WOWFRD – Ch 65

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Chapter 65

“What are you planning to do ?” Leah felt that something bad was going to happen.

Xiao Yu turned towards Grom: “Grom, there is a black box inside the carriage. Bring it over.”

Grom jumped out from the window once more and went inside the carriage. After a while he exited the compartment with a black box and jumped back into room.

Leah’s face changes when she saw the complicated magic arrays and runes engraved on top of the box. A magic item wouldn’t lead to a good future.

Xiao Yu opened the box. There were two leather collars inside the box. One of them was big while the other was small. It seemed that one was suitable to be worn on neck while the other on wrist.

“You … What are you planning? What is this?” Leah shouted.

“Nothing much. Its just a magic item to prevent you from escaping.” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he set the big collar around Leah’s neck. Leah wanted to struggle but she couldn’t move at all.

“You! … You! … If this item harms me in any way I’m going to kill you!” Leah couldn’t help but threaten Xiao Yu once again.

“My maid dares to threaten me! Call me ‘master’, I want to hear it.” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes. He had put the collar around Leah’s neck and put the small one on his wrist.

He had found this black box after looting a bandit camp. He saw that it was a magic item so he had taken it for himself. In truth, Xiao Yu wasn’t aware what this item was and how he could use it. There was only a small note which told that the big collar had to be worn by the slave while the small collar had to be put on master’s wrist. There would be a magic contract between the two which will make a master and servant relationship.

Xiao Yu didn’t know about the truth of the note. Moreover, he didn’t have the right people to test the item. As a result, he had taken the box with himself. He believed that he would be visiting large houses during the trip. So he would have a chance to find someone who would know what the item was and how he could use it. Unexpectedly, he met Leah and the magic item came in handy.

Xiao Yu felt small needles pierce his wrist when he put on the small collar around his wrist.

“Damn it. It stabbed me.” Xiao Yu was surprised. He tried to take off the collar but he couldn’t. A purple light flashed out. At the same time, purple light burst from the collar around Leah’s neck. Countless runes began to fly in between Leah and Xiao Yu.

“Bastard! Take it off!” Leah shouted out.

Xiao Yu smiled: “It is a special item. You are my slave now and can’t resist me. Otherwise, the needles inside the collar will pierce into your neck. So either be obedient or die!”

In fact, Xiao Yu wasn’t aware about the needles until he tried the item. He was just uttering nonsense to scare Leah. He was anxious too as he found out that he couldn’t take off the small collar.

“You! … Bastard! Take it off! I will kill you if something is wrong with this!” Leah screamed.

Xiao Yu grinned: “Now, you know what fear is! You will know what it means to dare to play around with me, my honest slave!”

“When are you going to let me off?” Leah knew that she had to accept the reality. However, she was aware that there had to be a way to break the magical item.

“Let me think … Two slaps and one kick… Two slaps means two years and one kick is equal to one year. So total of three years of slavery. But I’ll have to check your attitude after three years. If I lose face by that time because of your arrogant attitude then we will have to extend the time.” Xiao Yu made a rough calculation.

However, he knew that he didn’t know how to control the collar. So he was planning in advance to get enough time to learn how to take them off.

“Ok, I’ll be your bodyguard for three years. Release me now.” Leah replied.

“Who the heck do you think you are to talk to me in that manner and tone? You are my maid! Do you know what that means? You gotta serve me respectfully. You have to make sure that you say the word ‘master’ in a kind of sweet voice. Don’t you know that? If you don’t know then I can make few needles…”

Xiao Yu was bluffing as he wasn’t aware how to control the collar. Leah’s face turned ugly: “No need, no need… I will act accordingly.”

“Call me master.” Xiao Yu smiled.

Leah held back for a long time before she blushed and said in a very low tone: “Master”. However, her voice was so low that even the buzzing of mosquito was echoing better. Xiao Yu was dissatisfied as he raised his eyebrows. He touched his wrist and said: “I can’t hear the word…”

“Ah … MASTER.” Leah shouted out. She thought that she was eating a loss now but will make sure that Xiao Yu will pay for everything.

Xiao Yu smiled: “You are blunt. I like it. It was your first time but you put your whole heart into it. However, I expect sweet and gentle tone the next time you call me master. Otherwise, thousands of needles would pierce you. By the way, it doesn’t matter where you run away, I can kill you as long as I gently press the collar on my wrist.”

Leah nodded: “Yes, release me now.”

“I didn’t hear it?” Xiao Yu looked at Leah.

“Master…”Leah clenched her teeth.

Xiao Yu nodded in satisfaction: “It feels so right. You have to give me foot massage later on and wash my underwear…”

Leah couldn’t wait to get released from the ropes.

“Release her.” Xiao Yu said to Grom.

Grom used his sword to cut all the ropes in one slash.

Leah stood up but her two white thighs were exposed.

“I have to change my clothes.” Leah raised her chin and said in a commanding tone.

“Do you still dare to talk to me in that manner? Are you courting death?” Xiao Yu couldn’t understand the girl but he felt awesome because of his newly found maid.

Leah clenched her teeth and bowed her head.

“Go!” Xiao Yu waved his hand to gesture her to leave. He was planning to get maid uniform and aprons for Leah…


Next two chapters are fan-service style and 2 more chapters about ‘I won’t spoil’ but it gets awesome afterwards. Get ready for Xiao Yu’s “face slapping” acts.

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    1. ofc 😀 😀 😀 in world of warcraft there is no slavery 😀 after all that game is +12 cus of gore

      1. There is slavery in WoW universe. The author is obviously ignorant of WoW both the storyline and the skills. You see in the comics King Varian/ Logosh was caught and became a gladiator slave by Rehgar Earthfury and he fought with Valeera(Blood Elf/Horde) and Broll(Night Elf/Alliance).

        1. I actually was thinking maybe the author was going to use the dark archon powers for mind steal. From the other blizzard franchise.

          Also not all warcraft stories follow the time line some only pay the franchise fee to wright in that universe. That kinda a thing with both warcraft and starcraft.

        2. you do know he only knows some basic stories right ? maybe he has played warcraft and world of warcraft and only knows what dialogue says. and slavery is an old thing yes varian was forced to be slave with valeera sanguinar and Broll, and to note valeera isnt blood elf she is high elf who had demon inside her so she is very first fel elf, and after those events slavery if im not wrong was abolished?

      2. WoW has slavery in it, just no magic collars forcing the slave to be there. There’s also not much in Warcraft 3 to enslave an opponent. the closest to enslavement is the banshee possession or the charm skill of the dark ranger.

  1. Can you release all 4 chapters at once? I don’t care if I have to wait until tomorrow or the day after for another chapter, I don’t want to face a block after hearing about those awesome chapters. Sorry to those who don’t share my opinion.

  2. man, these kind of chapters are the worst. No progress, boring, and MC acts like dick. Hope there arent too many of them.

    1. like a dick ? what you want he do it ? put in a jail to scape , put like a salve to scape too , slape her or kill her for try to steal and kick him with out a reason? He only put her to do it a job for him for tree years , better than a jail for her , I think.

  3. umm..can someone tell me what are the release schedule for every chapter and how many chapter per week? thanks

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