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Chapter 8

Xiao Yu didn’t go out for few days as he was thinking about which den of bandits to rob.

Xiao Yu had marked the locations of bandit dens on the map according to the information given to him by Fox. He was thinking about tactics and strategies while he waited for another 100 orc warriors to be produced. He was aware that he couldn’t successfully accomplish the next task with just 30 orc warriors.

Housekeeper Hong was guessing about Xiao Yu’s thoughts when he saw that Xiao Yu wasn’t coming out of his room. It had been several days and it was possible that Carrie would have sent scouts and spies. In that situation, the escape would become much more difficult.

He tried to persuade ladies quite a few times for the last few days but none of them were willing to leave. He was having a headache because of this.

Housekeeper Hong secretly looked at Xiao Yu to find out that Xiao Yu was studying a map in his room while muttering to himself: “Should I go here? Maybe there? Way too many people… Plains and flat terrains… It would be hard to escape if something happens…”

“So he is planning an escape route…and I was worried about him… Alas …” Housekeeper Hong sighed and left.

Barracks had produced 100 orc warriors and including 38 orc warriors from before the number of warriors had increased to 138.

The wounded two orc warriors hadn’t fully recovered yet. They had suffered serious injuries and it was the reality so it was naive to think that they would recover in few days.

If Xiao Yu had a healer then he could have treated the orc warriors rapidly. Otherwise, he could build a Voodoo Lounge and buy potions from there. However, at this point, Xiao Yu couldn’t even afford to buy a blacksmith let alone a Voodoo Lounge.

“I will start when I have 300 warriors.” Xiao Yu made up his mind regarding the attack.

He knew that he would have the chance to accomplish more after he reached the corporal rank.

Xiao Yu went out of his room when he finished the details of the attack plan. He stretched his legs and relaxed his body. Xiao Yu looked at the town and secretly made an oath that he won’t let it get destroyed.

Moreover, with the help of the game, he was planning to expand the territory and become a real lord.

He was walking along the street when he saw a mixed lighting emitted from a familiar room.

“Isn’t that fourth sister-in-law’s room? Is she bathing?” Xiao Yu knew that something was certainly having a bath.

That much of steam and light effect would be produced only when someone had a bath.

“Should I? Or not? It’s very unethical for a modern man like me to act so… I can’t act like that prodigal son and peek on beauties…”

Xiao Yu hesitated for a bit. After all, as a modern man, he was facing moral conflict. He was saying that all the sisters-in-law belonged to him but when it came to action the moral shackles of 20 years made him hesitate.

However, Xiao Yu felt a hot feeling rise in his lower abdomen as he looked at the steam blow out from the room.

“I’m very disappointed by this prodigal son’s body. It got on fire as soon as it saw steam blow out from the room. I have just crossed worlds and can’t control the body so it acts on instinct… So even if I peep to satisfy the needs of this body the blame should be credited to that prodigal son! What can I do if his body is tempted? There is only one way and that’s to take a peek…”

Xiao Yu decided that it was right to peep as the body was tempted and wanted to act so. If the soul of old Xiao Yu saw this scene it would cry out: “Also it is my body but you are the owner of the desires!”

Xiao Yu swallowed the saliva in his mouth and looked around. He saw there was no one so he quickly ran past. He activated the wind walk and entered the stealth mode as soon as he got close to the place.

He was by the corner of the room when he moved few stones and stepped on them to climb up.

The curls of steam were exuded from a little hole in the wall.

Old Xiao Yu had tried many times to peep at his sisters-in-law bath. That’s why he had dug a lot of holes in the bathroom. Most of them were closed or repaired but there were some that were still not covered.

And now Xiao Yu was using the most hidden and the best hole to peep.


Xiao Yu’s raised his head a bit and looked down from the hole. There were a huge bathtub and a beautiful woman present in his line of sight.


“It’s fourth sister-in-law! Indeed it is her! Oh my God! What a beautiful body…” Xiao Yu was feeling amazed as he looked at the scene. No wonder the old Xiao Yu was always trying to peek at them when they took a bath!

Although only half of body was exposed it was worth the risk. A beautiful crystal clear jade skin. That exquisite curvy body would bring endless temptation! Those long black hair were like satin! In short, all the primitive desires of Xiao Yu rose up in a matter of seconds.

In the old world, Xiao Yu would see the body of naked women only in movies. It was the first time for him to see one in real life.


Xiao Yu couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.

A slight sound was emitted from Xiao Yu’s throat but it attracted the fourth sister-in-law’s attention. Suesha turned around to look at the source of the sound. ( 雪纱 – Xue Sha, pronounced as Suuue Sha, means Snow Yarn)

Xiao Yu calmed down but was concerned even though he was in stealth mode. He didn’t dare to move as he would attract Suesha’s attention once more.


“What’s the matter?” Another voice echoed from the bathroom.


“Nothing. I just felt like someone was looking at us.” Fourth sister-in-law replied. She was a first-rank martial artist and as a result, her eyesight was far superior to a regular human. She could certainly see if someone was outside and peeping at them.

“That prodigal son is concerned about his own life so he certainly isn’t in here.” The voice said.

Xiao Yu judged from the tone of the voice that it was his fifth sister-in-law Siwen.

He didn’t expect both of them to be having a bath. He would be able to see two beauties bath tonight. Xiao Yu almost fainted from happiness.

However, he was in a location from where he couldn’t see fifth sister-in-law and only could peek at Suesha.

“If I had one more hole…” Xiao Yu was relieved to see that Suesha couldn’t detect his presence. He continued to stare inside.

