WOWFRD – Ch 59

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Chapter 59

“Lord, do your orcs have to courage to fight with me?” A voice interrupted Xiao Yu and others who were eating and drinking.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he looked at the knight. There was a gold badge of the Wang family on his chest and the man had a very arrogant look. According to Xiao Yu the man was the captain of the knight team. Moreover, Xiao Yu’s gut feeling told him that the man was first-rank warrior. He had reached level 10 which was equal to second-rank warriors of this world. So it was natural for him to detect first-rank warriors.

“Do you want to fight with my orc bodyguard?” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he offered a cup of red wine to the coachman from Black Iron Tribe. Housekeeper Mo almost spasmed when he saw Xiao Yu offer wine to a slave.

“That’s a 300 year old Cypriot wine! This fellow is way too prodigal! He even gives such wine to slaves…”

“Yes. My name is Tareek, the captain of the knight team. I want to challenge one of your orc bodyguards to see if they are as courageous as in the legends.” Tareek was looked at the grunts with a disdain in his eyes.

Xiao Yu smiled and nodded: “Alright, its good to see that you have courage to face my bodyguards. I would love to see you battling with my bodyguard.”

Xiao Yu wasn’t even planning to use Grom as any normal grunt was enough to beat a first-rank warrior.

The grunts on level 6 had brutal strength which was enough to deal with any first-rank warrior unless the warrior had special ability. But Xiao Yu felt that Tareek didn’t have any secret skill set. He thought that he had to train grunts in battle to enhance their combat skills so he wasn’t against such an offer.

It was a good experience to see grunt to rely on his strength to fight a warrior who had cultivated battle energy(dou qi). It was a problem which Xiao Yu thought that it was worth studying. Xiao Yu believed that grunts would be able to fight any warriors without any fear if they reached higher levels.

“Master, I will fight.” Beast One jumped up as he chewed a large piece of crocodile meat. It took its big axe.

“Beast One be careful not to hurt anyone. At the end of the day we are relatives with the other side.” Xiao Yu made a sarcastic comment.

“Don’t worry master. I’ll be careful not to kill him. At best, I will beat at his ass for a few times.” Beast One replied.

Beast One was the strongest grunt that Xiao Yu had. He was the first one to be produced and had the highest intelligence out of the other grunts. Moreover, he had learned a lot of tricks and shenanigans from Xiao Yu.

“Quite arrogant! Why did orcs got exterminated if you were so powerful? You are just a group of beasts that know nothing but talk big!” Tareek snorted as he looked at Beast One, he was quite furious.

Xiao Yu was too lazy to inform the ignorant knight that its been few hundred years that Sky Lion Dynasty had any large-scale war. As a result, most of the knights were on name only but didn’t have the actual strength to back their titles. He didnt’ care much so he handed a bit of crocodile meat to baby dragon and got ready to enjoy the battle.

However, Tareek looked at xiao Yu: “Lord, why don’t we add a bit of color to this duel?”

Xiao Yu understood the meaning behind Tareek’s words: “So you want to gamble.. What do you want to bet on?”

Tareek looked at the dragon baby that was eating crocodile meat: “On it!”

Xiao Yu was about to put a piece of roasted crocodile meat into his mouth but he stopped. He narrowed his eyes as he saw Tareek sneak peek at Housekeeper Mo. He understood what was going on.

“Do you want my baby dragon?” Xiao Yu slowly said as coldness flashed past his eyes: “What can you bet which would be worth the dragon baby?”

Tareek looked at Housekeeper Mo who had told him to go with this scheme. Housekeeper Mo had told him to make a duel and use dragon as a bet but hadn’t told him what to offer instead.

However, it was true that if they were going to gamble and one side put forth a baby dragon then the other side had come up with something that was valuable too.

Xiao Yu snorted when he saw Tareek look at Housekeeper Mo in an embarrassed manner: “You want to gamble without putting forth anything? I’m ready to bet my life on line as long as you can get something of same value! Do you think that you can bet without offering anything? Is this what you call honor of a knight?”

