WOWFRD – Ch 72

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Chapter 72

Xiao Yu wanted to leave baby dragon with Antonidas but it didn’t want to stay back as Tyrande, Leah and Siwen were leaving with him. As a result, Xiao Yu let Leah held the baby dragon.

They walked along a road to stand in front of a magnificent manor. There were two, three meter tall lion statues, by the gates of the manor. They were carved very well and looked alive and mighty. Xiao Yu secretly whispered in his heart: “My Lion town is too shabby in comparison to this city. No wonder, Housekeeper Mo looked down at me and my territory.”

Housekeeper Mo directly went inside. The guards at the gates bowed in salute and their attitude was very respectful towards Housekeeper Mo. However, they didn’t care about Siwen as if she was a stranger.

They walked through the mansion. There were many trails which took the travelers to different parts of the mansion.

Housekeeper Mo didn’t look back as he moved forward. Right now, he didn’t care much about Xiao Yu as he didn’t tried to discuss or talk with him. Instead he was wondering how to put bad words about Xiao Yu in front of his lord to make him suffer.

In comparison, Xiao Yu was like a tourist walking inside the mansion. He would stop here and there to look at different parts of the residence. It seemed as if he was checking the ‘Forbidden City’.

Housekeeper Mo said in his heart: “You will see what happens to you in a while.”

They passed through many corridors and reached a small but secluded courtyard. The courtyard was designed in a unique way. There were status everywhere. There was even a waterfall.

“Nice place.” Xiao Yu praised the manor.

Housekeeper Mo didn’t dare to directly enter through the door of the courtyard. Instead he said something to the guard.

Xiao Yu saw that there was a flower garden in the courtyard. There were variety of beautiful flowers. He went in to fold them out. Baby dragon saw that Xiao Yu was picking flowers so it jumped out of Leah’s arms and join Xiao Yu in action. It began to pick all the most beautiful and lush flowers.

Housekeeper Mo’s face turned green when he saw the sight. “You…You…” He was only able to say two words but couldn’t continue. It was the flower garden that was the Lord’s favorite. His lord had spend hundreds of thousands of gold coins to buy rare species of flowers and special gardeners to grow the garden. Anyone who dared to pick a flower from the garden would be beheaded!

However, this hooligan dared to pick everything that he took a liking to.

The guard came from inside and said something to Housekeeper Mo.

Housekeeper Mo nodded his head. He suppressed the anger in his heart and turned towards Xiao Yu: “Lord Yu, Lord is waiting for us.”

Xiao Yu waved his hand: “Wait for few minutes. There are several more beautiful flowers that I have to pick or I will feel bad until my death.”

“You … ” Housekeeper Mo’s hands trembled. The lord ordered them to enter while this hooligan was indifferent to Lord’s order but continued to spoil the flower garden.

“Xiao Yu, we shouldn’t make father wait.” Siwen said as she saw Xiao Yu act indifferent.

Xiao Yu reluctantly came out from the flower garden after Siwen’s words. The baby dragon also brought flowers. They gave them to Leah, Tyrande and Siwen. Siwen didn’t dare to take them. But Leah and Tyrande didn’t care as they inserted those flowers onto their hair or cloths.

They passed through the gate and came to stand in front of a large hall. Xiao Yu didn’t know whether it was a European style or Chinese architecture but the place looked very elegant.

“Lord, 4th Miss has come back.” Housekeeper Mo said as he stood outside the door.

“Siwen greets father.” The door wasn’t open but Siwen respectfully saluted her father.

After a long while a sound echoed: “Great! She came back.”

Nothing was said after those words.

Xiao Yu couldn’t help but roll his eyes. If the other side wasn’t Siwen’s father he would have kicked open the door and entered the place.

“Lord, Lord of the Lion town, Xiao Yu has personally come to visit you.” Housekeeper Mo said once more.

“Oh, even nephew Yu has come. I have been busy with the affairs of the territory so I’m ashamed not to greet my friends son.”

The door to the hall opened and Xiao Yu was able to see Siwen’s father sit in his seat.

Siwen’s father’s name was Wang Tian Hu. He was also a fierce warrior of the sky Lion Dynasty. He had fought along with Xiao Zhan Tian and done a lot of military feats. As a result, the emperor of the dynasty had bestowed title of Count to Wang Tian Hu and given him territory.

