WOWFRD – Ch 81

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Chapter 81

Xiao Yu was the most eye-catching guest living the hotel. Actually, all the guests living in the hotel were from upper nobility. Ordinary people weren’t qualified to live in such a high-end hotel. However, at the moment it was Xiao Yu who was on the spotlight. It was one thing to have a elf or orc slave but to have them as bodyguards was completely different matter.

Having elves and orcs submit as a guards was the highest symbol for the nobility. Only the most powerful heroes could get their allegiance. It hadn’t happened in the last few hundred years or even a millenia. So it was natural to attract attention.

In reality. Xiao Yu had underestimated curiosity of the people. He was focus of chats everywhere he went. The people weren’t focused on the baby dragon in Leah’s arms or else he would become more compelling to them.

Xiao Yu found Siwen’s room and asked Leah and Tyrande to accompany her.

“May I learn Duke’s name?”

Xiao Yu heard endless people who wanted to open conversation with him to ask for the origin of elf and orcs. He would smile and follow the etiquette of a noble as he talked with the others.

Xiao Yu got back to his room after he dealt with those nobles. Xiao Yu couldn’t enjoy the best hotel of this era as he had to lie down to take a nap for a while. He knew that the first ‘battle’ was going to happen at night-time.

“You want to play a rough game then I’m going to show you guys who is the real rogue and hooligan!”

Sure enough he was informed that a dinner presided by the 3rd son of Duke Simm, Irwin would be held at the hotel in the evening. Duke Simm had to greet the upper echelons of the other territories somehow and it seemed he had decided to use his 3rd son to host the party in his stead.

Xiao Yu was dressed well and had taken Siwen, Tyrande, Leah, Grom and Antonidas as he entered the hall for the banquet.

Siwen’s mother didn’t attend because of her illness. It seemed that it was an excuse planned by Wang Tian Hu.

Xiao Yu became focus of the banquet as soon as he appeared in the hall. All the eyes were cast over his body. Xiao Yu had ordered Tyrande to cover her face with a mask. If her face was exposed then the city would get into an uproar!

Although her face was covered bur her identity as an elf was known because of the purple light flashing from her eyes once in a while.

Moreover, she was dressed in a black robe which had bow and arrows.

Nevertheless, Siwen and Leah’s appearance had caused countless eyes focus on them. Xiao Yu had made sure that Leah was wearing a formal dress for the banquet. There was no shortage of clothes because Siwen had brought a lot of them.Xiao Yu had threatened Leah a lot as she protested for a long time. But at the end he was successful by making her wear a formal dress.

Leah looked like a noble and elegant lady after she put on the dress. In addition, her posture was straight and her actions were neat which showed that she was trained since childhood. Xiao Yu didn’t know which family Leah belonged but he was aware that she didn’t belong to an ordinary household.

There were two beautiful ladies, orc bodyguard, a second-rank mage and an elf guard by his side. People came up one by one to greet Xiao Yu. He calmly dealt with them in a decent manner.

Some of the guests who knew about Xiao Yu’s identity were surprised. Everyone was aware of Xiao Zhan Tian’s name within the Sky Lion Dynasty and they were aware that Lion territory was on decline. However, Xiao Yu’s actions was telling otherwise!

A youth came to stand in front of Xiao Yu: “Welcome to Bengal city dear Duke! I am representing my father Duke Simm.”

Xiao Yu had seen the youth since he entered the hall. He guessed that he was Irwin the 3rd son of Duke Simm.

“I have heard a lot of stories about Grand Marshall Xiao Zhan Tian! He is the hero which I admire a lot! It’s an honor to meet his son. I believe that your father would be very happy if he knew that you had arrived in here.” Irwin spoke in a courteous manner.

Xiao Yu was afraid that there was hypocrisy behind the polite actions.

After a few more words Irwin turned towards Siwen: “Are you miss Siwen? I had seen your face on magic crystal and couldn’t forget since then! I know that your husband has died so I want to take liberty to request you to give me a chance to pursue you. It’s difficult to control my feelings which I hope you will forgive me for!”

