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Chapter 6

Xiao Yu came back evening to the town hall. Housekeeper Hong, Captain Hui, and the five sisters-in-law were surprised. Yesterday, they thought that he had come for money. But if he was going to run away then why did he come back today?

Xiao Yu was worried about gold. He wasn’t in a mood to talk to them. They should believe what they wanted to believe. He simply chose to get into his house and continue to think about solutions to solve his problem.

Xiao Yu went for another sleepless night. In the morning, he went out of his room. Xiao Yu’s eyes were dyed red.

He was listless as he rode the horse out of the town. He was constantly pondering about the gold. Suddenly, a soldier came out from the corner of the gate and hit the horse.

The horse that Xiao Yu was riding got frightened and raised its forefoot. Xiao Yu wasn’t an experienced rider so he fell down from the horse.

“Ah! Damn it! My Lord.” The soldier ran over to help Xiao Yu in fear.

Xiao Yu was feeling dizzy because he was thrown out. He looked at the soldier: “Don’t you have eyes? What’s the rush for?”

The soldier was afraid of being punished so he explained: “Lord, mercy, please! The Dragon Teeth bandits have plundered nearby villages. Captain Hui called us over so we are in rush to get them.”

“Are there any bandits in my territory? Who are these people and where do they get the courage to rob from me?” Xiao Yu said in an angry tone.

“It is the Dragon Teeth Bandits Lord. They have plundered many times.” Soldier changed the topic and attracted Xiao Yu’s attention towards bandits.

“How many times they have done this? How big is the group of bandits?” An idea popped up in Xiao Yu’s mind and he wanted to get more information.

“Dragon Teeth bandits are about two or three hundred people. They mainly rob from villages.” Soldier replied.

Xiao Yu was aware that robbery was happening in his territory. Originally, this territory was a buffer zone so there were many bandits living in here.

However, these nomad tribes or bandit groups didn’t come to attack his town because of the tall walls. Moreover, Xiao Yu’s city had no oil or water so the bandits even didn’t bother to plunder this place.

“Bandits! Hahaha… I was short of money and they came to knock my door.” Xiao Yu began to laugh like a madman.

The soldier looked at Lord’s actions and thought that the Lord was sick. Robbers were stealing gold and resources. It seemed as if his own Lord was going to steal from the thieves.

Actually, Xiao Yu was going to rob from bandits.

It was certain that bandits would have a little bit of savings. By robbing the robbers he wouldn’t be guilty under the law. It was a cost-effective business.

“So I have to rob from robbers!” Xiao Yu shouted and laughed.

Xiao Yu and Grom effortlessly went into bandit’s camp after observing the place for a while.

Xiao Yu had 30 new orc warriors and 8 veterans from before. He had brought all of them to kill the bandits.

The two orcs that were seriously injured were left in the base by Xiao Yu to rest and guard.

Xiao Yu ordered 38 orc warriors to be on standby in the forest while he and Grom entered the camp to explore the place.

Xiao Yu found out that there was indeed about 200 bandits in the camp. Their equipment was poor and weapons were old and rusty. They looked like a mob rather than trained soldiers.

Xiao Yu speculated about his own situation. He had 38 orcs so it was certain that he was going to have casualties if he went for a head on battle.

Xiao Yu was poor so he didn’t want to lose orc warriors at this point.

“We will not storm the base but use an alternative method.” Xiao Yu gestured towards Grom after he made up his mind. They walked to a tent.

Xiao Yu had found out after the investigation that the bandits have put the materials inside this tent after their successful heist.

Xiao Yu and Grom casually took valuable things and ran out. Grom used his sword to kill the patrolling bandit while they went out of the camp.

Xiao Yu and Grom used wind walk to quickly escape in stealth mode.

“Boss! Someone has robbed us! Hurry we have been robbed! Ah!” A tragicomic scene was playing out in the camp. The nest of bandits was robbed.

“Who is so daring so rob from us?” A sturdy man came forward. He was using an eyepatch to cover one of his eyes while wearing an armor made out of chains.

“I don’t know boss! They have taken away few things and killed out brother!” An underling reported to the boss.

“Damn it! They want me to give a chase in my old age. Get those pricks. I will use their skulls to drink wine!” Boss shouted out loud.

The bandits ran out of camp in search of Grom.

Grom would show himself from time to time to lead the bandits away. He was leading the bandits to the pre-arranged place by Xiao Yu for the ambush.

Xiao Yu had covered Grom’s body with a cloak so that the bandits didn’t get scared of his body. As a result, the bandits weren’t aware that Grom was an orc.

The terrain of the forest was complicated. The bandits couldn’t find Grom so they scattered around to make it easier for them to search. They viewed the enemy as a human so they weren’t worried about consequences.

