WOWFRD – Ch 64

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Chapter 64

Xiao Yu was able to catch the female assassin but entire tavern was demolished. The owner had encountered situations similar to this as the main customers of the place were adventurers. It was normal for them to have fights once in a while. However, at most they would break few tables or cups. The orcs were way too violent and demolished almost the whole tavern.

The owner’s confidence was at all times low as he looked at orcs who were over two meters in height.

“This … Young master, these situation… who is going to pay for the broken things?” There was an uneasy smile on owner’s face.

Xiao Yu’s expression didn’t change as a self-appointed hooligan he could solve out any problem. He looked through the window and pointed at the flag on top of a carriage: “Do you recognize that banner?”

The owner stretched his head and looked over: “Yes, I know. It’s the flag of Wang family. Their people pass by very frequently.”

Xiao Yu nodded with a smile: “Very well. When the old housekeeper Mo comes back ask him for compensation. He will reimburse for everything.”

Xiao Yu gestured at Grom to escort Leah back to his room.

The owner wanted to stop Xiao Yu from leaving to ask for something else but didn’t dare to speak when he saw Grom grab Leah as if he was holding a chicken.

Including Grom there were five orcs in the room. Leah was tightly tied with ropes like a dumpling and didn’t have the chance to move let alone escape.

“Little girl who slapped me…” Xiao Yu tilted his head while he grinned. He was trying to imitate the most disgusting TV villain he had seen back in his old life as he looked at Leah.

Xiao Yu was sure that he would win the best male supporting role award in Hong Kong movie awards if he was back in his old world.

“You better let me go.” Leah wasn’t afraid of Xiao Yu. She even dared to threaten him.

“Release you? You slapped me twice, kicked me and tried to steal my dragon! Who the heck do you think you are?”

Other people may be scared of Leah’s background but Xiao Yu wasn’t afraid of anything: “This young master is the Lord of a territory! I’m Imperial Duke! I’m not afraid of anyone!”

“You will regret it if you don’t release me!” Leah continued to threaten Xiao Yu.

“Dream on!” Xiao Yu’s face expression changed as he kicked the chair next to Leah: “The person who can threaten me isn’t born yet! I will regret it? I will let you know what the word regret means. Grom give me her dagger.”

Everything was taken away from Leah when she was captured. Naturally, her dagger which was able to cut through Grom’s thick skin and flesh was taken out too. Grom’s wound was part of the history as they had cured it with healing potion.

Xiao Yu held the dagger about few inches away from Leah’s face: “In fact, not many know about it but I have a secret hobby. I’m a sculptor. I’m good at carving human bodies. I normally try to carve on parts of human body that has the most tender meat. Normally, there are two places. First is face and the second is butt. But there is a third location in a woman’s body.” Xiao Yu looked at Leah’s twin peaks.

“I’m a good person so I will give you a chance. Tell me where should I begin. Above, below or middle? I’ll give you the chance to choose.”

Xiao Yu was smiling and had a harmless appearance on his face. However, Leah thought that he was a devil that smiled looking at her.

“You … you devil.” Leah looked at Xiao Yu. She saw the firmness in Xiao Yu’s eyes and decided that he wasn’t bullying or playing around with her. A trace of fear burst in her heart.

“No need for compliments. I’m still not as good as devil. Ok, I’ll count to three. If you don’t make a choice then I have to make it for you.” Xiao Yu walked around Leah and stood in front of her once more.

“There will be a person coming to save me now! You will be killed and fed to dogs if he sees what you want to do.” Leah indifferently said in order to prove to Xiao Yu that she wasn’t afraid of him.

Xiao Yu pretended that he was afraid: “Ohh… I’m trembling… But if there is a person coming to save you then it means that I have to start quickly. Otherwise, I won’t be able to complete my new project before that person comes over. I don’t like showing sculptures that aren’t ready to my guests. IT seems I have to make the choice instead of you. I will began at the part that I’m best at.”

Xiao Yu squatted down to look at Leah’s slender legs that were wrapped in black leather pants. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

“We have to take off your pants in order to begin the project. You are tied and it will be hard to take them off. I’ll just cut off your pants. And no need to thank me for that! As a good man I’ve always liked to help others… especially taking off their pants…”

Xiao Yu whispered and laughed as he pointed the dagger at Leah’s leg and gently picked the pants. The sharp dagger cut a long line and her white skin was exposed.

“No!” Leah screamed: “Release me you devil! I promise that you will regret it for your life if you dare to make another move!”