“Well.” Housekeeper Mo went inside without offering Xiao Yu to enter first.

Xiao Yu winked at baby dragon and looked at Housekeeper Mo. The baby dragon was as wicked as Xiao Yu as it jumped from Leah’s arms and spat fire at the long dress of Housekeeper Mo.

Baby dragon’s breath of flame was powerful. It was able to even burn down branches of trees let alone cloths.

As a result, Housekeeper Mo’s cloth burst in fire. He shouted out as he quickly ran in front. Baby dragon seemed happy as it looked after Housekeeper Mo running in flames.

The quiet places turned chaotic in moments. Housekeeper Mo was wildly running around as he shouted out loud.

Xiao Yu laughed: “I didn’t expect Housekeeper Mo to be able to ran so fast at such age!”

Wang Tian Hu was sitting in the main seat and chatting with his guests. Housekeeper Mo’s outburst had created a chaotic scene which turned the place something similar to a circus which displeased him. At the same time, an icy blue air burst out as it wrapped around Housekeeper Mo’s body. The flames were turned off in an instant.

Xiao Yu turned to look towards a man wearing a magician’s gown. He was gesturing with his hands while chanting something.

“A mage?” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he looked at the man.

“IT seems he is a third-rank magician. Wangs are smart to win over such a mage.” Xiao Yu secretly said.

“Thanks master Lu.” Wang Tian Hu said.

Xiao Yu turned towards the main seat. A burly middle-aged man with thick eyebrows was sitting there. He had the eyes of a tiger. The man was Wang Tian Hu.

“Thanks Master Lu for saving me. Lord please punish the villain.” Housekeeper Mo lost face in front of so many people. So he begged Wang Tian Hu to solve out his problem.

Wang Tian Hu glanced at Xiao Yu.

“Housekeeper, you have traveled for a long time. Sit and rest.” A coldness flashed past Wang Tian Hu’s eyes.

Siwen didn’t dare to even breathe because of fear. She was afraid of her father since early age. She never knew what a fatherly love meant.

Xiao Yu laughed as he picked baby dragon and faced Wang Tian Hu: “It must be uncle Wang. I’m embarrassed by my pet’s actions. I will have to discipline it after I go back.”

Xiao Yu was holding the baby dragon as he stood still and straight. He didn’t bend down to show respect.

“Your pet tried to burn Wang family’s housekeeper! As a younger generation you didn’t even kneel to stand in ceremony after seeing your elder. Is this the way your father educated you?” A noble sitting in the seat of guests said in a cold tone as he stood up.

Xiao Yu turned over to look at the youth: “What’s you mother’s name?”

“You …” The young noble snapped at Xiao Yu’s words.

“I want a duel!” The youth shouted out.

Xiao Yu’s face turned serious when he saw the young noble dare to ask him for a duel: “You dare to roar loudly in my uncle Wang’s mansion? Is this the noble attitude? You seem old but don’t understand the etiquette. How did you father brought you up?”

Xiao Yu made the youth eat back his words.

“You …” The youth was angered. He pulled out his sword from his waist.

“Uncle Wang, if you can’t educated the man then I’m more than pleased to throw away the garbage from this place.” Xiao Yu looked at Wang Tian Hu. It was as if he was speaking to his childhood friend rather than an elder.

Wang Tian Hu’s eyebrows wrinkled as he looked at Xiao Yu and slowly said: “Hue, put down your sword. Your father will punish you if knows that you have taken out sword in my presence.”

The youth called Hue realized his rude action and put away his sword. However, he didn’t sit down but looked at Xiao Yu: “If you are a man then accept my challenge after we leave this mansion.”

Xiao Yu rolled his eyes: “Who the hell are you? Why should I accept your challenge?”

Wang Tian Hu saw that Hue wasn’t Xiao Yu’s opponent so he waved his hand: “Nephew Yu, its rare to see you come to visit me. I haven’t seen you since you were just a small kid. I didn’t expect you to grow up to be such a man.”

Xiao Yu smiled as he knew that Wang Tian Hu was using sarcasm: “Father had often mentioned uncle Wang’s bravery and I have admired you since young age. In fact, uncle Wang is a hero in my eyes.”

