WOWFRD – Ch 80

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Chapter 80

The feast ended while many guests looked at Xiao Yu with fear. He had dared to beat someone in Wang Tian Hu’s territory without giving the lord any face. They didn’t know what he would do with them if they stepped out of their boundaries. Everyone was aware that Xiao Yu hit hard.

Xiao Yu didn’t idle during the next three days. He took the grunts and caused chaos within the city. He had offended Wang Tian Hu and wasn’t afraid of any danger. Moreover, Xiao Yu had told Wang Tian Hu after the banquet that if anything happened to him by accident then master Theodore will come out to get quits with the accident maker. It would be a waste if he didn’t misuse Theodore’s name to the fullest.

Wang Tian Hu changed a lot after the banquet. He tried to avoid Xiao Yu at all times. Moreover, he felt that even though Xiao Yu looked like a hooligan but he might be a promising person in the future if he lived through.

In addition, offending a person of Theodore’s caliber wasn’t worth it in Wang Tian Hu’s perspective. That’s why he wouldn’t kill Xiao Yu in his territory. It would be a childish move.

A lord wouldn’t act like an ordinary person. If the other party provoked him then he couldn’t kill fast. If it was the case then the world wouldn’t turn out to be the way it is.

Wang Tian Hu had to be patient. Xiao Yu didn’t give him face and embarrassed him in front of all the guests but he had to plan.

Xiao Yu didn’t act on emotions. Xiao Zhan Tian wasn’t an ordinary general either. He was courageous and Wang Tian Hu was able to see those traits in Xiao Yu too. But they were reflected in totally different manner.

The only thing that he was embarrassed about was that he had promised to remarry Siwen to a heir of another family. The heir had seen Siwen’s picture on a magical crystal and had asked Wang Tian Hu for her hand. Wang Tian Hu had agreed to the proposition.

However, he hadn’t expect to get such a reaction from Xiao Yu.

Wang Tian Hu had found an easy way to resolve Lord San who was beaten down by the Grom. He had used best medicines for the treatment and asked a priest from the church to heal him. Grom had played rough but he hadn’t injured any key or vital organs.

Moreover, Wang Tian Hu had stressed to Lord San that Master Theodore was backing Xiao Yu which made Lord San very obedient. Lord San was from very rich background but he knew that a power like sixth-rank magician wasn’t to be messed with.

In short, the three days passed very calm. Everyone began to prepare to rush to Kahn country for the event.

The reason many guests had come to Wang Tian Hu’s banquet was that in fact they were planning to participate in the flower event in the Kahn Country. The distance between Wang family’s territory and Kahn country was very close. It was about few hundred miles. They would be able to travel within a time-frame of a day if they used fast horses.

A strong country, principality or territory as a neighbor wasn’t a good thing. That’s why Wang Tian Hu was very careful with relations to Kahn country. He was planning to use Siwen’s marriage as a way to stablize relations with Kahn country. However, it seemed a bit difficult matter at the moment.

The carriages of the lords were parked at the gates of the Feng Yan City to travel together. Xiao Yu’s carriage was in the lead as he was the Grand Duke.

The lords were shocked when Xiao Yu’s carriage had come out at the start. They almost wanted to worship him. A luxury carriage with eight horses was the ultimate vehicle for any aristocrat. It was said that at its peak all the dukes of the Sky Lion Dynasty were using 8 pegasus horses to pull their carriages. However, it has been more than hundred years since such a carriage was seen in the dynasty.

It was very hard to get a single pegasus let alone 8 of them. So how did Lion town’s Lord get them?

Xiao Yu was lucky to acquire 8 pegasus horses. He had plundered dozens of band camps to collect them. Moreover, the horses came from Western Cloud Empire. That’s why they had to pass through Lion territory to get to the inland. It was lucky for Xiao Yu that his territory was the transit area for the merchants.

“A real Grand Duke! 8 Pegasus horses pulling the carriage! Stylish!”

“Yes! No wonder he dared to act so high against Wang Tian Hu in the feast! It is said that master Theodore is backing him too!”

“Look at those orc and elf guards! They were used by high aristocracy at the peak of the Sky Lion dynasty!”

Xiao Yu was focus of the countless chats.

It was known to everyone that Lion territory was on decline but no one knew about the specifics. They knew that Xiao Zhan Tian held too much power so he was politically exiled to the northwest to a barren territory.

But, it means that the Lion territory was developing well for Xiao Yu to act so high and mighty!

Tyrande didn’t enter the carriage but ride her white tiger. The elves who rid white tigers and leopards hadn’t appeared on the continent for hundreds of years. It was said that only the leaders of the elf race were meant to ride white tigers. Did it mean that the elf guard was a leader of the elf race? Did elves really obey Xiao Yu?

Xiao Yu’s carriage was the first to move while the other carriages followed after it.

They rested in a town for the night while by the noon of the next day they reached the capital city of the Kahn Country.

Xiao Yu’s eyes opened wide when he saw Bengal city. It was very magnificent!

“Geez! It’s awesome! They have been able to build so high walls with help of mechanical or electrical machinery!”

