WOWFRD – Ch 58

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Chapter 58

Xiao Yu gently stroked red puppy as he got back into the carriage. However, he felt strange as there wasn’t even a single hair on the puppy’s body. It’s skin was very hard and felt like a scales. Moreover, the puppy seemed as if it was deformed. Something was tightly wrapping around its chest and abdomen which looked very ugly.

“Poor puppy. What breed are you? How come you are like this?” Xiao Yu grabbed water to clean its body.

Cho-choo~ It seemed as if puppy could understand the human language and was replying to Xiao Yu.

“What kind of dog are you? How come you make such voice?” Xiao Yu was stunned and the puppy almost fell out. He was quick to catch it before it fell to the ground.

A dog couldn’t issue such a voice!

“It’s definitely not a dog.” Xiao Yu whispered.

“First, I’ll wash you clean then we will see who you are.” Xiao Yu had to clean the dirt off. After half an hour the dog was washed clean and its body was revealed. Afterwards, it was clear even to Tyrande and Antonidas which creature this ‘puppy’ looked like. The little beast’s body was crimson red and looked like the color of flames. Its body was covered with fine scales. Originally, Xiao Yu had thought that its stomach and chest looked ugly. But after cleaning up they saw that pair of wings had covered its body.

“You even got wings! What are you?” Xiao Yu looked at the wings that were wrapped around its body. He wondered how to take them out without hurting the beast. At the same time he saw that the little beasts body had lots of scars and blood stains. Xiao Yu asked Antonidas to give primary healing potion to treat the little beast’s injuries.

In order to prevent accidental deaths, Xiao Yu had brought a lot of healing and mana potions. The stores were upgraded to level 2 so he could buy 20 bottles of primary healing and mana potions and 10 bottles of intermediate level healing and mana potions a day. His heroes had increased in level so the potions had to match their level too.

The little beast was very obedient when Xiao Yu applied the healing potion over its body. It was even enjoying it. Xiao Yu finished smearing the potion over the wounds. He smeared the potion at the joints which connected the wings to its body and the little beast’s wings began to open little by little.

Xiao Yu was cautious as he feared that the little beast’s wings would tear apart. It seemed that the beast was born not so long ago as its body was very fragile.

Xiao Yu applied potion as the little beast opened its wings. It didn’t take long when it was able to fully open its wings and flap them without a pain.

“Is it me or this little guy looked like a red dragon baby!” Xiao Yu was shocked

“Oh my god! It is a red dragon baby! The God has seen the tribulation I’m going through so he had sent such a gift to me as a compensation!”

“Goddess of the Moon! Is it really a dragon?” Tyrande said when she saw Xiao Yu’s excited actions. The little beast seemed to understand Tyrande. It cried out as it moved its head.

“Isn’t it?” Xiao Yu turned towards Tyrande. He was feeling dizzy because of sudden excitement.

Tyrande nodded: “Yes, it is a dragon.”

“Hoho~ Turned out to be a dragon! I will train it, I’ll make it bigger than anything… Who would be fucked up enough to dare to attack me then?” Xiao Yu laughed out loud.

Everyone would be excited if they got a dragon. The Dragon Knights were only mentioned in the pages of history books. Xiao Yu believed that he is the only one with a real dragon in this world.

However, Tyrande continued in a cold tone.

“But he is not a real dragon. It’s only a yalong (an inferior or second grade dragon). Have you even seen a real dragon as big as him?”

“Half-dragon?” Xiao Yu tilted his head to look at Tyrande.

“There are some strange creatures that inherit the properties of a dragon. But not all of those species will have the strength of a real dragon. They are kind of a special creatures.” Tyrande explained.

Xiao Yu was down for a moment but he then picked up the red dragon baby. He had always dreamed of such a little cute beast as a pet. Xiao Yu felt that he could play with it, teach some stuff and waste time on the travel. Moreover, it seemed that the little dragon’s intelligence was quite high.

The little guy began to learn a lot of things. It couldn’t speak but could understand Xiao Yu’s speech. It made Xiao Yu very happy.

In the evening they were able to get out of swamps into normal areas. They found a dry hill where they built temporary tents to rest for the night. Xiao Yu didn’t care much as his carriage had two large compartment. Moreover, orc didn’t like the luxurious carriage and preferred to sleep in tents outside. That’s why Xiao Yu and Antonidas were going to sleep in the first compartment, while Tyrande, fifth sister-in-law and maids would sleep in the second compartment of the carriage. The coachmen from the Black Iron Tribe didn’t have complaints as they were comfortable by sleeping under the carriage. Xiao Yu had saved a lot of Black Iron Tribe slaves from the Marcus. At the beginning he decided to use them as hard labor but later found out that they were good at raising horses. They were primitive tribe and were good at raising beasts and livestock. As a result Xiao Yu decided to let them raise horses.

He was aware that cavalry was essential in the wars. The Black Iron Tribe members were provided with foot and clothing and were content with their lives. So Xiao Yu put one and one together to make the best out of situation.

Xiao Yu ordered grunts to bake the crocodile for them to eat. They drank wine and ate fresh meat.

Housekeeper Mo and his team were gnawing onto dry food while Xiao Yu was eating fresh meet and drinking wine. They had brought good food but they seemed poor in comparison to Xiao Yu.

“This smell… Isn’t that Feng wine? And at least 100 year old wine. Prodigal son! He wastes that quality wine by throwing it right and left.. Real prodigal son!” Housekeeper Mo was proficient in wines. He liked to collect wines and could tell their quality even from smell. Xiao Yu was giving the wine bottles to orcs to drink. He even let the dragon baby to taste from it. The dragon baby drank wine and splashed around.

“Damn it! This prodigal son! He lets orcs to drink 100 year old Feng wine! Why god? He doesn’t even know what a good wine is!” Housekeeper Mo whispered in anger.

He couldn’t enjoy the wine in his hand after smelling the wine that Xiao Yu was drinking. It was like drinking normal water in comparison to the Feng wine which Xiao Yu and orcs drank.

Afterwards, Housekeeper Mo saw the little beast in Xiao Yu’s arms that were drinking wine. Isn’t that the legendary dragon?

However, even the smallest dragon would normally be at least few meters long. How could a dragon be so small? It’s only one foot… More like a puppy.

“Isn’t it the puppy he picked up today? That puppy turned out to be a dragon!?” Housekeeper Mo wanted to smash his head onto the carriage. The dragons weren’t seen in the continent for many years! It seemed that it was a yalong but it had wings! How much he could earn if he could take it back to the Wang territory? Housekeeper Mo looked at Xiao Yu and whispered: β€œRogue…”

“It is a pity that he grabbed it first… But, I can’t give up on it… I have to find a way to snatch it from him.” Housekeeper Mo whispered as he narrowed his eyes.
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    1. the Shenlong that you refer to from DBZ is made out of 2 words. Shen and Long… It means kinda Divine (Spirit) Dragon.. The same method applies to the phrase Yalong. Ya and Long.. Inferior (2nd rate) Dragon.. I hope my explanation was helpful

    1. From the stard is liltle , second I think the head is like the dragon of DZ , buy more important I think the dragon got into mud because of it they did not see by the rubble of earth XD

  1. i hope MC will not summon keeper of the grove.. cause it might turn out to be Malfurion stormrage and then his plans will be fucked up cause Malfurion is the husband of tyrande πŸ˜€

  2. noooo, *activates plot help* I hope this little fireball is some special dragon and can have power equal to a real one.

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