WOWFRD – Ch 77

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Chapter 77

The next day a person was send to ask Xiao Yu to attend a banquet for him.

Normally, Wang Tian Hu would never have such a special banquet for a lord of a declining territory like Xiao Yu. However, Wang Tain Hu had taken interest and was curious about xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu was also aware that today’s banquet wouldn’t be simple and limited to meals so he was fully prepared. He took Antonidas, Grom and ten grunts with him. The orcs weren’t wearing cloaks but their armors. They carried their giant axes as they moved to the banquet location.

Wang Tian Hu chose the city’s administrative hall as the location for the banquet instead of Wang mansion. It was to show that Duke Xiao Yu wasn’t treated badly in his territory. Yesterday, Xiao Yu was furious with his words so Wang Tian Hu had to make sure that he treated Xiao Yu well because of his title of Grand Duke.

The self-esteem of nobles was strong. Even the declining aristocrats maintained their dignity.

The hall of the city administration building was a bit away from the place where xiao Yu lived. That’s why he sat in his luxury carriage and traveled there.

Xiao Yu was told by the bandits that this carriage was meant for the emperor of some empire. He couldn’t verify the truth of this claim but he believed that ordinary nobles couldn’t afford such a carriage.

Eight pegasuses pulled the carriage while grunts, Grom and magician went as part of the convoy. It was absolutely mesmerizing sight.

People thought that the emperor of the Sky Lion Dynasty had come to visit Feng Yan city when Xiao Yu’s carriage passed through the streets of the city.

Wang Tian Hu personally came to greet Xiao Yu at the gates of the hall with respect to his status as a grand duke.

Wang Tian Hu was stunned when he saw everything that Housekeeper Mo told to him in his own eyes. Listening was one thing but seeing another!

He was jealous because of the eight pegasuses. Wang Tian Hu had used his connections to get such horses but was able to only find pureblood horses. He was aware that having 8 horses pull a carriage was a status symbol too!

“HaHaHa… Uncle Wang is too polite. Why did you came to meet me at the gates? The words that I said last time was meant for the fatty! I wouldn’t dare to talk to you in that manner” Xiao Yu politely said as he got off the carriage.

Wang Tian Hu smiled: “Nephew Yu has inherited your father’s title. So meeting you is equivalent to paying respect to Xiao Zhan Tian!”

Wang Tian Hu cussed in his heart: “Do you think I would come to greet you at the gates if you didn’t make such a fuss last time? Moreover, I’m here because of your father but not you!”

Wang Tian Hu was anxious as he looked at the grunts and Grom by Xiao yu’s side. Although he was told by Housekeeper Mo that Xiao Yu had orc guards but didn’t expect them to be such. Moreover, Grom had a different aura which made him look like an orc leader.

“Where did Xiao Yu got so many orcs? I see that heh have an orc leader as your bodyguard. The relationship between orcs and humans isn’t good. How could they agree to become his bodyguards?” Wang Tian Hu was puzzled. However, he wasn’t in hurry to ask Xiao Yu as he knew he would have a chance to question him.

Xiao Yu entered the hall with Grom and Antonidas while ten grunts waited outside by the carriage.

Many people had run after the carriage until the hall. They looked at luxury carriage and pointed at grunts. Most of them were asking about the identity of the lord who had come to visit their territory.

Xiao Yu entered the hall with Wang Tian Hu. There were many lords and influential people who had come to meet Xiao Yu and attend the banquet.

Everyone greet Xiao Yu and bowed in respect because of his status as a Grand Duke. There were few people in the empire who Xiao Yu had to greet first.

Xiao Yu smiled and was modest as Wang Tian Hu introduced him to the others. He followed the etiquette and norms and didn’t act like a hooligan!

Xiao Yu saw that Wang Tian Hu had invited way too many influential people. He whispered secretly in his heart: “I don’t think all of them are here to meet me… How many lords has this bastard invited? He isn’t up to any good..”.

Most of these people would look down on the Lord of the Lion Town but they had to bow because of the Grand Duke title. Moreover, they respected Xiao Zhan Tian who was a hero of his time!

