WOWFRD – Ch 71

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Chapter 71

The convoy began to move once again the next day in the morning. The knights of the Wang family were in a much better shape after a few days of treatment. However, there were still a lot of knights who couldn’t ride horses. They looked at Xiao Yu with resentment in their eyes.

Xiao Yu completely disregarded those looks with full of hatred. He would sit in his spacious compartment, drink wine and play with the baby dragon. Baby dragon seemed to grow in heaps and bounds in terms of mental state. It was turning naughty as time passed.

In addition, baby dragon could spit flames at will. Although it wasn’t much but it was enough to help Xiao Yu bake rabbits or so. Baby dragon was able to spit flames after Leah had stolen it. It was the reason why Xiao Yu was able to catch and molest her. Little Xiao Yu burst up when Xiao Yu thought about the molestation scene of Leah.

Leah didn’t like riding horses so she was sitting in the same compartment as Xiao Yu. She would drink wine, observe scenery and play with baby dragon once in a while. She was like owner of the compartment more than Xiao Yu’s maid.

Xiao Yu touched the collar on his wrist. He wondered how to use it. He had such a cool magical item but couldn’t activate slave pendant. He had promised to Theodore that he wouldn’t do anything indecent to Leah. But it didn’t mean that he couldn’t tease her a bit. Xiao Yu believed that as long as he didn’t treat Leah as a plaything then he was true to his promise to old Theo. Moreover, since when teasing was regarded as a molestation?

Moreover, Xiao Yu had shown the slave pendant to Antonidas but the archmage didn’t give a decisive answer regarding the item. It was as if Antonidas was seeing the pendant for the first time. Xiao Yu whispered: “It seems Antonidas from back then could lift the curse of the pendant but Antonidas that I have now certainly isn’t able to do so. If he can restore all his strength then he will become one of the greatest archmage’s again. He would be able to help me out when that time comes.”

They traveled through small towns and bustling big cities. Lion town was like a backyard to a small house in comparison to these big cities. Xiao Yu saw rows of shops in different streets, restaurants, entertainment venues, auction houses, colleges for warriors and magicians and so on which made him envy these cities. At the same time, Xiao Yu began to plan about the future of the Lion town. The largest city Xiao Yu was aware of was Hui city which was capital of Wei Principality. The old Xiao Yu was doing all the debauchery in that city. However, even Hui city was at least 10 times smaller in size compared to the big cities they passed through.

“I would love to see the capital of Sky Lion Dynasty. I have to visit it at first opportunity.”

Xiao Yu wanted to live in one of these big cities for few days but Housekeeper Mo strongly disagreed to the proposal. He told that Wang family’s main city was as big as the the ones Xiao Yu saw.

Xiao Yu agreed with Housekeeper Mo. He planned to finish his business with Wang family and return back to Lion town as soon as possible. He knew that there were piles of unfinished business back in Lion town.

“One day, the power of Lion town will cover the entire continent like a cobweb.” Xiao Yu boldly said.

They saw the banner of Wang family in front of a city after a dozen days of travel. They had reached Wang territory after a month of travel. No one had come to meet their 4th Miss which showed the status and position of Siwen in Wang family. Xiao Yu told Leah to accompany Siwen with baby dragon so she doesn’t get bored.

Housekeeper Mo and the knights became more arrogant after their reached Wang territory. They looked at Xiao Yu and orcs as if they were looking at fish on the chopping board.

“These idiots think that this master is a fish. Idiots, I’m a fish that feeds on humans.” Xiao Yu fiercely stared at Housekeeper Mo.

There were several cities in the Wang territory. The city that they saw was the first of many. There was a road that connected all the cities within the territory to the main city.

Xiao Yu checked farms, workers and so on along the way. There was envy in his eyes. His territory didn’t have much of a population. Moreover, the land was barren. The natural conditions of the Wang territory was much better than Lion town. The land was fertile and full of plains. In addition, their territory was surrounded by different principalities and territories which made them not fear bandit groups or worry about Western Cloud empire.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu believed that it wouldn’t take long before his territory got much bustling with the new policies.

After almost a day of travel they reached the capital city of the Wang territory, Feng Yan City.

Xiao Yu saw that the Feng Yan was much larger than Lion town. It was almost as big as Hui city. There was no one to meet Xiao Yu and Siwen at the gates of Feng Yan city. It was as if Siwen was no one but an ordinary servant who had departed Wang family and was returning back.

Leah laughed as she looked at Xiao Yu: “Aren’t you a Duke? How come no one has come out to meet you?”

“They would be waiting in lines with gifts if they knew that this Duke is coming to visit them. Moreover, I don’t like extravagance..” Xiao Yu replied.

Leah didn’t say anything but stared contemptuously at Xiao Yu.

