WOWFRD – Ch 61

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Chapter 61

The knights had expected to see orcs attack them with inhuman strength. However, Grom’s high altitude jump took them by surprise.

Aren’t orcs use only brute strength? Since when they have begun to use martial arts? Those skills are mainly used by the humans!

Housekeeper Mo’s face stiffened a bit when he saw the scene. Chain scroll was a powerful magic item to integrate and strengthen the infantry formation which was more than enough to face the strong attacks of the orcs. However, it was hard to speculate after this attack.

Grom was at level 13 but after drinking the potion of agility and strength his physical strength had increased and almost reached level 16. The Whirlwind used by Grom was putting out a lot of power.

Scratch~ Scratch~

Grom drilled into the formation while using the whirlwind skill. The best feature of the infantry formation was order. However, at this point running away from the whirlwind was impossible. As the knights were packed to tight and move to another direction meant that they would hit their own comrades. It would end in chaos.

Moreover, the knights felt a threat of death when Grom drilled into the formation with whirlwind attack. They felt as if they would be turned into meat paste if they directly faced the attack.

Scratch~ Scratch~

Metals touched each other and nasty sounds of friction echoed. Grom moved towards the front from the middle as he tore apart the formation. The usage time of the Whirlwind skill at level 2 was short. It was only for a short few seconds. However, the strength was so good that the formation began to collapse from inside. The knights were scattered around in all directions like the petals of a flower.

However, the chain scroll was powerful. Although Grom’s attack damaged the inside of the formation but it didn’t collapse. The other places where Grom couldn’t reach were still maintaining a neat formation.

By this time the grunts had rushed to stand in front of the formation. They used their giant axes as they attacked the knights.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

The knights of the Wang family lifted their shields to protect themselves. The strength of the chain scroll was reflected in their defense. IF the scroll was absent then the first row of the knights would have been smashed down by the grunts. However, chain scroll protected the front line and grunts couldn’t break apart the formation.

The knights in the first row felt their arms numb a bit as the brute strength of the orcs was mesmerizing. However, they were able to block the charge which showed how useful the chain scroll was. Their hearts was filled with confidence as they began to believe in victory.

The grunts couldn’t get any results after a around of attacks.

Housekeeper Mo’s face turned happy once again as he thought that the money paid for the chain scroll was worth every penny. The scroll had played huge role in the crucial moment. Grom was inside the formation but it would be difficult for an individual to destroy the entire formation made from 100 knights. Moreover, the knights inside the formation relied on chain scroll’s strength to contain Grom. The balance had shifted towards themselves.

However, the next scene made Housekeeper Mo’s jaw almost fell down to the ground.

He saw that orcs weren’t successful in breaking through using the axes so their raised their giant feet and smashed down.

Ah~ Ah~

Miserables cries echoed from the first row of the formation. How strong the feet of an grunt was? They could smash down a thick tree with just a kick! Moreover, their bodies had temporary strength and agility added to them because of the potions.

The main role of the chain scroll was to be used as a shield to protect the upper body of the knights. It was very weak when it came to the other parts of the body.

The knights on the first row felt as if they didn’t have one foot. However, as elite knights they supported each other to sustain the formation.

Nevertheless, the grunts weren’t a polite bunch. They stretched out their legs to hit the other feet of the knights.

The knights sucked cold air when they saw the despicable move of the grunts. Am I going to be ok when that big feet lands down?

The hair in their bodies was erected. Their tried to lower shields to protect themselves but it was late.

Ahhh~ Ahhh~

The miserable cries echoed out as the first row of the knights fell down.

The moment knights fell down the protection of the chain scroll left them. However, it didn’t mean that the effect of the chain scroll would disappear from the formation when few people left it.

The scroll would play its role as long as there were knights standing side by side.

Nevertheless, second row of the knights had bad feelings in their hearts when they saw the first row of the knights collapse.


The grunts followed the same strategy. They used the axes to smash sideways towards the shields and step in to kick either on crotch or legs of the knights.

If the knight in front of them used the shield to protect the lower body then the huge axe would smash down at his head. The scroll didn’t have enough protection for the safety of their heads. In addition, Xiao Yu had specifically upgraded weapons and armor of these ten grunts because of the travel.

Housekeeper Mo was stunned while he watched grunts implement all the despicable, shameless and dirty moves that they had learned from Xiao Yu. Step by step they began to smash down the infantry formation.

This method was meant to be used against the heavy infantry. The opposite side was using the scroll and enhancing the protective strength of their side. So grunts began to use their rogue methods when they saw that it was impossible to break apart the formation by brute force.

Xiao Yu knew that the outcome of the battle was decided when first and second rows of knights fell down. He sat back on chair and handed a piece of cooked crocodile meat to the baby dragon. Afterwards, he handed small glass of wine for it to drink.

“Idiots, you want to play tricks with me? This young master is the ancestor when it comes to tricks, shenanigans, peeping and everything else!” Xiao Yu whispered as he looked at Housekeeper Mo.

