon as if he was its father.

The baby dragon was like a naive child. It was depended on Xiao Yu as if he was his father. But as a hooligan Xiao Yu didn’t teach anything good to the baby dragon which ended in protests of Leah and Siwen. They didn’t allowed him to teach anything to the dragon. Nevertheless, baby dragon would sneak around and go to Xiao Yu’s side any moment when Leah and Siwen didn’t pay attention.

Leah grabbed the baby dragon. The baby dragon bowed its head as if it was a human child and had acted wrong.

Irwin was very dissatisfied when his speed was interrupted. Coldness flashed past in his eyes when he saw that Xiao Yu even had a dragon!

“He has a dragon! That bastard San Kun didn’t tell me about this! How could a declining noble has a dragon? Only we are eligible to own one!”

Irwin was pondering about methods to teach Xiao Yu but now after seeing the baby dragon the fire in his heart burst out!

“Very good… A noble family that is on decline has so many good things… Since you have dared to enter Bengal city then it would be very wrong if we didn’t accept those gifts!”

Irwin had decided to use any means to grab orcs, elf, and the dragon from Xiao Yu.

Ladies from noble families protested when they saw Xiao Yu order the dragon to go back. Most of them hadn’t even had chance to get in contact with the baby dragon.

“Dear Miss Siwen. May I have the honor of showing you Bengal city tomorrow? As the owners of the city I have the obligation to lead you to sightsee the city.” Irwin came over when the banquet was about to end.

Siwen didn’t reply but Xiao Yu stood up and pulled Irwin’s hand: “Sir Irwin thanks for being our personal guite for the city tour. We must wake up early tomorrow so we will get back now.”

Xiao Yu lifted Siwen and left the banquet.

Irwin clenched his teeth as he looked at Xiao Yu’s back. He almost wanted to rip him apart alive and eat his flesh.

“I have used Tears of the Goddess to trap many women… You dared to play me so I will make a pet out of you for the public after I get you!”

Irwin had given such a precious gift but wasn’t even able to put it on Siwen’s neck. He was angry! He had used that necklace to trap many women. He would brazenly take back that necklace and go after another woman after being done with the previous one.

Xiao Yu got up early the next day. He, Siwen, Tyrande, Leah and Grom were waiting for Irwin at the lobby of the hotel. Antonidas preferred to rest in the hotel as he was always tired whenever they went to any place. Moreover, Xiao Yu didn’t like the old archmage’s endless nagging!

Xiao Yu remembered a famous proverb from his past life. Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer. IT was the way for the victory. It was the reason why Xiao Yu let Irwin to take the initiative to give them a city tour. In addition, he would enjoy the unique scenery of Bengal city.

It didn’t take long for Irwin to arrive. He smiled as he looked at Siwen. From time to time he would take a glance at Leah and Tyrande. But as an aristocrat he did it in a subtle manner.

“This girl is very good too. I don’t know how could such a loser lord get his hands on such a beauty! I haven’t seen elf’s appearance but she is certainly a top beauty too. I will get all of them!” Irwin said in his heart.

“Sir Irwin, where do you plan to take us today?” Xiao Yu was enthusiastic as he met Irwin. It was as if he had met a friend he hadn’t seen in years.

“I will take you to see some ancient buildings of the Bengal city. This city was the capital of the dynasty thousands of years ago. It was destroyed and reconstructed several times so there would be much too see which would attract your interest.” Irwin said with a gentle smile.

“I love historic sights.” Xiao Yu stood up.

Irwin glanced at Xiao Yu: “After the tour I will take miss Siwen to the most famous colosseum of the Bengal city. Recently, a group of orcs were captured and it would be fun to see them battle!”

Xiao Yu’s face changed when he heard Irwin’s speech about orc slaves.
This chapter was co-produced by Paulo Silva

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