“Hmpf! Speaking of that prodigal son… Although the situation of the territory wasn’t good, to begin with it wouldn’t reach this point without his help! The most important thing is that he actually… that bastard lost you in a gamble! BASTARD!” Suesha cussed at Xiao Yu in anger. Xiao Yu wasn’t concerned about her curses as he was more concentrated on peeking. In addition, she didn’t curse him but the old Xiao Yu.

“No need to talk about him. I’m a daughter-in-law of the Xiao family and I’ll be loyal to the family until the end. I would die here rather than lose family’s face. By the way, fourth-sister I heard that your father is a general. Why don’t you go back home and re-marry again? You can have a good life if you left the Xiao family.” Fifth-sister Siwen advised Suesha.

Suesha frowned: “I won’t go back. Not everyone is pleasing to my eyes. My husband was a good man but unfortunately… I don’t know why all the descendants of the Xiao family were good but this one has sprouted out like this…”

Siwen sighed: “It is inevitable to have such men in the family. Several of my brothers are like that too.”

“Unfortunately, other sisters aren’t willing to leave. There is a child ah. Although she is a girl she is flesh and blood of Xiao’s.” Suesha added.

Xiao Yu whispered to himself as he listened to their conversation: “Two sisters-in-law is enough too. I’ll protect them and provide them with sexual bliss! Oh no! Happiness!”

Suesha and Siwen stood up and came over to wear their clothes after a while.

“Oh My God.” Xiao Yu almost fainted. It was his first time seeing naked women’s body. He hit his head on the roof in excitement.

“Who is there?” Suesha snapped.

Xiao Yu knew that his location was leaked. He jumped down and quickly ran towards his own room using the wind walk.

Housekeeper Hong had made sure that Xiao Yu and his sisters-in-law’s rooms are totally separate for their protection. If it was old times, then Xiao Yu wouldn’t be able to run away. But now he was able to get back to his room.

At the same time, Suesha covered her body with a towel and quickly rushed out with her sword in hand. She leaped to the top of the roof but found out that there was no one. Her cold beautiful eyes turned towards Xiao Yu’s house.

By this time Xiao Yu had returned back to his room. He went into bed and wrapped himself in a quilt.


The door was kicked open.

Xiao Yu rubbed his eyes and held the quilt as he sat up. He pretended to be shocked: “Sister-in-law, what are you doing?”

Suesha looked at Xiao Yu with a trace of doubt. This prodigal son shouldn’t be able to come back and cover himself with a quilt on time if she thought about her own speed.

“Where were you?” Suesha asked as she pointed her sword towards Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu pretended to be in fear: “This… Fourth sister-in-law, what do you want? I was sleeping and you broke into my room. I’m not even wearing clothes… ah. If the rumors spread out what I am going to do in the future? … ”

Xiao Yu acted as if he was a little girl while Suesha was a brawny mad that broke in.

“You son of a… Are you wearing clothes?” Suesha looked at Xiao Yu while her chest went up and down. It was a feast for Xiao Yu’s eyes.

“I’m not wearing clothes. Sister-in-law, I’m used to sleeping naked. You know… To prove my innocence, I’ll let you take a look!”

Xiao Yu took away the quilt as soon as he finished talking.

Suesha turned her head as her face flushed red: “You little rascal!”

“Fourth sister-in-law you are wronging me! You were the one who broke into my room and you are calling me a rascal!” Xiao Yu said. At the same time, his eyes were observing every inch of Suesha’s body. She was covering her body with a towel and her hair was wet. The water drops were falling and soaking the towel.

Gulp~ Xiao Yu swallowed saliva once more.

“I will catch you!” Suesha remembered that she wasn’t wearing clothes. She turned and ran away.

“Hahaha… Little girl wanted to have a battle with this master…” Xiao Yu said in a proud tone after Suesha left.

Xiao Yu got up early the next day as he was going on the next mission to rob the bandits. Xiao Yu’s determination to develop his strength and territory had increased because of the charming scene from yesterday.

Fox was leading the way.

According to the information from Fox, the bandit group was quite large. They had four or five hundred bandits. Moreover, the leader of the group was a defeated general who had run away from the battlefield.

“I will get enough meritorious service points to reach corporal level if we kill them all.” Xiao Yu speculated.


Chapters 9 and 10 are very long and they have to be released together. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish them in a day’s time!


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  1. I just realized he should go Maiev instead of Tyrande and get blink so he literally becomes uncatchable. Frankly I am not even sure that the best choice would be elves. If he goes into the Human tree he can get either pyro or Archmage who have the insane AOE that would easily turn the tide of any fight. Also you can factor in the fact that the humans fit in easily with his actual army. When he builds the war mill he really wants then that solves his ranged problem by allowing him to get headhunters if i am remembering my tech trees. I have to see I have been against the majority of his decisions however as i would have preferred about any other orc hero to the Blade Master knowing he could get Thrall or Cairne

      1. I researched when i did translation to make sure that skill names are right. So blademaster’s don’t have OmniSlash skill but in the novel Grom uses it. So its a bit of mix from everything. Moreover, the ranks.. Originally there are 14 ranks but in this novel there are only 11 commander ranks.

    1. Except that he doesn’t have the time to upgrade to that point where he can use their soldiers in the upcoming battle – Archers are low tier, low cost and easy to get in the short amount of time + they can sit on the walls during the expected siege and swat scrubs like it’s nothing.

      Plus they’re night elves… Instant harem-army!

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