WOWFRD – Ch 79

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Chapter 79

“Stop!” Wang Tian Hu stood up in anger. Beating someone in this hall was same as giving a slap to him in the face.

Grom didn’t care about Wang Tian Hu’s command as he fiercely continued to punch the fat man. Grom wouldn’t stop unless it was Xiao Yu who commanded him.

“Xiao Yu, what are you doing?” Wang Tian Hu roared.

Xiao Yu stood up and spoke in cold tone: “Nothing, uncle Wang! I’m not acting against you but I don’t like when someone threatens me or my family members. I won’t have any objections if someone can kill me and feed my body to dogs! But don’t use low-level threats to scare me! I have already said that anyone who dares to pressure me or my family members have to step over my corpse… My words aren’t wind!”

Wang Tian Hu was surprised so hear such words from Xiao Yu’s mouth. He saw Xiao Zhan Tian’s shadow overlap with Xiao Yu.

Xiao Zhan Tian was like this back then too. Either Xiao Zhan Tian would die or the enemy!

Wang Tian Hu naturally understood what Xiao Yu was trying to tell.

At the same time, guards from outside the gate rushed in. However, Wang Tian Hu waved them to exit.

“Nephew Yu this happened in my Wang family. Give me face and order him to stop. Otherwise, I won’t be able to face Xiao Zhan Tian in the otherworld.”

Xiao Yu waved and Grom immediately stopped. However, Grom spitted out and spoke: “Do you dare to buy us, orcs? Next time, I will break you apart and give my brothers to eat! The fat meat which is baked at oil is our favorite!”

Grom was using the threats which seemed similar to Xiao Yu’s stlye.

The fat lord couldn’t help but think when he heard Grom’s words: “They really eat humans! If I get caught I will be baked!”

Wang Tian Hu waved: “Get treatment for Lord San Kun!”

The guards came over and few people began to drag the fat man out.

There was silence in the hall for a while. No one spoke out as all of them understood that there was a contradiction between Xiao Yu and Wang Tian Hu.

However, many of them invited by Wang Tian Hu just for feast and didn’t know the hostility between both sides.

Wang Tian Hu had arranged a lot of tricks but when he saw Xiao Yu’s reaction he knew that he couldn’t use them. Xiao Yu had clearly shown his attitude.

Originally, Wang Tain Hu wasn’t afraid of Xiao Yu. However, he had affection towards Xiao Zhan Tian. In addition, there was the problem of Master Theodore. As a result, he didn’t dare to make a direct move on Xiao Yu.

All he wanted to do was to achieve best for the Wang family by re-marrying Siwen. He didn’t want to do anything bad to Xiao family.

At first, he thought that everything would go smoothly. But who would think that Xiao Yu would turned out to be a hooligan lord?

“Xiao family doesn’t have a coward as a head!” Wang Tian Hu sighed.

He was considering to use tricks to finish their relationship with the Xiao family. However, it seems that Xiao family wasn’t in decline. Moreover, Xiao Yu was able to command orcs and elves. Perhaps Xiao family would rise once again!

“Dear guests! Lord San Kun’s father is my friend. Lord Xiao Yu’s father was my friend too! We are all friends in here.. It’s just they hadn’t had exchanges between them and a misunderstanding happened. It’s my mistake and I will punish myself with three cups of wine!” Wang Tian Hu quickly controlled the situation and changed the topic to turn away attention of the guests.

At the same time Wang Tian Hu winked at Hue to stop for good.

“Lord Tian Hu, are you prepared to participate in the even at the Kahn country?” One of the lords said.

Wang Tian Hu laughed: “I haven’t figured out what to take as a gift. The Lord Sim of the Kahn country is a prideful man and I can’t take shabby gifts.”

“Yes. This time the event will coincide with Lord Sim’s 60th birthday. I’m afraid we will be troubled with choice of gifts.”

“Yes, the flower event happens once in every four years. Moreover, this time it will coincide with Lord Sim’s birthday so there will be a grand celebration. I’m planning to take few of my children for them to see the event. If I can find a suitable noble then I’m planning to marry them.”

“Haha, that’s right.”

The people began to chat about the flower event that was going to happen in Kahn country. Xiao Yu was interest in the event. He would love to visit a Grand Duchy and see the style of life in the city.

But he was unfamiliar with the Lord Sim. Moreover, at best he was planning to go as a normal tourist.

“Lord Xiao, do you want to see the flower event? I have heard that you have been planning to see the city. It will be a rare event.” Hue began to talk out of blue.

