WOWFRD – Ch 63

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Chapter 63

“Do you dare to hit this young master?” Xiao Yu jumped up from his seat. As a self-appointed hooligan it was an insult to him to be slapped by a woman: “Do dare to slap my in the face? Even my mother hadn’t slapped me!”

The beauty began to grin: “Did it hurt? Oh, my little boy!”

Xiao Yu couldn’t grasp why the beauty in front of him was so arrogant. He couldn’t get why she did even slap him. Moreover, he pondered and found out that the slap was too fast for him to react to doge.

“I can hit again if it hurt first time. This time it won’t have such an effect.” Beauty narrowed her blue eyes. She was like a persian cat.

The other adventurers in the tavern of the inn began to laugh.

“It’s a happy occasion to be slapped in the face by the beautiful Leah”

“There are quite a few men who have been slapped by the Leah in this tavern.”

“Kiddo be careful! Don’t try to molest every beauty with your eyes as some of the roses have thorns!”

The adventurers were making fun as they observed the situation. It seems this was a common situation.

“Aha~ Look and see how I make a kitty out of this tigress. You are going to know who a real hooling is!” Xiao Yu raised his sleeves but at the same time he felt a pain in his lower abdomen and his body flew out.

“A real hooligan! I see hooligans like you on daily basis! Forget about your blatant threats and tell me how much you want for this little dragon?!” Leah was stroking baby dragons head after kicking Xiao Yu out.

Xiao Yu got up as flames burned in his eyes. He hadn’t eaten such a big loss in a long time. He had high stats but in front of master like Leah he was useless.

“I’m getting angry and the consequences will be very serious!” Xiao Yu was angry as he shouted: “Grom and others get in now! I’m going to break the thorns of the rose even if they are made out of steel!”

The tavern’s door opened up as huge people wearing black cloaks entered the place.

“Quite a few men you got. Alas, its like this every time but the results don’t change!” Leah didn’t even turn to look at Xiao Yu’s bodyguards. She had been through winds and waves of too many storms and dozen bodyguards weren’t a threat to her.

“I will make sure that you understand the real meaning of the word hooligan today! I will teach you well and make sure that you know how a rogue treats a woman!” Xiao Yu waved as the orcs got into action.

The grunts and Grom were angry when they saw that Xiao Yu was hurt. He was their master and hitting him was equivalent to slapping them in the face.

Grom and grunts removed the black cloaks and their green skin and sharp fangs were revealed.

Xiao Yu had ordered the orcs to wear cloaks when they entered the town as not to attract too much attention. But since there was a fight then there was no need to use cloaks that would immobilize them.

“Orcs.” People sitting in the tavern subconsciously stood up. They wouldn’t react this way if it was hundred years ago. However, there have been no sight of orcs in the recent times. Everyone was naturally surprised when they saw dozen orcs appear.

“Orcs?” Leah didn’t think that the hooligan in front of her would have orcs as his bodyguards. What was his background? She was aware that ordinary people wouldn’t be able to afford to have such bodyguards. However, Leah wasn’t someone who would give face to even to a country’s prince! She didn’t care about Xiao Yu’s identity.

Orcs were tall but agile for their build. They rushed to catch the girl but caught empty air.

Leah, like a fish swimming in the water, maneuvered and passed through the hands of the orcs that tried to grab her. The grunts went after her but the tavern was full of tables and chairs. They couldn’t catch up with her. In comparison, Leah was like a duck in the water. Eleven orcs including Grom couldn’t catch her!

Grom used Heroic Leap but Leah was fast enough to escape each time.

Argh~ Grunts were furious as they directly smashed the tables. The place turned chaotic as ten grunts constantly chased Leah.

It seemed that Leah was tired of catch game so she laughed as she jumped onto a column. She was nimble as a cat. Moreover, she firmly grasped from the pillar and crawled onto top like a spider.

“Do you think that those clumsy orcs can seize me? Dream on! Since you don’t want to tell the price for the dragon then I’ll snatch it away. Just think of it as a compensation!” Leah’s body began to blur as the onlookers couldn’t differentiate her body from the column.

“Assassin!” The word popped up in Xiao Yu’s mind. Only the assassin’s could use such a technique!

“No wonder she is acting so carefree! Even strong nations can’t catch powerful assassins! They are good at invisibility, hiding and escape!” Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up as he wondered how the assassins of this world worked.

