WOWFRD – Ch 62

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Chapter 62

Xiao Yu came to stop by the fire and threw the box to Antonidas.

There was happiness reflected in Antonidas’s eyes when he caught the box. According to Antonidas, the necklace would increase his strength by 1/3.

Housekeeper Mo had a miserable look on his face as he looked at Xiao. Because of chain scroll the knight didn’t die but there were seriously injured ones. Actually, Xiao Yu had already told to grunts and Grom not to kill any of the knights. Their were on a trip to Wang territory. Moreover, he didn’t want to Siwen to lose face in front of her family because of such situation. His plan was to take Siwen back to her family and show them that their daughter was living well. He believed that all the women loved fame and fortune. However, all of them had this prideful vanity in their heart. To make a woman follow you until death it was necessary to satisfy her vanity and pride.

Xiao Yu was planning to use stick and carrots method to make sure that Wangs allowed Siwen to return back to the Lion method. Xiao Yu would be ashamed for life if he let anyone else to snatch his beautiful sister-in-law.

He finished eating the crocodile meat and went back to carriage to sleep. The next morning, Xiao Yu woke up very early. He found out that most of the knights from the Wang family were lying on the ground and couldn’t get up.

He smiled as he walked towards housekeeper: “Housekeeper Mo, what’s happening? We gotta hurry.”

Housekeeper Mo was aware what Xiao Yu was referring to but he didn’t dare to wrestle words with him. He just grunted: โ€œThey can’t move like this. We will stay here for two days for them to rest.โ€

“Only two days… It’s alright as we are in wilderness and it is suitable for me to ride horse.” Xiao Yu put the dragon baby on his shoulder and began to ride the horse to stroll around the place.

“I pray that you will meet a monster and end up as its meal!” Housekeeper Mo silently whispered.

Xiao Yu strolled around for two days while knights used medicine to heal themselves.

The fleet began to move after two days. However, they were delayed because of the knights. Nevertheless, Xiao Yu didn’t care much as there was a wine in his hand a beauties by his side. Although he could watch but couldn’t touch. But he decided that watching was another kind of enjoyment too.

The baby dragon acted more crooked as it hang out with Xiao Yu. It was imitating every action that Xiao Yu did. Actually, sometimes it used its hind legs to move while carrying its two forepaws like a human. Everyone was amazed by the baby dragon as may would think that it was human child if it didn’t have a pair of wings and large tail. Nevertheless, the dragon baby was turning into a hooligan. Saliva would drool from its mouth when it looked at beauties. It had learned whistling from Xiao Yu too.

Siwen was fond of the baby dragon so she fed it on daily basis as if she was its mother. However, at one point she found out that she couldn’t stand the baby dragon as its character was turning bad on daily basis. She talked with Xiao Yu to request him not to teach bad things to the baby dragon.

Xiao Yu scratched his head as he hadn’t taught anything to the baby dragon. It was just the dragon was copying everything that he did.

Xiao Yu would use subtle move to peep at Siwen and Tyrande. However, the baby dragon was too young and immature so it wouldn’t conceal but blatantly peep. It would lie down on its spine on ground to peep under the skirts of beauties. It would throw its head onto double peaks of the beauties. Saliva would drool over its mouth when baby dragon stared at Siwen and Tyrande’s buttocks.

Tyrande would come to kick Xiao Yu at his ass when she caught baby dragon looking at her in such a manner.

Xiao Yu would ask: “Why are you kicking me? It was the dragon!”

Tyrande would reply: “The child isn’t mature yet so its right to punish the adult that brings it up!”

Xiao Yu was feeling bitter as he understood that raising a child was a big problem and not an easy feat.

In addition to peeping baby dragon learned the despicable attitude from Xiao Yu. Normally, it would look harmless but would get into Wang camp and threw worms and centipedes into their food or water. It didn’t have any goodwill towards the knights of the Wang family. It was trying its best to humiliate them in revenge.

The baby dragon didn’t have good impression of Housekeeper Mo too. It would act cute in front of him while secretly stealing everything precious from his clothes. It was said in legends that dragons loved collecting treasures. The dragon was a baby and half-dragon but it seems it had inherited this trait from its ancestors. In a few days, it had stolen everything from Housekeeper Mo. Xiao Yu found the situation strange as he didn’t have that ability. Did it inherit the trait?

Housekeeper Mo thought that it was Xiao Yu who instructed baby dragon to steal from him. As a result, his hatred towards Xiao Yu increased by lot. He was waiting for them to reach the Wang territory and Housekeeper Mo was sure that the Wang leader would deal with Xiao Yu.

After a few days of trip they finally exited the wilderness and reached a town. The town was under the rule of a territory which had good relations with Wang family. Because of it the officials of the town showed hospitality towards the fleet.

