WOWFRD – Ch 57

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Chapter 57

“The scene is way too good. I should invest in travel business. Maybe I can turn Lion town in a travel destination and develop Angaken mountains for tourists too. Or I can make orcs object of tourism. Pay 1 gold coin to see the, two gold coins to touch them and ten gold coins to get a picture with them… HaHAHa… I’m going to make fortune…” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he drank from wine and observed the place.

“Old man, Tyrande… Aren’t you guys tired for riding your mounts for long? Come up and drink wine with me.. We can play chess too.” Xiao Yu looked at Antonidas and Tyrande.

“My bones are really old. Since master loves me so much then I should listen to him and take a break.” Antonidas teleported. He disappeared from his horse and appeared by the door of the carriage. He opened it and entered the compartment.

Xiao Yu sinisterly looked at old man. His aim was Tyrande but this old man was the first to run in.

“Tyrande, I haven’t taught you how to play chess. Why don’t you come in for a game?” Xiao Yu asked once more. They had gone through lots of battles and Tyrande’s loyalty had reach level 30. Although Grom and grunts were about on levels 40 and 50 but it was much better than before.

Tyrande turned deaf ear on his words and continued to ride her white tiger. Xiao Yu didn’t dare to continue with his questions. He knew that the loyalty may decline anytime so he wasn’t planning to do more harm than good. He was just waiting for the loyalty to reach level 100.

“Master, this old man will accompany you to a chess game.” Antonidas grabbed a glass of wine.

Xiao Yu looked at the old man with anger in his eyes. He was anxious to kick his ass: “Yes, you still don’t know how to play.”

Wine and other types of alcohol was important part of the trading between the Western Cloud Empire and the inland. Xiao Yu had robbed quite an amount of drinks from the bandits. Western Cloud Empire nobles liked the wine made in inland. As a result, the wines that Xiao Yu had at worst were sold for hundred gold coins per bottle. Some of them even cost around 1000 gold coins per bottle. Xiao Yu was drinking them casually as he hadn’t paid a penny for them. He didn’t know the difference in quality of wine so he drank them anyway.

Tyrande refused to come up so Xiao Yu and Antonidas began to play chess. There was a lot of time and Xiao Yu wasn’t anxious about getting Tyrande inside the compartment.

Old Antonidas quickly grasped the game. At the beginning Xiao Yu was winning a lot but it didn’t take long for archmage to play on part with Xiao Yu. A bit later, Xiao Yu had to put a lot of effort to beat Antonidas.

By the end, Xiao Yu had more losses than wins.

“how come you are so good at it?” Xiao Yu asked the archmage who answered with a simple sentence: “I’m just playing chess to get breath.”

Xiao Yu almost puked: “Cheeky old man. You have been drinking my wine, eating snacks and winning the master while riding in my luxurious carriage.”

“Oh, lost once again.” Xiao Yu didn’t want to continue. He disrupted the board which could be regarded as throwing the towel.

At the same time, Tyrande jumped from her tiger and landed on carriage. The knights of the Wang family turned to look at her.

All the knights have been checking her out since the departure from the Lion town. The orcs looked strong and they were running and keeping up with the horses. They were giving oppressive feeling towards the knights. Although all of them were elite soldiers but they didn’t have self-confidence on winning against orcs on single battle. However, there were some of them who were eager to find an opportunity to fight and beat an orc. It would bring them glory. Nevertheless, their eyes were focused on Tyrande. Anyone who had seen Tyrande and looked away as if he wasn’t attracted would be either an eunuch or gay. Tyrande’s beauty was otherwordly.

Even the women would be involuntarily staring at her.

The knights were jealous when they saw elf beauty enter Xiao Yu’s compartment. The cussed in their hearts at the shameless lord with such a beautiful elven bodyguard. However, they didn’t know that they were wronging Xiao Yu. He could see the flower but couldn’t smell it.

“I’ll play too.” Tyrande entered the compartment.

Xiao Yu used his eyebrows to indicate the archmage to shift but found out that Tyrande came over to his side: “Master, can you move?”

Xiao Yu almost had fire blown out form his nose because of anger. He pitifully went to the side and began to watch the scenery outside while Antonidas and Tyrande played chess. Tyrande’s skills in chess were comparable to the archmage. Xiao Yu didn’t say anything as his eyes were full of tears while he sipped from the red wine and observed the scenery.

“Why it has come out like this? I’m the master…” Xiao Yu was perplexed.

