WOWFRD – Ch 68

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Chapter 68

“Hey! Is this how you treat elder people?” Old man shouted..

“Old man, I told you to help me solve the problem! But you are drinking with my enemy!” Leah snapped out as she looked at old man.

Old man laughed: “My little Leah, don’t you see that I’m working on it? I have lived for so many years. My experience is much richer than yours and I know how to solve problems much better than you. Boy, pour some wine for me.”

Xiao Yu stared at Leah: “What did you call me? Enemy? I’m your master! If you spout more BS then I’m going to use needles to kill you!” Afterwards, he gestured on the bracelet on his wrist.

Leah furiously replied: “I dare you! Kill me if you can!”

Xiao Yu pondered for a moment when he saw the fearless look on Leah’s face. He was aware that Old man was aware of details of slave pendant so he must have told Leah. So Leah was aware that he was bluffing and he had turned into a fool. He didn’t even know how to use the bracelet.

Old man interrupted: “I say, both of you sit down to talk. I have a good method to solve this problem.”

Xiao Yu and Leah asked in the same time: “What method?”

Old man smiled as he drunk from the wine: “Naturally, a method that would satisfy both of you.”

Xiao Yu and Leah scolded the old man at the same time: “Crooked old man!”

Old man rolled his eyes: “I’m showing kindness and none of you appreciate it.”

Leah sat down and Xiao Yu asked: “Do you have a method to remove these collars?”

Old man smiled: “I don’t have a way to remove collars but I have a method for you two to live together. Moreover, as long as you continue with good relations the collars would not be a problem.”

“Crooked old man, he dared to enslave me! Do you think I will follow him?” Leah was anxious.

Old man gestured at Leah to calm down: “My little Leah, it is an opportunity for you.”

Leah frowned: “Opportunity? What opportunity?”

Old man smiled: “Of course, it is a good opportunity for you. Don’t you ever wished to run from one adventure to another? Don’t you want to seek ancient legends? There is a chance now. You will learn everything as long as you follow him.” Old man glanced at Xiao Yu.

Leah was turning more furious: “Do you want me to be his servant for an eternity?”

Xiao Yu was shocked as he listened to the old man. He whispered to himself: “This old man isn’t that simple. How does he know that I’m seeking answers to those ancient legends? I have to trace those legends because of Tyrande and Thrall. I want to save orcs and elves so I have pursue the legends. How does he know that?”

Old man smiled as he tried to appease Leah: “Little Leah, following him doesn’t mean to be his servant or slave. I want to propose a solution which would benefit both of you.”

“How can there be such a solution? He had forced me to wear the slave pendant!” Leah fiercely looked at Xiao Yu.

Old man laughed: “Little Leah, I will persuade him not to misuse it in future.”

Afterwards, Old man turned towards Xiao Yu: “I can see that you didn’t mean to enslave Leah. But things have turned out this way and no one can unlock this pendant. However, there is a person who in the future will be able to untie it. Will you be willing to give back her freedom at that time?”

Xiao Yu looked at Leah: “She will become old woman in three years. Why would I want her?”

“What did you say?” Leah was taken aback.

Old man asked: “Both of you want to untie the spell, don’t you?”

Leah and Xiao Yu answered at the same time: “Yes.”

Leah was naturally interested in getting off the necklace. Xiao Yu thought that having a slave was cool but it was a shackle to him. He didn’t want things that weren’t controlled by himself.

Old man smiled: “Good, then I assure you that you will be able to untie it if you promise to follow my advice.”

Leah frowned: “Crooked old man, what do you want me to promise you?”

Old man looked at Leah: “Leah, promise me that you will follow him for three years and fight with him. You will be able to get your freedom!”

“What? Three years? Fight for him?” Leah was perpelxed.

Old man continued: “Leah, how much I have done for you for these years? Have I ever harmed you? You are like my grand-granddaughter. I tell you, you won’t be able to get rid of the collar if you don’t fight with him and stay with him. It’s not a bad thing to follow him.”

Leah turned silent. She knew that old man wouldn’t harm her. But she couldn’t grasp the notion of staying together with Xiao Yu for three years.

Old man turned towards Xiao Yu when he saw Leah stay silent: “Young man Leah will help you for three years. But you have to promise me one thing.”

Xiao Yu was aware that old man wasn’t as simple as he looked: “What condition?”

Old man looked at Leah then turned towards Xiao Yu: “You can’t use power of slave pendant to force Leah do things that she doesn’t want to do.”

Xiao Yu thought that having an assassin as a bodyguard was a good thing. Moreover, old man only wanted him not to violate her.

Xiao Yu replied: “No problem. I’m a noble! A duke! Why would I do such a thing?”

Fire burst out in Leah’s heart. Xiao Yu wasn’t acting like a noble few hours ago!

Old man nodded: “Alright. As far as a I know there was a magic organization called “Kirin-Tor” in ancient times. The leader of the magic organization was called Antonidas. He can untie the spell if you can find him.”

Xiao Yu splashed out the red wine that he had just drunk.

“Antonidas can lift away the spell?” Xiao Yu was shocked. How could old man know that antonidas was here? Did he have some kind of special ability?

Leah snapped at old man’s reply: “What are you saying? He lived 10000 years ago! We won’t be able to find his ashes let alone the living mage!”

Old man slowly said: “Ten thousands year… Time, space and universe changes… Everything is about to repeat itself. Leah, don’t you want to know the secrets of the ancients? You will face the greatest magician, Antonidas.’

Leah frowned: “Are you sure that those legends will repeat themselves?”

Old man seriously looked at Leah: “Not only they will happen once again but you will participate in them. It is your fate, my dear Leah.”
Ok, badass chapters are coming up! Get ready for face-smacking Xiao Yu 😉

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! :3
    Just when Xiao Yu was accepting it… Bang, he finds what he needs to unlock it. Will he say it out loud or not?


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