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Chapter 73

The faces of everyone in the audience changed when they heard Xiao Yu’s words. In fact, they naturally were aware of Xiao Yu’s arrival even before they entered the city. Housekeeper Mo had sent a messenger long ago informing Wang Tian Hu of Xiao Yu’s arrival. But no one gave face to a noble from family which was on a decline.

Otherwise, Wang Tian Hu wouldn’t act so. He would have met Xiao Yu at the gates of the city if Xiao family was in its heyday.

Nevertheless, a Duke was a Duke. The family could be on decline but title was there. If a noble from lower aristocracy met a one from higher aristocracy then he had to follow the rules and greet that noble according to the rules. It wasn’t the rule of Sky Lion Dynasty but a rule that had existed for thousands of years. The society was built on hierarchy and the ones on the lower parts of the pyramid had to show respect to the ones on top.

There were some places where they looked at contempt to the titles bestowed by the emperor. There were lower tier nobles that dared to challenge the declining higher aristocrats. However, if those lower tier nobles dared to act presumptuous then it meant that they were going against the Sky Lion Dynasty.

Actually, the people in hall were discussing a territory that was annexed few hundred miles away from here. It was result of the lord of the territory not respecting and giving tribute to the Sky Lion Dynasty. In fact, most of them didn’t send tributes. However, it was an excuse for others eyeing the territory to attack it. Wang family didn’t have enemies or opponents in here. However, others who were interested in their territory could Wang Tian Hu’s act as a righteous excuse to back up Xiao Yu and attack him.

They were living in sensitive times. Most defied the Sky Lion Dynasty but they couldn’t voice out their opinions in large.

It was like the Spring and Autumn Period of the Chinese history. The vassals didn’t completely give face to the orders of the emperor. They didn’t pay tributes or taxes. However, no one dared to directly go against the emperor. On surface it was the emperor who controlled the kingdom but in reality there were many small kingdoms. As a result, the Warring States period begun.

No one in the hall cared about Xiao Yu as they thought that he was prodigal son who did nothing but eat, drink and involve in debauchery.

It could be blamed on Housekeeper Mo as he didn’t report the situation. At first, he had sent a messenger saying that the situation in Lion town was bad. Moreover, on the way he didn’t send full report as he had lost the magic necklace. He couldn’t send this information through a messenger. He had decided to inform Wang Tian Hu the first thing when they returned back to the Wang manor. But he didn’t think that Xiao Yu would act like a rogue and enter the mansion by force.

Moreover, Xiao Yu had ordered Grom, Tyrande and other grunts to wear cloaks so that not to cause extra attention. He wasn’t afraid of trouble but didn’t want extra publicity. The orcs and elves were too rare in this world. Moreover, Tyrande’s appearance was out of this world.

As a result, when Grom and Tyrande entered the hall with Xiao Yu, other nobles thought that they were ordinary guards. They wouldn’t be so arrogant if they knew that Xiao Yu had an orc and elf bodyguards.

Xiao Yu had a dragon with himself. But it was too young and didn’t have the horns grown out yet. So most of the others thought that it was just a high-level demonic beast with the charasteristics of a dragon.

Nevertheless, the title of Duke was a hereditary title. Xiao Yu had inherited Xiao Zhan Tian’s title as the Grand Duke of the Sky Lion Dynasty.

Wang Tian Hu was only a count. His level was much lower than a Duke’s. Although Wang Tian Hu was Xiao Yu’s elder in terms of relationship but because of Xiao Yu’s title he had to salute Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu naturally didn’t have to give respect to Wang Tian Hu when the other didn’t do it.

All the rules and laws of Sky Lion Dynasty were protecting Xiao Yu on surface up to now.

Moreover, Xiao Yu dared to say that he could relieve Earl Yun from his status. It meant that the nobles that were stuck to the orthodox faction would speak out for Xiao Yu. At worst case, Earl Yun would receive a punishment.

All the people present were struck by lightning. All of them subconsciously stood up. Wang Tian Hu, Hue, the third-rank magician and everyone else did so. They wouldn’t be afraid if the threat was said by any duke. However, they knew that Xiao Yu was different. He was a Grand Duke and his father Xiao Zhan Tian had saved empire. Emperor of the dynasty may not remember or care about other dukes but Xiao Yu was still someone who would be taken care of.

They could quietly kill Xiao Yu and no one would check about the situation. It was the way Carrie acted. However, going against a Grand Duke on surface meant that you were being disrespectful towards the emperor which was a big crime.

“Nephew Yu, uncle didn’t come out to greet you as I wasn’t aware of your arrival! It was Housekeeper Mo’s fault that he didn’t inform me. He will be punished.” Wang Tian Hu smiled and said to change the atmosphere.

Wang Tian Hu was a natural politician as he was able to rule his flourishing territory for many years.

Xiao Yu waved his hand as he smiled: “I wouldn’t dare to ask uncle Wang to come out to greet me at the gates of the city. My words weren’t meant for you.”

Xiao Yu was cussing out in his heart: “Didn’t you know? You fucking bastard! I didn’t want to use my identity to pressure you but your mother haven’t taught you manners! If I didn’t put you in your place then you would think that you are some kind of important shit!”

Xiao Yu looked at the maid: “Get me a cup of tea. I’m tired because of cursing these imbeciles.”

The maid didn’t neglect Xiao Yu as she saw that even Wang Tian Hu was standing still in Xiao Yu’s presence.

Xiao Yu took a sip of tea and looked at everyone: “Sit down. Why are you all standing up? I’m just a junior…”

Xiao Yu looked like a hooligan to them who misused his title.