Housekeeper Mo sighed in relief when they reached the town: โ€œLittle Lion territory which is as big as a bean…I’ll rough you up when we reach the Wang house…โ€

Xiao Yu didn’t care much about anything. He would eat and drink in the inn while check the beauties. The baby dragon was looking at women the way Xiao Yu did. However, it was very small and very cute looking so it was met with popularity by the women. However, it would end with a slap in the face for Xiao Yu each time when he was caught.

The knights had gone to doctor in the town so Xiao Yu and the team was resting in the inn. Tyrande and Siwen were wearing hooded cloaks to avoid unnecessary trouble and stayed in the room. Xiao Yu was idling in the tavern with the dragon.

His main purpose was to meet beautiful women. The town was on route from south to north so many adventurers passed by this town. There were may women in those groups. Moreover, they had wild look which normal women didn’t have.

Xiao Yu and baby dragon were checking out a beauty who was wearing a black leather cloth. The beauty was also fond of other looking at her. She didn’t mind as she twisted her waist to expose a bit of skin.

“Wow.” Xiao Yu swallowed his saliva.

“Babble~” Baby dragon also imitated him.

“What a lovely little guy!” Beauty turned around. She was different than Siwen but she was a different type of beauty. She had a hot body and every man’s fires would rise the moment they looked at her. Beauty began to walk towards Xiao Yu in big steps.

Xiao Yu was excited when he saw the girl approach him.

“What a cute creature?” Beauty reached the table and grabbed dragon. She hugged it.

“Babble~” Dragon groaned.


Xiao Yu was leecherously looking at the beauty when he felt a slap onto his face. However, he didn’t see when the beauty attacked him.

“What are you looking at? Haven’t you even seen a woman? I have to dug out your eyeballs you little punk!” The gentle look on beauty’s face changed as she raised her eyebrows and looked at Xiao Yu.

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  1. Now when the Dragon grows up a bit, I kind of want it to be like “Siwen’s mine yo” and get his ass handed to him ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Yeah… wasnt he raised in civilizations before being reincarnated… the guy really seems to be just trash.

    1. He like to much the girls and show it , but apart for that its a good guy . If you remeber he is unerversity and schemes from the win its because he study history and see films . I am woman and of course if he look like that to me do it the same of the girls here XD Slap him but past that and know it him, I can be friend with him. I can’t be more of that because its to much trouble XD . I like how a person in my rating betwen other MCs is better , example of that – MC of the Dark king (he dont like the animals , badtreat them, and he to cold person) -MC of Bring the farm (he can kill a race complete with out care) -MC of evil monarch (he is self center person , dont like animals a litle more and bad treat, he is to ruth less) -MC of How to become a Prince Charming (for me the only chance he has its his face , he want the girlfriend leave all for him other selfish person, he don cheat because only have money in the mint ) . Some other novel have MC who rape girls that MC his rating for me is -60 , and drope the novel

  3. Was not the summoned png use only weapon of the system of wow, how is antonidas capable of using the neckale????

    1. its a magical item not a weapon.. in antonidas’s case he can’t use the spells from this world but only the ones that available by the system.

  4. And this is why there are legends of dragons kidnapping beauties. I kind of hope that the little dragon will be able to take on a human form as a little kid. Then the innocents factor will stay with him.

  5. this always annoys me. The boy did no wrong but appreciate their beauty and yet he gets treated like a dog for it! A slap is just too much, fuck! He’s a duke with followers ranging from orcs to elves to a goddamn PALADIN. These bitches….

    1. He can be the way he look , not to look . Because I know it two MC more pervet , but the gils going for them XD

  6. haha! MC is a perv. Too bad he’s not Issei Sensei of Highschool D&D. Now that MC is a pro at getting the bawwbies and ecchi. Oppai is justice!!!

  7. Come on lmaoo a fvcking thirsty, pervy dragon? Funny but I hope the lust seeking remains with our M/C. Although it is weird lol I’m sure he saw beauties in the modern day and he had internet so XXX was there lol I don’t get why he is so thirsty too

  8. Tbh adventurer/poor girls would throw themselves at a rich duke if he was looking at them in such a way instead of slapping him… It’s stupid that there are no girls throwing themselves at him to become his concubines… Author is trying to make it look funny but it’s extremely stupid that no girl is trying to curry favor with a rich duke by getting in his pants while he’s looking at them like that and even slapping him instead….

  9. He can get almost any women but keep being a retard virgin. Keep under skirt for an adult man is not fun, is just gross, disgusting.

  10. Okay, hoarding treasures is definitely the trait of the red dragonflight, i hope the author realized that dragons are a big part of the warcraft world.

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