Irwin waved as he spoke and a waiter brought a tray. There was a necklace on top of the tray.

“This necklace is called ‘Tears of the Goddess’ and I know that you are the only woman worth this necklace. Please allow me to personally put it on you.”

Irwin wanted to move forward to remove the necklace form Siwen’s neck and put Tears of the Goddess.

Xiao Yu had lots of jewerly but it seemed that Tears of Goddess was more precious and rare one. Xiao Yu understood that the youth was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“So you want to get a chance to pursue Siwen… Good play, mate! If this king wasn’t here with his orcs then would you go through those formalities? I think you would have thrown her into bed long time ago…” Xiao Yu looked at Irwin. The youth wasn’t as simple as he looked on surface.

“Thanks Sir Irwin but your gift is too expensive and I can’t receive it,” Siwen had planned to refuse the marriage proposal so she naturally wasn’t interested in the necklace.

Xiao Yu interrupted: “sister-in-law, why do you refuse sir irwin’s gift? Leah come on take the necklace and put in on sister-in-law’s neck.”

“This seems like an expensive thing. I will exchange it for gold coins and buy equipment… HaHaHa…” Xiao Yu said in his heart.

Irwin was surprised as he didn’t expect Xiao Yu talk for Siwen. However, he remembered that Siwen was part of Xiao family and he had right to speak for Siwen.

Leah had lived with Xiao Yu long enough to know his despicable nature. She knew what he was thinking about so she bluntly took the necklace and put it on Siwen’s neck.

Siwen didn’t know what was happening but knew that xiao Yu wouldn’t hurt her so she let Leah to put the necklace on.

“Tears of the Goddess is meant for Miss Siwen. You are simply the goddess of the world!” Irwin tried to praise her.

Xiao Yu pretended to be very serious as he spoke: “Very good! If sir Irwin can get more of this necklaces then please send them to my sister-in-law… She has seventy or eighty necklaces so she doesn’t have enough to wear on daily basis!”

Irwin’s mouth twitched as he listened to Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu saw the angry look on Irwin’s face: “I know that young master Irwin is busy as you have to greet a lot of people. You get back to your business we will be able to handle ourselves.”

Xiao Yu led Siwen and others awya.

“Xiao Yu…I will remember this.” A coldness flashed past Irwin’s eyes as he looked at Xiao Yu’s back.

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  1. Hoho finally showing some BALLS , eh? (Siwen)
    Let me guess : This guy will be face-slapped by MC, them will cry for his dad and dad will be face-slapped too

  2. Did the author go full retard on this one? Mc needed money? Then why dafuq did he let Siwen throw 5k worth jewelery and parfumes at maids? On top of that gifted that priceless cups and painting? If you count the treasures he has thrown out to Wang family it would add up to 500k gold FFS!!! And he’s happy because he won a 50k magic necklace from that bet lol… HE ALREADY PAID 10 TIMES THE WORTH BACK FFS!!!! Now he’s happy about some necklace and talks about selling it!!!!!!!!! WTF? Sell the treasures you have thrown to Wang family for no reason first you fking retard!!!

    1. Well objectively you could sell them but there’s implications along the way. First is who to sell it to. Tho theres could be a lot of person who will want to buy the product, theres the implication of whether they could buy it. Also it’s not only a matter of buying the product, but also building a connection. Whether the connection may bring problems(like plans of theft) or profit (partnership, prestige). Arrangements in selling a product also cost money(advertisement, delivery). There’s also lots of implications in it(sabotage, theft). There’s also the possibility that the mc has no idea how to sell it, considering that his body that he took has no connections on any merchant guilds whatsoever. Possibly the fastest way to profit in using those treasures is to use it for prestige by using it for gifts for show of wealth to imply that the mc has mysterious or unorthodox means. Consider that it was mentioned that the Mc’s prestige is or was declining.

    2. yea he did BS On that .. every chapter it is MC nagging about not having enough money but when he went away into 5 th sister-in-law’s territory he just wasted half a million ..

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