Xiao Yu looked at Wang Tian Hu after everyone sat down: “Uncle Wang, there is a member of Xiao family standing outside. Can you call her for a cup of tea?”

Wang Tian Hu was surprised for a moment. However, he understood the words behind Xiao Yu’s words when he remembered Siwen was standing outside. His heart tightened for a moment. He wanted to re-marry Siwen but it seemed that it was going to be a difficult feat.

Xiao Yu’s words “there is a member of Xiao family standing outside” told Wang Tian Hu that Siwen was part of Xiao family. She couldn’t be treated as part of Wang family anymore.

Wang Tian Hu smiled even though his heart had turned cold: “Siwe, I haven’t seen you for so long. Come in, let me see you.”

Xiao Yu looked at Wang Tian Hu and whispered in his heart: “You are still laughing… I gave you some face and you are able to act so…It’s like you are owing me millions.”

Siwen quickly entered the place and stood in ceremony: “Siwen greets father.”

Wang Tian Hu said: “Siwen, go and see your mother. She has been thinking about you.”

Siwen replied: “Yes, father. I will go visit her now. However, I have brought up a little gift. I hope father will be satisfied with it.”

Wang Tian Hu said: “It’s good to see that you haven’t forgotten about filial piety.”

Siwen stepped forward and gave him a delicate box.

“Count Wang you are blessed! Your daughter should have brought an excellent gift to you. Would you please show it to us?”

Earl Yun who was cussed by Xiao Yu was furious. He saw that there was an opportunity when Siwen brought up a gift and wanted to attack Xiao Yu.

They knew that Lion town was in decline. So they believed that Siwen couldn’t bring anything good. Needless to say the gift would be of a little value. Earl Yun grinned as he looked at Xiao Yu.

Wang Tian Hu also understood Earl Yun’s intentions. He wanted to take the opportunity to show Lion town’s status in front of everyone. He had to pave way to Siwen’s remarriage by showing that she was having bad life in there.

Wang Tian Hu smiled: “Of course…”

Wang Tian Hu opened the box. Everyone’s eyes were focused on the gift. They were about to ridicule Xiao Yu. All of them were unhappy with Xiao Yu even though he hadn’t scolded them. But he had made them to stand up in ceremony to show respect to him as a grand duke.

Wang Tian Hu opened the gift box and they saw transparent glass neatly put side by side.

All of them were ready to attack verbally when they saw a set of glasses. A dignified lady would never bring back such glasses when visiting her home. It was just way too shabby gift.

Earl Yun was first to talk: “She is a good girl. She had thought that her father needs few cups to drink wine…hahaha… Didn’t expect that Lion town could come up with such a valuable gift.”

“Of course… This set of cups would cost at least dozens of gold coins. If you think about bringing them from the Lion town then the value would increase. Nevertheless, it would be much better if Lord Xiao bought them from the streets in here. However, it reflects the filial piety of Wang Tian Hu’s daughter as she had brought it from thousands of miles away.” Hue also ridiculed.

“I have to say that the real value of this set of glasses lies in its box. It is definitely made from the Kam which grows in North. It is worth of hundreds of gold coins.”Another noble said in a serious tone.

“In fact, I think it is Lion town’s specialty. Otherwise, why would Duke Xiao let young lady bring such a thing from there?” Another one took opportunity to ridicule.

One after another nobles tried to ridicule Xiao Yu.

However, Xiao Yu was just sitting quietly without a care. Siwen wanted to explain the value of the glasses but couldn’t have the opportunity because of other nobles. She saw that Xiao Yu didn’t speak so she didn’t respond too.

“All of you! It’s not about the money. The value of this set is because my little girl brought it from far away. The Lion town is in decline so I’m honored that my girl could still find a gift to bring it to me.” Wang Tian Hu waved to stop the crowd. There was a trace of contempt in everyone’s face.

Xiao Yu listened to everyone and looked at Wang Tian Hu as he secretly said: “Old man doesn’t know how it will end.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “Uncle Wang is right. Lion town is in decline so we couldn’t get anything better than this. If Uncle Wang doens’t mind then I would like to take from my wine and use those cups to make a toast.”

Xiao Yu flicked his finger and Grom handed a bottle of red wine.

Xiao Yu poured the red wine into one of the cups. The originally crystal clear glass began to change as the wine filled the cup. The texture of the glass changed as if it was a solid object. Afterwards, red light flashed past and strange pictures appeared on the glass. It was as if numerous fishes were swimming in the ocean. Xiao Yu raised the cup and a light flashed form the glass reflecting the projection on the wall. Numerous fishes swam in the waters. Occasionally, they would leap out and splash water. It was very real picture.

Everyone was stunned at sight. Earl Yun screamed in shock: “Isn’t it legendary phantom glass? It is said that only 100 sets were made… And now only less than twenty sets remain!”

Xiao Yu looked at Earl Yun: “Oh! Earl Yun is a man of knowledge. This set is way too shabby for me to drink from it. I wanted to gift it to someone. So when we were coming to meet uncle Wang I decided to sister-in-law to gift it to uncle Wang. I know that it isn’t very valuable so I hope uncle Wang will accept my gift as I have brought it from thousands of miles away.”

Xiao Yu was slapping in the face everyone that was in the hall.
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  1. It is a good sign that they disdain him since that means they at least dont have any intend to invade his territory. If they did , they would try to be friendly to him. But i feel that those noble is either too stupid or too spoiled since politicians are those that can even smile while thinking how to stab you behind your back and really good at choosing word and timing before speaking, not those that easily create weakness for themselves like those bunch.

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