WOWFRD – Ch 66

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Chapter 66

“Oh! Little Leah, my dear, why have you come to visit this old man today?” An old man smiled as Leah stood in front of him. His face was as wrinkled as an orange and he had only two front teeth left in his mouth.

Leah had changed her clothes and wasn’t planning to go back to Xiao Yu’s side. Instead she had come over to find the archmage she knew.

There were very few people in this small town that were aware of the old man’s identity. In reality, he was a sixth-rank archmage whose name could cause stir on the continent.

“Naturally there is a problem why I have come out to find you. Otherwise, why would I come here?” Leah wasn’t polite talking to the old man.

Old man didn’t take her rude behavior into heart as he smiled: “My little Leah is angry. Did someone provoke you? It’s a bit strange. Your strength is very good now so it would be very hard for someone to mess around with you. It seems that this time this old man have to toss a someone around!”

“I don’t need your help with that. I’m here to ask you about one thing.” Leah said.

“Oh?! It seems my little Leah has grown up and learned to ask questions to elders about things she didn’t know.” Old man smiled as he sipped from the wine.

Leah rolled her eyes: “I don’t have time for this nonsense. Moreover, all what you do is drink day and night. One day you will end up dying because of it!”

Old man laughed: “My little Leah cares about my health. But I don’t have any other hobbie but drinking. Moreover, there is not much left to live so I’m just having a few mouthful drinks. My little Leah, I had seen you the day you were born and how you grew up. I hoped you will fancy a man and get married so that I can see the child that you would bare. I would love to see the naughty child that you will bring to this world.”

“Old man, you are getting on my nerves! I will smash down your wine reserve if you dare to continue about that topic!” Leah slammed her fist on table with a touch of flush on her cheeks.

“It seems my little Leah has found a sweetheart. You wouldn’t be so shy otherwise! Get that fella here so that this old man can check him.” Old man smiled.

“I don’t have sweetheart or anything. I’m here for you to help me out with this.” Leah took off the scarf from her neck and pointed towards the collar.

The old man’s face stiffened that moment as the smile disappeared from his face. The expression on his face changed instantly. He turned from a kindly grandfather to a demon general from hell. Even Leah’s hair all over her body got erected because of the powerful momentum.

“Who did that?” The old man calmed down after a long time.

Leah knew that there was something very wrong because of the solemn look on old man’s face: “Why? Can’t you break the array of the collar?”

The old man helplessly shook his words and muttered without answering Leah’s question: “How could this thing appear in here? It’s a legendary item…”

“What is it?” Leah’s heart sank down as she looked at the old man.

Old man shook his head: “I could help you lift the collar if it was any other magic spell. Even if I couldn’t do it then I could find someone who could help you out. But I’m afraid no one can do anything to this collar. There is no one in this world that can undo the spell.”

“What?” Leah was shocked: “No one in this world?! What is this then?”

The old man looked at the collar and said: “This collar is known as Slave Pendant. An evil magician in the ancient times had designed to it force powerful warriors to be his slaves. The most important feature of this magic pendant is that the slave will never be relieved. The magician had made the pendant to trigger a blood contract which can’t be solved. You can’t lift the contract even if you resurrect that magician.”

“Do you mean that even the master of this contract can’t unlock the pendant and release the slave?” Leah’s voice trembled. It meant that she would have to serve Xiao Yu as a slave for a lifetime.

Old man nodded: “My little Leah, I could help you with other things. But I’m helpless when it comes to this matter. Moreover, it won’t work even if we kill him. You are linked to him by blood contract so the moment he dies you will die too.”

“What the hell? I die when he dies too?!” Leah shouted out.

“Leah don’t worry. Maybe there are other ways to solve out the matter. Carefully tell me in details what had happened. Who have forced this slave pendant onto you?” Old man turned soft as he saw Leah’s cry. A killing intent flashed past his eyes and his turbid eyes became clear.

Leah felt despair for a moment. Afterwards, she began to slowly tell the story how things turned out. She explained flapping Xiao Yu twice in the face, kicking him and then getting caught by him to be put the collar around her neck. However, she didn’t tell Xiao Yu molested her or cut off her pants. After all, they were shameful things and she would be getting her own revenge after getting rid of the slave pendant.

Old Man’s eyes narrowed as he listened to the story:” Orc and Elf bodyguards… An interesting person… Does it mean that legend… Is it really?”

“What legend?” Leah asked. She was an assassin and her favorite hobby was to explore the ruins and search for legends. Her sole reason to become and assassin was because of the legends and stories told by this old man. She wanted to roam the continent to go from one adventure to another.

“It seems that the kid didn’t want to deliberately enslave you.. He wasn’t aware of the workings of the slave pendant.”

“It doesn’t matter whether it was intentional or unintentional.. He threatened that he would use the needles inside the pendant to kill me if I don’t obey him!” Leah clenched her teeth as she spoke out.

Old man smiled: “It is one of the most powerful taboo pendants of the ancient era. Do you think that it would use needles to enslave people? After the blood contract the slaves would never be able to violate the wills of the master! The master can control the words and deeds of the slave by a single thought! It is a slave pendant which makes the other side puppet of the master. You are at his mercy. However, that guy threatened you with needles! It’s naive! He doesn’t understand that the needles was used to draw blood from both sides to sign the blood contract. They disappeared with the contract and won’t appear again. There is no need for them to appear!”

“What? There is no need for the needles!? He can control my actions… It’s just terrible! I will kill that bastard even if both of us die!” Leah’s heart shuddered at revelations of the old man.

It meant that Xiao Yu could force her to do anything even if she was unwilling. Moreover she couldn’t resist!

Old man patted Leah’s shoulder and sipped from the red wine: “Don’t get to conclusions so soon. My little Leah, things may not be as bad as you think. Take me to see this funny kid… I didn’t expect that this old man would live to see this day…”
Ok, plot is introduced with the ‘legend’.

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  1. There are various anti magic units as well as the blood mage hero that can drain magic. I think that Xiao Yu has a chance to keep his word here. Not to mention some of the magic immune units.

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