WOWFRD – Ch 75

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Chapter 75

“What did you say? He has elf and orc bodyguards?” Wang Tian Hu asked in shock. Housekeeper Mo and Wang Tian Hu were the only two left in the hall.

Housekeeper Mo slowly reported everything to Wang Tian Hu since they departed Lion town.

“Yes, he has only eleven orcs and 1 elf guard but all of them are very strange. Moreover, its been quite a while since a noble had orc and elf bodyguards.” Housekeeper Mo didn’t know the origin of orc and elf guards.

“Both orcs and elves have long chosen to hide in the mountains. The Lion town is close to Ankagen mountains and he should have found them there… Perhaps, its just luck?!” Wang Tian Hu said.

Housekeeper Mo nodded: “I think so too but the strength of his orcs are much powerful than the orcs in the legends. I used hundred knights and chain scroll but we lost a duel…”

“What?! The eleven orcs were able to defeat one hundred elite knights who were using a chain scroll?” A trace of surprise flashed past Wang Tian Hu’s eyes.

He had never seen orc in actual combat. In fact, he had gone to adventures in mountains and forests with Xiao Zhan Tian when he was young to seek for orcs.

Housekeeper Mo nodded in an embarrassing manner. He hadn’t yet reported that he had lost the magic item.

“Did you want to check the strength of the orcs?” Wang Tian Hu asked. He knew that Housekeeper Mo wasn’t a man to do something out of blue.

Housekeeper Mo knelt down: “Lord, I’m guilty. Please punish me!”

Wang Tian Hu frowned as Housekeeper Mo was loyal and followed him for years. He hadn’t made any big mistakes in long time. So why was he acting so?

“You have been serving me for years. Stand up.”

Wang Tian Hu was a sly man. He knew that it would be impossible to rule a flourishing territory if he didn’t close his eyes to some mistakes of his underlings.

Housekeeper Mo didn’t stand up but bowed his head: “Xiao Yu didn’t have only orcs and elf but a baby dragon as a pet. It is one of the greatest creatures of this world. An adult dragon is like an earthquake. To win over the dragon I gambled with Xiao Yu and bet the magic necklace… I lost the bet.”

“What? He has a pet dragon?” The shock of dragon was much greater than the loss of magic necklace. Wang Tian Hu ignored the loss of necklace as his interest was attracted by the dragon.

He was aware that the dragon knights were extinct for more than hundred years. Many young adventurers yearned for the day to get a dragon and rule the sky.

As a youth, Wang Tian Hu also went to adventures with his friends in search of legendary dragons, elves, orcs and so on. It was then that he had met Xiao Zhan Tian and promised to marry their children in the future.

“Master, I used the necklace as a bet without authorization from you. Please give me the punishment!” Housekeeper Mo didn’t want to move as he wanted to get good impression of Wang Tian Hu.

“Stand up! You are not guilty in this matter. I would act so if I was in your shoes. Magical necklace is a valuable item but it won’t lead me to bankruptcy. Moreover, Master Lu is already motivated enough to stay in our territory. So that necklace isn’t an urgent matter.”

In this era, the original dragons were part of the history. There were half-dragons but none of them could fly. They were no different from ordinary demonic beasts. The status of the territory would rise up if they had a flying dragon! Moreover, such a creature would cause attention of many young people. It’s value as a propaganda machine was much higher than the dragon itself.

“Lord is generous! Thank you. I won’t be able to reimburse you even if I worked for the eternity.” Housekeeper Mo said.

Wang Tian Hu was magnanimous in Housekeeper Mo’s eyes as Wang Tian Hu had forgiven the housekeeper for the loss of a such a priceless item.

Wang Tian Hu walked back and forth in the hall: “The orcs aren’t that much of a problem… But promise of the archmage Theodore puts me in difficult position. I’m afraid that no one would dare to move against a six-rank magician. Not to mention the person is Theodore, who is said to be the most favorable mage to be able to break through to 7th rank!”

Housekeeper Mo nodded: “I don’t know how that hooligan was able to get Master to promise him favor but it means that we can’t remarry 4th miss. It will lead to a lot of trouble.”

