WOWFRD – Ch 70

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Chapter 70

Xiao Yu felt that Theodore was keeping more secrets than he could have imagined. Such a man wouldn’t casually utter words. Moreover, Theodore had predicted Antonidas, Tyrande and other heroes. The emergence of these heroes was directly related to Xiao Yu. It means that the old man should have predicted Xiao Yu coming to this town too. If it was the case then Theodore was an exceptional magician.

Would everyone have such an amazing ability when they reached to be a sixth-rank archmage? Moreover, the things what Theodore told were either related to Xiao Yu or the heroes. It seemed that Theodore was hinting at future but what was the aim and conclusion?

Xiao Yu felt that he should go to meet old man once again. He had to pay attention to the revelations made by the old ma as they were directly related to fate of Xiao Yu and heroes.

Xiao Yu understood that old man didn’t get involved with me because of the slave pendant on Leah’s neck as he knew about Xiao Yu’s future!

However, if everything happened because the old man knew that it would happen then it was way too mysterious.

“I must ask him how he knew about me! How he knew about re-emergence of Antonidas?” Xiao Yu looked at Leah: “Leah, that crooked old man stole one of my best wines. I gotta get it back and you have to take me to his place. I will ask him about how to get this pendants off too.” Xiao Yu knew that Leah wouldn’t take him to Theodore’s house if he told her truth. However, she would be interested in taking him back there if she had gain from the process.

Leah hesitated a bit: “Alright, I will take you but you must help me to get rid of this pendant!”

Xiao Yu smiled: “Who would want you? Of course, I will do my best to get rid of this magic pendant within three years.”

They found out that the housing was empty when Leah brought Xiao Yu to Theodore’s residence. Theodore had taken few clothes and disappeared from the place.

However, there was a letter left on the table. There was no seal or name written on it. Xiao Yu wanted to get the letter but Leah was much faster than him. After reading the first few sentences she looked at Xiao Yu: “It’s for you.”

Xiao Yu grabbed the letter and read the first sentence: “My dear Leah, this letter is meant for the funny youth. I have told him few things so he will take care of you. Young man, I know that you will come to look for me.”

Xiao Yu was shocked when he read this sentence. Who the old man was at the end? He could predict that Xiao Yu and Leah would come to look for him. Moreover, he was aware that Leah would be first to get the letter so he had advised her to give letter to Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu looked down and continued to read: “Don’t ask my how and why I know the characters from 10000 years ago would come to life once again. I don’t imagine you so powerful to make it happen but I’m way to ignorant to understand the world. There many many legends and secrets in the world. I know that you won’t be an ignorant person. I know because I have lived for a long time and I was fortunate to find a great prophecy. It’s based on inspiration that I got from artifacts and legends. However, my life is depleted as I use this spell to see the future so I have given up on this practice. I believe in fate more than anything as I have reached this old age. Fate is something that humanity can’t escape from. The time, space and universe is going to repeat itself once more. I don’t know the details of how it will happen but I’m aware that it will. Moreover, if I knew how everything will fold out then I wouldn’t be existing in this world. Heavens wouldn’t allow a person to stay alive with all the secrets of the world. However, there are opportunities given to humans for the salvation. We can pursue and find those opportunities and tips. In fact, those tips are spread out through the history. We can learn a lot and if you try hard you will know your own destiny. But my advise is that cherish everything that you have and don’t worry about the fate. Don’t try to manage your life or try to chase your fate. Because it will take you where you have to go anyway.”

Signature: Theodore, a humble mage.

Xiao Yu froze for a while after he read the letter. There were lots of esoteric words that he couldn’t understand. Fate was a very deep topic. Even the masters of philosophy couldn’t interpret the meaning of this word.

