WOWFRD – Ch 67

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Chapter 67

Xiao Yu was sitting in the tavern and watching Housekeeper Mo pay to the owner for the demolition. He smiled as he stroked the bracelet on his wrist. He was pondering about ways to take it off. He didn’t care about anger of Housekeeper Mo. Xiao Yu had already provoked him by getting the necklace for Archmage Antonidas so doing it once again was not a problem.

Xiao Yu was aware that Housekeeper Mo would try his best to harm him when they get to Wang house. But Xiao Yu was like a dead pig who wasn’t afraid of boiling water. What was done is done.

“What the hell is this thing? I wouldn’t have used it if I knew that it would be troublesome to take it off.” Xiao Yu’s wrist was swollen as he had used many methods to try to get off the bracelet. He was pondering if he should use to cut it off.

Xiao Yu was focused on his wrist way too much. He would take a glance at Housekeeper Mo once in a while. However, the next time when he raised his head he saw an old man sitting in front of him. There was this wretched smile on this old man’s face which looked similar to archmage Antonidas’s smile.

“Damned old man! Do you want to scare me to death?” Xiao Yu was startled. Actually, his strength had gradually increased, likewise his perception was upgraded too. However, the old man appeared in front of him without a slight sound. He hadn’t noticed old man’s existence until he saw him. It was like a ghost appeared in front of him which made him jump up in fear.

“You shouldn’t be frightened by me but by yourself. It’s your heart which has fear that made you scared from an old man like me.” Old man smiled as he talked.

“Cut the nonsense! I’m not afraid of anyone in this world! No one has the power to make me fear anything!” Xiao Yu’s face expression turned ‘cool’ as he continued to study the bracelet on his wrist.

“What’s wrong? Can’t take it off?” Old man asked.

Xiao Yu looked up at the wretched smiled on the wrinkled face of the old man. He would have kicked old man out long time ago if he wasn’t brought up by socialist values and held respect for the old.

“What is has to do with you whether I’m able to take it off or not?” Xiao Yu rolled his eyes.

“You have used it without knowing what it is. It’s will be lock for an eternity.. Ridiculous!” Old man took the snacks that was brought by waiter to Xiao Yu. He began to chew them up.

Afterwards, old man took the cup of red wine that was in front of Xiao Yu: “You are way too spoiled to drink 300 year old wine.. its a pity!”

Old man didn’t care less about Xiao Yu drinking from the same cup minutes ago. He took a sip and put back the cup.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he didn’t continue to study the bracelet but began to stare at the old man.

Old man didn’t look any different than an old beggar that lived in the streets. However, his clothes were very clean. He looked more like an old swindler.

“Do you know what this is?” Xiao Yu asked even though he wasn’t ready to believe old man’s words.

Old man picked up another piece of the snack and stuffed in his mouth: “Snacks are good, wines is much better. It would be so nice to have another bottle.”

Xiao Yu looked at the old man and wanted to see what he was going to say. He snapped his fingers and said to Beast One: “Beast One, get us a bottle of good wine.”

Beast One immediately ran out of tavern and came back with few bottles of red wine to put on the table.

Old man glanced at Beast One then exclaimed as he grabbed a bottle of wine: “This orc is much stronger than orcs I have seen..”

“Have you seen orcs?” There was a trace of disbelief in Xiao Yu’s eyes.

Old man was panting by the time he was able to open the bottle: “I have lived for long time and seen a lot of things.”

“Is that it… Are you going to tell me what this bracelet is?” Xiao Yu asked as he wanted to get back to the topic.

Old man drank from the red wine and looked at the bracelet on Xiao Yu’s wrist: “It is a slave pendant which was made by an evil magician to enslave powerful warriors in ancient era.”

“Since you know what it is then you should know how to get it off.” Xiao Yu’s heart turned cold as he saw that the old man was aware of the collars.

Old man shook his head: “There is no way.”

“BS!” Xiao Yu snapped as he grabbed the bottle from old man.

“Hey! Young people don’t show respect to the elderly these days!” Old man said in protest.

“I would have kicked you out long time ago if I didn’t show respect for the elderly.” Xiao Yu drank directly from the bottle.

Old man’s mouth twitched as he looked at Xiao Yu drink from the bottle.

“Do you want to get that thing off?” Old man smiled as he leaned back the chair.

“Why would I bother if I can’t take it off?” Xiao Yu was using old man’s words against himself.

“Why would you want to enslave others if you want to take it off?” Old man asked.

Xiao Yu snapped out of anger: “I don’t know. I just wanted to frighten that person and punish her a bit!”

“Youngling, don’t you know that harming others is harming self? Tolerance is the right path. Don’t choose the evil path. It doesn’t matter whether the deed is small or big!” Old man spoke in a solemn tone.

Xiao Yu listened but didn’t refute old man. He was telling truth. Xiao Yu was a bit rogue and hooligan but he knew the difference between right and wrong.

“Beast one, get a dagger! I don’t believe that it couldn’t be cut!” Xiao Yu didn’t believe that the bracelet couldn’t be cut.

He didn’t want this to be with him for lifetime. He felt uncomfortable when he thought about Leah being his slave until death. It wasn’t worth to make anyone suffer.

“The magic would be worthless if blades and daggers were able to undo it.” Old man said and grabbed a bottle of wine when he saw Xiao Yu was focused on bracelet. Xiao Yu was too lazy to take back the wine.

Beast One came back with a dagger: “Master, do you want my help?”

Xiao Yu’s mouth twitched: “Forget it. I’m afraid you will chop down my hand.”

Xiao Yu picked up the dagger and tried to pierce the bracelet. However, each time he tried to move a purple light flashed and protected the collar.

“What am I going to do? Is it going to be with me for an eternity?” Xiao Yu was turning angry. He stabbed the dagger to the corner of the table and looked at the owner of the tavern: “Count this table too!”

Housekeeper Mo’s mouth twitched as he waited for the moment to waste Xiao Yu.

“What about it? Can’t you cut it off?” Old man laughed.

Xiao Yu had tried every method today to take it off but couldn’t.

“In fact, I have a suggestion.” Old man said.

“What kind of suggestion?” Xiao Yu asked back.

“Accept.” Old man bluntly said.

“What?” Xiao Yu was perplexed.

“Everything is so simple in life. I was unafraid and pretentious when I was young. However, after reaching my age I have come to accept the thing called fate. You can’t escape the shackles of the fate.” Old man replied

“I will take it off sooner or later.” Xiao Yu clenched his teeth.

Old man looked at Xiao Yu. It seemed as if he was looking at himself back when he was just a young mage. He slightly shook his head but didn’t say anything.

“Old, can’t you handle him? If not, then I will deal with him myself!” Leah appeared next to the table and ferociously looked at Xiao Yu.

“Oh! So he is the help that you had brought up!” Xiao Yu grabbed back the bottle of wine.

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