Xiao Yu was surprised to see Hue talk. He knew that there was a deep hatred between them and Hue’s speech was unexpected. It seems that he was planning something.

Xiao Yu wanted to go but when he heard Hue talk he changed his mind: “I won’t go this time. My territory is busy recently. I will take my sister-in-law and leave after a while.”

Hue quickly added: “Why do you want to leave so quickly? You have just arrived. Moreover the event is in three days. The Wang family will go there too so there would be no one to entertain you. Moreover, I heard Siwen has been looking forward to attend this event since childhood but didn’t have the chance to visit.”

Xiao Yu knew that something was wrong when Hue used Siwen as a pretext: “Sister-in-law has been back for a day. I think she will choose to spend time with her mother instead of going to an event.”

Hue immediately replied: “This time her mother will go to. Siwen would honor her mother by accompanying her. Isn’t it right, father-in-law?”

Wang Tian Hu hesitated as he listened to Hue’s words. He had yet to calculate the gains and losses regarding Xiao Yu so he hadn’t made any plans. As a result he didn’t give an exact answer but just said ‘ah’.

Hue smiled: “Lord Yu, Siwen will go. Are you planning to stay in here?”

“Your mother!” Xiao Yu cussed in his heart. Hue was too shameless… However, if Siwen went then he had to follow by her side so that she wasn’t ‘stolen’ on the way.

“I’m not afraid of any tricks… Moreover, death is a better choice if I can’t protect Siwen!”

Xiao Yu smiled: “Since it is so then I have to see the legendary flower event!”

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  1. i don’t think that Siwen is worth his time
    i mean, for christ sake woman just say it “I WANT TO BACK TO THE FREAKING XIAO FAMILY” but no
    even with the mc protection she don’t have the guts to say what she wants and expect people just fight for her

    1. dude they havent even tried to force her to do anything yet, if you havent noticed its all just tricks, double-meaning and typical noble political drama, nothing explicit has been said. She hasnt been given an ultimatum. This is her fukken family, her birth family. She wont just say shit like that until they actually tell her, “marry this prick for us and give birth to his children you little slut”. That’s what we’ll know what kind of woman she really is, how she responds to that.

      1. It doesn’t change the fact that this whole sh*t is a massive waste of time… Mc wasting time on this family drama sh*t while he could have expended his army instead… He didn’t have to let Siwen go back to her family, it’s not like the Wang family could attack them at Lion city… Author throwing fortious events while on the road doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a massive waste of time… Author also knew it was a massive waste of time for mc to be gone from his territory for so long, so he threw a dragon and assassin maid to him + ties with Theodore… Wonder what more will the author throw at mc, i doubt it will end with just these… It’s just a sorry excuse to give this pointless trip a value… If siwen missed her mother so much mc could have brough her mother to Lion city in 6 months or at max a year later when he expanded his army to such a size that no one can rebute him… But nope lets go with the stupid family drama face slapping time instead haha… Fking cliche chinese shit that we have in %90 of these chinese novels…..

    2. Remember the times like a medieval age (with fantasy) where the woman has no voice or vote (But the novel reads “the taming of the litle fierce ” that shows you how they see the women in that epoch) Apart the father treats both his daughter and his wife as an object, therefore she was raised in that environment (family and social position ) and she remained so. Really psychologically well posed for me.

  2. This whole arc is almost completely meaningless lol. It’s like people who are level 5 and decided to start going to high-level zones just to sight-see… Like wtf, go back and level to max, then you can see everything you Noob!

    1. I know right? It’s just your cliche ‘face slapping the shameless people drama time’ that we have in almost all of these chinese novels… Even the author knows it’s a massive waste of time so he is throwing all these ‘encounters’… Somehow he gains a dragon, assassin maid and ties with an op magician… I doubt it will stop there, bet author will throw even more at mc to prove that this whole trip wasn’t a massive waste of time. Tbh it’s just a sorry excuse to cover authors lack of imagination… It’s just glitter sprinkled on sh*t but no matter how much glitter author uses it doesn’t change the fact that there is still sh*t under all that glitter…

  3. I like the story about the Orcs and Elves but feel pity and sad for them as they served a despicable dirt bag shameless person. I have to endured this mc disgusting display and behavior in this novel as I only like the part of the two races, magic and war.

  4. Mc is acting like he owns the world without the ability to back it up… So what if he is using the name of Theodore to wipe his ass? You press on peoples nerves like that and at some point there will be someone who won’t care about the consequences… Then mc can go and cry at theodores feet all he wants as a ghost who didn’t know his own limits…. No matter how much you cry for Theodore it won’t matter for sh*t when you are dead…

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