It was the key to the trap laid by Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu’s plan was to separate and kill the bandits respectively. There would be many casualties if 38 orc warriors fought face to face against two hundred bandits.

“Don’t roar! Kill them as soon as they reach our vicinity. No one can get alive from here.” Xiao Yu ordered the orc warriors not to act in a rash and scare away the bandits.

The orc warriors weren’t wearing cloaks or hoods so their appearance was enough to scare anyone.

“Now!” Xiao Yu watched as dozens of bandits got close to them. He ordered Grom and 38 orc warriors to rush out.

“Ah … ah … ” A series of screams echoed out. However, none of the bandits were able to warn the others.

“Ah … … beast … …”

Most of the time the bandits died before being able to call out the type of the enemy they were facing.

38 orc warriors were enough to kill dozens of bandits in less than ten seconds.

“Withdraw.” Xiao Yu ordered them to withdraw after killing a dozen bandits.

“What’s happening? How did they die?” The bandits who heard the call of their companions rushed over but only saw corpses.

“They have killed so many people in such a short time. Who is the enemy? Ah! Look at Firth corpse. It was split into two! What kind of strength the enemy has?” The bandits had seen lots of bloody scenes. But the sight in front of them made them shocked.

“It seems that it’s not a lone person! Group together in 30 people or more and don’t scatter around.” Bandit leader shouted out.

“Another batch is coming towards us.” Xiao Yu looked at a group of bandits coming towards them.

“Everyone be very careful as the other side may be prepared in advance.” The bandit leader said as he used his dagger to cut tall grasses.

“Ah …” A miserable sound echoed as a bandit was pulled down into tall grasses and disappeared.

“Be careful, they are here.” A bandit shouted to warn others. However, his heart was full of fear.

Argh, ~~ Orc warriors rushed out towards the bandits using their big axes. The bandits were stunned when they saw the orcs. They simply didn’t have time for response. Such a flaw meant that they were already too late to protect their lives.


Xiao Yu was very satisfied as he looked at the corpses scattered in the forest after half an hour. They had killed the bandits that had come out to chase them after several successful ambushes.

The bandits didn’t have a chance to run away. The speed of orc warriors was too fast let alone Grom’s Wind Walk.

But, even though most of the bandits were killed there were few who hide. They escaped without a sound nor trace. They came back to the camp and reported to their boss: “Boss! The ones who are attacking us are orcs! ORCS! They are as tall as two meters and use axes!”

“Why are you panicking? What orcs? Don’t you know that orcs have long been extinct!?” The boss couldn’t believe their words.

“They are real orcs boss! They have green skin and fangs in their mouths. They are at least a head taller than you! They are way too powerful and we aren’t their opponents! We will all die!”

The bandit continued to cry in panic.

The boss looked at the bandits. How could there be orcs? They have been in this part of the mountain for ten years! They have never seen orcs. There were some trolls but they didn’t come out so often.

“Take me to see them.” The boss was playing with a knife. He had to stabilize the morale of the bandits somehow.

They were getting out of boss’s tent when he got shocked. Zhao Yuan saw dozens of orcs which were two meters tall standing in the camp.

There was a tall but thin teenager standing in front of the orcs.

Grom who was standing by Xiao Yu’s side had an oppressive aura around him. His face was painted and he looked more vicious than the rest of the orcs.

“You … Who are you? What you want?” Zhao Yuan’s attitude turned 180 degrees and his voice began to tremble when he saw the orcs. He didn’t expect the orcs from legends to be real.

He was aware of the legendary feats of the warmonger orcs. At the same time, he saw the burly orcs in front of him. Zhao Yuan was aware that bandits that he controlled weren’t the enemy’s opponent. Fortunately, the enemy had a human on their side.

Xiao Yu stepped forward: “Bandits listen to me carefully! I’m the lord of the land, Xiao Yu! You have been plundering my territory and territory of neighbors for a long time! Today, I have come over to get rid of you for good.”

“What? The head of the Xiao family?” The bandits looked at Xiao Yu but couldn’t believe him. Zhao Yuan was aware that the lord of the territory was a teenager but he had heard that the kid was involved in eating, drinking, and debauchery.

Xiao Yu raised his chin and looked at the boss of the bandits: “Yes, I’m the lord of the land! Now I will give you a chance. If you hand over all the gold that you have plundered then this master will spare your life. Otherwise, I’ll trample over this camp…”

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  1. “I’m Mr.Xiao, today i’ll gonna spare you. Let everyone (& Carrie) know in advance that i control 40 orcs or maybe more! I hope they are prepared when they’ll send their army to me! “

    1. Maybe he thinks the bandits leader has hidden most of his wealth and wants him to bring it to him before killing everyone

  2. wow!! this MC so Cunning hit and run+ Ambush tactic ahahaha 😀 and now he come to take all the gold and kill them all IoI

    thx for the chapter ^^

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