Housekeeper Mo stood up and came over: “Lord you are right. I have heard that Lord is good at gambling and swept main gambling dens in Wei Principality. I would like to offer a necklace for mages. I believe that eyes of the Lord can distinguish this treasure…” At the same time, Housekeeper Mo pulled out a fine wooden box and opened it. An ice blue necklace began to flash. Antonidas’s eyes almost popped out from its sockets when he saw the necklace.

Magic items such as this one were very important to any mages like brandy to an alcoholic, beauty to a pervert and gold coins to a scourge.

Xiao Yu was stunned as he was caught unexpected too. He didn’t think that housekeeper Mo could come up with such a thing.

“My Lord sent me all the way to Lancester’s largest auction house to specially purchase this item. The value of the necklace is 50,000 gold coins.” Housekeeper Mo knew that it was an item that an average person couldn’t buy.

Siwen’s father was able to win over a third-rank magician and was spending a lot of money to make sure that he stayed by his side.

A third-rank magician was equal to an army with dozens of heavy artillery machines from Xiao Yu’s old world. Housekeeper Mo wouldn’t dare to put necklace as a part of any bet on normal occasion. But the dragon baby had attracted his attention. He would be heavily rewarded by the lord of the Wang family as long as he was successful to get the dragon baby.

Housekeeper Mo believed that even the lord would risk to make such a bet if he was in here.

Xiao Yu raised his eyebrows as he looked at the necklace. He knew that no one would give out such a thing that easily. It meant that Housekeeper Mo was certain of the victory that he came up with such a valuable necklace. Otherwise, how would he explain the matter to Siwen’s father when he went back?

“So you want to use this necklace for the fight between my bodyguard and your knight?” Xiao Yu asked.

“Of course, not! It is a big bet so we have to expand the size of the battle. It wouldn’t be worthy to bet such an expensive necklace to such a small fight.” Housekeeper Mo closed the wooden box and said in an indifferent manner.

Xiao Yu cussed his in his heart: “Old fox is way too sneaky…”

“So what does Housekeeper Mo has in his mind?”

Housekeeper Mo smiled as he glanced at the grunts: “I have heard about the bravery of the orc warriors in the battlefield. It was told that one orc warrior can fight against 10 soldiers. I would like to see if the strength of the Lord Yu’s bodyguards are as it is told in the legends. Of course, I won’t let my knights to ride their mounts so they will act as infantry. What do you think? Would you like to bet? Can your 11 orcs fight against 100 knights?”

” Isn’t that called bullying? Does he really want 100 elite soldiers to fight against 11 orc warriors? Orc warriors are brave but the legends that you refer too depends on many factors such as formations, geography, commanders and so on. There are many things that decide victory and defeat….”

Xiao Yu made calculations in his mind while there was a smile on his face. Finally, he nodded: “Housekeeper Mo seems to be interested in learning the strength of my orc bodyguards so I will show it to you…”

“Xiao Yu… Why are you acting so? Wang is my family too. The battle will damage our relationship.” Siwen who was sitting by the side and eating snacks with Tyrande spoke out.

Xiao Yu laughed: “Don’t worry sister-in-law. Orcs will show mercy to them.”

Xiao Yu knew that Siwen was worried that 10 grunts and Grom wouldn’t be able to fight with one hundred knights.
They had used walls to achieve victory back in the Lion town. They didn’t occupy high terrain in here.

The knights could make a formation which could make it impossible for orcs to win.

Siwen had taken a liking to the dragon baby and didn’t want such a lovely creature to be lost to the Wang family as a part of gamble.

Housekeeper Mo also replied: “Yes, 4th miss shouldn’t be worried. We won’t hurt them.”

Xiao Yu saw the treacherous smile on Housekeeper Mo’s face. The old fox had lived for decades.

“That being the case, let’s begin!” Xiao Yu looked at Grom who was his biggest trump card. Grom was level 13 and the Whirlwind skill had reached level 2.

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  1. NOOO, FEED ME MORE CHAPTERS NOW. Knights need to learn their place as the Orc bishes, and thanks for the new necklace for the archmage lol although we have no clue what it does yet

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