“Thanks for the concern but the biggest regret of my life would be if I didn’t finish what I began today.. I would regret it bigly.” Xiao Yu swiped the dagger down the pants. The ripping sound was like a sweet music that echoed in Xiao Yu’s ears.

Most of Leah’s thigh was exposed.

“Ah … You bastard! Die! You will end up in hell! …” Leah felt the cool on her thigh. She knew that her leg was completely exposed in front of Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu swallowed down saliva as he tried to control ‘little Xiao Yu’: “To hell? The best place ever. It is said that all the fallen beauties are walking there without clothes on daily basis. I would love to visit the place. By the way, this dagger is quite sharp. A small pick and swipe cuts through a large area. Very easy to use! I have to cut off the other part to expose your white buttocks.”

Xiao Yu stood up to move to the other side to cut Leah’s trouser.

“You … You bastard!” Tears fell down Leah’s eyes.

Xiao Yu saw that he had succeeded in crushing Leah’s will. He stood up and gentle patted Leah’s face: “You slapped me twice, kicked me and tried to steal my dragon. What do you think I should do?”

Leah grunted: “Slap me twice, kick me and I’ll give back your little dragon.”

Xiao Yu was dissatisfied with her answer: “You slapped me twice but I’m a civil, elegant and a noble. I can’t slap back a woman. I’m the lord of a territory! How can I do such a rude thing? I have to think of other ways for the compensation!”

“Compensation?” Leah saw that Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to cut her pants anymore.

“It’s a big problem and I’m not a smart man. I was always bad with the maths too so I can’t come up with any compensation for two slaps. Let’s do it like this. You can come up with compensation on your own if I’m satisfied with it then I’ll forget everything. If I’m not then we will have to continue with sculpting…”

Xiao Yu used the dagger to ripe Leah’s pants from the other leg.

“Ah … You bastard! What do you want? I …”

“Hurry up! I’m fast while carving so if you are slow then I’ll be finished by the time you come up with a reward.” Xiao Yu continued to cut off the pants. Leah’s other thigh was exposed by now.

Xiao Yu’s heart jumped up as he looked at two white slender legs exposed in front of him.

“Ah … Stop cutting! … I’m thinking …”

“Hurry up as I’m not good in patience department.” Xiao Yu continued to swipe the dagger.

“I’m wealthy! I’ll give you a lot of money!” Leah replied in hurry.

Xiao Yu shook his head: “I’m sorry but I don’t need wealth. Anything else you have in mind?”

Xiao Yu continued and Leah’s whole leg was exposed.

“It’s way too exciting… I’m going to have nosebleed.” Xiao Yu squeezed his nose.

“Ah … stop…My … my family is very powerful. We can promise to help you once in the future.” Leah said as she cried.

Xiao Yu shook his head: “I don’t need help of others… Oh shit, the rope is blocking my knife… I have to cut if off.”

“Ah … I … I have stolen a lot of things. I got priceless treasures from ancient times. I have an upper armor made by a legendary craftsman from the ancient era. There are many people who dream about it. You can study the forging technology and make armors that may help you in future wars!” Leah tried to tempt Xiao Yu.

“Grom, wear your armor. T1 set and show her what a legendary armor means… Oh, cutting off the rope seems strenuous.” Xiao Yu began to cut off the rope.

“yes, master.” Grom jumped out from the window and took his armor from the carriage. He came back and put it on.

“Is that a full set? Where did you get it?” Leah was surprised when she saw Grom wearing full T1 set. She had forgotten that both her thighs were exposed and a bit more and her whole lower body would be exposed.

“Damned rope!” Xiao Yu muttered as if he was dissatisfied with the rope.

“Ah … Stop cutting! I will give… I will give you anything as long as you like it.” Leah saw that her lower body would be exposed if Xiao Yu cut the rope. She had experience a lot of risks and problems but never been in such a situation.

“I’m a lord of territory. The money, armors and weapons are way too useless in front of my eyes.”

Xiao Yu continued to cut the rope..

“What do you want? What do you want in the end? Tell me your request!” Leah said while tears flew down her cheeks.

Xiao Yu nodded in satisfaction: “Oh! Ok, we may carry out carving at some point in the future. Will you do anything?” Xiao Yu asked as he smiled.

Leah’s chest violent went up and down: “I will do anything except dirty services.”

“Do you want to provide me those service with your looks? Have you seen Tyrande? The elf girl! She is the first beauty of the elf race! Have you seen my fifth sister-in-law? Have you seen her beauty? Do you think that I will check you out after them? You are overestimating yourself.” Xiao Yu made a blow to Leah.

