WOWFRD – Ch 76

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Chapter 76

“Did you hear that? Miss Siwen is back and she has brought up a lot gifts. Check my necklace. Do you see it? It costs thousands of gold coins and 4th miss just gave it to me!”

“Yes, she gave me a bracelet which costs few thousand gold coins too. Miss Siwen didn’t begrudge us instead she rewarded us! She is too sweet!”

“Is she really back? Didn’t they tell that Lion town is a declining territory? How could she come back with so many riches?”

“What do you mean declining territory? It’s said that the territory is made from gold. The Lord is an incredible and rich man! Miss Siwen’s bed is made out of gold!”

“Yes… They say that Lord has elf and orc bodyguards. They had a dragon! I saw it.. It’s small but its very cute!”

The whole family was aware that 4th miss was back and had brought a lot of good gifts. Now everyone was rushing towards the small courtyard to get anything they could.

“What’s happening?” A woman was sitting in the middle of a small courtyard.

“2nd miss, 4th miss has come back and giving out expensive gifts!” Maid next to the woman said.

“What the hell is she thinking about? I was planning to remarry her to get benefits for the Wang family but she is…”

2nd Miss of the Wang family Sihong was very jealous when she heard her maid’s reply. 4th miss was her youngest sister and she had always bullied her.

2nd miss was the most favored daughter in the family. She was able to make sure that Wang Tian Hu married Siwen to the remote place. It was like marrying into a dead corpse. However, she couldn’t accept the way Siwen had come back.

“Take me to see her.” Sihong raised her chin in an arrogant way. “I haven’t seen her for few years.”

2nd miss came towards the small courtyard with her maid. Sihong saw lots of maids and her sisters coming out from the courtyard. All of them were holding ornaments, cosmetics, perfumes, clothes and so on. Sihong had married into a nearby noble family. As a result, she had attended a lot of large banquets and knew about the quality and value of commodities.

She raised her eyebrows when she saw the things gifted to the maids. It was a glimpse from Sihong but she was able to determine that none of the gifts were counterfeit.

There were few fake products in this era. However, you could determine those through a glance as the quality of production was very low.

“2nd miss.” The maids respectfully greeted Sihong the moment they saw her.

Sihong asked: “Did 4th miss gift those to you?”

One of the maids replied: “Yes, 2nd miss. 4th miss brought back a lot of things. I heard that she had prepared a special gift for you!”

“What kind of things I haven’t seen? What kind of special gift that country bumpkin prepare for me? Are you so happy with those counterfeit gifts?” Sihong said as her face sank.

Sihong was a jealous woman. She liked to bully, ridicule and mock her sisters. Now, when she saw the girl she had bullied all time along come back in such a way had hurt her pride. She was angry and jealous. Even if you poured down the water of oceans the fire burning in her heart wouldn’t extinguish.

The maids saw that 2nd miss was angry so they quietly sneaked away.

All of the maids of the Wang family had seen a lot of things within the mansion. They were aware that 2nd miss tried to label those gifts as counterfeit but all of them were original!

The knew that 2nd miss was jealous and they didn’t want to get in contact with her while she was in such a mood. So they made the wisest choice by quietly going away.

“Isn’t that the perfume which I have been dreaming about? It costs more than 5000 gold coins..” Sihong saw a maid holding a perfume bottle and walking away. She remembered the faint taste of the perfume.

Why would a maid use such a perfume?

“Stop.” Sihong shouted.

The maid stopped: “2nd miss.”

“You using such a fake perfume is like throwing away the dignity of the Wang family! Give it to me, I’ll throw it away!” Sihong grabbed the perfume bottle.

“Ah … 2nd miss?” The maid almost cried. However, she couldn’t get reconciled with the idea of being robbed of her perfume that was gifted by Siwen.

“What? Roll away!” Sihong shouted.

“Yes.” The maid went away. The other maids also quickly ran away as they feared that 2nd miss would snatch their gifts.

