WOWFRD – Ch 78

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Chapter 78

Naturally, no one would believe Xiao Yu’s words. Do you think that we are children to believe your story that the god of orcs and elves told you that you are the greatest hero of this era?

Nevertheless, it was very strange to see orcs and elves obey Xiao Yu.

“I think that having orc guards is very rare. Can you open our eyes by showing the elf guard of yours?” Wang Tian Hu spoke to attract the interest of other lords.

The orcs were powerful but elves were aesthetic and noble. They wanted to see them. All the aristocrats desired male or female elves as private pets.

Xiao Yu shook his head in helpless manner: “Although I’m their ruler but I can’t suppress their individual choices. Otherwise, they will revolt against me. Moreover, sometimes they don’t even listen to me when my orders push their bottom line.”

All the lords nodded as they listened to Xiao Yu’s words. They have heard that elves had temper and wouldn’t follow every order. The elf had to be trained as a servant and lose its nature since childhood. Otherwise, even the elven prisoners would keep their arrogance even if they were taken as captives.

“Would Duke Xiao Yu think about selling some of the elf slaves to me? I would like to offer a high price.” Another lord said. It was a normal topic for the aristocrats to chat about sale of slaves between each other.

Xiao Yu was disgusted with this behaviour. However, he couldn’t shot it open. He could only reply: “I can’t help with that. If I ordered them slavery then the elves would leave me as its very offensive to them. Moreover, they would become my enemy. I can’t go with short-term interests while not considering long-term benefits of having elf guards.”

Some nodded while listening to Xiao Yu’s words. However, there were some that pondered about other ways to grab those elves. Don’t want to sell? Then I will send people to catch and bring them back as slave!

Xiao Yu had expected this problem since he planned to come out to world about the existence of orcs and elves in his territory. There would be adventurers who wouldn’t be afraid of neither death nor arrest and would come over to capture elves. But, Xiao Yu had arranged bases in the vicinity of each other. Moreover there were watch towers. In addition, hunters would tour on daily basis. A normal adventurer would be found out almost dozens of kilometers away from the base.

In addition, Xiao Yu had given a strict order. Any adventurer that dared to catch elf or orc to be killed on spot! The strength of elves and orcs were becoming powerful as time passed. As a result, normal adventurers weren’t their opponents. Additionally, Xiao Yu had banned both orcs and elves to go out alone. That’s why even a powerful warrior had come over the base would be able to kill him.

They had Glaive Throwers and Demolishers which could be used to cut down even a powerful warrior.

Xiao Yu had made sure that the Glaive Throwers could be used by orcs during the battle so he wasn’t worried about anything.

All the guests that were present talked about elves and orcs. Most of them were interested in buying them but Xiao Yu answered in a simple way – I don’t sell!

Xiao Yu pointed out that the relationship between him and orcs, elves was based on cooperation. He couldn’t restrain them. He said that he was irresponsible if any of them tried to provoke orcs or elves under his command.

In addition, many lords began to take a liking to Xiao Yu and tried to make contacts with him because of his manners, etiquette and conversation style. He was mysterious in their eyes.

Xiao Yu found out that most of the lords that were invited by Wang Tian Hu were just guests and didn’t come to deal with him.

Suddenly a vulgar voice echoed through the hall.

“Lord Xiao, you aren’t giving us face! What is one or two elf slaves worth? Why are you being stingy? Are you looking down at us?”

Xiao Yu turned around to see a fat man provocatively looking at himself.

Xiao Yu looked at the fat man: “Lord, may I know your mother’s name?”

The lord was about to tell his mother’s surname to show off to scare Xiao Yu but he understood that Xiao Yu was scolding him.

“Do you dare to play around with me? Do you think that you are worth something? Do you think that you are something just because you have the title of duke? I will buy your elves and orcs! I would like to see if you don’t sell them to me! I will make a whore out of that beautiful elf maid and share her with everyone in here!” The fat man said in anger.

Xiao Yu looked at the fat man in a calm manner. He knew that the man wasn’t acting on his own but there was a shadow behind him that was pulling the strings.

Xiao Yu’s eyes rolled around to look at Hue. He saw that there was a proud smile on the man’s face. Xiao Yu instantly understood the matter behind the fat man’s arrogance.

It seems that Wang Tian Hu hadn’t given up on marrying Siwen and was planning to use the strength of others to suppress himself.

“You are quiet shameless. I told you to back off yesterday but you still dare to think that you will be able to marry Siwen… Don’t blame this young master!” Xiao Yu whispered to himself in anger.

“Do you want to buy my orcs? Alright, buy as long as you can afford the price.” Xiao Yu said as he sipped from the wine.

“I don’t just want to buy your orcs but that elf maid too! I will make the most obedient slave out of her!” The fat man said in a proud manner: “What’s the price? I’m the richest in here!”

The fat man stood up and proudly looked at xiao Yu.

“It’s not about gold coins this time. The price is different.” Xiao Yu said in a ridiculing tone.

“What’s the problem? There is nothing that I can’t afford to buy!” The man still continued in a high manner.

“It’s not much… My orc guard will play around with you. If you don’t seek mercy within hundred blows then he is yours. Similarly, others who wants to buy my orcs guards can come out too. If they get alive from the battle then they can take them!” Xiao Yu winked at Grom.

Grom had followed Xiao Yu for a while so he was aware of Xiao Yu’s despicable style.

Grom jumped out from Xiao Yu’s side. The fat man didn’t have time to respond when Grom grabbed him and threw him out. A man of few hundred pounds weighted like a chicken to Grom.

He shot out and caught the guy and pressed onto the ground. Grom’s large fists began to smash down on the fatty.

Ah~ Ah~

The man howled while Grom’s punches landed on his arms.

Grom’s fists were so powerful that even several humans couldn’t withstand the impact.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

Grom didn’t aim at head, chest or other vital parts instead focused on the fatty’s limbs.

Ah~ Ah~ Ah~

Fat lord howled like a pig and his voice echoed throughout the hall. Everyone was shocked. They didn’t expect that Xiao Yu would dare to hurt someone in a feast given by the Wang family in the city’s administrative hall!

Wang Tian Hu was shocked too. He knew that Xiao Yu acted like a hooligan and didn’t follow common sense. However, he didn’t expect Xiao Yu to be so bold to beat his guest in front of others.

Wang Tian Hu just wanted to pressure and suppress Xiao Yu’s arrogance. He wanted Xiao Yu to understand that even if he had several orcs or elves the reality didn’t change. The Lion town was a declining power.

But Wang Tian Hu didn’t expect to face such a sight!

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