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Chapter 7

Zhao Yuan looked at Xiao Yu and pondered for a while. He had less than 100 bandits by him. The other side had dozens of fierce orc warriors. However, he couldn’t bear to let go of wealth that he had saved for dozens of years. It meant letting go off ten years of effort.

Xiao Yu saw that the boss of the bandits wasn’t responding. He was too lazy so he motioned with his hand for a direct attack. Grom and orc warriors rushed out.

Xiao Yu had determined that the bandits weren’t his opponents. Moreover, he would get a lot of experience points if he killed them all.

The bandits were scared of orcs so they tried to escape in fear one by one.

Zhao Yuan was shocked to see that his underlings were trying to run. It was true that the orcs were ferocious. Even Zhao Yuan wanted to turn away to escape. But a bright light passed by him and split him into two halves.

Zhao Yuan wasn’t Blademaster’s opponent so he died without a fight.

Originally, Xiao Yu was planning to bring these 100 out from the camp and kill them using ambushes.

However, he later found out that the humans had fear burst out in their minds the moment they saw orcs. It would greatly reduce their combat powers. The bandits which didn’t have military training were immediately defeated. As a result, he decided to trample the camp in one move.

It turned out that his speculation was correct.

The bandits scattered and flee away when the leader was killed. Xiao Yu ordered the orc warriors to chase after the bandits that run away. He roamed inside the camp in search of the loot.

“Lord! Show mercy! Don’t kill me! I know where the boss hid his treasures. I’ll take you to there but please spare me!” A youth knelt in front of Xiao Yu and begged for mercy when he saw that everyone had run away.

“Do you know the exact locations where your boss kept the treasures?” Xiao Yu didn’t show mercy to the bandits but now Grom was with him.

“I know! I know everything. I will lead the Lord.” The guy was eager to prove himself. He turned around and led the way.

Xiao Yu slightly pondered as he followed after the bandit. He believed that the bandit wouldn’t play any tricks as Grom was with him. The bandit took out everything valuable from the tents.

There were many things that weren’t useful to Xiao Yu.

The bandits have even stolen home furnishing which wasn’t worth money. Although the territory was in decline Xiao Yu was that the families weren’t as poor as what was in front of him.

The game only recognized gold. So he had to convert these things to gold and later add them to his inventory.

As a result, Xiao Yu didn’t care for things that he couldn’t sell.

But, the guy brought up a lot of gold coins to please Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu looked at several heavy bags. On estimate, he decided that he had acquired at least ten thousand gold coins.

“About ten thousand gold coins.” Xiao Yu was surprised.

But even ten thousand gold coins wasn’t enough. Doesn’t this bandit leader save anything? He was just way too poor.

“So that’s it?” Xiao Yu asked.

“Of course not! There are other locations that boss had buried gold coins. Others don’t know their locations but I do!” The guy hesitated for a bit. But his face turned pale when he looked at Grom. He immediately spilled out everything he knew.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Lead the way.”

The bandit nodded and walked uphill.

Bandit began to dig a place that had strange marks close to it. After about ten minutes he said in excitement: “Here!”

Xiao Yu went to look at the pit. He saw several bags of gold coins.

“Hahaha… Good. About thirty or forty thousand gold coins. It will be easy to move on with this much of gold.” Xiao Yu muttered.

They put all the gold coins together and Xiao Yu ordered the bandit to count them. There was a total of 50,000 cold coins.

In addition to the gold, Xiao Yu and Grom’s experiences points increased a lot.

Grom needed 10,000 experience points to reach level 4. So there was a lot until that point.

Xiao Yu as the commander got a share of experience points from all the warriors. Moreover, he leveled up to 2 because of he was the commander that captured the camp. The meritorious service value had reached to 200 points.

I got only 10 points when we killed the troll tribe last time.

Xiao Yu’s stats had changed:

Name: Xiao Yu

Race: human.

Level: 2

Basic attributes: strength 4, agile 5, endurance 6, meditation 6. Remaining assignable attribute points. 10 points.