“Interesting…It gives me more reason to catch her!” Xiao Yu murmured. He wasn’t worried about the baby dragon as the dragon was smart enough to steal from a thief!

Everyone was guessing the location of Leah when a thin flame burst out form the direction of the staircase. Leah’s body turned visible.

“Little dragon! I’m going to give you delicious meals. Why are you making trouble?” Leah was trying to sneak through the window but didn’t expect the baby dragon to expose her location.

“It’s not going to be that easy. Tyrande!” Xiao Yu shouted.

Xiao Yu was aware that the orcs were the kings of the battlefield. But the taverns had a limited free space so the assassin was in advantage. However, Xiao Yu had a weapon to deal with the assassins. Ancient hunters were natural enemies of assassins. Tyrande was the queen of the hunters!

Tyrande had Eagle Eye skill and as an elf her vision was much more better in comparison to others. She could detect invisible people. Of course, if a high-level assassin appeared then she wouldn’t be able to find. However, the space was very limited in the tavern so it was going to be hard to hide from Tyrande.

Tyrande was playing chess with Antonidas but she immediately ran down the moment she heard Xiao Yu’s shout. She would never go against Xiao Yu’s summon.

Tyrande was also dressed in a black hooded cloak. However, Leah was surprised when she saw the purple flash in Tyrande’s eyes. She faintly guessed the origins of Tyrande.

“Tyrande! This girl hit me and tried to steal the baby dragon! It is unforgivable! We must seize her and punish her!” Xiao Yu stressed stealing and beating him because Tyrande’s intelligence was high. If she saw that Xiao Yu was trying to bully a woman then she wouldn’t help. However, she would act if Xiao Yu was attacked and dragon was stolen. She immediately removed her bow and arrows when she heard that Leah tried to steal her favorite dragon.

Chi~ Chi~ Chi~

Leah was surprised to see Tyrande shoot 7 arrows which sealed her exit route. Nevertheless, Leah was a strong assassin. Her body bent and twisted as she passed through a small gap between two arrows.

“Good.” Xiao Yu couldn’t help but praise Leah when he observed the scene. He wanted to seize her!

Leah jumped out but Grom also used Heroic Leap to keep up with her and try to catch her in the air.

However, Leah’s body twisted in the air and a dagger appeared in her hand out of nowhere. She stabbed forward and pierced Grom’s arm. By this time, the grunts also rushed out. They blocked all the exits of the tavern. They couldn’t catch Leah but their bodies were huge enough to cover door and windows.

Leah jumped up and down as she dodged Tyrande’s arrows and Grom’s big hands.

Grom used wind walk. He wasn’t as flexible as Leah but his speed was on par with her. Grom would often meet obstacles and he would just charge forward and crash through them. Leah felt great pressure as she was pursued by Grom and Tyrande. She had never met such a powerful archer like Tyrande. Tyrande was fast and accurate! Leah would have been shot by her if her body wasn’t flexible.

Moreover, she couldn’t get away from Grom. She knew that it was matter of time before she was caught by them.

“Oh~ it’s so lively! This old man wanted to play chess though.” Archmage Antonidas appeared on the stairs.

“This little girls runs too fast so let’s slow her down a bit.” Antonidas moved his hands and frost began to appear in front of Leah.

Her legs were caught in the spell and she couldn’t pull herself out. Grom reached Leah’s side.


Leah screamed when Grom’s two large hands grabbed from Leah’s waist. She couldn’t break free from a hoop that seemed to be made of steel.

“You dare to slap me? Do you dare to kick me? Do you dare to steal my dragon? I’m not self acclaimed hooligan if I don’t teach you manners today!” Xiao Yu grinned as he went forward towards Leah step by step.

Bad feeling burst in Leah’s heart when she saw the expression in Xiao Yu’s eyes.


This chapter was co-produced by David Boisson

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! :3
    He will smack her butt, I bet… and Tyrande’s loyalty will decrease again Haha

  2. Make her your soldier for a year, fvck that. She has to follow you now after trying to steal the. dragon and slapping you bruh lol

  3. I underdtand the previous body was peverted but can you just make it R-18 if your gonna have him look and touch all these girls but do fucking nothing. Its annoying to just see in every chapter about how he looked at Tyrandes jade like legs or something. If its gonna be like this then the quality is hoing to go down with time because im already annoyed with MC but only staying because i like the system concept.

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