However, Leah wasn’t angered but felt relief. She believe that Xiao Yu was planning to violate her. But she could do anything else.

“Alright. Tell me what you want and I will do it as long as I can.” Leah said.

“What can you do? I don’t lack anything but… But I’m missing a personal maid with wild attitude. What do you say? Would you be willing to do that? It’s your last chance.” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he waved the dagger in front of Leah.

“Maid?” Leah frowned.

“Yes, you will be my maid and shouting ‘master’ once in a while.” Xiao Yu had seen a movie in his past life where the master had few maids. He was tempted and wanted a maid of his own.

It would be cool to have such a strong girl to be his maid.

“Isn’t it the same proposal?” Leah said as she frowned.

Xiao Yu replied: “You will do services like any maid except sleeping with me. However, I can give you a chance to have that pleasure if you are fond of having a night with this young master!”

Xiao Yu felt like he was an emperor as he uttered those words.

“Alright, I agree.” Leah approved without much thinking.

“You agreed way too fast. It’s not your style. You must be thinking that I will release you from the ropes and you will be able to escape. Afterwards, you will come back to assassinate me” Xiao Yu wasn’t a fool to take Leah’s words for granted.

“What do you want me to do?” Leah grunted.

“HaHaHa… I think I have a way which will make you not to default on your promise.” An evil smile appeared on Xiao Yu’s face.

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  1. GIVE US THE NEXT CHAPTERRR. Is it slave seals? soul tying? some type of promise scroll? I mean, wtf is he going to doooo

  2. Make a child that the women could not afford to make her child fatherless……. yep the most appropriate one I think

  3. If he could have neutral heroes, he could likely have had Sylvanas charm her with her lv 6 ability. Or maybe have the undead banshee possess her.

  4. I want to know how he makes that agreement… nothing i am aware of in world of warcraft allows you to enforce a servant status.

  5. I really dont like this type of guy:
    I am cool with how he treat the female thief since she deserves that.
    I am cool with all the ganging since the female thief use her strength to bully other first.
    I also dont mind if he wants to make trouble for the Wang family since they mess with him first.
    I am also fine with him being pervert since most men are wolf which is either open or closet. The only thing that difference is how much you care about facade or your moral which has been molded since birth.
    But i really hate how he just ignore paying damage fee for the pub owner . He just point that to the Wang family Housekeeper without caring that whether they will pay it or not (and i dont think they will). You may think that the pub owner is just NPC that only appears once and he is just there to provide MC chance to make some joke . He talks about some big moral like respecting woman, hate raping… but he cant even have consideration to pay for the damage he has done. Lets me give a comparison: Some hoodlums come to your family cafe, have a fight, demolish it and say something like find the mayor for compensation. What do you think when this happens to you? Not to mention in the medieval time, a shop may be all asset that the family have and destroying it may make you broke and even become slave if you cant pay the tax.

    1. Every time that you use a car you damage the world, every time that you throw your trash in a random trash bin it damages the world, every time that you use your computer you damage the world, every time that you use paper you damage the world… Are you paying for that?

      By the way, the Wang family guy will pay for sure, because noble families need to maintain their “face” as the upper echelons, refusing to pay would bring shame to them.

    2. I dont because i am simply a human. I am not an all mighty being that can live with absolute fairness or without taking thing from other. I need to eat to survive so i will kill other being to feed myself, i want comfort so i will destroy nature to build house, make clothes and other stuff. I am well aware of that. but the fine line is that i will atleast repay other when i harm them if i am able to. I will pay for the damage i caused and lower my head when i did something bad to other. And if it is something out of my current finance or my capability, i will pay by taking loan or even go to prison to pay for that. That is the resolve i have to pay for my mistake. Sometime people need to steal so that they can eat but that is for their own survival not some lofty reason like wanting to be cool as delinquent. Dont tell me something like he, a Duke, can’t pay damage tribute for a pub? You can say it like that because you arent the innocent victim. Put yourself on their shoe and you will think the same as me.
      And whether the Wang family pays or not is not the problem here. The problem is that he doesnt even care whether the Wang family will pay or not, he only wants to cause trouble for Wang family ant not cares what consequence his action will cause to innocent people. The awareness is the biggest problem here.

  6. Thanks for the chapter! :3 Now, we have a wild and unruly maid to serve or dear Young Master Yu… And, what will her background be? I am curious now.

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