Skills: wind step (1), invincible cut (1). Remaining skill points, 2 points.

Xiao Yu was happy and excited as he looked at his stats. He didn’t think that he would get 10 points to assign to his attributes after he loses a level. Moreover, he could learn a skill too.

After thinking for a moment Xiao Yu decided to raise his strength by 3 points, agility by 4 points, and endurance by 3 points. As a result, his strength reached 7, agility 9 and endurance 9.

His fitness improved instantly. At the same time, Xiao Yu felt as if his body was slowly regenerating the stamina that he had lost.

He had two skill points so he chose to add all to Critical Strike. He improved his chances of skill critical strike by 30%.

“Hero has to be powerful but I’ll become more powerful! 10 attribute points and two skill points. I think after a while I will become more powerful than the blademaster… Hahaha”

Xiao Yu raised his eyebrows as he looked at the loot. The robbery was a profitable industry with a bright future. He was planning to continue to be involved in this business later on.

All the bandits were killed and some had fled away. The only human in the camp was the bandit who helped Xiao Yu except for Xiao Yu himself. There were no outsiders.

Xiao Yu planned to go back. He looked at the bandit and asked: “So who are you? Why do you know the locations of the treasures?”

The bandit replied: “I followed Zhao Yuan for years and was his military aide so I know more than others.”

“Oh, a military advisor. So what do you do as a military advisor?” Xiao Yu was interested in the bandit so he asked for more information.

Bandit rapidly replied: “I don’t have much of a talent. I’m good at gathering intelligence and summarizing the news. Zhao Yuan would use my intelligence and I’ll provide tactics.”

“News… Do you have information about the location of other bandits?” Xiao Yu asked in curiosity.

“Of course I know! I’m familiar with the surrounding location. Otherwise, we may offend people who we mustn’t offend or get someone else’s pray. It would lead us to extinction.” The bandit nodded.

“Good! You will stay with me and help me destroy those bandits.” Xiao Yu responded.

Originally, he was planning to release the bandit. He wasn’t a killer and he didn’t like the murder that he saw in this world. It was a contradictory feeling to his nature.

Moreover, the bandit wasn’t much of a threat so he didn’t care much about him.

But the guy seemed to be useful so there was only one way and that was to keep him. 50,000 gold coins were enough for now but he would need more in the future.

Therefore, he had to be involved in the bright and profitable robbery business. It would be more convenient if someone led him towards the source and a bandit was the perfect choice.

“What is your name?” Xiao Yu looked at the bandit.

“This one is called Fox.” The bandit replied. Fox thought that Xiao Yu would release him but it seems it was going to be otherwise.

“Ah, Fox! I was just looking for a fox like you. However, don’t make me angry or I will end up making a barbecue out of a fox meat” Xiao Yu mildly threatened Fox.

“I would never dare to so. I’m a timid person! I would absolutely never think of such thing.” Fox continuously nodded his head.

Xiao Yu didn’t care much. He wasn’t planning to make Fox go to battles anyway.

Xiao Yu didn’t take Fox back to his town. He didn’t want others to know that he controlled orc warriors. He had to introduce orcs very slowly.

Fox’s eyes were covered as they moved through the Ankagen mountains for a long time. They reached the orc base and Fox was thrown into the burrow. A peon was sent to look after him.

Peons weren’t warriors but they wouldn’t have problems by subjugating a normal human.

Fox fainted when he saw that he was inside the orc tribe’s base.

Xiao Yu began to produce orc warriors. He made the barracks to produce 400 orc warriors.

He was planning to buy blacksmith shop, produce some equipment and armor for the orc warriors and upgrade Blademaster’s weapon.

However, Xiao Yu was stunned to learn that he needed 300 meritorious service points to buy the blacksmith shop.

He understood why he needed merit points. However, he couldn’t understand why the system set up such a thing. He asked the system once more and system replied that the base had to match the strength of the commander. It was pointless to award the commander with more resources if he wasn’t worthy of it according to the system.