“Maybe, I should go and talk with fifth sister-in-law about life? Forget it, it is a sensitive period and I don’t need extra problems with the Wang people right now.”

Their fleet exited the Lion territory into desolate wilderness. The land was much more barren than his own territory. Xiao Yu believed that there was no lord of the land as no one would want such a place.

Xiao Yu began to search for living beings in the wilderness. He remembered his train experience while going to Tibet. Back then they had traveled for half a day without seeing a living being. It didn’t take long before they entered swamps. The road was surrounded by mud pools. However, he could occasionally see some fish jump out of water and crocodiles swim. Xiao Yu wanted to eat crocodile meat for the dinner as he knew that they should taste quite delicious.

“Beast One, get a crocodile.” Xiao Yu commanded.

Grunt loudly roared the moment he heard Xiao Yu’s command and ran to the water pool. Xiao Yu shouted out: “Come back! Who told you to get into the pool to catch the crocodile? Can you even swim? Try to lead it out!” Grunt scratched his head as he pondered for a while. Xiao Yu’s words seemed reasonable to him.

After some time, grunt picked up a stone and smashed towards the crocodile swimming in the pool. The crocodile was angered and began to swim towards the shore. Grunt laughed as he rushed in to catch the crocodile.

“Good, try to grab from its mouth and break it apart.” Xiao Yu advised from the side.

Grunt and crocodile got entangled in the water. The crocodile tried to use its mouth to bite grunt while the grunt dodged. At the end, grunt was able to get an opportunity to catch the crocodile’s big haw and snap it off.

“Awesome! We are eating crocodile meat tonight!” Xiao Yu laughed. Grunt smiled as he found killing crocodiles was fun. He threw the crocodile back onto another carriage and continued to hunt another. The other grunts also rushed up to kill crocodiles. It was kind of an addiction because the trip was boring and killing few crocodiles seemed fun for them. The fleet wasn’t moving fast because of the road so the grunts could kill the crocodiles and still keep up with the carriages.

The knights of the Wang family were surprised and stunned when they saw orcs kill crocodiles by using brute force. They could kill crocodiles too but they had to rely on weapons. However, using hands to break its jaw seemed way too brutal. The crocodile’s mouth was strong enough to bite even steel.

The grunts killed dozens of crocodiles and threw them at food compartment of the carriages.

At the same time a sound echoed from front. Xiao Yu looked out from window to see that a huge jackal was running after a red puppy. It was clear that the puppy was injured as it limped while it ran. The jackal saw the cavalry and quickly fled as if it could feel the danger. However, puppy was silly enough to stumble in front of the cavalry.

Xiao Yu wasn’t familiar with the path leading to Wang territory so it was natural for their troops to lead the way and walk in front of the fleet.

“This puppy dares to stop the march of Wang clan?” A knight said as he took his sword to kill the puppy.

Xiao Yu raised his eyebrows as he shouted: “Stop!”

The knight stopped the moment he heard Xiao Yu’s order. Xiao Yu had gone through countless battles during last few months so he had murderous feeling attached to his manner and voice. The knight was shocked by killing intent he felt from Xiao Yu. But he frowned as he felt shame because of stopping as a result of Xiao Yu’s shout. He continued to sweep the sword. But puppy was flexible as it went under the belly of the horse and knight’s sword cut air.

“Didn’t you hear me?” Xiao Yu shouted in furious manner. He waved and Grom and other grunts quickly surrounded and grabbed the knight. They didn’t use axes just grabbed the man and got him down.

“What’s happening?” Housekeeper Mo came out from his carriage. He frowned as he looked around with anger in his eyes. Xiao Yu’s action was provocation to the Wang family and he had to do something.

Xiao Yu came out from the carriage and looked at Housekeeper Hong: “Is your knights used to killing puppies who can’t even resist them? Very heroic!”

Xiao Yu came over to grab the red puppy. The puppy ran over and jumped into arms of Xiao Yu. It stretched out its tongue to lick Xiao Yu’s hands. Then it turned back to stare at knight and howl out. However, its howl wasn’t similar to a dog’s.

Xiao Yu didn’t even wait for the housekeeper Mo to reply as he turned back and went into the carriage.

The grunts let go of the knight and gestured at the others. They were mimicking the way they had killed the crocodiles. The same knight found out that his spine was wet with cold sweat. It was a huge pressure to be caught by the orcs who were taller than his own mount.

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