Housekeeper Mo was taking Xiao Yu to a separate courtyard within the city.

Xiao Yu saw Housekeeper Mo’s intention and stopped him: “I haven’t seen Uncle Wang for a long time, I want to see him now!”

Housekeeper Mo raised his chin: “Duke Yu can see Lord when he is invited. But not now!”

Xiao Yu smiled: “Housekeeper, don’t be so troublesome. Since when do I need an invitation to visit uncle. We are both same family. Moreover he was a good friend of my late father. I can directly go and visit him anytime.”

Housekeeper Mo’s tone turned cold: “Lord Yu, we are in Wang territory. You can’t meet Wang family leader on whim. We will arrange a proper time for you. Now ‘please’…”

Xiao Yu burst with anger as he grabbed Housekeeper Mo from his collar: “Your mother! Don’t try to play word games with me. If I said I’m going to meet that dog fart lord of yours then I mean it! No if you continue to say nonsense then Im going to hurt you.”

Housekeeper Mo thought that he didn’t have to act polite towards Xiao Yu as they were in Wang territory. He didn’t expect Xiao Yu to be so unscrupulous and act like a hooligan in their own territory. Moreover, Xiao Yu referred to their lord as dog fart. Even the emperor of the Sky Lion Dynasty didn’t dare to directly criticize their lord.

Housekeeper Mo’s voice was trembling as he replied: “You… You are in Wang family’s territory… If you dare to act presumptuous… get here… get…”

“I will split that person in half if anyone dares to step up!” Xiao Yu pulled out his tang sword and put in near Housekeeper Mo’s neck. At the same time, grunts encircled them.

Grunts took of their cloaks and looked around like wild beasts. The local guards from the Wang family didn’t dare to move.

“You are acting like a rogue in Wang territory… I’ll report it to the lord!” Housekeeper Mo said in his heart. But couldn’t bring himself to say it out. He didn’t want to gamble his life against the word of the hooligan in front of him.

“Xiao Yu don’t act like this. It’s my home. I’ll go visit father and mother. You can visit them later.” Siwen said to Xiao Yu. She saw that Xiao Yu didn’t put her father in his eyes as he moved like bluntly like this. But she felt happy at the same time. Because such a tough attitude showed that Xiao Yu was bound to take her back.

Xiao Yu’s last words about taking her own fate into her hands had deeply shocked her. She always felt that she was like a rootless weed without any party to rely on. But Xiao Yu’s recent actions showed that there was a man who would protect her. She felt safe and warm. She felt that there were in this world that cared about her. She felt that there was hope.

“Sister-in-law, don’t worry. I was just joking with Housekeeper Mo. I haven’t see uncle Wang for long time so I miss him. I want to see him as soon as possible. Can I rely on you, Housekeeper Mo?” Xiao Yu was like a harmless kitten as he turned to look at Siwen.

“Can I meet leader of Wang family now?” However, his face turned to that of devil from hell when he looked back at Housekeeper Mo.

“I will take you… Our Lord has to see the descendant of Xiao Family.” Housekeeper Mo knew that he had to yield. He didn’t want to bet his own life in a gamble with this hooligan lord. He believed that Xiao Yu would dare to do anything.

“You have made a right choice. You see I got embarrassed now. As a noble and duke, my father always taught my to act like a gentlemen. I have been acting so since then.” Xiao Yu put away his sword and smiled as he began to straighten Housekeeper Mo’s collar. Afterwards, he shouted at the grunts: “Bring the gift that I have prepared for Uncle Wang!”

Beast one ran back to the carriage and brought the gift meant for the lord of the territory to Xiao Yu.

Housekeeper Mo cursed in his heart: “A gentleman? Since when a hooligan can be a gentleman? A duke? You are a bastard! A hooligan and rogue!” Housekeeper Mo was scolding all 18 generations of Xiao Yu in his heart.

Xiao Yu took the gifts that he had prepared for Siwen’s father and followed Housekeeper Mo to the mansion. Leah, Grom and Tyrande came with Xiao Yu while archmage and grunts stayed behind.

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    1. how could you do that to siwen’s parents! we should give them bracelets shiny as diamond, containing ghosts and spectres

    1. Yes but! Convoy Means to travell and protect while fleet they all do same stuff! for example if it is travelling they all travel together if it is protecting they protect together, in convoy there is something they must protect so they are travelling and protecting at the same time so, they have different meanings and you must know that convoy can be used for any type of travelling and protecting, be it in air,land or sea

  1. Is this humor…. is it funny to be no different than a thug, or a hooligan. A criminal? I honestly did not enjoy reading this chapter. I kept hoping that someone would correct his behavior. Maybe someone would remove his testicals. After all he only thinks with them.

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