Xiao Yu added 10,000 gold coins and planning to get another 100 orc warriors.

However, Xiao Yu was shocked once more. His current rank was private so he couldn’t have more than 500 orc warriors! If he wanted more then he had to reach a high rank.

“What the hell! There are limits on everything! People transmigrate through worlds and directly become kings of empires and control millions of troops and I’m stuck with 500 orc warriors…” Xiao Yu was angry. He couldn’t get 500 orc warriors even though he had 50,000 gold coins. He could get 460 more orc warriors as he already had 40 orc warriors.

“I have to get as many merit points as soon as possible and built the blacksmith shop! I can’t go against an army with orc warriors who have nothing but broken axes. Although the axes looked sturdy they weren’t swords. Moreover, Carrie’s army wouldn’t be like the bandits that he faced.”

Barracks could produce 48 orc warriors a day so it would take about 10 days to produce 460 orc warriors. Xiao Yu knew that after 10 days he will have maximum half a month to face Carrie.

“If I have an army of 1000 orcs then I could barely go against Carrie. In addition, they will go for a siege and I can’t fight them in a silly way. The beast way to protect a town is to use archers… Alas, if I had elven archers… I don’t even know if I can build a second base…”

Xiao Yu asked the system about establishing a second base.

The system’s answer delighted him. Xiao Yu was told that as long as he was promoted to corporal then he could build a second base.

It was good news. The establishment of second base meant that he could build a town hall and altar. He would get his first hero free of charge! Moreover, he could use the money to buy barracks and save meritorious service. This way he could amass an army of archers.

“How many merit points is needed to upgrade to corporal rank?” Xiao Yu looked forward to asking.

“It requires 1000 merit points.” the system replied.

“1000 merit points. I got 200 points by getting rid of the bandit camp. So in order to reach 1000, I have to take care of five such bandit camps…” Xiao Yu calculated about the fastest way to reach corporal rank.

Xiao Yu had come up with a new idea after he found out that he could build a second base at the corporal rank. He would give priority to the second base rather than blacksmith shop.

The orcs weren’t as good as in long-range battle like the archers. Moreover, he wasn’t able to produce trolls yet. To do that he had to upgrade the barracks. In addition, the cost a troll was very expensive. The archers were much cheaper in comparison.

The most important thing was that he would be able to summon beautiful Tyrande after he established the elven base! Xiao Yu’s saliva flew down through his mouth as he got indulged in fantasies.

“I have to continue to rob…Both to get gold and meritorious service!” Xiao Yu made up his mind.


P.S: Are you guys enjoying the novel?

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  1. I’m enjoying it, just worried about enjoying it too much until we’re further into the translation, so many novels get dropped early on.

  2. This is pretty fun. Although it hasn’t any deep plot yet, it is still good. Maybe it is because I played a Warcraft a lot, who knows. I want to see the Undead soon t-t Who cares about orcs? The Undead are more cool 🙂

    1. I haven’t read ahead but according to MC’s personality he will stay away from undead. There isn’t a pretty girl in their rows, is there?

      1. t-t Right, they are all a bunch of cold bodies and bones… But orcs too, there isn’t a female hero or unit among them, just the night elves and humans have female units and heroes (at least in Warcraft). I will try to control my hopes and don’t wish for much – or I may become disappointed later. Still… Dread Lord and Lich are the two coolest heroes out there, they are beautiful in their own way (or so I wished they were Haha :))

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  4. Thanks for the chapters :3

    As a warcraft 1, 2, 3 and world of warcraft player, i definetely enjoying this novel. The MC is a bit too perverted ( in a “he is too obvious” kind of way, he really should fake his intentions a bit more ), but i can live with that, who knows maybe he will improve in the future.

    The thing i’m enjoying the most, though, is the update speed. Keep it up XD

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    i’m enjoying the novel so far! thanks for the work!

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