“Damn it.” Sihong smelled the perfume bottle while her eyes turned towards the small courtyard.

“How come Siwen gifts these away just like that? Is Lion town so rich that they just throw out stuff like these? I heard that even the birds don’t poop over there as it’s that poor!”

Sihong entered the small courtyard as doubts emerged in her head.

The maid of the courtyard immediately reported Sihong to Siwen and her mother.

Siwen was afraid of Sihong since childhood. She stood up and greeted her immediately.

“Sister, welcome.” Siwen slightly bent when she faced Sihong.

Sihong looked at Siwen with jealously. The clothes Siwen was wearing made Sihong look like a country bumpkin!

The jealousy burning in Sihong’s heart could burn all the Wang territory in this instant!

“Siwen you look good! You have come back and haven’t come to greet your 2nd sister!” Sihong spoke as if Siwen had done wrong.

Siwen replied: “I came to mother’s house first. I was planning to visit sister later.”

Sihong sat in a chair and looked at the table in front of Siwen. There were lots of jewelry, and riches that were piled like garbage. All of them were expensive things.

“So you just came back? I heard that you have been giving gifts since your return.” Sihong said in a bitter tone.

Siwen quickly said: “I have prepared an excellent gift for you. Please wait a moment.”

Siwen quickly took a fine box and handed it to Sihong.

Sihong opened the box. A light flash and illuminated her face. It was a jewelry produced by Fong workshop and only hundreds of them were made. Everything used in the production were the highest quality jewels from the oceans. “Heart of the Sea!” Sihong’s hands slightly trembled as she whispered.

Sihong’s chest violently went up and down. She calmed down after a while but there wasn’t not a bit of joy in her face. It actually turned more gloomy as she put the box on a table and shouted in anger: “Are you trying to fool me with this rubbish? Do you think that I have never seen such things? Do you think that I’m an idiot? You have been away for few years and think that you have grown wings, don’t you?”

Sihong got more furious as she spoke. She knew that Heart of the Sea was real. Actually, she didn’t dare even to dream to get that jewerly in her lifetime. She was furious and angry because Siwen was able to afford and even gift away stuff like this which she couldn’t even touch!

What is jealousy?

Sihong got angry as she stepped forward and tried to slap Siwen out of habit.

Siwen stared at Sihong without a reaction. She couldn’t even get her courage to dodge. She was submissive since childhood and it was a habit that she had developed. She knew that she didn’t have qualifications to fight with Sihong. Her father would punish Siwen even if she resisted.

As a result, Siwen didn’t dare to fight back!

But this time Sihong’s slap didn’t hit Siwen’s face. Sihong’s wrist was caught by a strong grip of a slender hand. It was as if she was clutched by an iron hoop. Sihong couldn’t move her hand.

She turned her head to see a woman wearing a black cloak and covering her face with a mask. Only the eyes of the women were exposed.

“Who the hell are you? Do you dare to stop me? I’ll make sure that your legs are broken!” Sihong got more furious when she saw someone else dare to stop her from slapping Siwen.


In response, Sihong got slapped in the face.

The slap was so powerful that Sihong flew back and hit the table.

She couldn’t speak for sometime as she felt having problem with breathing. The moment she recovered she got into another shock as all the hair in Sihong’s body jumped up.

There was a sharp arrow aiming at her!

Sihong was aware that if the owner’s finger loosened she would be on the next train to hell.

There was no feeling in the eyes of the longbow’s owner. It was as if she would kill her without hesitation. Siwen’s voice echoed: “Don’t.”

If not for Siwen’s words then Sihong’s life would have finished there.

Sihong’s body stiffened as she didn’t dare to move. She knew that a subtle action would end up killing herself.

Right now, she could only rely on Siwen’s help/

“Siwen…she!… Tell her to put down bow and arrow… we are sister…what…” Sihong’s voice trembled as she mumbled.

“Tyrande.. don’t kill her… she wouldn’t hurt me!” Siwen touched Tyrande’s arm to appease her anger.

