WOWFRD – Ch 69

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Chapter 69

Xiao Yu felt the mysterious aura emitting from old man’s body as he listened to him. What was old man’s aim by coming here? It didn’t seem that old man was here to get revenge for Leah.

Xiao Yu wasn’t aware of the old man’s strength. However, as Leah had dared to invite him to solve out the problem it meant that he was someone with power.

At the same time, Housekeeper Mo who finished paying to owner of the tavern came over. But his face changed the moment he saw old man: “Greetings master Theodore.”

Xiao Yu was wondering about the identity of the old man and housekeeper Mo called him Theodore. Xiao Yu raised his eyebrows as it seems that the old man had a powerful identity which could make housekeeper Mo bow without a second thought.

Old man Theo ignored Housekeeper Mo as if he wasn’t next to them and continued to say to Xiao Yu: “Young man, I have already told you what I had to tell. The rest is within your own grasp. I’m entrusting Leah to you as I believe that you will be able to take care of Leah so don’t let me down.”

Xiao Yu replied: “What do you mean? Why are you entrusting her to me? It’s not as if I’m her grandfather. Why would I take care of her? She should be my maid and she should be taking care of me!”

Theodore smiled: “Anyway, its between you two. Just don’t let me down whatever choice you make!”

Theodore grabbed bottle of red wine in front of Xiao Yu without even glancing at Housekeeper Mo and turned to leave.

Leah shouted out as she looked at Theo’s back: “Old man! Are you really going to let me follow him?”

Theo didn’t turn back but his voice echoed: “It’s not that I’m making you follow him. It was your own choice. My little Leah, don’t forget to believe in fate!”

Leah bit her lips as she bitterly looked at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu raised his eyebrows: “What you looking at? IF you dare to look at me that way I’m going to…”

Xiao Yu was going to use his needle bluff but remembered that his lie was found out. However, he couldn’t find the right words to threaten her.

Xiao Yu’s eyes caught Housekeeper Mo bowing and standing still even though Theodore had left. He couldn’t help but vent his anger on him: “Housekeeper Mo, why are you standing like a piece of wooden stick?”

Housekeeper Mo slowly raised his head and saw that Theodore had left: “You even dare to disrespect archmage Theodore! Believe it or not, but if this spreads out at least tens of thousand people will come over to kill you! Don’t make any more trouble!”

Xiao Yu replied back: “Why should I respect him? It was him who came over for a favor! Moreover, he robbed two of my wine bottles! If there is anyone who dares to kill me then call him over. I fear no one!”

Housekeeper Mo looked at Xiao Yu as if he was looking at an imbecile: “Do you know who that was?”

Xiao Yu replied: “Didn’t you just said it? He is called Theodore!”

Housekeeper Mo continued: “Do you know who Theodore is?”

“How should I know who he is?”

Housekeeper Mo grunted as he saw that Xiao Yu’s general knowledge was lacking. He looked at this idiot: “He is a sixth-rank archmage!”

“Do you mean that the old man who stole my wines is a sixth-rank archmage?” Xiao Yu almost choked as he had put a snack into his mouth a few seconds ago.

Xiao Yu was very clear about the concept of sixth-rank archmage. It was a being who had reached the top of the pyramid and standing at the apex.

Xiao Yu, Tyrande, Grom, Antonidas and 10 grunts plus the cavalry of the Wang house wouldn’t be able to do anything to Theodore even if they wanted to kill him. In short, sixth-rank archmage meant something similar to a nuclear bomb from Xiao Yu’s old world.

Such an archmage could chant a spell that could cover thousands of kilometers in radius. He could completely erase towns, cities and so on. Any country or territory would love to have such a mage as their ally. Many would be willings to give huge amounts of wealth, kill all the enemies of the archmage to earn his goodwill.

It was no wonder that Housekeeper Mo said there would be tens of thousands who would be willing to kill him because of Theodore. It was not an exaggeration. There would be many who would be happy to kill enemy of such archmage.

Xiao Yu wiped his nose. He know understood why Leah dared to threaten him. She had such a backing! Moreover, she dared to call sixth-rank archmage crooked old man which meant that they had good relationship.