Because of the flower event the number of nobles that traveled to the Bengal city was a lot. However, great sensation was caused when Xiao Yu’s carriage entered the city.

“Who is that man to have 8 pegasus horses pull his carriage?”

“It is said that only the noble families with the ancient heritage can cobble together 8 pegasus horses! Even the Duke Sim can only have 2 pegasus horses in his carriage. The rest are only painted white!”

“Who is the duke? I haven’t heard that Grand Duke would come to participate in the event! He must be heir to a great family!”

“Maybe its someone who has come without a notice?”

“Orc? Are they orcs? Oh my God! It turned out to be orc guards! IT is said that it was considered to be a true noble when the ancient nobles traveled with orc guards!”

“Look at that white tiger! Is that an elf? Although the elf is wearing a cloak but those purplish eyes! IT’s an elf without a doubt! Who is this lord?”

Everyone was talking about him while Xiao Yu sat in his carriage and gently drank wine as he pondered about the troubles that were going to come.

He didn’t let the orcs cover their appearance as the information about him having orcs and elves would pass out sooner or later. Instead of later he chose the sooner version. This way he was going to cause an uproar.

Xiao Yu knew that there was a conspiracy as Hue was interested in him to come to Bengal City. Perhaps, the situation would turn into his favor if he came to the visit in a grand manner?

This way it was like advertising to everyone that a Grand Duke had arrived in Kahn country. If something had happened to him the there would be opportunist powers who would use his death as an excuse to make a crusade to Kahh country.

The Kahn country was powerful which meant it had a lot of enemies. If a proper excuse was found then many mid-level forces would be willing to come together to get rid of Kahn country for good and share its territory.

Wang Tian Hu had long booked place for themselves and Xiao Yu. The other lords had sent their messengers to book hotels or houses for their own families.

Xiao Yu and Wang Tian Hu came to the biggest hotel in the Bengal city. The hotel owner ran out to meet them.

The owner wasn’t there to meet Wang Tian Hu but Xiao Yu. Although Wang family wasn’t a small force but they weren’t enough to move him to the doors.

The owner didn’t know Xiao Yu so he didn’t dare to offend him. He would get punished if he didn’t go out to meet Xiao Yu in case Xiao Yu represented a great nobility.

The owner was surprised for a moment when he saw the Lion territory’s banner on top of Xiao Yu’s carriage. He knew the banner. He was very proficient in these topics as he had been in this business for a long time and communicated with a lot of powerhouses.

Who didn’t know the banner of Xiao Zhan Tian?

“I thought Xiao family is in decline. How come they are so grand? I was told that Lion territory isn’t even a third-rank territory… How could they use 8 pegasus horses as well as orc and elf guards?”

Although the owner was full of doubts but he came forward and spoke in a sincere tone: “Grand Duke, welcome! It’s our pleasure to host your stay in our hotel!”

The owner was more shocked when he saw a 17 or 18 year old boy get off from the carriage.

“Is he the grand duke?”

The owner would have thought that Xiao Yu was just a follow of the grand duke if he didn’t get off the carriage.

There was no expression on Xiao Yu’s face as he got off the carriage. He hadn’t experience such a grand city so he didn’t know what he was going to do. In addition, he knew that he was going to face a lot of trouble so he pondered about the solutions.

“Owner, arrange your best room for my sister-in-law.” Xiao Yu pointed to the second compartment where Siwen and her mother were.

“No problem Duke. Please followed me.” The owner led Xiao Yu into the hotel.

Envy burst out in Sihon’s heart when she saw Siwen treated by Xiao Yu in such a manner.

Originally, she was already jealous because Siwen was able to ride in such a luxurious carriage. Which women wouldn’t want to ride that carriage? It was the symbol of a real nobility.

It was enough to satisfy the inner vanity of Sihong just by enjoying the passer-by people look at her with envy and worship.

“Dear, be calm. It won’t take long for them to suffer the consequences.” Hue smiled as he stood by Sihong.

“She has to die! A cheap girl like her uses such a carriage and lives in such a room!”

“Dear they will get their lessons shortly.” Hue smiled like a fox while Wang Tian Hu frowned as he stood next to them. Wang Tian Hu looked imposing as a lord but in reality it wasn’t an easy job. He had to consider the well-being of the territory while keep the neighbors and enemies in check.

“Since the kid can come up with so many tricks then let him continue to show… I will stay out and observe how he copes with the troubles…”

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  1. I’m really looking forward to see him back to his territory
    or at least steal some gold from those bastards, he isn’t gaining anything dealing with Siwen problems

    1. I mean
      the whole trip was about Siwen mother getting “sick “and she wanted to see her daughter. In the freaking moment that they confirmed that she is not sick they should have gone back

  2. When is this stupid Siwen family drama going to end? It’s getting boring tbh… Also mc is flaunting borrowed strenght without any backup plan whatsoever… What if someone just won’t care about his borrowed strenght? What is he gonna do? Go cry at theodores door as a ghost? Also half this chapter is literally about mc’s horses, grunts, carriage, and elf………………………….. FFS like we haven’t heard these before author just keeps repeating himself huh…..

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