Moreover, they saw Xiao Yu’s decent response. They knew that Xiao family was in decline but their heir seemed to be a youth of vision.

The guests were very curious about Grom who was standing next to Xiao Yu. The orcs were very rare and seeing a bodyguard was a rarity too.

Xiao Yu saw Earl Yun and Hue from yesterday’s meeting. Earl Yun smiled as he greeted Xiao Yu. It was as if Xiao Yu hadn’t degreded him yesterday at all. Xiao Yu sighed as he saw that people who were involved in politics had thick skin.

In addition, Xiao Yu got to know that Hue was Siwen’s second sister Sihong’s husband. Hue wasn’t as thick faced as Earl Yun. He was angered when he knew that Sihong was slapped by Xiao Yu’s female guard. He wanted to fight with Xiao Yu. It was Wang Tian Hu who asked him to act properly.

Everyone got onto their seats. Xiao Yu sat in the second highest position only to Wang Tian Hu. The people chat with each other while none looked at Xiao Yu. However, people still looked at Grom and wondered where Xiao Yu had got orc bodyguards.

They didn’t dare to ask Xiao Yu and Xiao Yu was too lazy to get involved with them. He just sat there wondering about ways to deal with Wang Tian Hu during the banquet without making everything too troublesome.

The feast began not long after. Everyone began to say toasts. Some of them gave toasts to Xiao Yu and he politely returned back with good words.

Wang Tian Hu waved his hand to gestured the people to be quiet. He looked at xiao Yu: “All of the guests know that Wang family have set up banquet for my brother, Imperial Marshas, Grand Duke Xiao Zhan Tian’s sixth son Xiao Yu! Please raise your cups to show respect to Xiao family!”

Everyone raised their cups after Wang Tian Hu’s words. All of his words were true. Moreover, Xiao Zhan Tian wouldn’t end up in such a remote place if not for political conspiracies.

People worshipped heroes and Xiao Zhan Tian was the best hero of the recent era!

Wang Tian Hu looked at Xiao Yu: “We all are aware that Xiao Zhan Tian was a hero! Nephew Yu is a great leader too! Lion town have been striving well under his leadership! I would like to consult and talk about governance with him.”

Xiao Yu whispered in his heart: “Here it begins.”

Xiao Yu smiled and said: “Uncle Wang is too polite. How can I be compared to Uncle Wang? There are millions of people in Wang territory. The land is fertile too. My territory has only barren lands and surrounded by the mountains. We can only hunt and mine!”

Wang Tian Hu listened to Xiao Yu and continued: “Nephew is being too modest and humble. Even the emperors can’t have orcs and elves as their bodyguards. What about them? Can you give us tips? Can you share the secret with us? OR is it possible for us to buy some orcs?”

Xiao Yu smiled as he immediately replied: “Lion territory is in a remote place. However, emperor have sealed Ankagen mountains to Xiao family! Our lands are barren but mountains are rich. There are demonic beasts, trolls, orcs, elves and other creatures. One day, I went out to hunt in the mountains. I met an elf and orc who told me that they were gods of elves and orcs! They told me that I will be the hero of the future generation so they decided me to command elves and orcs and lead them to a good future. My heart couldn’t bear the situation when I saw that the elves and orcs have fallen down to such low circumstances. I agreed to their request and became the king of orcs and elves.”

Xiao Yu said word by word. If anyone didn’t believe him then they could find other explanations. He just didn’t care. If there was no other explanation then it was proof that he was the greatest hero of this era! He was the wisest lord!

Everyone looked at each other after they listened to Xiao Yu’s speech.

Moreover, there were no more people who had elves and orcs as bodyguards so they couldn’t verify Xiao Yu’s claim but follow it.
This chapter was co-produced by Paulo Silva

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  5. He just declared himself king of orcs and elves, which means he declared himself a sovereign. That further means, that he declared himself to be in open rebellion against the current empire. Just like Yuan Shu did in the 3 kingdoms period of China. That means every person in that room and in the empire not only can attack him, but are obligated to do so.

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