Grunts began to move into the formation as more and more wang knights fell down. At the same time, Grom reached them and joined with the grunts. Grom’s Omnislash was enough to smash down a knight protected by the chain scroll.

“Stop! Stop! We lost!” Housekeeper Mo shouted out as he took the initiative to finish the duel.

He was afraid that the knights would be killed if he didn’t admit defeat and stop the duel.

Xiao Yu gestured and Grom and grunts stopped attacking. They turned around but raised their fists and showed middle finger to the Wang family knights.

They didn’t expect the battle to end in few minutes.

“Housekeeper Mo, give me the necklace.” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he looked at Housekeeper Mo.

Housekeeper Mo went forward to check the injuries of the knights.

Housekeeper Mo came back after a long while: “Lord, they used despicable methods! I’m afraid there would be a lot of dead knights if we didn’t use chain scroll!”

Xiao Yu’s eyes turned cold: “What do you mean? Do you think they will have slight injuries if my orcs didn’t show mercy? You were the one to put forward the idea of duel! Do you think that there won’t be injuries when swords and shields are used? Do you have brain problems? Would you show mercy if my orcs were defeated?”

“Lord, you are a Duke! I didn’t expect you to use such a despicable method to win.”

“Am I despicable? You had prepared chain scroll in advance and tried to trick me to get my little dragon! You used 100 knights against 11 orcs! Do you dare to say that I was despicable? Who the fuck do you think you are? You are uttering nonsense! Now, give me the fucking necklace!”

Xiao Yu stood up and came to stop in front of Housekeeper Mo.

“I’m not convinced that the fight was fair so I can’t honor the bet!” Housekeeper Mo replied as he handed the box with the necklace to the knight next to him.

“Do you dare to provoke me?” Xiao Yu saw that Housekeeper Mo was acting shameless. He waved and Grom and grunts came over to surround Housekeeper Mo: “It is because of fifth sister-in-law that you are still alive. Otherwise you have long been torn apart and eaten by my orcs!”

Housekeeper Mo was scared when he saw orcs surround him: “You…What do you want to do? I’m the main housekeeper of Wang family.”

“Like I care!” Xiao rain stepped forward, directly grabbed the mouth of the Prince ink, said: “Do you think that you are a real Wang? You are looking down on my, housekeeper! Do you think that I care about Wangs? I’m traveling only to make fifth sister-in-law happy. Otherwise, do you think that Wang family is worth for this king to travel? And… You don’t accept the bet and honor it! If you dare to continue with this small play I will make sure that you will be sacrifice and offered to orcs! If you don’t give me the necklace now then I’ll bake you on the grill with those crocodiles!”

“You … what are you talking about? You are a lord! A noble. How can you act like this?! I’m Wang family’s housekeeper. How can you treat me like this?” Housekeeper Mo panicked as he saw that Xiao Yu was going to cook him up. Xiao Yu was like a small emperor of his territory. Who would protect him if Xiao Yu wanted to kill him? The Sky Lion Dynasty was in decline so no one presided over the fairness of such problems. The one with the strong arm was the law.

Moreover, Wang family was thousands of miles away from the Lion town. It would be impossible for the Wangs to attack Lion town.

“Xiao Yu please don’t do that. You have won.” Siwen ran over and saw Xiao Yu grab Housekeeper Mo from his neck.

Even though Mo was a housekeeper but he was part of the Wang family. She was worried that her family will discriminate again Xiao Yu in the future because of this act.

Xiao Yu turned towards Siwen. The expression on his face changed 180 degree. He was like an obedient kitten as he said: “Sister-in-law no need to worry. I’m a civil person. Why would I kill him? I’m just making a joke.”

However, the moment he turned his face towards the Housekeeper Mo, the expressions changed once more and he looked like Asura from the hell.

“I’m going to give you the last chance. Don’t play around or I’ll show you what a rogue is!” Xiao Yu’s face was about three centimeters away from Housekeeper Mo’s as he stared at the old man.

The knights wanted to rescue Housekeeper Mo but they didn’t dare to move because of the orcs. They lost with using chain scroll. How could they wind with that?

“Give it … to them.” Housekeeper Mo didn’t dare to resist and ordered the knight to hand out the necklace under pressure.

Xiao Yu took the box and a smile appeared on his face. He let go of Housekeeper Mo : “The best decision in your life. Housekeeper Mo, we are all civil people. As a Duke, why do you make me to act so rude? Isn’t it good to live in peace? Xiao and Wang families are in-laws and we should respect each other, don’t we?”

Xiao Yu turned around to walk back to his carriage in leisure as if nothing had happened. He walked and talked as if he was a gentleman and he didn’t act like a hooligan moments ago.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! :3
    Good job, Xiao Yu! Show them who is the boss and score some points with the sister-in-law at the same time! :3 Haha

  2. “Wang steward, necklace take it.” Xiao rain screwed his eyes, facing the prince ink hook hook.

    Holy shit, is this what the translation quality is like before the editing?

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