Wang Tian Hu replied: “She is my daughter… Can’t I decide her marriage? If she says that she is willing to marry then Xiao Yu would have no way to object!”

Afterwards, Housekeeper Mo continued to add vinegar to Wang Tian Hu’s mood by telling the unforgivable actions of Xiao Yu. Wang Tian Hu’s face turned ugly as he listened to Housekeeper Mo. He almost went crazy when he heard that Xiao Yu had scolded Housekeeper Mo and Wang Tian Hu’s in their own land!

Isn’t this kid way too arrogant?

However, Wang Tian Hu was able to get a lot of information from Housekeeper Mo. He knew that Xiao Yu had lots of secrets. Lion town wasn’t what it was told to be on the surface! Did Lion town really was on decline?

Xiao Yu returned to the house arranged by the Wang family. He didn’t have three beauties around himself so he was bored. He found Antonidas to play a game of chess.

“There will be a banquet tomorrow so I gotta get ready…I will show them.”

The maid brought Siwen to the courtyard where her mother lived. There was no change in the courtyard. It was the way when Siwen had left.

Siwen began to cry when she entered the courtyard. The maid called her mother who quickly run out to meet Siwen. Both of them hugged as they burst into tears.

“Siwen, you came back!” Her mother said.

“Yes mother. How have you been?” Siwen broke into tears too. She saw that her mother looked much older after only few years. It was like a knife cut through her heart.

“I’m very good! How is life in Lion town? I heard that the Lion town is on decline. Did you suffer there? I didn’t want you to marry to Xiao family but your father and Xiao Zhan Tian had agreed so I couldn’t change anything…” Siwen’s mother felt guilty because of her marriage to Xiao family.

Siwen was a beautiful girl and she had married to a family in remote part of the continent. Siwen’s husband was sick and didn’t last for long. It wasn’t a happy ending for any woman.

“Mom, I’m doing well. There are few sister-in-laws and they are like real sisters to me. I’m way too happy there. How about you? Do other ladies bully you?”

Siwen knew her mother’s status in the Wang family so she was worried about her.

Siwen’s mother wiped her tears: “I’m glad to hear that you are having a good time there. I’m… My life is the way as it always was…”

Mother and daughter chatted while they entered the room. Leah and Tyrande followed after them. Xiao Yu ordered them observe Siwen at all times. Tyrande wouldn’t listen to Xiao Yu when he tried to molest her. But she would thoroughly follow his orders when he gave her a mission. Leah had also became friends with Siwen and was aware of her situation. That’s why she stayed by Siwen’s side for her safety.

Siwen began to give gifts to her mother and maids.

Playmates of Siwen and some maids came over when they heard Siwen came back. They didn’t expect her to come with empty hands.

Siwen’s mother’s mouth hanged open for a long time as she was surprised when she saw the gifts given by Siwen. Wasn’t Lion town in decline? How could she bring such valuable gifts? Even the lady of the Wang family couldn’t afford those! There were expensive jewelry, clothes, perfume bottles, handbags, cosmetics and so on. Siwen hadn’t seen such things in Wang family. Occasionally her sisters would buy such expensive things which she would be jealous of!

Now, Siwen had the things which every women dream of!

Xiao Yu had robbed a lot of treasures from bandit camps. He had plundered treasures that costed tens of thousands of gold coins… He would just throw the most popular dresses on to the ground of their warehouse. The sisters-in-law would very completely different things each day because of him!

Siwen was giving out gifts that costed tens of thousands of gold coins too. She was throwing them out as if they were garbage. Her mother wanted to stop her but Siwen continued by giving away the gifts.
This chapter was co-produce by Van Tu… I’m working on few more.. so expect to get updates in 3-5 fours

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  1. Oh come on be done with the face slapping family drama…. Also how many times the author going to emphesize that the extra luxury items are from mc’s bandit raids? Author said it like more than 5 times already ffs, i get it ok AUTHOR!? I GET IT ALREADY!!! You don’t have to drill it into my head in every chapter ffs!

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