WOWFRD – Ch 74

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Chapter 74

Everyone was stunned and stood still for a long while. Wang Tian Hu was the one to break the silence as he said: “Nephew Yu, this gift is way too precious…”

Xiao yu waved his hand: “Uncle Wang it’s sister-in-law’s gift. Mine is different.”

Xiao yu turned towards Grom and Grom handed out another long box.

Xiao Yu sat back on chair while drinking from tea: “There is a painting called ‘Portrait of the Chas Mountain’ inside the box. It was drawn by Master Andrew. I have heard that Uncle Wang loves Master Andrew’s works so I specially brought this one.”

Actually, all of these were robbed by Xiao Yu from bandits. But Housekeeper Hong was still hesitant when Xiao Yu told him that he would take this gifts to Wang family. Housekeeper Hong said that they were too precious but Xiao Yu replied that they had to give this gifts. First of all, in the troubled times antiques or valuable treasures didn’t mean much. The only thing that Xiao Yu cared for were gold coins. Xiao Yu thought that it was worth to use these valuables as long as he could make Siwen earn face in front of her father. How could Xiao Yu fell when others looked down on his family? At the end of the day, Siwen was part of the Xiao family!

Wang Tian Hu was surprised when he heard that the gift Xiao Yu had brought was Master Andrew’s ‘Portrait of the Chas Mountain’.

Wang Tian Hu opened the long box and began to check for the authenticity of the portrait. It had to be noted that there were way too many fake versions of famous calligraphies and paintings. Moreover, Wang Tian Hu had a fake version of ‘Portrait of Chas Mountain’.

Wang Tian Hu had a liking towards calligraphy and paintings for a long time. He himself could be considered as an expert and he could check the quality of the painting by glance. After a period of careful observation Wang Tian Hu decided that it was the real deal!

“Nephew Yu has brought such a precious gift! I can’t accept it…” Wang Tian Hu laughed as he looked at Xiao Yu. However, there was a difference in his glance as it was much warmer now.

Xiao Yu replied: “Such paintings and calligraphy belong to collection of an expert such as Uncle Wang. I don’t know their value…”

Wang Tian Hu nodded: “We will have a banquet tomorrow for you.”

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he took a sip from tea: “Uncle Wang is too polite.”

Wang Tian Hu turned towards Siwen: “Siwen go and see your mother. She hasn’t been feeling well recently so accompany her tonight.”

Siwen replied: “Yes, father. Siwen will go now.”

Wang Tian Hu looked at the maid: “Show 4th lady to her mother’s room.”

Xiao Yu interrupted: “Uncle Wang, my sister-in-law is used to many maids serve her in Lion town. I think she won’t feel good if there is one or two maids by her side. We have brought two maids so I hope its alright if they accompany my sister-in-law.”

Xiao Yu winked at Leah and Tyrande so that both of them followed Siwen.

Xiao Yu didn’t want to see Siwen get ‘lost’ in the mansion or ‘taken’ away by ghosts. He thought that nobody could make a move on her if an assassin like Leah and archer like Tyrande were by her side.

Tyrande followed Siwen without a question. However, Leah gently pinched Xiao Yu in dissatisfaction. She didn’t like to be treated at maid.

Wang Tian Hu’s face slightly changed: “Don’t worry nephew. Siwen can be used to many maids so I will send few more.”

Xiao Yu believed that Wang Tian Hu’s intentions were bad so he continued: “Uncle Wang is worrying a lot about his daughter. The maids from Lion town are hardworking. They will stay by sister-in-law’s side and if she needs anything then they will quickly inform me.”

Wang Tian Hu grunted when he saw Xiao Yu insist: “Lion town has extraordinary maids who use bows and arrows…”

Xiao Yu smiled: “There are many enemies in the Lion town. So even women aren’t an exception when it comes to defending the territory…”

Wang Tian Hu couldn’t find a reason to refuse Xiao Yu’s request so he didn’t continue with the matter.

Wang Tian Hu put the portrait away while Siwen left. It was silent for a while when Wang Tian Hu smiled: “Nephew Yu is young but also heroic. He is really different as a descendant of Xiao Zhan Tian.”

Xiao Yu laughed: “Uncle Wang I don’t have big ambitions. I’m content as long as I have something to eat and drink and a beautiful woman by my side. Uncle Wang is the true hero. I believe you will be establish a powerhouse which would shake the world. I hope you will take care of your nephew in the future.”

“Haha … Nephew Yu is overpraising me. I don’t have the abilities of late Xiao Zhan Tian and I’m too poor in comparison to him. Unfortunately, he died so young. It was good that I married Siwen to your brother Xiao Yu. Unfortunately, your brother xiao Yi passed away too. Now, I’m worried about the future of my daughter. As a father, I can’t be happy as long as my daughter isn’t happy.”