Wang Tian Hu laughed: “Nephew Yu is too polite. Your father and I have gone to way too many expeditions. He was the real hero that I admired.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “He was a hero but after he passed over Uncle Wang is the one left in this world.”

Xiao Yu didn’t wait for Wang Tian Hu continue to speak as he went forward and sat down on a chair.

Grom, Tyrande and Leah followed and stood behind Xiao Yu.

Siwen was standing outside the door as she didn’t dare to step in because of her father.

“The boy from the village. Don’t you know the rules? The guards can’t come to this place.” A fat noble wearing luxury gown said in a cold town when he saw Xiao Yu sat down without showing respect to anyone.

Xiao Yu looked up and down at the fat noble: “Who are you? What’s your name?”

The fat man laughed: “You are not qualified to know my name.”

Wang Tian Hu interrupted: “Nephew Yu isn’t aware but he is my friend. He is Earl Yun who has his territory in the southwest of the Sky Lion Dynasty. He is a famous and well respected man.”

Xiao Yu opened his mouth: “Oh, so it turned out to be Earl Yun from the south. However, Earl Yun doesn’t act like a cloud.” (yun means cloud in chinese so he is making a wordplay by saying that he should be like clouds)

Earl Yun replied: “Nonsense.”

Xiao Yu once again said: “Is your mother doing alright?”

Earl Yun froze for a moment. He pointed towards Xiao Yu: “You… You…!”

Xiao Yu smiled: “Don’t get excited. I’m a polite man since birth. My father taught my to be humble against the others so I’ve always been acting so.”

“Count Wang, who is the man? Who is this bastard that acts without following the etiquette?” Earl Yun stood up as his big belly swayed right and left.

Xiao Yu was surprised when he saw the man stand up. He said in a cold tone: “Who did you say a bastard is? Who did you say doesn’t follow the rules?”

After lots of battles and wars the killing intent in Xiao Yu’s eyes were much impressive. The Earl Yun was a normal ordinary civil service man in comparison to Xiao Yu.

Nevertheless, Earl Yun didn’t think that Xiao Yu would dare to act rashly in here: “You didn’t get house owner’s permission but sat wherever you wanted! You brought your bodyguards with you! As a junior you had to follow the rules. Now you dare to ask me who the bastard is?”

Xiao Yu shouted while his eyes turned cold: “I don’t follow the rules? Are you all members of the Sky Lion Dynasty?”

Earl Yun replied: “Don’t spout nonsense.”

Xiao Yu coldly said: “Is everyone part of the Sky Lion Dynasty in here?”

Earl Yun replied: “Of course we are. What do you want to do? Do you want to rebel?”

Xiao Yu cursed as he looked at Earl Yun: “Since all of you are part of Sky Lion Dynasty… Then why none of you follow the rules of the Dynasty? What is the biggest rule in the dynasty? The civilians must respect nobles. Nobles can’t go beyond their own when meeting higher nobles. Aren’t you aware of this rule? Don’t you know that you have stand in ceremony and follow the ritual when you meet higher nobles? You are a shitty count or earl and I’m an Imperial Duke! Who do you think weighs more? Who has to stand in ceremony? Isn’t it that all of you have to stand in ceremony in front of me? Why didn’t all of you stand up? Why didn’t you salute me? And here you are telling me to follow the rules. I’m the fucking law in here! I can relieve a fat bastard like you from the status given by the Sky Lion Dynasty… These are the fucking rules!”

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  1. Haha, I’m impressed. Nice rant, though he lost points for not bringing Siwen to sit at his side. She married into a Duke house so I don’t think they can complain even if he did.

    1. Siwen is the spectator for his little show there, she’s not ready to take part in the show. She’ll be able to be a lot more confident in her later actions due to this later.

    2. and the thing is she can only stand behind him, she doesnt have right to stand side by side with him not to mention standing in front 😀

  2. Hahaha Slap the fat guy on the face, this bastard! :3 It is so good when MC slaps those bastards on the face…. I can even feel a swety taste on my mouth 🙂

    1. yeh me too , but our translatersan bring a lot all days , and today is sunday . If he want to relax today for all days of bring to happy I dont have problems .

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