After a while, he put the letter on the table: “I don’t care what fate has for me. I’m alive and I will live a happy life. As a self-acclaimed hooligan and rogue, my life is about eating, drinking and beauties…I’ll cut down those that aren’t pleasing to my eyes”

Xiao Yu understood the last sentences written by Theo. You can’t get rid of your destiny or chase it. Just live your life and everything will happen as it has to happen!

Xiao Yu wanted to destroy the letter. After all, there were secrets that were related to him in this letter that the others didn’t have to see. However, the letter began to combust and burn.

“Old man is way too cool. I hope one day I’ll have these kind of skill too.” Xiao Yu was envious of old man’s foresight and magic abilities.

Xiao Yu’s mood was very good as he got back to the inn with Leah. He saw his fifth sister-in-law Siwen feed the dragon. He walked over: “Did you behave well today?”

Baby dragon jumped into Xiao Yu’s arms. It was trying to reply to Xiao Yu by saying words in its own language.

“Alright, be and act good! Listen to your mother’s words. Alright?” Xiao Yu smiled.

Babble~ Babble~ Baby dragon nodded its head to mean that it was behaving well.

“Who is his mother?” Siwen couldn’t help but ask.

Xiao Yu smiled: “The one who feeds it is his mother. Why would someone else who isn’t concerned about him feed him?”

Siwen’s cheeks turned red: “Don’t say nonsense!”

Xiao Yu waved his hand: “Alright, I want to talk to you about something.”

Siwen asked: “About what?”

Xiao Yu asked: “Sister-in-law, are you happy in Xiao family?”

Siwen was surprised for a moment as she didn’t know the reason why Xiao Yu asked her this question. She sighed: “Does it matter whether I’m happy or unhappy?”

Xiao Yu interrupted her: “I’m not talking about the hard life. Are you happy in Xiao household?”

Siwen slowly said: “The happiest days of my life have been in Xiao family.”

Xiao Yu replied: “Since it is so then we have to go back as soon as we can. The other sisters-in-law are waiting for you.”

Siwen helplessly shook her head: “Xiao Yu, I know that you want to take me back but you aren’t aware of the situation. It would be very difficult to get back since I’m already heading towards Wang household. The Lion town is just developing and you are doing a good job. Don’t do any nonsense and break this momentum as I want my sisters can live happier days in the future. As for me, I’ll follow what destiny will bring upon me.”

Xiao Yu raised his eyebrows: “What destiny? Your destiny is tied to Xiao Yu family. You are no longer daughter of Wang family. You will be my sister-in-law for eternity. Moreover, your destinty isn’t tied to Xiao family as my brother is dead. So your fate and destiny depends on your own choices. To whatever you like and pursue your goals as long as it makes you happy. You can leave if one day you will find a person that you like. I will slap to death the ones who dares to block you at that time. Xiao family isn’t your husband’s but your family now. We will always you back as a woman of our a family. I won’t waste too much time. If you have something to pursue and do then go for it!”

Xiao Yu ignored Siwen and strode towards his own room.

Tears began to flow down Siwen’s eyes as she hold onto baby dragon and stood still in the hall. She had never seen a person who would be willing to protect her. She was like her own mother. A commodity used as a bargaining chip. Her fate was never in her own hands. Now, there was a man who wanted her to take the ropes of her destiny. She could rely on him.

What a woman wanted in this world the most? To be master of her own fate!

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  1. are you sure he didn’t mean , “Moreover, your destiny isn’t LIMITED to Xiao family”? Because if not he is contridicting himself. Tied to and limited to are entirely different, one means that she has ties to them that wont break while the other means that despite those ties she isn’t limited to only staying with the Xiao famiily if she doesnt want to. I dont know it just sounds weird how he phrased it

  2. “As a self-acclaimed hooligan and rogue” Is there any reason he wants to be one? Like some past that he is too much of a honor student and feel envious of the delinquent due to their free and fearless way of life. Or is it a new trend in teenager nowaday that delinquent is cool and badass? Since i don’t think there is anyone want to become that in my generation.

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