Wang Tian Hu masterfully changed the topic to Siwen.

Xiao Yu whispered in his heart: “Come at me bro!” (its a pun) However, he nodded: “I’m not a father yet but I can understand the feelings of uncle Wang. I have decided to let my sisters-in-law choose their future if they are willing to do so. I want them to have a happy life too.”

“You are a real hero! It’s unusual to see youth like you.” Wang Tian Hu was happy to see that Xiao Yu agreed to Siwen’s remarriage.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes: “But I have also promised to my sister-in-law that it must be her own voluntary choice! No one can force her! No one can bully a daughter of Xiao family! If anyone wants to marry my sister-in-law by force then they have to walk past my corpse!”

Wang Tian Hu was happy at first but when he heard the latter part of Xiao Yu’s speech his face stiffened.

He was trying to see Xiao Yu’s reaction to Siwen’s remarriage. However, he didn’t expect that xiao Yu would show such a tough stance.

“Nephew Yu is joking. It has to naturally involve Siwen’s own consent. How else can she be happy?” Wang Tian Hu knew that if Siwen said yes then Xiao Yu wouldn’t get involved in this matter. Firstly, Wang Tian Hu didn’t forget his friendship with Xiao Zhan Tian. Secondly, Xiao Yu had brought him valuable gifts which made him step down for a while. Therefore, Wang Tian Hu had to play down.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes and laughed: “Of course, its for the best of Siwen. I believe that uncle Wang also considers happiness of his own children. If Wang family has any suitable candidate then I would love to see the man. If all the aspects of his character is good and my sister-in-law is satisfied then I will send a carriage of dowry too.”

Wang Tian Hu waved his hand: “There is no need to act so fast. We will solve everything slowly.”

Wang Tian Hu secretly said in his heart: “Didn’t they say that he is a prodigal son? Then, how come he can come up with so sharp words?”

Xiao Yu added: “Sister-in-law Siwen has come together with other sisters-in-law and she is having a good life. I know that she is a beauty and there would be some who could force Uncle Wang to remarry my sister-in-law. If that’s the case tell me the name of that despicable man. Recently, I met a sixth-rank magician called Theodore. I helped him with some stuff and he promised me a favor if I face a trouble. So uncle Wang don’t be worried and say what you want to say as I can ask Master Theodore to persuade those forces.”

“Theodore? Archmage Theodore owes you a favor?” The cup in Wang Tian Hu’s hand almost fell to the ground.

Xiao Yu didn’t know Theo but Wang Tian Hu was very familiar with the name. Theodore was a well-known magician when Wang Tian Hu was just a juvenile adventurer.

Asking Theodore to persuade those forces?! Everyone was aware of master Theo’s temper. He was cold-blooded man with lots of death in his hands. He was known as a magician from hell!

The only way archmage would use to persuade others is through magic! And everyone in here knew what kind of concept a sixth-rank magician was,

Xiao Yu was threatening them!

“Nephew Yu is joking! Master has retired for many years. How could you have seen him? Let alone, him owing you a favor!”

Wang Tian Hu couldn’t believe Xiao Yu’s words and thought that he was bluffing.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes: “You can ask Housekeeper Mo. He was there when master Theodore was talking with me.”

Wang Tian Hu was surprised as he looked at Housekeeper Mo.

Housekeeper Mo was very embarrassed as he hadn’t yet reported anything about Xiao Yu to Wang Tian Hu.

He just nodded his head as he looked at Wang Tian Hu.

Everyone’s face changed when they saw Housekeeper Mo nod his head. The third-rank magician was much more affected. His face was as pale as soil on the ground. He knew much better than everyone else what six-rank magician meant. The difference in strength between third-rank and sixth-rank wasn’t double but hundreds of times!


This chapter was co-produced by Paulo Silva

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! :3 Haha, Xiao Yu isn’t even giving them a chance! It is so funny when people try to oppress others just to be oppressed instead :3

  2. the thing is if empire wasnt in decline he could have cut off those earls and count’s heads one by one … cause after king/emperor comes the duke, then come everyone else so when you disrespect your superior and in ancient times at that… there are many ways that person can be punished for example, his wife becoming concubine of superior,his daughter becoming concubine,his mother bcoming concubine,his son/daughter getting imprisoned for years or decades, his whole family executed(if they are of too lower rank for example baronets or barons,they can be killed of immidiately if disrespected they arent too much different from commoners just a bit on higher standing that’s all) and only him getting executed,mutilated,humiliated… there are many ways a person can be tortured and because it’s about disrespecting superior, if duke has certain amount of power and someone of lower status disrespects him not even emperor can find fault in him, cause if he dares to he will be risking rebellion

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