WOWFRD – Ch 60

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Chapter 60

Housekeeper Mo snorted in his heart as he looked at Xiao Yu happily agreeing to the battle.

“Have you forgotten the demise of the orcs? It’s good that we had brought a special treasure to be used in case if we faced bandits on the way… I didn’t expect it to be used in here…” Housekeeper Mo whispered in his heart.

A faint bad feeling burst out in Xiao Yu’s heart when he saw the light flash by in Housekeeper Mo’s eyes.

The few captains of team began to shout out and bring the knights together. They were discussing tactics while Xiao Yu called over the orcs to say a few words.

“Grom we have to break them apart as soon as possible. We can’t let them form any kind of formation or array. Get those dogs!”

Xiao Yu began to explain tactics in low whisper.

The orcs were honest and brave creatures by nature. However, Xiao Yu instigated them to act shameless. Xiao Yu would award the orc that was the most treacherous. He wanted to turn the grunts into a group of hooligans. He believed that by relying on strength the grunts couldn’t accomplish much against warriors. However, if they used tricks and despicable tactics then there was no one that could stand up to him.

“Lord, are the ladies ready for the fight?” Tareek stood in front of Xiao Yu and asked with a confident smile on his face.

Xiao Yu replied: “Son of a gun. You will taste it now.”

Both troops went ahead and stopped in different positions.

The knights of the Wang family were wearing armors, using shields and swords. They arranged into a neat formation in less than ten seconds. They seemed perfect no matter which perspective you looked at. However, such a formation was impossible to withstand the attacks of orcs. The grunts were able to kill heavy infantry let alone light infantry standing in front of them.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he sipped wine from the glass while sitting on top of a large chair. The dragon baby was squatting down on his shoulder.

Xiao Yu was aware that Housekeeper Mo wouldn’t agree to the battle if they were going to use such an easy formation. It wasn’t good enough for Housekeeper Mo to take out such a valuable thing to gamble on. However, Xiao Yu believed in Grom and other ten grunts who had reached level 6. He trusted his team.

“Lord, can we being?” Housekeeper Mo smiled.

Xiao Yu waved: “Start.”

The grunts and Grom didn’t have time to charge when the a golden light burst out and enveloped all the knights of the Wang family. The light formed chains as it shrouded over every knight and linked them together. It was like an invisible chain that made the formation unable to be broken. The chain made out of the light seemed more solid that normal metal chains.

“Screw it! Magic scroll! Housekeeper Mo, are you trying to play me? Who said about using magic scrolls in the duel?” Xiao Yu jumped out and cussed at Housekeeper Mo.

He didn’t think that Housekeeper Mo would be so despicable.

Housekeeper Mo wasn’t angry but instead there was a proud smile expressed on old fox’s face: “Lord, please don’t use bad words. It’s a duel and it was never said that we can’t use magic scrolls. Do you think light infantry are opponents of orcs? The magicians invented such scrolls so that they could be used to fight against the enemies! It is the part of the human magic system and power of mankind! It’s a battle between humans and orcs. So it is reasonable to use such scrolls in the duel. If the orcs have such an invention then I don’t mind them using it.”

Housekeeper Mo had a satisfied expression on his face as he thought that he already had the victory on his side.

“Good one! You old bastard who dares to outplay me… Wait and see how I play! Grom and grunts, all of you can use agility and strength potions!”

Xiao Yu had brought a lot of agility and strength potions so that grunts would use in case of emergency. Each grunt had at least 10 bottles of strength and agility potions on them. Grom and grunts took out small bottles from their armor and plugged out their caps to drink them.

The orcs were angered and furious because of the despicable method that the human side was using. They wouldn’t care if the humans played normally. However, using such methods was like insulting their ancestors.

“Attack!” Housekeeper Mo shouted. He felt something was wrong when he saw orcs drink two bottles of strange potions.

He had heard about potions of strength, agility, healing and mana being mentioned in the legends. But they were nothing but legends. The kid in front of him was just bragging and Housekeeper Mo thought that it was another trick! Nevertheless, the Chain Scroll couldn’t be broken even if they used stimulant drugs. The orcs were facing failure!

Housekeeper Mo knew that humans had relied on this chain scroll of Holy Light to make the orcs suffer in the past. The orcs couldn’t pass through when the chain scroll was used by the heavy infantry. If the orcs couldn’t break apart the formation then their fate was death.

“Charge!” Tareek shouted as the formation began to move forward as they raised their shields.

The shields were covered by the light and they seemed like a protective wall.

Argh~ Grom and grunts roared as they charged forward.

Both sides were about 50 steps apart from each other.

Grom jumped up when he was about five or six meters away from the formation. He used the Heroic Leap skill and directly fell into the center of the infantry formation.

Whirlwind~ Grom’s body began to spin as he waved the sword in his hand.


It was pretty short chapter in comparison to others… however, the next one is big 🙂 … BIGLY

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