“Fortunately, old man’s temper wasn’t bad… Otherwise, I would be dead.” Xiao Yu felt cold sweat flow down his spine.

In fact, Xiao Yu wasn’t aware but Theodore’s temper wasn’t good to begin with. It was just Theo had chosen to live in seclusion because of massacres that he had done in the past.

“I don’t know when my heroes will reach the same level as sixth-rank… It gets more difficult to upgrade them as the levels rise. But it seems that they would be invincible when they reach level 50 or 60.” Xiao Yu pondered about the strength of his heroes. Although they couldn’t reach that level in one go but need experience points to increase their levels.

“Housekeeper Mo, don’t be worried. He is my friend and won’t find trouble with us. Moreover, he said that he owes me a favor, right Leah?” Xiao Yu stared into Leah’s eyes.

Leah raised her head: “Crooked old man said that he would owe you one favor as long as you don’t mistreat me.”

“Anyway, he promised to help me with 1 problem. Do you hear it Housekeeper Mo? He promised me. Quickly get ready to leave. I’m tired of sitting in this place and would like to see the head of Wang family!” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes. He had deliberately told Housekeeper Mo that Theodore owned him a favor. He was threatening Housekeeper Mo. His bargaining chip in front of Wang family would increase as long as he had support of a sixth-rank archmage.

Housekeeper Mo was surprised: “Master Theodore… Did he agree for a favor?”

Housekeeper Mo was aware that money wasn’t enough to buy a commitment or favor from a sixth-rank archmage.

Xiao Yu sipped from one: “Yes, who told him to drink my wine? He even took a bottle when he left! Of course, he owes me a favor. Now, I have to think about what to do with this favor… I may ask him to solve out a problem if I meet some unpleasant things in near future.”

Xiao Yu was bluntly threatening Housekeeper Mo.

Housekeeper Mo began to reconsider his moments right away as previously he was thinking about trying to punish Xiao Yu when they reached Wang territory.

However the situation had turned 180 degrees now. The consequences of messing with a person who was backing with a sixth-rank archmage were very serious. For such an archmage there was no difference of killing few people or tens of thousands…

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  1. When you say there gonna be face smacking, i though antonidas gonna show up, and that old man gonna bow down or something like that.

    Btw, thx for the chapter

  2. So disappointed with how this went. He already has orcs, dwarves, and elves, so the old man already knows something is up with him.

    M/C 100% should have instantly summoned the archmage for the old man, it is a joke not to do so. They should have talked on how to remove the bracelets and she still would most likely follow him afterwards.

    I hate it when authors skip the most plausible route for some b.s

    1. It’s not that there aren’t orcs, elves, dwarves , gnomes (you get the idea) still alive in the new ‘world’, but their races are nowhere as flourishing as they were before.

      Instead of being mighty nations, they’ve been reduced to mostly small tribes hidden away in somewhat inaccessible locations, because they would be hunted for one reason or another.

      Elves for beautiful slaves
      Orcs for mighty warrior (slaves)

    2. Only the orcs and an elf were present. Also, I agree with the bs about not having Antonitas around when trying to remove a MAGIC artifact.

      1. well not having him try, not asking about it from him, is kinda stupid. But coming out to them about him is ridiculous. for the reasons i said in another reply.

    3. the fuck you mean, plausible? To have a magician who was supposed to be dead for who knew how many damn years just conveniently show up? Does that guy even KNOW WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE? And Antonidas is weak AF, what reason would he have to believe its really him? There’s no reason to tell them, if they want it removed they have to follow him regardless, its not information they need and even if they did know it—and believed it–then they would still have to wait till he leveled up enough to unlock the skill to remove it, who knows how long that could take or what he would have to do? You think a guy living in seculusion for his past atrocities would say, “yeah sure bro go kill thousands of people, its cool” ? Boi…

  3. The powers of luck and fate. I even think he could have recruited Theodore if Antonidas was down there with him. It would also make him think twice about Xiao Yu being foolish, as he would have the person able to counteract his mistake with him immediately. Then I imagine an HN1F situation going on between Theodore and Antonidas.

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