Tyrande looked at Siwen: “Are you sure that I shouldn’t kill her? Master ordered me to protect you from any arm. I’ll kill anyone that wants to harm you!”

Siwen said: “She won’t hurt me. Don’t kill her! I know that xiao Yu told you to protect me but you don’t have to kill.”

Sihong felt desperate when she listened to Siwen’s speech. Who the hell that woman with bow and arrows? She dared to kill Sihong in Wang territory! Who was her master?

How much power and courage did her master have to dare to give such an order?

Tyrande slowly took back her arrow and bow and coldly said: “If you come close to miss Siwen by three steps then my arrow will penetrate through your skull!”

Sihong nodded as if she was a chicken eating rice. She tried to stand up but couldn’t.

Siwen ordered Sihong’s maid to help her. Sihong felt that she wouldn’t be able to stand up on her own.

Sihong didn’t want to stay in the courtyard for a moment as she looked at Tyrande’s cold eyes.

“4th sister…I … I will go now.” Sihong turned to leave the courtyard. She didn’t forget the gift that Siwen had given her. However, a dagger touched her fingertip the moment she tried to grab the gift.

Sihong raised her head so see Leah holding the dragon. Both of them were coldly staring at her. She didn’t dare to stay in the courtyard as she grabbed from maid’s arm and escaped.

Sihong didn’t return back to her own courtyard but went to see her father.

“Father! Father! Please help me!” Sihong’s voice echoed out as Wang Tian Hu and Housekeeper Mo were about to finish their chat.

Wang Tian Hu raised his eyebrows: “Let her in.”

The door opened and Sihong run in to grab Wang Tian Hu’s sleeve: “Father! Father! Someone wanted to kill me!”

“Who was it? Who dares to kill you in Wang mansion? Who is so courageous? Guards, get ready to catch the assassin!” Wang Tain Hu turned angry as he shouted.

“It was 4th sister. I went to kindly see her but her maid wanted to kill me. She even slapped me in the face. Look at my swollen face! She dared to point an arrow at me and try to kill me!” Sihong cried as she pointed to her face: “Father, 4th sister is too arrogant! Look at me father! Please punish her and bring justice!”

Wang Tian Hu was angry but when he heard Sihong he just slowly sat back on his chair. The guards came in but he waved them off: “Go away, everything is alright.”

“father! Father? What do you mean everything is alright? She wanted to kill me! Don’t you care about me?” Sihong looked at Wang Tian Hu’s face. She would always bully Siwen and compain to her father in the past. Her father would always punish Siwen.

What has happened? Siwen’s maid tried to kill her but her father didn’t even want to make a move!

Wang Tian Hu calmly said as he looked at Sihong: “You don’t go and provoke Siwen from now on!”


This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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  1. Thanks for the chapter 😀 btw there is a slight error at the end.
    Wang Tian Hu calmly said as he looked at Siwen: “You don’t go and provoke Siwen from now on!”
    It should be
    Wang Tian Hu calmly said as he looked at Sihong: “You don’t go and provoke Siwen from now on!”

    1. You are right. In fact, I don’t really care if MC abandon him. She keep defending her Wang family.

  2. So Siwen turned out to be timid moron… Why did she even want to go back to her family knowing all this? There’s literally only her mother who has real ties with her… She should have just come with the determination to take her mother away instead of being all timid and shit…

    Also why did mc got so happy earning a 50k gold worth magic necklace? He just literally gifted like 500k+ worth of items to wang family and the maids DAFUQ!? Doesn’t he need money? Why dafuq is he not selling these to traders? He gambled for 50k but gave away 5k worth parfumes to insignificant maids ffs!!!! He already gave 10 times the number he gambled back to wang family what kind of idiocy is this!?

    1. Because it was a MAGIC necklace that increased his mage’s power by 1/3rd… The ones he’s throwing about now are just regular jewelry that are useless besides coaxing women. He could sell them, but he’s just too lazy since he has so many.

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